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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2013 9:30pm-10:00pm PDT

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following on the heels of a park code ordinance today i'm introducing two resolutions for the -- built on the cal trans parcels located under the central freeway between valendia and -- quite close to -- i think it is going to be a really creative use of the site which is currently just parking lot but will be access by residents to both skate in and walk your dogs. our office is been partnering with the mayor's in the community to negotiate a final lease agreement, and it has been quite a lengthy process. i would like your knowledge john updike any staff at the real estate department ,carol wong at attorneys office, kelly presser -- -- and robin, --
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logging many long hours trying to reach this agreement with caltrans. in addition to fighting to fully fund the development of these parks the city has done a tremendous job in reaching an agreement through a lengthy process for a blended park model, >> i will be hopping on my bike and writing with many kids from sutro and peabody school because this week is right to school week. a number of youngsters and and poster contest but i specially like olivia l -- fifth-grader. showing a bunch of animals writing on their bicycles in front of the golden gate bridge. i love the creativity of bike to school week and the safe route to school effort throughout the city, the whole coalition of dph, ptas
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and all the advocates of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions are really getting us out of our cars and more into alternative . ways of transportation friday morning, sutro and peabody, really fun and invigorating. if anyone wants to join us contact my office. i also am submitting a million-dollar accept and expand for a few program that the department of the environment has been developing over the years, called bay ren. bay area regional energy network program. the rest i will submit. >> supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee: i want to do for my rollcall a quick shout out. mayor lee and myself had a community meeting on saturday
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with the residents impacted by the water main bust, floating 22-23 homes, over a month ago. we had a meeting on saturday in which we had the different departments come in and respond, and continue to respond to the needs of those particular residents, and in particular the yellow-tag and red-tag homes. the department of public works, mta and others were there. at the end of the meeting the residents there, actually were so happy with the way the city has responded to our needs that they actually gave them pretty much standing applause.
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i think it is a testament of responding to homeowners needs. >> will go to you now president chiu. >> president chiu: we announced a package of ethics reforms proposals. in my first term i champion three pieces of ethics legislation ,to require online reporting of lobbying activities requiring electronic filing of campaign statements and update our city's conflict of interest code. we have a better sense of how influence affects important and lucrative decisions throughout our 7 billion dollar, 26,000 person city government. we also heard regularly from constituents frustrated over government transparency. the proposals we are introducing will increase public confidence in the everyday working
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of the city government ,-- , while these proposals address certain activities such as lobbying expediting or contracting, are not saying these activities shouldn't . or could not occur we are simply saying it is important for the public . to know when they occur transparency is critical. secondly, while the city government , is on the age of many areas we have fallen behind other the 40 cities in areas of ethics and regulation. there are more robust ethics laws in los angeles that we have not yet implemented. san diego has a clear rule about when certain individuals need to disclose lobbying activities. thirdly we know that proactive enforcement is key to making reform successful and i'm committed to advocating for resources in this years budget process. i want to thank the city attorney and the staff
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and advocates for better ethics in good government . as well as for lobbyists and organizations playing by the rules and who believe others should play by the rules as well to quickly summarize the reforms , .that we are introducing their cover various areas first of all in the area of lobbying ,these amendments would expanded definition; it also would tighten broad exceptions that currently allow for most lobbying activities by attorneys and lobbing about city contracts to go unreported. we also have provisions to address reporting requirements for permit expediters and certain developers of significant projects in san francisco. we already currently have laws in the books for permit expediters, but those are narrowly tailored and want to establish new requirements that make it clear that we need to understand when different city staff . are being lobbied by expediters another aspect of the legislation
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. women contracting provisions of the minister the code to establish greater oversight and accountability for city contracting and other aspects of the legislation require that the ethics commission report close after the filing deadline for our form 700s, a list of city officials who fail to filed these disclosures . the ethics commission would also be required , the public a guy for campaign donors and multilingual services would be expanded by adding ethics commission to the listof tier 1 department required to provide additional language resources. a second item is a here a request for our budget committee related to participatory budget. as you heard in our questions to the mayor, this year when the district were allocated 100,000 dollars , in discretionary funding i decided to use our funding to launch a participatory budget process district 3 . through this model of civic
