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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2013 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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pedestrian safety, but we remain concerned about program. the concerns are [inaudible] the chaos due to construction when all traffic the pinched into two lanes in each direction. interesting [inaudible] trip to review the mexico city brt. actually a comparison of the van ness proposal helped illustrate what is wrong with the plan. average stops facing at least twice that of the van ness system. times savings up to 60 minutes, versus 7 for the van ness. van ness cars still average 10 miles per hour. in the short van ness corridor with high density crossing
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traffic and transit lines,you can't do better without compromise to the other crosslines in traffic. a ten point penalty would be assessed for this plan due to low commercial speeds. basically it's not rapid transit. [inaudible] bike or other muni trips, but auto transit time is 2/3 of the brt time. this is not transit growth. aversion from walk, bike does not make sense. more than 50 percent of the trips which start in the corridor are already walk or bike. it's the greenest most economical choice. finally, we know it's likely
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this proposal will be approved. we appreciate the board for et its efforts related to our traffic concerns. we remain fundamentally opposed -- >> thank you very much. we just want to reiterate we have two minutes. i didn't quite catch the ending bell. next speaker please. >> afternoon to everyone. i just want you to know that i really appreciate what you're up to, especially the board of supervisors, members on this board. i have a very he have heavy and cynical heart in regards to the project operators that are pushing this
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project. it seems like several of the other projects that have been before this board and have been hoisted on the public just because they were projects that the project managers needed to create a career around and justify their inflated salaries. question in point are what we're calling transit shelters there really are add advertising platforms that shelter no one from anything and never will. i'm afraid the same kind of inattention to detail is operating here. there are giant holes in this project that are being
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overlooked by everyone concerned. and [inaudible] here is to look at the seniors who will increase and use the project and will have to work -- to use their equipment to walk several more blocks, mainly uphill so that you can get your project through. it's just a project and like the transit shelters, will serve no one and protect no one from anything. we'll obviously get done -- >> thank you. >> -- and we'll have to live with it for 30 or 40 years. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon, my name's tim donely. i live on van ness, i look out on the street, i see the patterns in the traffic, i take the bus, i walk
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the street, i ride a bike, i also have a car. i have a lot of dogs in the fight. they're paint ago rosy picture and not taking into consideration a lot of the aspects they need to. first of all, according to the eir, goth street is the main route north south, not van ness. that's ridiculous. go to vallejo and goth, you'll see that. the double parking, which obviously is a biggish show. you got three lanes, cut it the to two. if you have to double park anything, you're down to one. they did the study for one hour, from 5:00 to 6:00 and said there wasn't significant double parking. that it only occurred once on one block. you would think they would do a complete study
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on double parking. there's taxicabs, garbage there trucks. that right lane is basically a throw away lane. we've suggested that they make the 47 unlimbed. you don't need two buses stopping every corner. they haven't done it, no plans to do. this project basically does that. it takes away half the stock. now you won't have the option of taking a slower bus that stops at every stop, especially if you're disabled. what you gain in the five minutes in the transit you might lose walking ten /pheutsd minutes to get to the stop. we also suggested they paint a bus only lane. give it a try. if it doesn't work just paint it back over, no harm, no foul. it might work, /phaogt be all you need, might save $125 million. it's also going to destroy the quality of life in the adjacent neighborhoods.
