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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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the director has found a way and we can work together as a community to among this a great location. it actually is it's two blocks from third street and everybody is saying oh, let's investigate. nobody has anything in hand but this. and we're building this sincerely e senior units and there are more than 20 needing housing. i've been in bayview for 33 years this is a social justice issue. bayview does deserve to have it's homeless shelter >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, islam sandy thomas. i've been in the bayview for over 25 years. i've move forward away and came
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back. i'm an activist i work with the shelters and the community people getting jobs in the community. now i wanted to say that, you know, it's really hard to not accept the homeless where they're at right now. this is a great support because, you know, people with is cancer and people with hiv you've got people with, you know, all kinds of issues and can't even get around and we've got the 54 bus line you know what i'm saying you know, i really almost took over mother brown's by feeding people from my house. i lived at three houses away from the friendlys market i've never seen any violence i've
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been feeding the homeless and i get out there and feed the homeless with mother browns myself. i take folks out to get them jobs. you know, i had moved away and a got robed and came back to san francisco just to be a support for bayview hunters point. it would be crimes all over san francisco but my thing is to get those people off we've got those people moving in we're losing our section 7 of 8 to move to oakland not to be here in the city for you guys to move in and be comfortable. make the homeless comfortable because they need a place too
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm rodney reece. i'd like to come here and humbly speak. i heard an individual say he has a business at the chemical plant and they talk about the united that council being a save environment he don't know how many immigrants he's got working at emphasis place and other people raise a piece of paper and he's never been homeless i have been. i ask youenter to have a heart and compassion. i worked here when someone in westbrook gave me a chance. person helped me. i was homeless for 20 years a
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drug addict. then i listen to those people talk about move it to a different location. i ask that you united council mother brown and sit down and look at it what we do. we've got love people who have fallen off and gotten back up. hold our heads down each day. i ask the board just give us a chance on the biggest thing. let us show you guys we're productive >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is larry williams.
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politics, i don't know which about but i know we need those beds in bayview. we just need the beds. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> well, i get to speak on his time? i'm here to support the beds for bayview. i've seen in my line of work how those simple extensions of offering a person a place to sleep can change the dynamics of that person's life >> this is not a matter of just simply beds this is a collective idea of our society what are we
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human beings going to do to offer on extension and a hand to those of us who have been margin in his. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm sarah i'm in support of this motion. i want to stress the fact that there's a couple of key reigns e reasons to pass this. there's a clear need for it and there's a very good agency the united council of human services will find a way to pass this. i can tell by the initial person that proposed it they're going to do a good job. we are talking about generating jobs and human labor and
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creating, you know, pathways through film industry and care industry and the human services agency in san francisco will benefit from this extension of mother brown's that's been a life lion for my husband and i with our homeless situation. i can only say their reporter full people and welcoming people. there's no increase of homelessness there it's a way to stabilizes the area. that specific block is in no danger of any huge changes. there's a vacant lot there's a residential units kitty-corner and, of course, there's the industries right across on the
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side. it's all around it's just a community and let the community prosper >> i'm a case manager for oak houses. i've been living in the boyfriend for over 53 years. there ain't nothing i ain't done that the homeless are trying to do now. i've been as to the penitentiary and back. if you don't do it if we don't - our families got the same blood if we don't do it who going to do it. the people that have been living there if you don't live there who going to do it.
