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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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than the curriculum. i feel liquor maybe it's under oath educational issues. i have to say the curriculum committee has mapped out the curriculum. it does touch a lot of what's going on. finally, i wanted to offer a resource for translation so i'm the liaison for the san francisco fund a we have volunteer interpreters that are available to meetings and i encourage you to get in touch with the san francisco education fund. >> thank you. i'm sorry i have to say i've had a hard time hearing but i'm happy we want to take this issue up in multiple
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committees because i think those issues have been unresolved for years. i'm happy to see we want to have the training. i think one of the things we should talk about is the division rule that the council never included parents was to be represented the communities that were had a specific interest in and expertise and the monitoring of our language programs. it seems that the very committed and parents have become members of the bilingual council and have been diluting it's oversight connection and also maybe dloouth some of that
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leadership on the e lake too. how can it best be served by how we decide how people get on that p them. thanks for all your discussions >> can i ask a clarifying question. commissioner winn's are you saying the b cc should have less parents recommendation >> talking about whether or not the board and i've been or whether we as a school district have been assert active enough i want to make sure we have that community oversight and
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connection function be strong. and i also want us to talk about the whether they are recruiting from the same pool from both of those committees while it you. i'm sorry. >> like we've merged the same function and maybe we want that but we have to talk about it. that's my point >> thank you. well first on this issue as chair the rules committee we're happy to have that conversation in the community. commissioner matthew's stepped out but we could have a meeting in the community. i've not mapped it out but we can make that happen. i want to say thank you for your hard work and service. this is my first year i feel
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guilty haven't made appointment yet and i apologize for not appointing mop yet. one i want to visit the committee and collaborator on making appoint. the calendar yes to do that. so hopefully, we, do that. the other thing is how the appointments and you made some recommendations and that will be one of the pieces of the conversation in the rules dme. if we maintain the process or structure where individual board members make appointment is the b cc putting forward potential appointments to the district and
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having that sent to the board? i think we've received a handful i don't if those came from the b cc and i want to know more and maybe i missed it but i'm not sure if i received the appointments that came from the b cc and would love to talk about that >> sure we have a board liaison who's part of the b cc and she has - we give her names that she send to all the board of education commissioners. i know there's been some parents that she's sent forward - a couple of parents if you haven't received those names we are happy to send them again. the response we got from at least one commissioner we were talking about diversity and
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talking about parents i don't know if there's too many parents but those were latino and english learn families that were bilingual and we think they'd be great. we've happy to send the ones we've sent again. but that's at the process we collect. it's not like people are lining up to do this work (laughter) >> we're so exciting but this is really important work. and the district has been so forward thinking in having this b be the focusing of the district. we'd love to send you those names again. how have we get people appointed. again, our plea once again is you really make sure that e l families are repealed.
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those are their kids >> thank you and hopefully, there are people listening or watching to this long conversations and we're realizing this how fun this is. did you say what time the b cc meetings are? >> next anyone 6 o'clock at martin luther king. >> at martin luther king. >> we've shown to the advocates and we have great directions with those leadership there and we put the word out there seeing please send our parents leaders and we've been trying to find teachers. the teachers ask us for a
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stipend and nobody's getting a stipend but we ask for the teachers for going to another meeting >> mr. mendosa and anyone. >> i want to thank the b cc for they're hard work. i know you keep us busy with the e-mails we're asking some pertinent questions thank you for the opportunity to introduce to the board and everyone our new director of mpd lewis can you stand so the board can see who you are. multiple lingual pathways department (laughter)
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but lewis is jimd in and been a great service to the b cc >> thank you superintendent and a number of board members thank you very much for the amount of time and effort you put into this year i know you wouldn't do this if you didn't care about the families in the district. we're grateful and thank you. clearly there's a lot of issues that need to be worked out. i appreciate you coming and speaking to us this evening. at the >> all right. we're going to move into item l. may i please here the acceptance of the adversaries
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report. is there a second >> i second. >> may i please hear ard of the recommendation please. good evening commissioners and superintendant. i'm kathie i'm the acting director. this the recommendation of the essence of the oversight requirement the two reports in my summary have been priority we're asking for the board of education of the san francisco unified school district accept the reports for the oversight business for the 2013 and fourteen school year of the 39 schools that are ranged of the academic performance index. there are improvement for the schools that were included do to meet the state of compliance.
