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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2013 3:00am-3:31am PST

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look forward to serving with any community members and taking in the public testimony we're going to hear and working within my community to make sure that we have a plan for airport. i will representative harveys legacy and also making san francisco a world-class gated way to our city >> thank you. thank you very much. any questions? >> nope thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> i'm going to - i'd like to note that supervisor campos has joined us and heel make some comments after the speakers have made their statements. next person up is john.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors and thank you for the opportunity to be before you today and for the consideration of servicing on this committee. i want to provide you with a few aspects that will shed light on why i want to be part of this important committee. i was a state of sub u public policy and i believe it's important that citizens step up when they can add value and i hope as a past city commissioner can provide value to this committee. i want to use what i leonard in the airport committee to help inform the group. secondly as a gay latino harvey milk's has been a hero not only
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to the lgbt community but ass an inspiration to all folks. there's a special interest i know we all have in understanding the way to honor the past specify. and as a former airport employee at the sf 0 you can't have a great city without a great airport. we have a great city that what protect the reputation but to enhance our cities standing and a recognition as a leader internationally when it comes to human rights if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> any questions? seeing none.
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thank you very much. next speaker >> hello supervisors and good afternoon. i'm maggie. thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to present to you this afternoon in consideration of having me on this committee. i'm you currently an employee i work in the film office. any time folks come to town to get permits thaim i'm their person. i'm enrolled here in class and people are always talking about you in class. i worked in the mayor's office as a schedule and worked in the outreach program. i did environmental outreach
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throughout san francisco in our diverse community. prior to working in the film office i volunteered for the harvey milk foundation. i was a lead so i've put on some events in san francisco including our candle light project. i worked with lgbt organizations in san francisco and their leaders in the discussion of renaming san francisco airport. i feel passionate my mom what harvey milk's campaign manager and legislative aid over 35 years. i want to help contribute towards bringing about some awareness of harvey's legacy. i know that still his message is
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not clear and there's 77 countries globally that still prosecutor people for being gay. not only that but i realize that are many diverse communities here in san francisco not only in renaming the terminal harvey but in renaming other terminals >> any questions? seeing none. next speaker >> good afternoon supervisors. thank you for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to be on this committee. i'm gay, of course. so in that sense harvey is a figure that's really loomed large in my thinking about san
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francisco history and the civil rights. i'm excited about this up to this point. one of my family ties goes back to my grandmother with the golden gate bridge. i travel a lot for work i'm an engineer so i'm in and out of the san francisco airport and in those other airports that are named after historical figures. i followed supervisor campos original legislation with a bit of excitement and i'm glad we have the opportunity to name other features of the terminals after harvey milk's.
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on a personal note a friend i met in japan was excited that he wrote me a letter he lives in a closet. and doesn't realize the opportunity we have to be out in the world and our leadership here. so people like him internationally it's something that resonates. in terms of the legislation i'm excited there's an opportunity we have so many opportunities like for chinese and latinos and other groups there's multiple features at the airport we can reach out to all groups not only
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in organizing but hopefully recognize heroes that inspire them today and all the features that are deep in the legislation. thank you very much >> any questions? seeing none. thank you very much. supervisor campos >> do you want to do public comment first. >> thank you very much. first of all, thank you very much colleagues for allowing me to sit in on this committee. happy halloween. i'll let you fidget what my costume is. but first of all, i want to say i'm grateful to the 4 individuals that have applied for the four seats that are currently open. as you may recall the compromise
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it was struck and approved by the board of supervisors was a compromise that understood when it comes to doing anything around my name is anything at the airport it's really important for city government both for the board of supervisors and meyer's to work together. the idea that that was finalized was that we would have a committee a group that would be composed of folks that wish approved by the mayor and board of supervisors. 5 individuals appointed by mayor and a by the board of supervisors that's consistent. we've actually detailed bringing this item its important to make sure that we have as board a recommendations on this
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committee as possible. and we have been doing outreach for the last few months to make sure we get us as diverse set of applicants as we could. and i appreciate the various community groups to make that happen. it's been a challenge to because i think there's a lot of things happening in the city right now and the reason we decided to move forward is because at some point the work has to begin. and i am grateful to the applicants that are here because i do think they're committed to make sure we've heard from all of san francisco as this process go forwards. i know from working with the
