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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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others and robby tell us more. >> absolutely. we at that planet labs design and build and manufacture observation satellites. we put those staeltsz in space and take pictures of the planet. in december of this year we're going to launch the work out are words largest of 28 satellites this will help us go insight into the planet. but from the standpoint of manufacturing and where we're here and markers there's actually our shared investors and they had a blog on investors going pro and we were doing the
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same thing but we started pro tipping and building a satellite in our garage and we built them differently. then when it got to a point of turning it into a real company and receiving venture cpa capital we moved to san francisco this is argue community and who weer. so we moved up about a i can't remember or year and a half go ago on second and brian and it's going to be an exciting year >> so i wanted to broadened it a little bit because i'm actually not based on in san francisco i'm in berkley and according to my friends and landlords recognizing that san francisco is not competing with berkley or oakland we're
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competing with new hubs around the country. it's or eric the biggest is in brooklyn. new york has the highest design schools and designers and because designing stuff looks like like software. it matters less who has the smarter space but who is the most threatened. what we're competing with t is not new york or the metropolitan area but paris but, you know, someplace in indian this is a global connection how is san francisco going to capitalize to compete. let me turn to the panel and
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start with the negatives. what's your biggest problem what's the one thing that bothers you the most and if you could be mayor for a minute what would you change start there >> i can do one wearing two different hats. as a manufacturer my biggest problem and concern is not hiring the top level engineers, you know, software prarmdz. it is 90 in high quality people who know how to make a high quality product and it well finished and people that do that people need to a debug machines. so we have a gap if the manufacturing work in the middle so the operators are not going
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to change the production so that worries me. as an individual i'm worried about the workshops we're creating look like their hiring people and they employ people to pack things in boxes at the low end of the spectrum but it's dprerg the concern we're the hallowing out of the middle class. i don't think enough people talk about it honestly and if i was mayor of the city and if i was trying to make a city hewitt and vibrate this encompass a little bit counter to that so i would figure out how to get ahead of that and i don't have great
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ideas >> we've got the overflow room but take mayor for a day. >> i agree with evening he said so i'd like have to figure out a way to come up with something but having space for all the manufacturers in the is city it doesn't have to be massive space we're seeing very high vibrant company that handling things by being creative where we can peck away at folks and not have higher rents and leases and have the things in the city to create the jobs. >> i'm not a manufacturer but
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if in terms of rioting talent but i'm not sure what to do you rent i know for myself being priced out of apartment and not having the space to rent is a problem so that would be something i would do. >> so i would have begun with the first two the third. i fit in my apartment i used to live in london which is smaller apartment wise. i be given the options i would find some way to give people access to workshops. as people are being to innovative in the education spaces putting c and c tools
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into the hands of younger and young people make them more easily available there needs to be a nature progression and people need to see facilities like tech spop shop more used than a gym basically >> on a serious note i would probably try to focus on education. that's something that's all mentioned now a father of two i'm not a father of anybody yet by that's a serious problem people move out of the cities when they have children. with respect to innovation i would want the space not just for office building but for
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residential we could unleash our population when we think about how to use our buildings that are vacated and zone in simple a way to be a bit important modern of what the creative people want to do. a lot of people are living and working in similar places and tailors not a difference >> let me be more specific about space. tells us exactly where your located right now where are you likely to move to next? >> i know we have a pipe organize manufacturing factory at the corner of alabama which
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is ton e 101 national historic building. i'm long-winded on this it's on the historic registers because that building was designed to make one thing pipe organize it has double story places for the rec room where you put it together before you ship it off to the church. and nucleus and koran i didn't see that has a cabinet that says not used tools (laughter) this as manufacturing pipe organs and they were slow and quiet in the last few years when we started to use the machines
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we got complaints from the people you shouldn't be manufacturing in this neighborhood. in many ways that building illustrates some of the problems. we're trying to we've likely expand from that 7 thousand feet to roughly 15 thousand feet. yo tell you exactly where the building is because i'm competing with bloody releasing. it was original the building that made ail the watertank for the city and county of san francisco. it's not cheap and really the transplant is so expensive, you know, if you express the cost of releasing at the cost of talent
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it's not bad but it's extensive to do what we do >> can you say what kind of prices you've been quoted. >> this is actually why i'm buying buildings now instead of renting effectively the mortgage rate is three to four bucks. >> a 125 and 3ish. >> yes. got you. >> are you movie. >> pardon and a no, i hope not. we're looked e located with the tech shop and we're crammed into a small space we're not manufacturing we're kin dressed folks we actually get a descendent flow of entrepreneurs
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having innovated products if there's no room we'll go back to where we started with other manufacturers manufacturers. so maybe paul will have some space if we run anti. one thing i'll add two thirds of my staff can't afford to live in san francisco we are doing a survey and the percentage of the employee based is close to 4 thousand working in the seethe of folks who were commuting to san francisco is engrossing. i guess on the one hand dig deep and employ local residents but the reality is we have to balance our team deserve to see
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as much talent coming out of san francisco but we are a - the reality is being able to work we have to live further awe field >> can you redefine our mission to include the bay area. >> what we've done a slightly different take is reach out to 32 other major cities we've created you upper manufacturing alliance. the second time we've met was in oakland. and the coolest thing of connecting and trying to collaborate with brooklyn and new york we had philadelphia and monreal there but we had fremont there and san lien and san jose.