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engagement we had residents and neighborhood leaders the generated 50 project ideas . at a series of community meetings , i want to thank our city controller in derry city departments for vetting these projects for feasibility. , of these 50 project ideas 16 projects were winnowed down; after a week of voting involving hundreds of residents, eight projects were funded to provide services as follows. of the eight projects, we included funding for public awareness campaigns for seniors; for additional land which books ; in our branch libraries for additional facility improvements in two of our public parks; youth employment training including graffiti removal programs; for signage to address smoking and lettering in our parks; back rent assistance for residents at risk for addiction; and assistance for small businesses around ada compliance. it was extremely rewarding
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to see residents from different parts of the district working together and working with our city staff to address budget priorities. also want to mention that many of these ideas are ideas that i would've not thought ofmyself. as i think about how i might have spent , 100,000 dollars i think the final results were far superior to what i would've thought of. and this is why i am calling for a budget hearing today to assess the impact that participatory budget has had in the pilot program and export expansion of participatory budgeting for 2013-14 budget cycle. i want to thank mayor lee for his comments during question time today and look forward to working with this administration hopefully finding some ways to move this idea over. , ,i want to thank in addition to the controls office and city staff coleman advocates , , for youth and families the chinese progressive association california civic innovation project, caa, in my eight amy chang
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who spent countless hours working to make this participatory budget programming your reality here in san francisco following in the footsteps of chicago, new york city and other parts around the world. the last thing i was a bit is a resolution to address the recent topic of comprehensive immigration reform. we have passed a number of resolution supporting the passage of comprehensive immigration reform supervisors campos and i and others have sponsored; the resolution to import address the most recent cir legislated or postal; there are many aspects of the bill which are positive but there are any aspects of the bill which are from our perspective in any others quite liking. for example the current legislation eliminates many important family reunification provisions it had been critically important , particularly in san francisco in the bay area to our . asian an no communities
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it eliminates sibling-based visas; makes it hard for families to petition for adult, married children. the current legislation continues the discrimination against lgbt americans, and as many provisions that provide challenges to lower wage workers. earlier this week the immigrant rights commission issued a statement voicing its concerns about these particular issues within the comprehensive . immigration reform legislation resolution would urge congress to amend the reform legislation to focus on these issues . but supporting the ultimate passage of the legislation i want to thank supervisors campos and kim for their cosponsorship, and with that i will submit the rest of my items. >> that concludes rollcall for introductions.
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>> president chiu: what are we going to general public comments. >> at this time the public may comment for up to two minutes and ivins on the adoption without reference to the community, calendar and comments are not allowed on those items already subjected to public comment. pursuant to rule 4.22 director remarks as a whole and rather than to individual members of the audience. users requiring accessibility assistance are allowed twice the time. >> president chiu: let's here from our first speaker please. >> (indiscernible) mayor lee.
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(speaking in a foreign language) (speaking in a foreign language).
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ladies and gentlemen, i'm here to prove that the two brothers who did whatever they did in boston, -- (indiscernible) under the name che chenya. inds (indiscernible)does not belong to czechoslovakia. people make a mistake when they think they belong to czechoslovakia. tiny, outside of russia. i'm also here to prove that what happened in boston, and killed the children and
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innocent people, i don't have support for these two boys. does not matter if i am muslim or christian or whatever. everyone in this country -- they are citizens. madam clerk before i leave you have in my hand an invitation, i wish you give to our supervisors, and i would like to thank supervisor mar for handing our invitation to our mayor. supervisor london, jb copy of her ind (indiscernible) give her support. she needs our support to clean the city, to clean the --
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inds (indiscernible)in her district. ofm (off mic)>> president chiu: thank you very much. thank you >> good afternoon. inds (indiscernible)don't accept money from their friends of library. destruction of the of the club very . is instruction of democracy the essence is the suppression of the openness and accountability that normally would be afforded . by democratic principles and practices i mentioned several times that the president of the library commission violated somebody's public comment. this is an actual recording. ofm (off mic)(indiscernible)
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it goes without saying . this victim was not a donor it was so obvious that the lady had an absolute right to speak but the ethics commission found the below the standard of decency and constituted official misconduct. after that the library posted on its website this recording of -- gomez plotting revenge against the citizen. (off mic) (indiscernible) on march seventh, the lottery commission again
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reelected -- gomez as its president, sending the message that decency and respect the laws for sale. the lack of accountability as part of its infrastructure, is a continuation of decades long infrastructure abuse that protect the lies. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon mr. president and board of supervisors. i want to talk about inds (indiscernible)it had to start with job creation but have to be our number one struggle. job creation will do tons of help to stop the carnage that we are having an hour city.
