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tv   [untitled]    May 12, 2013 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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calling it an ad hoc committee. >> so, on january 22nd, live nation and the america's cup announced the partnership to work together on the america's cup pavilion. before the announcement we reached out to telegraph hill dwellers association, john ballinger specifically to discuss it before the announcement went out and they agreed to set up a number of follow-up meetings. starting on february 12th, we met with the telegraph hill dwellers association. we provided open site tours on february 20th and 22nd of the pier 27-29 project. we had another follow-up meeting on february 26th at pier 23. on march 1st, we met with a group of neighbors at their homes and it was a collection of various neighbors. we filed -- >> [speaker not understood]. >> we didn't select anybody at that time. we were listening to everybody's concern. the neighborhood steering committee is a group of individuals that live in different residences throughout
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telegraph hill. so, the america's cup event authority and live nation didn't select anybody per se. they selected themselves and we didn't feel like we were the right body to appoint them. we felt they needed to come from the neighborhood and appoint themselves as, hi, i'm interested in this project. i want to talk about it. i want to tell you our concerns about the project. and i'm willing to take the time to do that. and, so, we've met -- >> that it's a cross-section of the people in the vicinity that would be affected? >> we do. and we also feel that the characterization of these are all people that we hand selected that are for the project is completely erroneous. there are people -- >> how did you determine it was a cross-section of the neighborhood? >> because there are individuals, once again, we didn't select, that were selected basically by either homeowners associations, john ballinger representing the telegraph hill dwellers association as the president of that board. so, and they lived in various residences. so, it just one resident
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at telegraph hill that said, okay, all of us are going to be the steering committee because we represent this one building. it's a cross-section. and a number of them are here tonight and can speak to you about that process. we also held open forums at pier 27. we held open forum, 150 people showed up. we stayed as long -- >> how did you announce your forum? >> i think the neighbors announced the forum. and, so, jan eagle son with the america's cup may be able to speak better to that. we made it publicly known we were holding an open house basically and 150 people showed up at the open house. >> i'm just trying to understand how you made it publicly known. i live across town, i wouldn't be as deeply affected. how did you do it? >> we didn't put any public notices out as far as facebook or e-mails or anything like that. again, jim may be able to talk better about it. >> okay. >> it was widely known enough that 150 people showed up at
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the public forum as well as three media stations and, so, it was out there enough that people knew about it. >> okay. >> so, we held two large neighborhood meetings march 14th and a follow-up on march 21st. we had our first neighborhood steering committee meeting on march 25th. we've had follow-up meetings every week since then. we've held with the neighborhood steering committee as well as various neighborhood groups. we've invited the sfpd, the sf fire department and sfmta to discuss specifically their concerns about police, safety, and also traffic. and, so, we've brought in groups from the city to address those things as obviously they're the experts in those departments. >> okay. and you referred to someone else in the audience that may be able to speak with greater detail. >> so, jan egil son is behind me. she represents the america's cup. >> i would like to hear -- >> good evening, jan eagle son, i'm the director of live entertainment for the america's cup event authority. we're working very closely with
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our partner live nation on this process for both the partnership and as matt explained, we had a dozen meetings. the first one one of the initial meetings was actually in a living room -- >> how did you announce the meeting? how are meetings announced? how do people know to come? >> through the homeowners association. >> okay. >> so, the various board members of those associations. that includes 101 lombard, 150 lombard, telegraph hill dwellers. >> okay. all right, thank you. yes. >> and some of the steering committee is here tonight. i'm sure they'd be happy to -- >> thank you. i just wanted to get an overview. thank you. >> we're ready to start with public comment. can i see a show of hands how many people herein tend to speak under public comment for this item? >> madam director, is [speaker not understood]?
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>> you can invite them up if they're not a party to this appeal. would you like to hear from them? >> we'll wait. >> okay. so, i'd like to ask that folks who are planning to speak, if you can, line up on that side of the room. that will help move things along. if you haven't already filled out a speaker card and you are willing to have us spell your name correctly in the minutes, i ask that you give one to mr. pacheco. i see only one person standing up over there. i believe there are more people who wanted to speak. whoever wants to go first can approach the microphone. good evening, commissioners. i'm captain tom cleary with the san francisco police department special operations bureau and department's lead player for america's cup. the san francisco police department has been working with america's cup authority on
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safety and security since 2010. this ongoing work resulted in the successful racing and entertainment program that stressed the breadth of the san francisco waterfront in 2012. at the conclusion of the racing in october 2012, the police department began working on a comprehensive safety and security plan for the 2013 america's cup event. as part of this work, the police department has reviewed the concert venue, music and entertainment scheduled. proposed by live nation at the america's cup pavilion for which the entertainment commission has granted a permit. the police department stand in support of this permit as granted. i have met extensively with representatives of live nation and america's cup regarding the venue design. : hours of operation, traffic flow, and risk assessment. i have met with neighborhood groups, from the surrounding communities to identify their specific concerns, ensure that these concerns are addressed.
