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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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have on our ability to build neighborhood. if we wanted to explore exempting affordable housing maybe the board would revel this resolution today and direct mr. golden to come back with short order of an analysis and perhaps a recommendation to modified the resolution. and then we would ask you to develop something in short order and i think it's a reasonable request. also i want to clarify one thing we've heard public speakers saying this assessment would be used to have the fund
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>> the ed code and government code that deals with developer fees is very specific. there's a specific language it's to be used for the construction and reconstruction for schools but you can only spend it on the correction and reconstruction of the schools. you're also requested to report our development expenditures and the committee can review that to make sure our spending the fund in accordance of state law >> and you're absolutely sure about that? i'm interested in that we can talk about that and follow-up on the commissioner suggestion. we have this - so the defining
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affordable housing in san francisco is very difficult and the market rate development pays into an affordable fund it's going to be hard but i'd be interested to see who pays the developer fees. i'm assuming that's all part of the analysis to follow up on the commissioners request. and it occurred to me when we were talking about the hospitals do the public agencies pay for these? >> any facility that is owned and occupied - so if you see san francisco is building a hospital then keyes - kaiser permanent is
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building a hospital then it's not exempt. >> i'm putting something on the table and i appreciate number one this conversation but particularly to the c ac and maybe that can be worked out. i hate to put another thing 0 on your list but it's the question of these developer fees and the purpose of them and when we ask a school to pick up and move to other site and how we help the school who has to move while we do great renovation how do we
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substitute the super support the school needs pack up thought the school year to move to another location while their school is on the bond schedule. i know the superintendent has tried to address that i would like to see this question go to you as well and get some real analysis how we know use those funds to support schools that have to move and the combination there's a real capital impact but based on, you know, a bond before so i'm hoping you can maybe help us develop some strenl for schools that offer support for them etc.
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i'm hoping to kick it to your committee and staff to bring it back to the board of education your short order analysis. >> and that's fine commissioner. i'm happy to do that i want to some extent it's unrelated to the collection of developer fees. it's related to the process of moving the schools around internally and occasionally to another location and stipend we give and how do we help and kworpt. i think there are times when there's hick cups.
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and by the way, all of the school sites are criminally voebl with our people but how all this works >> i heard, i heard. >> it will obviously be the latest one movie over the summer to a temporary site. the only question i have to circle back with our consultant on is assuming this passes tonight and we come back with an amendment i'm going to have check do we have to go through a notification process and do the same steps and i'm unclear on the process. but it seems - and that is
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likely the case. i think the hardest part is what is the amr or the affordable rate a completely clear definition that's we can't get into an argument over and we can't have developers suing us overseas fees >> yeah. i think we have to come up with something. any other comments or questions for the board? okay roll call please
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(calling names) >> thank you. thank you. we're going going to move onto theor second order of business can i hear a motion on the san francisco school district and county of education local agency plan? second >> thank you. the exclusive summary and it was included may i have a reading of the recommendation please. the board of education of the san francisco unified school district approve the san francisco county office of education and local educational plan to be submitted to the
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board of commissioners. >> it's not in my scrip but do we need to report from the committee? let's error on the side of caution >> yes on may sixth the curriculum committee discussed it thoroughly there are that was a very good presentation by staff and we move forward forward with the recommendation by consent. any comments from the board? no - oh, yes >> i want to reiterate many of my comments and i wanted to make note in our l e a plan, which is extraordinary and i'm grateful we're doing it.
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ansz. we're hooiltd we're working specifically to address our students with disabilities and our african-american students and that's in our very r that. i was - i want to thank everyone for being there and talking specifically about some of the toughest conversations to have about how we address the racism the ignoring the students with disabilities and really not supporting our english language learner students ease make certainty we put that in print and sending it off to
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sacramento. and there's an order of things when you put together the plan we want them to know how we feel and address those serious concerns a - it's a big deal and phone calls who want to come here and not recognize this is part of our work we need to address that. if we say we're great we can't ignore those things. and again, i'm grateful to be on the board of education and we're going to a do something about this and we put it in writing and we're sending it off to the capital of california.
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those are my comments and again, this means a lot to me. and as doctor koffman didn't have a door to knock on when something was going wrong with their students. >> thank you commissioner i mean, i took a lot of the words out of my mouth apparently i want to add my voice to all of our staff doctor koffman i think what we're sending to sacking mint it's articulated integrated
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plan it captures our plans. it's been lots of engagements and you can draw a straight line to the bs c to the l e a plan and there's a straight line to our budget. this is remarkably hard work and they've done it in a way to make it look easy so thank you, thank you thank you >> i'm sorry thank you superintendent thank you for offering some insight into the plan here. >> seeing no more hands please call the roll.
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>> (calling names) >> thank you. good work. all right. item n consent calendar resolutions removed from previous meetings oh, vote on consent calendar roll call please. (calling names) >> yes expect on one item k-4. >> thank you. >> okay item p consistent calendar severed from board we have one. commissioner winning.
