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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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spirits of the dignitaries, community members, and children in attendance. [cheering and applauding] ♪ ♪unified school district. thank you. miss maufas, mend a murase, wynns, norton, miss wei, mr. logan. >> please join me in the pledge
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of allegiance. >> all right. for your information. being withdrawn from the agenda this evenings is resolution 136-582 sfusd high school in a through g development. this resolution will be on the next regular agenda. we now move on to item a. approval of board minutes. we are only voting on the regular meeting of february 12, 2013, may have a motion? >> thank you.
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>> only on september 10th. we adopting september 10th. mr. logan. >> yes through september 10th. >> yes. miss fewer, miss maufas, mcdonnell, murase, wynns, nor the -- norton. 6 ayes. >> there has been a request to move an agenda item. if there is no objection we'll take that item. may i have a motion and second for formal introduction of the resolution? >> moved. second.
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>> i'm so sorry. may i have a motion and second for suspension of the rules please? >> second. thank you. roll call, please. >> miss wei, mr. logan, miss fewer, mr. haney, maufas, mcdonnell, murase, win, norton. >> 6 ayes. >> now may we hear the resolution? >> members you have in your folders the correction for the resolution. there was an omission in what was printed in the agenda. this resolution is renaming the board of education
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conference room whereas evelyn wilson served as the board of education san francisco unified school district for 45 years. whereas evelyn wilson to increase her effectiveness as president of the second district parent teacher association and whereas evelyn wilson rose to become president of parliament tarn in the state and where as the work of evelyn wilson for san francisco unified school district who attended her last school board meeting in july 11, 2013. where we will miss her wisdom and her sweetness. therefore be it resolved that the san francisco
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unified school district name the conference room evelyn wilson conference room. the plaque will be placed on the conference room so the san francisco unified school district san francisco board of education. >> i want to particularly say that we will miss her, the line about we will miss her professionalism and her sweetness is lovely, thank you. >> we now i believe we have some public speakers on this item, ard and mr. wilson. after we vote. are there any comments from board members?
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>> yes. mr. maufas? >> i want to thank commissioner wynns for being on this in a way that encapsulated this about board members but not only her contribution to our work and our professionalism but she was so out in the community volunteering and really teaching everyday people about parliamentary procedures because there are meetings that can get out of hand and there are many of those that go awry with one wrong sentence or one wrong action and i have been to many of those committee meetings where i have seen miss wilson participate and offer her service free of charge to a broad spectrum of people just trying to make certain that they not only ran the meeting well but they had an objective opportunity to participate. she
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was so amazing. i know there are many political clubs and community organizations that have benefited from her expertise just by being a member of san francisco. i want to thank her family for being so generous with her and miss wilson for being so kind and patient. so this is so grateful. thank you for bringing this to us so quickly. >> you know what i'm going to do, i realize that mr. dennis kelly filled out a speaker card on this item. would you like to address the board now? i don't make that offer usually. [ laughter ] i'm dennis kelly, the president
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of the united educators of san francisco and this is my 45th year in the san francisco unified school district and ever -- evelyn is the parliament tarn we have ever had. we will miss her. this was in incredibly appropriate. i think it was a wonderful way of signaling not only what evelyn did for us over the years but the continuing on going need for that kind of attention. major robert, of roberts rules of order got his start in san francisco. when he was in san francisco he and his wife tried to join organizations and every single organization they joined was ruled by a different set of rules and that's why he sat down and put together his rules. evelyn wasn't quite long
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enough to remember robert personally but she maintained his tradition that he established here. she will be greatly missed and we are in support of this resolution. >> i wanted to thank mr. win for this beautiful resolution and i would like to ask if all the other commissioners can have their names attached to it. >> in -- any other comments? >> i would like to echo what mr. maufas said about evelyn that she was the light in the room at a lot of these social meetings we would go to and i want to also acknowledge that she's been so blessed to have lived such a long a full life and we have been so blessed to have her grace our boardroom for so many years. >> thank you. >> all right. roll call,
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please. >> miss weigh, mr. logan, miss fewer, mr. haney, yes, miss maufas, yes, miss mendoza, mcdonnell, miss murase, yes. >> now we have some friends and family of miss wilson in the audience. if you would like to say something, please approach now. >> 1st i want to thank you for inviting me to speak here. josh wilson, i'm evelyn's son. it