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they need places to get started and hey, you need a meal or 3w4r5k9 to get started with. just step out of your box and live where they're trying to get to. you're probably living in one of their houses. you know make a difference we have been making a difference we just need a hand. somebody to say please give us the building and they just want a spot and a bed thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, optimum here to speak as a community resident today. and also the person who has experienced homelessness and people who cared enough to help
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me get myself together and not visit jail. a place where i get censure and care is mother brown's. when your homeless and people just rope e roll up on the block and if in a minute we used to be african-american community my grandparents came from the south and a lot of people are not people who came from downtown they're people who are elderly who can't sleep on mats on the floor who discover a fair share and parents who have children
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that parents who is working at the mcdonald's ease can't afford the new homes. people need a launching pad a place to start getting their lives together >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. first i'd to address this negative homeless warehouse. lockup the division it's where you place goods those are people who have a human right to have a bed. i don't understand the empathy the lack of it. i'm a case manager for veterans. this conveniences children are
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homeless. it's hard when a veteran says whose homeless where can i have my children good. he said he suffers from leukemia it's hard to know what the children feel. i'm asking you to give those people the human rights of a bed. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> islam carol and i'm with the united council of human services. my heart is very heavy. because i don't understand what type of people - first of all, let me aid the negative about warehousing people you can't warehouses people. the people who come to our agency are our brothers and
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sisters and emigrants. everyone has a right to sleep in a bed. we're not asking for much. we're asking for what should be done. i'm asking that you do support the bed for the bayview. thank you >> thank you as the next speaker comes up let me call the last speaker. if there's anyone else who wants to comment please lineup on the side >> good afternoon i'd like to say that i'm grateful to mother brown's and all the people who are in there. if you want to talk about heroes come to mother brown's and a walk around there you'll see heroes. i'm waiting for a bed right now for carlos.
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everyday he makes his way to mother brown's. hose in the hospital right now my feet are swollen so i can't landed in a bed. we have people who came to mother brown's maybe two or three months. i cannot see us having no beds. i'm grateful to mother brown's. a thousand times. i'm 41 years old i don't have any disabilities at all nothing. i graduated with an aa degree i had no problems. there's people that way, way more dependant. i'm able to stand before you and
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say people need those beds. it hurts. it hurts everyday i walk up to mother brown's and say wow. that's how they trait us. and everybody else people bringing stuff out of their cars and house to spending their extra money to put food in their stomachs. so, please we need those beds >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors arrest i'm david. and i have 8 plus years of the resident roughly 15 years over envy 24 years of living in the bayview. i've seen the bayview emerge into an even increasing vibrate
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area. considering the beds are not at capability there truly is no nor reason for homeless beds. san francisco and it's resident is a model city for reaching out and helping those in need. that's what makes the city and a community attractive to all. having said that i ask the committee to remove the address from the neighborhood from the resolution before it. along with that, i ask the committee to table the plan so that every consideration is made for most effectively meeting the needs of everyone that make ups our neighborhoods throughout san francisco residents and homeless and businesses alike. our homeless don't noetd need to
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be warehoused or should they be rounded up and hirtd. so remove any reference to this neighborhood on the resolution. our homeless needs homeless housing not to be warehoused. again, please have this tabled so the appropriate discussion occurs in those communities and then decide where and how funds are more effective for our homeless residents. >> thank you. next speaker, please good afternoon, supervisors. 82 for hearing me on bayview at risk. i'm dorothy i didn't moore. will i'm not speaking again mother brown's or the homeless
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but i'm asking you all to table or strip the address of 2115 be jennings from the proposal. second i ask you table this for additional community meeting for more residents to be involved in such a important matter. supervisors i have 675 years in the bayview district i grew up on donna and jennings with my mother and father and siblings. my kin lived in the bayview district. i've not seen any increase in the homeless that will justify the homeless on jennings. bayview has the highest decent in children in san francisco
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with few save playground which was something i had growing up. children are seen drinking at the park and high-level of pds d type of stress and poor role models for at risk children. again, i haven't seen an increase in the homeless that would justify the homeless shelter at the 2151 jennings >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm matt i'm a resident of bayview. no reasonable person is against homeless shelters. i wish there kwob a homeless shelter in every neighborhood. the problem is the cities attitude toward the neighborhood. a couple of plaques is casey
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jones park. it's continually trashed and no one takes care of it the playground is falling apart there is no trash cans. it's closed more than half the time often because there's no staff. mccleaning park which is 5 minutes away is crumbling. there's no more gorgeous in the neighborhood and i don't think this this is a coming in defines >> i'm a client of mother brown and what it is unique you don't get attitude for being down.
