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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> 6 c, update on on permit tracking system. >> i am the project director of dbi and i am here to update the permit and status on the tracking system. and we are reviewing the configuration with the business experts on the managers and our chiefs and our staff and also making changes as we do the reviews. and we are also along the lines preparing for user acceptance, testing and round two that is schedule to begin in mid novemeber, and this will span over four weeks through mid december. and so we are also have begun the process of planning for training, which is going to be before go live, and we are training as we go along but this is the extensive training for the entire department staff. and also, more, advanced training for the staff and the
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daily users along with the staff. and that is coming up. and also planning for testing and training sessions for the stake holders on this and the access for the on-line permitting. >> answer your questions if you have any. >> has there been some dates set for the training of the on-line users or we start rolling it out. >> so the testing is going to begin in november. and for, internally, towards the end of that testing, we are planning to bring in the stake holders who do the day-to-day on-line permitting so we can get their feedback and have them hands on and so that is going to be their testing slash train and that is more informal. but the more formal training is going to begin in march of next year. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> item 6 d, update on major projects.
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>> eric, dbi. and like you can see, come better, last month is roughly, slightly the same, still along (inaudible). and then, any questions? >> no. any questions? >> major projects? >> no. >> commissioner mar? >> you know, it might be not something that would you want to include in this report, but i also know that the department is doing a lot of work in other public projects, such as the central subway and we did some work in the you know, metropolitan transit day. and that area, and also, on the america's cup and so i was wondering if in some way in the reports that we could also show some of the public projects that our staff helped with, to really help it move along. >> yeah, commissioner mar is included in this package. >> okay. >> thank you.
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>> okay, everything is there. >> okay. >> just, and now that things are kind of... would we ever guess the six billion compared to other cities where we stand in the industries? with regard to new development and stuff? >> as far as i know, i don't (inaudible) you know, la, and are slow and oakland is slow and i think that we are, you know, no (inaudible) the city now. and i don't think that any other city has that much work now. >> okay. >> okay. >> all right. thank you for that update, director. >> item 6 e. update on code enforcement. >> good morning commissioners,
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this is the monthly update of code enforcement and dbi monthly update. you have the attached forms, and i will have rose mary speak on behalf of the housing and john speak on behalf of the code enforcement and as far as the building inspections, there is 4292 inspections performed by the building inspecters last month. and complaints that received were 276. complaints response within 24 to 74 hours is 241. and complaints for the first notice of violation, 765, complaints without notice of violation, 611. abaited complaints with notice of violations 86. and second notice of violations refer to code enforcement of 46.
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>> out of all of these inspections performed, i want to commend my staff for the response and of all of the complaints last month, 69 percent were responded within 24 hours. so, above and beyond their duty of performing the building inspections is responding to almost 70 percent within 24 hours. and 18 percent was complaints response, and 72 hours, which is allowable, and 13 percent, response over 72 hours. and we have had 100 percent response in all complaints for the second month so that is i commend my staff for that and that is a great effort. and as far as housing, i will let rose mary report. >> good morning, commissioners.