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helps to find some kind of closure. i want you all to know that evelyn, my mother, considered the work that happens here very important. and she was very proud and happy to be a part of it. and of all the many organizations that she worked for, her many years as a professional registered parliament tarn, this was the only one she was working for. she was teaching workshops and volunteering as apartmentparliament taern and she needed to be here every other tuesday night for the meeting. i will miss her. and i think that her activities here and in many other
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organizations, she was 94 years old and she was still active and pretty much full speed ahead. i think the fact that you kept her busy contributed a lot to that. and thank you. >> i didn't know i was going to speak but -- last week when i spoke it was kind of in shock because my data just passed. but today is a day of total joy. this woman was 93 years old and she lived everyday and she -- we need to be all we can be at that level. i do want to
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just give you two big thumbs up to -- i know to tell you how good you are, first of all, first of at all video production, these people, you guys are great. this distribution of the information, i'm in video, i make projects for the ipad and i'm going, i want to be able to see myself somehow. i went on the web and congratulations, you tell the number, because i saw it on the pad and my phone and the information was right there and the cameras are great and the distribution is instantaneous. what a perfect public forum. it's one thing to hear or even see in the paper. it another thing to be able to say go in and see what people
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said and how their faces look like. great job on that. i was going to say something good about something else, but i can't remember. i will to have come back and tell you something good later on. and kind of a rap thing, you guys, esther, i don't know if people know who esther is, is the administrator of this organization. she does the day-to-day. evelyn talked about esther every time we came down here. i know you made her days wonderful. that sharing in 35 years that you spent together. i just want to let you know that. okay. thank you. >> we have for the family --
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evelyn, the last thing we should remember going back is the tap line. it should only take one tap to restore order. we should all think of that. evelyn, one tap to restore order. >> the gavel should not be used as a hammer. >> we have a certificate for you.
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>> thank you for bearing with us through that celebration of miss wilson. she will be missed. we will now resume the regular order of the agenda to item b with the superintendant's presentation. >> carranza. >> thank you very much. i have a quick announcement and something very special for the superintendant which you are not going to hear from me, you
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will hear from students which i'm very excited about. a couple announcements. it's nearing october and for me and members of the team around, i think we convinced everybody, many of us and many around the bay will be putting our razors down to put -- it's stauch october for mustache 2013 and pick a project. there is projects posted from our schools many from our teachers. last year teachers posted several projects and principal and 20 parents and grandparents raised over $20,000. i'm inviting all sfusd staff and
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the public to join me in helping hundred dollars -- hundreds of students and teachers to register. you can go to for mustache. during the month of october, they have promised not to make fun of me. i will grow a muss staff and deputy superintendant lee guerrero has agreed. and commissioner haney may be on the mix here. let's all grow our mustaches. >> mr. logan is right on that too. he'll probably beat me as well. we'll be fury for the month of october but it's for a
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good cause. on another serious note i would like to encourage and announce that families will be gathering for the first ever san francisco unified school district to share ideas and also learn new and time honored ways to improve students success. the day will include workshops to include initiatives and how they affect classrooms and how to build bridges between cultures and families. child care for the day promises to be engaging as well from the sf fire department. this is a great day for all of our families. this will happen this saturday september 28, starting at 9:30, 350 gerard street at the middle school. the best things come
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when families learn from each other. the highlights of the even is i had a pleasure of introducing you to one of our many great high school students. this is valdez, she participated in the program in the science and health care partnership. each student on this program was paired with a mentor and committed scientific reach are research for eight weeks for the summer. it's a program by sfusd and i also want to recognize our director of science technology engineering and math mr. jim ryan who is here this evening to support jasmine. this program is active in 90 percent of our school district's k-12 schools and
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provides benefits to our teachers in more than 250 scientist role models to our student each year. a little bit about our student. she just joined the high school. in high school she developed a strong interest in science especially in biology and chose to challenge herself and chose to take ap biology as a junior. she's also been involved in numerous school activities and science club for girls. at ucsf she joins tiffany quan in the department of biochemistry at ucsf. she'll tell you much more but in a nutshell she tells us how embryonic stem cell's work.