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anywhere else you get a attitude. they understand recession and record high mriment unemployment and mass evictions. and i don't get it the homeless people are there spell in need of beds. few lucky ones get a chair to sit in. if the staff is there why not give them beds next to the facility that's already there. beyond the opposition to this. if we build this they will come. i urge you to approve this, please >> thank you very much. okay i'd like it a ask is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing
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none, public comment is closed. supervisor avalos >> thank you chair farrell. it's very rare that i get moved by hearing from public comment i hear a lot of public comment and sometimes, i feel my haerment heartily is harden but i'm moved by the compassion from the people of bayview community people who care about the homeless and people are living homeless. there are many people in this room who have risen to a great care of services. i don't believe we have a lot of shelters in san francisco that have that level of consent of the neighborhood and it's clear
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many people who have become homeless in san francisco are homeless because of the huge economic disparities that are in the city. people becoming homeless from foreclosures and defaults. my community has been hit hard with foreclosures. i feel its important we provide a level of service. we are not expanding services for people who are not homeless we're providing services for people who are already in the shelters. and then you know when it comes to people who are very concerned about the shelter it really and compared to the people who have an incredible sense of community
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there's a lot of work to bridge relationships in the neighborhood where we can approach each other from a distance but understand how we can contribute to the bridge the divide and sometimes, we have a educate people who are scared, you know, about the changes that are happening in the community. that's often what we have to bear with but i'd like to think that's something we can do and people who are attended e opposed can work hard to meet the people who are doing a lot of great work in the neighborhood. so i'll be supportive of this resolution here today. i will not be - i'm not in favor of changing the languages or
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stabilizing it for more information. my experience with the homeless camp so over the years. i'm concerned the count is being inaccurate and i find the homeless numbers is very sound and its something i give a lot of creed dance too. i'm surprised that the numbers are highway. i hear all the time about the homeless people in the streets. people have access to food, bombards and a place to sleep that can alleviate problems and a decrease in the impacts of homelessness there by having the facilities in place. i want to thank everyone for coming hero and touching envy
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heart. i want to entries, you know, i understand the concerns that have come up from the community and i hope community members can open that their hearts and see the great work and to build relationships to make sure this shelter can turn their lives around >> supervisor mar. >> i just want to echo that i think much work needs to be done to bring defy points of view together within the neighborhood. i know that supervisor cowen would have been hero if she could have but it's important she play a role to try to bring you together. thank you folks for gufts a overview of the tremendous need. i want to say to the people who
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are concerned about the homeless shelter i agree there should have been more outreach and engagement. i sensed some of i are convinced that a homeless shelter canned work by you understand some of you are compassionate. to those who are trying to pull up the community i want to say thank you for educating me with the mother browns information and the other valuable resources in the neighborhood. i hope the resident that are against the shelter you'll see them as valuable people who have
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been working to try to create an empowered community. to the woman who said this was under serviced i couldn't disagree more. some housing and objects and a home and a shelter is about helping people and treating them with empathy and compassion. one other person said who was opted said she wants the bayview to be a place for everyone but i don't think she's including the homeless that were to other who gave comments i think what's missing and i'm in agreement
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with supervisor avalos we need to have a heart and compassion and the existing people who are surviving nodes the beds. the numbers is not the issue what do we do right now to give that hand out. the man who go up and said give us a hand and a chance that's what we're doing. i want to thank supervisor cowen it's a difficult issue. i know the resident who are against have legitimate issues and the community that supports the warehouse will be responsively of supportive but optimum joining envy colleagues in supporting this because we need this now. i think the money is critical and i want to do what i can to
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put the shelters where we can in the bayview >> thank you supervisor mary. i won't repeat what's been said but i want to say that i think and i appreciate where supervisor cowen's coming from you do feel there's a process that's taking place but i know there are some incredible servants in the city of san francisco i know the outreach will happen. i want to thank the members of mother brown's and everyone else that came out to speak on this stem. i agree with supervisor avalos that's rare you get touched here