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i'm here to clarify the findings. >> thank you. oh, this is ms. moore ran. there are no public speakers signed up for this item. are there any comments or questions from the board? yes >> hi, may i request this reported be sent to the student advisory couldn't. >> yes. >> i want to have the students see this report. >> any other comments or questions from board members. >> i want to recognize susan wong who was the individual inspector who conducted the inspection she was formal with the office of equality. i want to also know in this lady
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should be on the contract complaint form she's out. i want this to be currency >> we will update we have updated the website i'm the person and place for any complaints about the process and as far as the foermdz we can disseminate and e-mail those to the sites. >> thank you. mr. superintendant. i want to thank all our staff for the excellent work. and i think the lady for stepping into the role and doing a phenomena job.
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kathy has done a fantastic job additional i want to thank her for the fantastic report >> thank you superintendant. all right. seeing no other comments from board members madam clerk, please call the roll. >> thank you all right. discussions of other educational issues. mr. superintendant i believe you have a presentation >> yes. i'd like to call in the chief of staff to update the board on the vision 2014 process. it's an exciting process and
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this is about a two hour update (laughter) i'm just checking for update no, it's going to be very short >> good evening commissioners and thank you so much. first of all, i want to thank the superintendent and the board of education for sponsoring this great voigs process. we worked for many months to design a process that would help us reenvision education for our students in san francisco. there are handout here and i'll start the presentation to keep us rolling. basically, we have a saying if we have a plan for today and envisioning tomorrow. we roelsdz the plan to
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clarifying how all of us work together to support the structural core around the teachers and students and families and instruction and that plan is being rolled out in helping us to build the penicillin with our quality improvement system. i don't know if you can focus that a little bit mr. steel that would be great. their we go. this is again, our strategic plan for today. and then we agreed that given that we live in this great city with lots of wonderful opportunity i think that many of us realize that with all this great opportunity there's still
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great inequality if our system not only the board of education and the leadership of the district we want to answer this request that you'll see 30 those are the opportunity to answer those guiding questions. i'll point out that many institutions in the country n lc is widening down and many of us educational leaders have an opportunity to redefine this. all our students have to excite in a global world. we want to see the current trends in which san francisco is going to have students congratulate and what are the experiences our students needing
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need to thrive in san francisco form. not only the world of work but being participants in the vibrant community and being healthy. but what is really i think it exist about this new era for all of us we have a lot of autonomy to define what success looks like. and then we really wanted to say given that profile of the congratulate how do we transform our learning experiences. we've got plenty of pocket of renovation happening. how do we renovate. and the division we're number
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349 in terms of how public education is funded. unless we have a funding model if looks like the diversity of filling tropic dollars we won't be able to have that environment for our students to thrive. so we launched our first session we had 80 people the first night and a more the second day. we started with the african-american cult and a moved to mission bay. i want to thank our student folks and they launched our voigs process as the adults came into the room they were asked to sit at the table and incision the future. it was exciting to see people
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get down to unthinkable this is our vision for what we want. we had two panels and a lot of people said we go to conferences separately but we got to go to share ideas and have deep conversation and raise important issues. and even though that's a lot of people it doesn't seem like that we started to have exciting conversations about stem for example, is it stem steam or steamy we had one of our students raise that question. i think we got off to a very good start. we worked in the same teams as we looked at the profiles and our learning experiences we want to make sure we're addressing
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key issues. the guiding principles i won't read them here but this is the guiding principles and we'll be working on stakeholder engagement. as you know this previous conversation i, you know, there's a lot of work to do to get aesthetic voices from the stakeholders at the table. we did a good job but we want to do better >> i'm sorry unfortunately, the visual isn't coming up. if you can do any little bits of what you're doing at least the people at home will get it. the people listening in the office so if you can give as