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i have worked extensively with the mta and other city departments and the development of the overall traffic plan. i have led monthly regional meetings which coordinate local, state, and federal agencies, response plans from the totality of america's cup event and will continue throughout 2013 to ensure that an effective traffic plan is in place for america's cup pavilion and surrounding areas and the safety of the public is kept in the forefront. in conclusion, the police department requests that the commission reject the appeal and reaffirm the permit as granted by the entertainment commission. thank you. >> thank you. captain, question for you. based on [speaker not understood] in 2012, were there any lessons learned during that time that might now be incorporated into any of the requirements going forward? lessons that we learned was communication was an issue as
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far as cell phone usage in the area. the planning, appeared to be well done in advance with all the different agencies. so, we're continuing that practice as we move forward. we're after actual reports done after the first event last year. changes were made. after that as far as the flow of individuals in and out of the venues, i think we addressed those issues as far as this year. we understand it's a fluid event. we plan to address any issues that come up on a daily basis with the police department and the other agencies along with live nation and america's cup event authority. >> next speaker. good evening, commissioners. my name is [speaker not understood]. i'm the director of security and enforcement for the san francisco municipal
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transportation agency. i also am in charge and oversee the planning and execution for all major events on behalf of the mta. you may recall our armageddon of events last october where we had a very successful plan and executed that plan very well around fleet week, america's cup and the myriad of other things that were occurring all throughout san francisco. like captain cleary said, we have been meeting with the america's cup event authority and other city agencies and regional partners since 2010 for the america's cup. we have been meeting with live nation, members of the community, really for the last six months or so since this project was announced. we have met internally as an organization, as an agency, and i'm very, very confident in the plan that we have put together
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to address the traffic issues and transportation issues as it pertains to the concert series. we have added augments service on behalf of our transit side of the agency, and i will be adding many enforcement officers to mitigate any traffic issues that can occur during the entire concert series. and we are very, very confident in the plan that we put forward and the mta would ask that you reject the appeal and approve the permit as issued. >> can i have your name again? sure, it's lee, lea, milatello. >> i'm sorry, a couple questions for you. i believe it's the applicant's brief, there is reference to developing a queuing plan. has that been developed or is that in the works, or do you
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have a deadline by which that will be developed? we have been working -- well, live nation and america's cup event authority have created a queueing plan that really takes people off of the embarcadaro proper itself, which is really something that we support because when you add people with cars, it's never a good mix. so, we're confident that we're not going to have that kind of a situation with queueing and that it is going to be occurring on the america's cup venue property. >> so, you would say that plan is in place 1234 yes. >> and related ~ in a letter from mr. barkly, the america's cup and live nation will work with, although i think there is a separate letter that says, will make best efforts, with sfmta and sfpd to deliver a neighborhood traffic and parking plan before the first concert. would you say that that is now in place as well? yes, i would. we had another meeting last week where i presented our -- with the steering committee where i presented our transit
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plan and our enforcement plan to deal with traffic mitigation. >> thank you. >> one of the public commenters spoke to trucks going -- operating at work hours versus in the middle of the night. is that within your jurisdiction for planning purposes? for this particular event. well, we do -- we provide traffic enforcement and loading, unloading, we provide pco support for that sort of thing. >> pco -- parking control officers. those are our enforcement officers you see out in the city directing traffic every day. >> okay. so, live nation has the plan where their load-ins wouldn't occur before 7:00 and we would be participating in those types of traffic mitigation issues, yes.
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>> okay. just if you could speak my language, dealing with the trucks as suggested by the public commenter, is that something that is part of the mitigation that you're working on so that movement is not at a higher volume in the middle of the night? or would that be happening because that's when the concerts are over? and then moving things -- i'm not aware of any movement that would be happening in the middle of the night. i think live nation has been pretty clear on their plan. >> so it would happen -- is that a question for live nation and not for you? probably, yeah. >> i thought maybe you would be working in coordination as nta. is that -- [multiple voices] we'll be working in terms of assisting in the traffic flow of the trucks. in terms of the timing, that's not the mta. >> i'll direct that to them. thank you. sure. >> don't leave yet. do these plans address adjacent neighborhoods? i'm sorry, do they what?