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what i want to tell you about these numbers is that there are some anomolies here with respect to june and july that we were not able to fix and the numbers in the september numbers are actually truer to what the production is. and we did note, that our director's hearing referrals did fall off in september due to a couple of things, one was that the week that we had the staff at cal bell training and the fact that we were integrating the new inspecters into their assignments which is just it took a while to do that. and as of yesterday, they are now all in their new district and they have their assigned supervisor and they are out there writing notices as we speak. however, because we look at our numbers, historically, we have always looked at these numbers on a weekly basis and e-mail went out to the housing division about a week ago so
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that they could see these numbers and understand that they need to be able to get and when they do the work to get the information into the system within the performance time frames, otherwise they have done the work and it does not reflect, so you can see from a number of complaints, that we have received, in our responses. that we are, or from 404 to 372, that the difference there is, that at least ten of those cases are illegal unit and anonymous complaints where we have not been able to get access and a couple of others were delayed entries and it is a hectic time of getting the seven new inspecters into the rotation, i reiterated what the policy is as far as that is concerned, for the last eight years, we look at these statistics on a weekly basis. and so, i don't, for see a problem with that and so we will be increasing these numbers and you will see as the months come up that these numbers will increase as far as
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the number of cases sent to a director's hearing and by the way, when we sent a case to a director's hearing we don't recommend a continuation or referred back to staff. and we typically, if you look at our data on each individual referral that we make, you will see on a consistent basis that we are making a specific recommendation that an order be issued and so, you know, those referrals are when we make that referral, it is so that we want to get an order and we hope that when we come to you on appeals that you, confirm and up hold those because that is so helpful to us and that is all that i have to say unless you have questions, the numbers will increase because we have seven more people doing notices and making referrals. and before we made the transition, we were really working very hard on the existing cases that have notices but here is the problem and it kind of gets to what is commissioner mar was saying,
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and that is, that, once you write a notice of violation and you send it to a directary hearing and you get an order abatement and you bill them and we bill the 52 dollars since day one and the case is right for the city attorney and the other code enforcement tools are some what diluted and meaning referrals and criminal citations the question is what do you do? and as i side before, i don't want the cases to sit around for years and years it is face time and manifesting presence and now we will be able to do that and later today i am going to be having a meeting on that case that you said to anywhere we had the dispute between the property owner and the tenant on the bathroom and i have the meeting with them and we are going to see if we can resolve this a second time. here we have an excellent example of a case that has been going on for a number of years, yet it is not a city attorney case and we are trying to get the two parties together. and so, sometimes, these cases, take more time than we would allow. or that we would like.
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and so maybe the next thing that we look at, and i will tell you right now that i am working on an s-o-p, that deals with the anonymous complaints and how they look at those across the board and how they apply to the illegal units and the next thing to consider is whether or not we want to do this or not is the administrative penalty and that means that you don't fix something in addition to the assessment of the cost you get find which is independent of a penalty and with this economy that is something that we have to think about, whether or not that is something that is fair or he equitable. and so that is the next step and part of this, but we do expect the numbers to increase. any questions? would be more than happy to answer them. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on directors report item 6 a through 6 e? >> i am sorry, code enforcement? >> john engine for code
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enforcement. and so, we took the 99 cases and to hearing. 51 of those you know had orders issued of advisements and we abaited 188 cases. and so that concludes our report. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. >> okay. further commissioner comments? >> public comment? on the director's report, item 6 a to 6 e? >> commissioner? >> good morning, my name is robert davis and i am a bay view resident and i would like to ask for a little help with this case, this is 38 and 31rd street and on the corner of third and oak dale.
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and if you will look at the summary all of the details are here. we lost some money by not collecting the multiplier, and this case has gone on for many, many years, all of the details are in the back. and we would like to resolution. thank you. >> thank you, mr. davis. >> mr. davis, on these you bring them in to us in the morning of the hearing is there any way that you could get them into the office before the hearing so that we can review them? >> of course. >> yeah. because i know that you go to so much work with these but it would be nice before you would make a presentation on it. >> no problem, i have been talking about this, more than four years. >> yeah. >> the next up is 5122 third, and it is the silo church and another case of blight and notices of violations and director's hearings and orders of abatement and i will bring