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mayor's office they're committed to make sure the whole diversity of the city is represent so there's an interest in the 5 seats to make sure that diversity is taken into account. i would urge anyone interested to suggest names to the mayor's office to make sure there's a diverse group of people represented. i will say that we have tripod in the last few months to get as many diverse people as possible to be interested. our success has been, you know, limited. i think that we have an opportunity through the mayor's office to add to the diversity. that said i think that the individuals you have here before you are individuals who each
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bring something unique to the table. and one of the things that we have asked first and foremost is the ability and willingness the commitment to reach out to other communicates to make sure other people are engaged. you've heard from alex walker about emphasis background and i think it's well suited to the commission. of course, maggie and the work she's dip and mr. gillian's thank you very much. i understand the excitement that hvp has for the lt. and even aboard. the key thing is we'll have a
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working relationship to come up with some general principles and general recommendations and i think that it's important for us to have the continuity which is why i'm appreciative that this gentleman will play this role. i think it's important to move this ball forward to get this work going. and you know, i look forward to those individuals serving in this capacity. so thank you for your consideration and wish you again, a happy halloween. thank you, supervisor campos. my public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed.
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my whole question is for you supervisor campos. with the 9 member committee did you need at least 5 to actually have official meetings or can you start >> i would defer to the city attorney but i imagine a quorum of a 9 member body would be 5 people. >> that's right and i believe the ordinance creating the committee provides that the committee must meet within a certain amount of days after a quorum of 5 members has been appointed. >> thank you so supervisor breed. >> yes. thank you periphery avalos for our work. >> that's my halloween costume today.
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i'm supervisor avalos. it's been a long day (laughter) >> so i wanted to ask you a question about the candidates. are those the only 4 people who applied? >> yeah. supervisor. in fact, we've approached a number of people over the loose couple of months and approached any community based organizations to get people. and when we started there were people who said they'd do it and that changed. we've detailed that. we hoped to bring this to the committee a long time ago to get the appointments finalized. we wanted to see if we could get
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more applicant. it's harder for the committee with you have more seats but have more folks to chose from. we came from the response we're getting. it's a question do we delay it or move it forward which is why we came forward. it's been too long >> and do you know when the mayor expects to make his appointment? >> i think the mayor is expecting to make the appointment soon. i know we have talked about and hoping is that because the mayor, you know, can make the appointments unilateral i know the interest in diversity would allow them to look at what the
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board appointments look like to figure out where gaps maybe and how appointment should be made >> yeah. i think that we have some impressive candidates. i'd love to see on african-american on the seat. i really appreciate the possibility of the historic prospective that maggie will listens should be able to bring based on her history thought her family with harvey milk but i would like to i guess i would like someone who's a hivent of
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san francisco or a think himself who breaths san francisco overall be a part of this committee. i while i appreciate the mix that we have i don't want the process of naming the terminal to become one points political, one that focuses on political figures. there's other incredible people in san francisco history. yes people are definitely excited about the possibility of harvey milk and many of the committee naming committee are definitely great advocates for mr. milk and his history of san francisco and the possibilitys that would happen at the airport. i want to make sure we have
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someone when we say a historian and understands the history of san francisco and the history of our airport and is not going to primarily logan going to focus on additionally naming opportunities from a political prospective mostly. so i wanted to get our feedback or thoughts about what you think about that >> i completely agree supervisor. to be honest we're trying to get as many people to apply and be involved in this process. and you know from my prospective i want people who are going to look at the history of san francisco and not think of the usually suspects necessarily. you know, and to make sure that
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whatever comes out reflects the contributions that every community has made. so that's the intent and i'd be open to any suggestions as to the best way to do that. we wanted to bring this forward because it's been a while and he want to make sure that, you know, that we don't let this sort of be dormant and nothing happens but i'll certainly open to suggestions that my colleagues have. and you know the idea of having the board and the mayor both appoint people had a lot to do with making sure that the points you've made was taken into consideration. so i'm open to suggestions >> okay. thank you >> supervisor cowen. >> i'm anxious here 328.