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>> address adjacent neighborhoods. yes -- yes -- >> let's take as an example, what about north beach? well, what our traffic plan does is we've added -- so, i guess the model i would ask you guys to look at is the ballpark. because we've addressed -- we've created a plan that is almost identical to the ballpark on a little bit smaller scale. so, i'm using half of my enforcement staff that i use for a 45,000-seat ballpark to work a 9,000 seat venue. so, we will have pcos posted from north beach all the way up to the ferry building to deal with the traffic mitigations. pco's ~ the good thing we have about the plan in place now is it's a fluid situation. so, all of our management team, myself included, we will be out there and can make adjustments as they occur, much like what we did in the events in
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october. so, given the amount of staffing that we are putting out at this venue, i am more than confident that the neighborhoods will not see the impacts that they expect. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. good evening, commissioners. i'm morton beebe. i'm a resident at 150 lombard, have been there for the past 30 years. i've always lived either on the hill or at the base of the hill. i started back in '62 up on green street on the top of telegraph hill. for a brief time i moved over to sauce lead owe, but i guess i missed the action of north beach and the rhythm and the
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activities of telegraph hill so i moved back and have been there active in the community. ~ i've been on the board of telegraph hill association. i helped to form a group called the barery coast neighborhood association which represents interests along the flat -- excuse me. for 10 years i was a member of the board of directors of the telegraph landing and recently shared my feelings and comments about the pending america's cup race and more recently the pavilion with various homeowners in our complex in which there is some 400 residents. i thoroughly feel that this pavilion and the america's cup races and the presence of the village across the street from
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where i live is to the betterment of the neighborhood. and i think we can all tolerate the increased noise level, much less the traffic, because of the ouof success that the police have had in directing traffic, mainly by example this past year when, during the fleet week and the blue angels, there was no traffic jamb in our neighborhood, which for years and years and years blocked up and you couldn't leave or you couldn't come back to the buildings in the neighborhood. i've been a participant with a group referred here as the steering committee. i volunteered for that a year ago. it didn't exist. but when the opportunity came up to say, i'd be happy to be an intermediary and work with the various condo associations, i s answ any questions,
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but i think this is going to be a great success and looking forward to the first -- 4th of july. thank you. >> i've got a question, sir. yes, sir. >> so, how did you hear about the steering committee? um, i guess when i was one time talking to jane or matt or somebody when visiting the office of the america's cup that are just across the street from us. and they said, could you join us in a meeting that we're going to discuss, you know, what our plans are? it was not a letter of, would you become a member of. it was just a matter of, you have an interest and would welcome your joining us. >> and you reside in a relatively large occupied building?
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condominium -- 150 lombard complex -- >> did you see any notification? it's the original and the largest in the neighborhood. >> did you see any notifications asking to join the steering committee or hoa informative? what we did -- what i did do personally is invite any number of folks within our complex through our management group to join us on one occasion which was about sick months ago where i got the head of traffic to come over and discuss the america's cup, you know, what we were facing. ~ six months ago and i invited, and repeating it again, on saturday to have about 50 people join us at our conference room. many of them are travel writers from all over the bay area, but homeowners as well. and it's sort of an to discuss, you know, what we can look forward to.
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we also -- i managed to get an invitation to head down to the oracle pier 80 and do a walk through and see the vessels and crew. >> so, you would say that there was good effort and that quite a few people -- everyone that you met with, you informed them or -- there were a few who first reaction was, how could you support or believe or what are your feelings about this event? and i expressed my concerns and shared their worries. in every single instance they suddenly relaxed and said, well, maybe you're right. >> okay, thank you very much. thank you. >> thanks. next speaker, please. i'm sam berman.
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i spoke on the last issue. i'd like to just make a few additional points. i live across the street from the condo that the previous gentleman mentioned. there were no messages, announcements ever made by the homeowners association about a steering committee. the steering committee represents a minority of people and does not represent the full community. and no official announcements have ever come through the homeowners association about the steering committee. s as an affected resident, i would like to commend the police department, commend the mta for their efforts in trying to make a difficult situation
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palatable to the residents. but the devil is in the details and those details are yet to be worked out. we had a neighborhood meeting just a week ago and peter albert is head of the people's still didn't understand the nature the traffic congestion that occurs at the intersection of lombard and battery in the embarcadaro. to this late date, we have a map that was provided by one of the homeowners and he was explained what the complex traffic situation was. so, the problem is these are all good people that we appreciate their efforts, but they need to go further to really alleviate a lease entitle -- a difficult situation in order to make it more satisfactory. we need some help to make sure that they will do this.