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then you got kids running around, it's dangerous. then you have the pedestrians that are at a disadvantage now because the traffic's going right alongside the curb. it's dangerous, not enjoyable, people are going to /aeu ban abandon the street as a place to do commerce. lastly, i want to say turning it into a wiggle by going around all the loading platforms is going to be damage dangerous. i hope you really study it. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> i'm stephanie change, i live on broadway, west of van ness avenue and i work on polk street at broad way. i walk to work crossing van ness avenue and broadway at 10:55 am, five days a week, i go home for
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lunch between 1:45 and 2:45 and i walk home in the evening. weekday and midday parking occupancy on van ness north of broadway is 55 percent which would mean that about half the parking spaces are empty. this accuracy rate is not accurate. it is nearly 100 percent occupied all times of the day. everyone who lives or works in this area can verify this. the lpa will move 41 of 53 non metered parking spaces. this is very significant where parking is already scarce. displacement of existing parking is not considered a
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significant impact for environmental review purposes according to this eir. the only mitigation offered a feir 4.2-17 is adjustment of residential parking permits or sf park. no consideration is given to my mitigation option such as turning valet replace some of the 41 spaces that will be removed from van ness. the lpa will also eliminate all southbound left tushes except at broadway. the cta staff has -- >> time. thank you very much. that's your time. >> speaker please. call more
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cards -- sylvia, adam, adelle, mr. [inaudible], mr. lieu [inaudible], mr. seto. >> [inaudible] on the causeway of van ness and broadway. i
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live in the apartment for over 25 years and everyday i take the 47/49 bus to go around. i take this bus to see my doctors, by things, see my family members and also [inaudible]. is very important
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for us because we need them to go around for daily life. we can go to costco to buy things and safeway to buy things [inaudible] and family members. [inaudible] heard that the bus stop in the building it's going to be terminated. [inaudible]
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set up the two bus stop [inaudible] by van ness an vallejo so the citizens can move around more conveniently. low income seniors -- we don't have our own car. we need public transportation and it's our right in this country for us to move around freely. and
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i hope the [inaudible] will support that too [inaudible] citizens can have a better life in the area. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. just let the audience know, when we do have translation needs, we'll double the time just to make sure we have enough ample time for the translation and the speaker and their language. next speaker please. >> my name is adelle and i am also in notre dame apartment tenant. they told everything why they need this stops at vallejo. maybe i can also --
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because we are all low income people, we have to buy everything in the shops that not really expensive so we need to go and to see where are the sales and because of this use in the transportation in -- sorry. sometimes they use not no to go buy something northbound. sometimes we use northbound to right rest a
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little bit -- it's okay. so they ask you to support us very strongly ask you. thank you. >> next speaker please. >> i'm also a senior in notre dame apartment. good morning to all the supervisors and officials. in the apartment
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there are more than 200 seniors, low income immigrants and also [inaudible]. we depend on the 47 and 49 buses to go around. we go to north and go to south to do it [inaudible] size to visit or family members and buy things and see doctors. on the new
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system the seniors have to go south to walk down three blocks to union street who take the bus. and then [inaudible] go uphill to [inaudible] street to take the bus. it will be difficult and dangerous for the citizens around the area.
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[inaudible] and then they hope to do something on this. [inaudible] new system will stet up the bus stop at vallejo and van ness north and southbound. i hope the supervisors will support this motion, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> [inaudible] i request to set
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up the bus stop at vallejo and [inaudible] and van ness. because the /rez tent there are seniors, they are did i did difficult in mobility. some of them have [inaudible] because they use their walker and [inaudible] and some fall because they use the wheelchairs, moving difficulty.
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[inaudible] it's also good for health for the normal people. [inaudible] supervisors ladies and gentlemen. i think everybody would get [inaudible] . please imagine this if you get old if you [inaudible] also wheelchair. everyday you are to walk the few blocks
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[inaudible]. so we solely request to keep [inaudible] the two bus stop by vallejo an van ness. tank you. >> [inaudible] supervisor. good afternoon. i'm a seen yore resident of the notre dame by cdpc and i'm concerned about
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roads system ten around van ness and broadway. [inaudible] and having these customs with transport department to discuss some of the traffic arrangement and we discuss about a better solution and other solution for the arrangement. the resident
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council [inaudible] concern and not discuss among themselves everything for the resident and to discuss about what would they like to have about a new system. because we need
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[inaudible] life and to live and to live [inaudible]. we hope the new traffic system can realize these things in san francisco. we hope that you
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can consider the [inaudible] and concern or concern. you will be concern and [inaudible] be better. >> thank you very much. next speaker please.
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>> hello. i also live in notre dame. i took the 49 bus to come here for city hall for the public hearing. when the bus [inaudible] understand that community is here for the seniors and the handicap people. we hope that
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[inaudible] quality can consider the needs of those people what is not really able to move around freely. [inaudible] about 5 percent of the seniors, they need walking aids. hope that you will support our [inaudible] have
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enough [inaudible] bus stop at vallejo and van ness. all that i got, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. i eel i'll call a few more cards. >> good afternoon, my name is grace, and i am the resident services program manager for china town cdc we would like to address our support for has owned and operated the notre dame apartments and the building as served as affordable housing for the elderly and disabled for over 40 years. there are roughly
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290 residentses who live here and do not own a car. they are traffic dependent, taking a bus everywhere to go in the city. we pulled residents and about 100 residents showed up and they all reported that they regularly ride the 47 and 49 lines in both directions, ranging from a few times per tweak up to daily. now, the actual number of residents who frequently use the 47 and 49 may need much higher than this because not all residentses showed up at the gathering. when we found out the bus stops would be terminated as part of the project, we were concerned for our residents' ll