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so i want to make sure this is a ninth person body 4 coming from the board from the mayor. what's itself criteria for today >> the only perimeter was someone who was interested who had an interesting, you know who was willing to serve. someone who brought, you know, not necessarily expertise in one area. the individuals here are definitely interested but they each bring their own background in attributes and this basically was open to whoever wanted to
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participate and was interested in participating >> how do did the announcement go out? >> you want to come up and talk about this. >> that would be great. come on up >> good afternoon nate i'm donate. it was noticed in the same way there were 2 times we put out announcements and we reached out to our community members to try to get as much diversity as possible there was a lack of interest in the community. we were hoping other supervisors were hopefully investigating folks apply as well. yes, we pilot on facebook and talked to some democratic folks as well >> i'm certainly connected to you and a harvey milk and alice
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and all of them. i don't know about this. the only thing that concerns me is i always here from the latino community it's how hard to find people that are qualified. when you go to the grocery stores and go to the bread isle to find milk. do i reach out as to the black community. we've got 4 seats here i'm making an assumption if i'm not mistaken i can't rest my head on what the mayors going to do but being a member on this committee i can encourage that were i know
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i get it there's a commitment that what the need is in terms of developing a very diverse representation. one of the speakers steve said it well, to reach out to the communities and that's the right track. i also think this body should be reflective of the lgbt community and consider the pacific eyeder community in this. so those are my statement rather. i wanted to ask you. sometimes, the mayor's office is graciousus and b will allow us to make suggestions. do you have an opportunity to list some folks you might want to consider for your 5.
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is that being talked about >> yes. >> your currently talking to supervisors i wanted to know about the mayor's office. >> no our officer has been talking to the mayor's office about people that have applied. >> i i know on this list is it diverse. are we talking about i want men and women or social diversity that's representative >> who you're saying and who you were suggesting to the mayor? >> no we've not suggested to the mayor who should be applying. >> on this note how do we get as many people to apply tow the board seats as possible.
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this piece of legislation it's been written about in the b a r and the chronic chronicle a num months back. we haven't received a lot of interest in people so we talked to some of the democratic clubs wore involved in and some of the community based organizations in my district including folks from public housing or anywhere else. so that's what you have here reflects what the people who have impressed e expressed an interest >> if there's a entire to sort of expand that i think it's great. like again from envy prospective i want to have as many people as possible. the 4 people you have here would
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do a good job. my view was also let's see who applies and gets appointed and we'll see where the gaps are. obviously this is left to the rules committee in terms off how to proceed. i'll be open to your help and suggestions >> finished? so here's supervisor campos. hold on a second. i know that you author the resolution for this committee and certainly i probably looked you for your leadership to help the rest of us who are also on
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the board of supervisors to bring in people that are interested and i'm going to say that i don't want to feel like it should be only you. i'm part of the board of supervisors and i certainly could have done much more than i did. i concur with envy colleagues it would have been nice to have more diversity in the applicants. i want to take some responsibility for that, too. so if my colleagues have a suggestion in terms of how to move forward >> if i may supervisor. i have to say that one of the
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things that i thought was important in terms of bringing this item forward was to simply put it in the public eye, if you will, that this is happening. you know, and we collectively voted for this we have to decide the best approach. the way i envision it is you have 4 amazing individuals and i think that there's a role for them and it can happen through the board or through the mayor, you know, and if there's a desire to sort of spread the word even more that's a good thing. my hope the only thing i hope is more people become interested; right? >> asks me mr. characterize a
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vacant is post on the website since december 23rd and it was sent to the main library for publishing. >> i appreciate that but i realize that when there's unusually a new committee or new board forms we have the responsibility also to add to the effort to sort of shack the brandishes on the try. supervisor breed >> yeah. i also want to say that i too would say to supervisor campos that i have to take responsibility for not necessarily participating in the process. i