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the second point i want to talk about is, i've been running the tenderloin walking tours, through the tenderloin, market and six street neighborhoods. i take people to the nastiest -- area of the city. i have had to take sixth street off my tour; it is no longer dirty and filthy. that's a great accomplice and that you did. i talked to ms. kim a couple of years ago couple of years ago about creating a police station downtown.i told her it will not make any difference. she said yes it will. i stand corrected. it sure does. it's a job well done
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by the city of san francisco and look at sixth street. is beautiful. thank you ms. kim. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is peter warfield. and i and executive director of library users association. we work to make libraries better for everyone. to themes today, bullying and clues. the audio recording that you heard from the previous speaker which took place at a meeting of the library commission was not only ugly and unlawful and resulted in
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a letter from the ethics commission to the mayor recommending that jewel gomez president of the library commission be sacked, it also was a form of bullying that actually intimidated folks at that meeting into silence. now i am not saying this on my own. but this came from public testimony at a sunshine ordinance task force meeting the concerned incident of something and member of the public unlawfully. there were at least two but people who said, one of home at least, no comment was made at that meeting. the person said she had not made a comment because she felt intimidated. another person who
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had been there said he felt that the purpose of her outburst was to intimidate others into silence. i hope that you will listen to these clues about bad things happening. thank you. >> president chiu:== >> by name is carolyn == keeping up the new poetic tradition, violence again. violence again boston, after newton, after drones, before drones, afghanistan, targeting population. violence which begets violence, terrorism yes. all violence breathes terror. violence against nature. agent orange. depleted uranium.
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toxic waste. bullying. ignoring, torturing. let san francisco take a stand against all violence, especially that of our own nation. san francisco invests 1 billion in fossil fuel. seven cisco, the city of ecology , ending for now waste carcinogen free air, admission free buses, san francisco asking for higher standards than the rest of the nation, priding itself on sensitivity, social and environmental justice. san francisco investing 1 billion dollars in carcinogenic fossil fuels, 1 billion dollars and cancer, 1 billion dollars in hypocrisy. 1 billion dollars and another billion in firearms and ammunition. san francisco city of hope,
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do not betray us. san francisco, by investing in our own defeat. thank you. >> i stand before you and most effective children's health advocate failure. ,this is what i concluded after five years of presenting to the board dozens of studies on the toxicity of -- i have the easiest task in the world. with the growing public outcry against the harmful exposure to chemical toxins in the minutes of skywriting cases of autism, and asthma, sbr chrome contains unregulated harmful chemicals, many found on the prop 65 list
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of cancer-causing materials .today to make more of the synthetic products are scheduled in san francisco. despite my ineptitude, and must continue to speak out for the children. it is not too late to do what i think would be a courageous act and deeply reconsider the installation of sbr chrome and involve pediatric medicine regarding the key relative exposure to carcinogens which is lacking today. the use of this material is currently being challenged . in the california supreme court last month two fundamental supports are being challenged in washington dc; when you choose to recognize the toxicity of this material you can simply remove it; what cannot be done is to extract the metals, chemicals and carcinogens from the bodies and nervous systems of the
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children were being exposed yesterday, today and tomorrow. >> president chiu, can you hear me? >> yes we can. >> my name is j kennedy. i come today in this time of budgetary planning to commend you for your participation. i also come to bear witness about a wonderful participatory effort, called, i want to put it on the overhead. can you read it? called the utility underground
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task force report to the san francisco board of supervisors; it included all the districts, at&t, comcast, department of public works, public into this commission, 55 page report which have to do with undergrounding utilities, popular with the citizenry. i want to note the date, small to see. submitted in good faith in january, 2007. i urge you as you think about budgets to put a completion of undergrounding public utilities on your high priority list. you are the stewards of the city. the city deserves no less. thank you for your attention. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker.
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>> good afternoon supervisors, my name is oscar james. i am a resident of -- point. i served on many committees. my concern is election of the new committee. i have problems with what i have gotten on my computer saying that the city will select 12 members to represent -- the residents of our community. i served in my committee since 1968, first and the eeoc board, joint housing. we were all elected by third of residents. i asked that this be rescinded and that the residents have preference and selecting who they want to serve on cac.
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i also surf the mayor's task force. we have never allowed anyone to come up in our community and dictate to us, when robert kennedy came to our community 1968 , to find out what we wanted in housing he asked the young people in the community , what do we want. we demand a voice in the community; . would not allow city hall or anyone else and dictate to our residents thank you very much and i want to thank london breed for being one of those persons on the redevelopment commission that brought the police station down and sixth street and many other things that she has done


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