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and we need some assurances that if you do agree to this permit, that it is not going to be the camel's foot under the tent to allow some kind of permanent venue. and we need to hear from people who are involved in the movement of trucks and the movement of other things that are not the sponsors of the event, who will make profit by the existence of the event and how they're dealing with the issues of transport, noise, and congestion. thank you. >> i've got a question for you. you heard the representative from the mta and she said that normally during a baseball game which has 45,000 people attending, that she's using half the staff that she would use for the 45,000-person event and to deal with a
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10,000-person event. are you comfortable with that scenario that she has proposed? as i said in the beginning, the problem -- the devil is in the details. the nature of the congestion at the modal point where all this traffic is going to occur is very different than what is occurring at the baseball park. so, we are all appreciative of the efforts in the hope that this could be done. but if you do issue the permit, then there has to be something in there that says that if the traffic is not working, other mitigation procedures have to be concerned. and we've talked about these in neighborhood meetings, but there is no plan that really assesses what to do, making chestnut a two way street, not allowing parking on chestnut so you could move that.
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what about traffic control the traffic lights? well, they can do something about that, but we don't know what that is. will there be a pco available -- >> i believe she addressed by saying that they will be on their making decisions on the spot if something were to arise. right, and we understand that, and we appreciate it. >> okay. and we accept those statements made, but our concerns are not so much about the ability of the mta to succeed in traffic control, but our concerns are more about what happens during the night and whether this is a camel's foot under the tent. >> okay, thank you. i believe we're going to address that with the representative from live nation, correct? >> yes. i have a question if you're finished. you have been attending the neighborhood meetings yourself? you have been attending
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neighborhood meetings? i have. >> and who -- which people comprise those meetings? is that the steering committee? mr. prieshoff from live nation talked about a meeting that was held in the cruise ship terminal with some 150 people arrived and attended. and i agree with that, but there were many outspoken statements at that meeting with people angry about what was happening and opposing the permit and not finding solutions to some of the issues that the neighborhood is trying to address. so, yes, there was a meeting, a meeting that was held by the party that's going to benefit by it. but the -- all those issues that were brought up by angry you would have been surprised at how much anger floated out of that audience.
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now, that's because many of those people don't know anything about the steering committee and its ad hoc nature. who feel that some of the issues have not been adequately addressed. >> and the issues that you have articulated here tonight, were those raised at these meetings? and met with silence and nonresponse? has that been your experience? there was no -- on some of the issues that i specifically mentioned in my previous statement were never mentioned by live nation. it's only after the meeting that i thought about the question of the port-a-potties. they weren't mentioned. i didn't know how many there were. we had to do some serious investigating to find out there were going to be 120 port-a-potties. >> what do you mean you had to do some serious investigation? call different people? yes, to find out how
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sanitation was going to be handlededthv we also found out that the port-a-potty truck -- the clean up trucks like to come in when there's noffic early in the morning. ~ >> has it been a fair statement to say at the time of the meetings, you didn't raise the port-a-potty and the movement of those and the timing of those, would that be fair? they were not brought up by live nation and -- >> but it wasn't brought up by the neighbors either? we're not planning the event. we're reacting to what's happening. >> [speaker not understood]. right. so, when you start thinking about it, you say, well, yeah, but there is going to be sanitation. there's going to be liquor and food that's brought in. >> i can't he, what i just want to understand is what was done in those meetings, were the people at those meetings and their issues addressed, were they met with silence, were those issues not addressed at the meetings and brought about later? ~
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were those issues until today ever brought to the attention of the sponsor of the permit holders? some issues that were raised by people -- >> the issues you articulated >>ed no, they were not mentioned either by live nation or by the people who attended -- the attendees at that meeting. >> thank you, that's helpful. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening, commissioners. my name is bob [speaker not understood]. i'm the vice president with the -- excuse me, with the barbery coast neighborhood association. i'm a member of the aforementioned neighborhood steering committee and because the hour is late and i've been delegated to also represent telegraph landing's america's cup committee, which is located telegraph landing is 150 lombard.
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first, i'm here to express my support for the permit with the added conditions that are contained in the april 10th letter to the entertainment commission which i believe has been forwarded on to you for consideration. and i would urge you to deny the appeal. now, looking back in the details earlier this year in the press about the concert series, the scope, the number of concerts and so forth, there was rightfully created a number of concerns within the community. [speaker not understood] naturally, congestion, noise, thing like that that inconveniences and changes in their normal life. but i think to their great credit, the organizers have