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much detail. those guiding principles >> we'll assure the principles including the students and families to participate and contribute to the visual process. we're going to have the best practices and the design of the process we want to provide experiences that can tap in and garner the expertise in the coalition. we want to draw from the most frlt resources for relevant information and it's a model of continuance improvement and we'll actively improve our process and the last one if you want to create a strategy to assure that the vision is viable. which is why we talked about you'll see those reflected in the future tracks. so the working groups we are
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looking the early and admitted and adolescent years but the seams will cut across the educational environment and how do we promote the advocate model. we want to deepen the conversation been equality and social justice it's a more important as our city becomes for challenged. we building in visiting in education can maintain the soul of the city and help us maintain the equality and social justice feeling that we really support in san francisco. we need the education finance models to make sure we can move away from, you know, multiple year funding cycles to actually
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a new vision 40 the future. so the conversation we had about what's the profile of a high school graduate and the multiple measurements that go beyond the task force. talent and cultivate how do we make this a great place to live to work in for all of our staff at all levels and then how do we crate the systems and structures that create of the innovation. we identified a set of clarifying questions. we're going to be using these to guide us and to loop in guiding visions. next is the stakeholder engagement we want to add for
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teachers and students to the accreditation. we're working closely with uc sf and figure out how to get more teachers. we appreciated having those teachers. we have a great student voices and have for o more diversity and work harder to have all the parents groups so the district a more represented. we also know that coming to a meeting is not the only way to engage people it's time consuming and expensive. we're going to be launching a social he media conversation posted on the web and doing smaller focus groups to help deepen the conversation.
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we're looking forward to a great newsletter in a summary of what we've accomplished that will be going out in the next day or two. we're selecting and building the social site for this engagement and working with the anchors to propping prepare for session two. we're getting ready for the session visits we want to learn from everyone. we've identified schools we're going to go and visit and see how we can learn how to expand that. we're going to be open and look at another learning experiences outside our district. we know as we go out and learn we are going to be
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anthropologists and take the pest policies and blend them and help that inform our vision. we're going to focus on the midyears first and the early years in january in terms of learning visits to make those more manageable but by february we'll have the draft and that will inform the next feats were there will be more photo typing we'll be working with, you know, our consolutes and our board commissioner matt and with our students how we might do that next phase of work. we're off to a great start.
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let folks know we put all the materials on our website so if you want to go to our website. we have a twitter account and people are twirth and having conversations during the meeting so it's sf u ad. we'll trying to use all the, you know, most of update forms of conversation. thanks for your leadership >> do you know i know our web address is - today know what the back slash is for folks to get
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to the website. maybe i can announce it >> we just got it up today so i'll get it, it's on our web you should be able to go and put in the address. >> we have one public speaker. once again our favorite member of u.s. sf leadership >> nobody else wants to talk i don't understand. i want to knowledge what you said about u.s. sf involvement. when we first got the list we were a little bit dismayed that the one classroom person was president kelly and other teachers so when we based this
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concern the district was very responsive and we do now have educators teachers in the classroom. we recommended classified personnel and support staff as well. i thank you for that responsiveness after all the people who do the work have ideas. >> thank you. any comments from board members. >> i just wanted to say how inspiring that was and learning about the students and the education. just you know that it takes something like that make changes in the district. and i'm also concerned about just about mostly about student
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engagement and having enough students because the friday there were only 3 students out of a hundred i guess it should be a much higher number this and that. they're the number one stakeholders in the district so it's important we engage students more than we have in the future and i want to say the social media is a good way to do that. >> thank you. doctor >> i want to say the logan's remarks. i found that having the students participate was meaningful. like one of the examples was what would the high school