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when i got to see her in action she did her presentation in english and even though i do speak english i didn't understand what she was talking about and then she turned around and did her presentation in spanish. not missing a beat. truly bilingual. if you wouldn't mind helping me welcome to the microphone jasmine valdez. would you do a little bit of your presentation c'mon over. [ applause ] . >> good evening. my name is martha jasmine. i'm currently a senior at balboa high school. i'm in the internship program where i interned in the lab at mission bay campus ucsf. i was
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nominated and extremely excited when i was accepted. the lab work of these stem cells are very important. one is cell renewal when the cell divides it may and look like the original one. the second ability is clear potency which means that it can become any cell in the body as well. our lab was interested in factors that we maintained these two important abilities in the cells. understanding how such a small part of these specific cells have developed and understanding of how stem cells work will aid our efforts in learning to manipulate stem cells to contribute towards development of regenerative medicine. the first day of the program i was extremely nervous and i think we all were. i saw
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the faces of 20 individuals whom i would later share a special unique experience for eight weeks. the first day in the lab arrived. i was very nervous and i can speak for the rest of our group that we all thought the same. we didn't know what to expect and we didn't know what to do. a process that took almost eight weeks from the beginning learning the basics what stem cells were and what it even meant. cell culture, imaging and much more. that i had no idea before the summer what they were or that such things even existed. each wednesday during our meetings we each did what we learned and understood about our project. it was amazing to see how week by week we were developing a new vocabulary to the point that our understanding was such in depth that we were able to give a 10-minute talk confidently.
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my project was about analyzing the complex embryonic stem cells. to proceed with the hypothesis results and future directions. after our talk followed a poster presentation a few weeks after in which we had a scientific fair whe we presented our poster and we would present various of times even in different languages including spanish and show our parents and other mentors what we had done this summer. personally i learned many technicalities on this project, work independently and learned how to behave comfortably around adults. communication and social skills. made friends
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from all around the city from different schools, backgrounds and different stories. such a program gives a glimpse of the future's new discoveries. does much more than what is learned sitting in class receiving a lecture or reading a textbook. it puts us right to work to deal with real issues in the world and created a small steps towards progress. this internship created a larger view in the science study. i learned how many projects contribute to problems in our world that exist today and helped me lean towards bigger goals and decided what i wanted to study in college. scientist and anything related to the study i thought was quite boring. but i became to realize that these careers are much more than that and are very
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unique in their own way yet help society, science and medicine and much more advance with one small question and one big goal. thank you. >> [ applause ] >> thank you, jasmine. i think you em body what we want in all of our students. is there anyone here with your family that is here tonight? >> yeah, my parents. [ applause ] congratulations. you have a wonderful daughter. you have every reason to be very very proud of her. thank you. >> any comments from the board
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on the presentation? no. seeing none we'll move on. so glad you enjoyed your internship and can't wait to hear what you will do next. >> we'll move to item c. recognitions and resolutions commendation. >> i would like to invite to come forward the presentation award to principal jennifer. >> it is a great pleasure and honor and definitely a humbling opportunity to acknowledge
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jennifer steiner. she's the principal at buena vista, i have known jen since he was the the instructional facilitator since 2001. since that time jen showed her commitment, dedication to really empower students and work with teachers so they get the best and the highest quality education. oh at buena vista, jen came last year. and since the beginning, her commitment to the education of the kids could really need the most and somehow we've not been able to serve was clear. she is clear, she's loud about it and she's able to engage. teachers, parents and children. and every time we have our
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meetings, she comes back with a great story about what the children are teaching her. even to suspend a child, jen always goes back and ask will that make a difference if we suspend this student? how can we make sure we do the best within the schools so that we are not sending that child home. for that, for her knowledge about our curriculum, for engaging a community in a school that needed that support and for believing in our children. i am so honored to introduce you the principal at buena vista, jennifer steiner. [ applause ] congratulations.