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>> this is an item took him particularly concerned it says that teach for america but it says teachers for america will provide one special education entertains for 13 and fourteen but i have the same certain our goal is to have the most experienced and effective teachers in the hard staff schools. i understand that teach for america's goals this is where there's a conflict between their goals and ourselves but i'm a bit concerned about that and i've heard there are some of our zones schools where we have and
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i know this to be true. i have nothing against teach for america's teachers but i have seen all the research. they wanted all the teacher for america interims to go to we'll call hard staff schools we part of our effort was to do the opposite i still have that certain anybody want to say anything about that? >> thank you your concerned are duallyly note. part of the challenges we have is that we don't also have teachers that are willing to go to our hardest staff schools.
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i will also share and we'll provided this information to the board as well in some of the schools where we've had the greatestains we've had teach for america's teachers but when we look at the performance we can document that teachers and the support system we're building have helped and we feel comfortable moving forward but we recognize it's our goal to have the most experienced teachers in our schools as well. tell me whether take place for america's teachers are eligible for the stipend? >> yes commissioner they are.
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okay. i'm not going to support that >> i have a teeny little thing it says no student contact? do we need to amend that oh, i'm sorry on page 84 but the same red zone finishes on page 85. it says no student. we want student contract so we'll all the time that? >> this is the contract with teach for america it's their administrative. >> that was my quick question i've circled it. any other - we do not need to change it?
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>> i want to follow up on commissioner winnings comments i'm not sure that was the intention. >> their considered highly qualified it's not to say they have the experience they're seeking in our hard to staff schools but their enrolled in the schools so i hear what you're saying they're getting a intiend but we know we have put teachers with the subject matter experience. - >> they have emergency
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credentials. >> they have emergency credentials we have an emergency and we recognize that person has only passed some tests. >> no they have credentials by the universities and they're still highly qualified. >> the highly qualified the definition of the federal government is a little different. >> my opinion is that their employees of the school district that by virtue of where they teach their eligible for the stipend. tights surprising to employee there's a question i feel tights clear-cut their eligible for the stipend
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>> to when europe organizing around support for the monies to go to hard of staff schools particle in the areas of having a stable faculty contributes to students performances. i'm having a hard time it teaching for america i feel like this was an incentive to get long time veterans to go to our inside it of schools and i would just add to the superintendents comments. i think particularly in the superintendent zone they've gotten own more strategic about their hiring practices which includes a number of working
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closely with the human resources. i think any of our groups are looking for a hewitt balance both generally veterans and newer teachers. they're staying for a longer period of time and we're seeing advocate sit coming from those candidates as well >> thank you any other comments from board members in then i think we will roll call. (calling names). >> okay. thank you.ompletes i
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consent temazepam q the proposal for first reading we have s p one to the life learning academy do i hear a second? this action will be back item r introduce for first reading urging the san francisco school district to assist undocumented students to file and may i hear a motion under this item please. i second. >> this item two will be back for action at the next board
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meeting and next item first, we'll do the - commissioner will you report on the committee meeting. >> we heard only one part of this there was some confusion in the room and yeah. - i want to extended my gratitude to the staff despite the changes. we deferred the plan and the children's status and reauthorization. so chris trout provided the overview with the additional funds that were added to that and then we had a discussion with the presentation from laura morand from the school district on the process for the reauthorization of children fund
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status or the reauthorization for the children fund and for the piece in the community process that's going to be happening. so the chair will be bringing this back moving forward >> thank you commissioner report from the augmented committee. >> we did hear an augmented item it was a really great meeting. it was really amazing to hear about the common core and the different ways tweerg to expect our students to learn. really recognizing 21st century sent solving.
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my eight grader is becoming an expert. the different ways in which the students are going to be learning important sxhepts without focusing on textbooks that were written 11 years ago. i want to thank staff for the well presented staff meeting. june 3rd is our next meeting >> thank you any other committee date announcements about meetings? the budget and services committee will meet on may 22nd and we're merging the rules committee with two of the same
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committee the budget committee so our advocates can come down and give us a full briefing. so it will be i don't know how we're going to notice it. is that confirmed from the 22? >> and, yes. >> it's a closed session for the hearing and okay. so at this point, i'm going to go into closed session. >> do you want to do announcements now? i have several. so there's a couple of things that happened i wanted to just
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highlight and congratulate and thank. supervisor jan kim did a great thing brought forgot many commissioners jan and others were all there and the 6 and 7 and 8 graders got to hear from us. the united bay area celebrated their 9th anniversary and the partners and celebration was a wonderful event. and 5 hundred of our students weekly honored marrying margarita chu. the age heritage event kickoff generated over $83,000 that goes
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to public and private schools and we were there. there was a great read aloud group i have the opportunity to read to the children. and there was the poetry slam at the north side auditorium that was the first organization besides what sidney does. if you guys get an opportunity it is beautiful she's done a fabulous show. 6 winners will go to chicago and the grand slam warn or winner was out of richmond. and thank you for all the work you do for our kids. i said to congratulate the
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united way and san francisco unified school district and the mayor's office and the fair was held and over 8 hundred kids came out we have employers and peoples who work with our kids and the 8 hundred kids went through mock interviews and training they logged into all their information for the system to sent them out for real job interviews and several kids were hired on the spot starbuck's hired kids couldn't hire them face enough. and one other thing college track congratulation