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that one up next month. >> 5122 third street. >> okay. >> item 7. >> could i have a comment? >> sorry commissioner mar? >> so, i know that the commission has been pushing the staff hard on this back logs of nov so i just wanted to thank mr. louy and everyone who has worked on updating this regularly, and that i think this is very helpful. i had a question, because this came up in the previous discussion regarding putting tenants at risk. and i was wondering if we could look at some novs, where, because i feel that there is a lot of complaints that i have gotten personally involved in because i have gotten calls from the community, and where this is the building, and illegal building going on that does not involve tenants. so usually, it is a deck that has gone up or someone has built something that is
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attached to everybody else's house or something like that? can we separate novs that do not ininvolve like illegal units or do not involve tenants and so that we can push those a little bit quicker because i think that is one of the concerns that is out there. and is that there is illegal building, that is happening and then, we send out a notice of violation and then either the owner or whoever is involved just chooses to ignore it. >> commissioner? as far as notice of violations we are looking at complaints right now. we are compiling the notice of violation and trying to get the separation in there for the same issue there. >> that will be great. >> and there is a locality of is a lot of them. and we are going to look at this notice of violation and kind of categorize them. >> right. >> for the staff and help us to go forward for these notice of violations. >> and i think that some of the
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commissioners we have gotten the good feedback on how to cut back on some of these too and there are policy things that we could talk about in terms of how to accept the different types of complaints whether they are anonymous or not. and it is very difficult. >> and they just stated that, to come to us from all direction and from the phone and the counter and 311. and >> right. >> if we could just get a group together and look at that and see how they can control that and because that is a very tough on the staff. >> right. >> just to do all of the that response and do the co-compliance and any kind of a discussion that we can have here on a policy level where we can help with that. >> and the other thing, part of the policy, is when do we close the case and when can we keep it open and that is a huge issue just for the numbers here. >> and i kind of tend to follow, you know, inspector's comments about the fact that you know, we are getting very efficient now on getting these
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forward and there is nothing stopping an inspector from kind of saying, earlier that look, this is coming our way and there is a lot of tenants involved here. and the out come is not going to be good. and you know? and rather than, you know, there is no harm in that being communicated. >> right. >> and so that we do, like commissioner mar says get the heads up here and we can be proactive and not going to read about it in the newspapers. >> i would rely that message to my staff. >> i think that a seasoned inspector can make that judgment call. because they know that this is something. and i still don't think that we should slow up on getting these moved forward. i mean that is a part of our job and we can never let them down and it is a slippery slope if we start to pick and choose and i think that the seasoned directors can step outside of the box and say you know this is coming our way and going to be a problem, heads up but we need to keep going forward with it and i think that is the approach that you should be taking, and the inspecters
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should be taking. >> yeah. >> commissioner walker. >> thank you for this and this is helpful in sort of following the process, of the code enforcement. i will be asking for a future meeting to look at how we assess these in response to the input from the public. when do we charge the 9 time fee, when do we not charge it? and you don't have to answer now. but in the future, just if there is a criteria, and sort of how we determine that. so, that the public understands that we are doing >> and the director as mentioned this, we are going to look at the code enforcement process and nov process and see if you can stream line it and make it more efficient. >> yeah. >> including how we assess the costs and fees and it is helpful and to let the public know what the criteria is.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. >> item 7. you have something? >> we are still on public comment. and so we asked earlier and 4804 street, and that is referred to staoet attorney and so that is out of our jurisdiction and now the city attorney is working very heavily on that. and so we took the ultimate step in and turned it to the city attorney. >> thank you for that update. >> mr. davis will be happy with that. >> item 7, commissioner's questions and matters. 7 a, inquiries to staff, at this time, commissioners may make inquiries to staff regarding various documents, policies, practices, procedures, which are of interest to the commission. >> again, just to repeat. >> yeah.
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>> the review of these for code enforcement. >> yeah. >> and i know that at the last supervisor's committee meeting where the grand jury report was talked about. >> right. >> and it was a little bit unfair and watched it as one of the supervisors was just kind of making the issue out of the money not being directed and it translates into a lot of money like a $900,000 and we all know that but the department has accepted that they found an error, or correct the error and trying to do the right thing and i am not sure if it adds up as much money and if you really investigated some of those violations i am not sure that some of them will qualify for the 52 dollars. >> it will be good to see. >> but once again, it is splitting hairs and i am not interested in doing it. i think that the important thing is that was then and this is now and we are staffed and we are trying to make everybody
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keep on top of everything now and i think that is the important thing, the message and hopefully the supervisors understand and the grand jury. >> but we will agendaize the fee issue. >> absolutely. yeah. >> commissioner mar? >> maybe, it is related and at some point, especially that i want a lot of input from the staff on this, we should revisit the whole nov issue as we discussed earlier, and which is you know, how should we look at the reporting system? and how do we break down the type of novs that we want to try to clear on the backlog on and how long do we let an nov sit out there before we either take it off or pursue it, you know, all of the way and so i would like to have that discussion and i would like to staff input on that and regarding, the comments about whether violations effect the tenant and actually i was referring and i think that it would be great to have the building inspecters but actual
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i i was directing it towards the housing and non-profit partners because they are out there talking and actually they work for the department. in some ways, and there are partners and so, i feel that while this is great and if they have a question about a permit to go on the web and try to find out on it and i think that if there is any question at all, they should immediately, you know, come in here because i think that they know, their way around. >> yeah. >> commissioner melgar >> i just wanted to give kutos to the department staff to director heuy and ross mary to have been able to hire new housing inspecters and i think that you have hired some good folks with really good skills and i am looking forward to having that department step it up and do a lot of really good work. and knowing how difficult it is to staff up. and to get through the civil service process and i am glad that you hired who you have
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hired and i think that you have done a good job, thank you. >> second that. >> is there any more commissioner comments? >> none on this item. >> thank you. >> item 7 b. future meet ands agendas, at this time, the commission may discuss and take action to set the date of a special meeting and or determine those items that could be placed on at again da of the next meeting and other future meetings of the building inspection commission. our next regular meeting is schedule for november 20th. >> is there any public comment on item 7 a b? >> on to item 8, adjournment, is there a motion to adjourn? >> move to adjourn. >> second. >> second. >> and the motion is second and all commissioners in favor? >> aye. >> any opposed? >> none. >> and we are now ajournd, and it is 10:44 a.m.. and we will take a five-minute recess and reconvene as the
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abatement appeals board. thank you. >> thank you. >> sfgtv. >> good morning, today is wednesday, october 16, 2013. the meeting of the abatement appeals board. i would like to remind everyone to please turn off all electronic devices and the first item on the agenda is
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roll call. president chin fp? >> here. >> melgar. >> here. >> mar. >> here. >> mccarthy. >> here. >> walker. >> here. >> commissioner lee and commissioner mccray are excused. we and a quour um and the second is the oath, and would all persons that may be giving testimony today please stand and raise your right-hand? >> do you swear that the testimony that you are about to give is the truth to the best of your knowledge? thank you, you may be seated. >> and for the purposes of anyone in the audience, our agenda, item 2, case number 6781, 2248, 42nd avenue has been continued. item c, approval of members, discussion and action to adopt the minutes on june 19, 2013.
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>> move to approved. >> is there a second? >> second. >> are all commissioners in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> and i am sorry, is there any public comment on the minutes? > item d. 678121 beunea vista east avenue and all of the regular appellant. 21 buena, vista avenue, action requested by at pell ent, and reversal of the order of
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abatement. >> i do not see them. >> the order stands if they do not appear. >> does anyone have a message? >> didn't hear anything. >> all right. >> do we go ahead and present the case? >> okay. >> yes. >> and so the... i don't think that you need to. >> okay. >> and the shortest meeting ever. >> okay. >> that is it. >> and if anyone wants to make a public comment on that? >> i mean, it is not an action that you are taking, so i don't think that we need public comment and it does not look like you have any any way. >> okay. >> and good work, staff. >> and order abatement will be issued on this property.
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and general public comment, is there any general public comment for the items that are not on the agenda? >> seeing none, adjournment, is there a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> and any opposed? >> now adjourned, 11:03 a.m.. >> awesome. all right. thank you for coming thank you for coming and exercising is unveiling of our office. this is officially is third office we call it was 3.0.
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we started this company almost 6 years ago now and yet it was born in san francisco and it was born one block that way at a bar. it was where chris and i had our first conversation about the project entity human being. today things are arbitrate different back then there was two of us now there's 1 hundred and 10 of us so we need a bigger office today. so why do we need all this space not only for the 2 hundred and 10 people but because we have now 4 million urges on the website and the projects and 16 million unique visits every month that come to get human
3:29 pm website. it's going good for us to be here this is where get human being was created this is the city of innovation and this is where we find some of the best talent here and it's an honor to be here and revive this historic building to a place we can call home. so with that i'll i'd like to turn it over to my friend and colleague the master said of this space the coordinator of get human being scott. (clapping) >> hello everybody can you hear me okay. >> i just wanted to say a few words about this space and a introduce ourself.
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it's been about a year when tom and linda first brought up this space. so in that year it's been interesting to us because all of the offices this is our third office and this is great that we can keep the feeling for the get hub space. it was band for several years so they were relationship everything out so we had the opportunity to think about what we wanted and what we wanted to use the space for and to build it from the ground up. it's one of the oldest buildings this is standing after the fire in san francisco. this was build in 1905 and add a story a few years