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we found others spending more time talking to colleagues in chicago and new york then each other. but what works is rather than delighting that probation officer to be bay area made i think each of us willing to collaborate in navigation and we have component in richmond and san jose and fremont and in billing ham so it is really bay area made which is barmaid which is catch i didn't were >> kate is going to stay around the counseling corn. >> yes. we moved from the
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responding area and now we're at 965 mission. so we're happy we really like our spot any public comment? come visit and i know you're getting kicked out. you can only top some much of space until people start complaining. we're aiming to try to move soon. we would like to stay in san francisco but as you can hear it's difficult to find space that's affordable. because we're so small and new it's difficult to find architectural leasing temperatures. we're hive libel to not end up in san francisco. there's. first class the east bay that are willing to make it work
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>> would you talk about the acceptable terms and there's things like being able to start any kind of laekz period with recommending small space by with options to extend rapidly. if we hit the growth curb we'll double or triple in size in the next month's. we're not like an office where we'll have 3 thousand square feet of office and people sit on top of each other. we can't do that and it's hard to find 10 thousand square feet and let you lease 3 thousand and happy to leave it empty in case you need it. we're going to have problem
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signing leases because we don't have cash or the credit history to do that >> how do your employees feel about the possibility. >> they want to stay in san francisco but a majority of them live in the east bay pr they like the fact in san francisco their short distances from ail kinds of stuff. that's a concern they maintain that pleasant environment to be located in >> how about you. >> we got really lucky when we moved in a few blocks away where our neighbor moved out after 6 months and sewe punched a hole in the wall and about 6 months later the other neighbor moved out. so we it would be wonderful to
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go up in the same building and not necessarily have to move but if we have to move it will be somewhere in the mission area. we want to stay close to where our employees live in east bay >> i'd like to take questions from the audience including twitter the hash tag is innovation month. we have people monitoring that as well. put your hand up i'll call on you. don't be shy. actually, we have a microphone to take back there. one of these perhaps. oh, it's got a table highway is - cable a long cable. perfect thank you come up to the
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mike appreciate it. >> hi, robbing you mentioned you were able to take up spaces on each side. >> they left because they got a series b and wanted a more polish office. >> where is the porsche office did they stay in san francisco. >> they did by mission bay by the ballpark it went from 2 there's a square feet to what they're doing around $5 a square feet. >> thank you. >> you're holding the mike. another question from the audience if you don't ask questions i'd like have to do it myself. all right. oh, yes.
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thank you >> hi, i'm pat reilly we're at the 9 you wouldn't on the fifth floor. has there been any intentional effort to improve the mid-market neighborhood which is, you know, there has been intentional efforts to bring in twitter and indigo go and others but i'm wondering from the markers community what efforts do you see around this community >> i should mention we have the mayor's staff here and i'll feel free to asking speak for you. >> i have a question. >> what is it specifically for the mistakes? >> so i'm going to say two things and one is probably going
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to be about the piers pr we all have some displacement out of the south market area. from the variety of activities to support manufacturers we know as well sea as much as and do in finding space we're trying to help folks find spaces. so on the on hand we've seen the debar me out sector which is the strongest in the country is around the chinese-american communities so we've been able to stay ahead of the curb and proactively we're helping folks
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relocate. we've successfully been to help folks relot but it's taking more and more mustards who kafrnt pay two or three bucks a square foot. the second piece is we seeing folks move sgoi adopt not bay view area. but down in that area the rent prices are more reasonable between $0.80 to 25 a square foot but because of the lack of activity we have a harder time placing people down there. even if that means google to replicate private shuttle services into the bay view of would be a great start. and here's the see success side
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another thing we do at sf made we help companies higher through fluoroscopic services we started an entrepreneurship program we're going to take folks from a nonprofit organization and proactively plaza them into jobs the first batch of kids come if the neighborhood. and i can take a neighborhood approach to it and take the neighborhood lens and look at it plaza kids specifically in those neighborhoods companies this is concentrated out of belleview
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>> kate reminded me of one of my passions i believe entrepreneurship enormous in companies that make things. the real learning curb is more like a entrepreneurship than a bell curve it's hard to do that and high school enterpriseships are hard unless you wanted to expose user if the city wanted to do this it would under write the insurance to lower the risk of taking high school inheritance. the average intern that comes to work with us goes on to
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university it makes an unbelievable difference it's disappointing it's so difficult >> i want to add one nice thing about this partnership they put the kids on jew ma so maybe that's a step in the right direction because they place them only the presidential i have to ask a dumb question we - when what are the rules. they just graduated >> i think they do that when we leave. >> can somebody give us three or four things we should know about interning. >> we were not entrepreneurial enough so we had had program
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basically, they came to a tech shop kind of event and met this awesome high school kid who's dad was a member of tech soft and the kid said i wanted to work in a machine shop so our machinist said great and then we got phone numbers do i need insurance or to pay him. technology companies shouldn't have unpaid interns (clapping) >> so technically a company should be compensating at least minimum wage or someone dwr from high school or someone with low skills. and because their technically going to be on the apparently,
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you inside - >> you mean lazy. >> so to put those kids on the payroll and it's more an educational opportunity as opposed to you to trying to spin it atkins as a entrepreneurship. there's places to find plays like on a berkley >> who's the biscuit employer of your membership. >> we have a few in the top spots but in terms of companies it's browserers in terms of employee basis we have about 1 hundred and 50 employees and it
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includes anchor and a company you guys have walked by a million times lee ma electronics owns a huge building on 19th and folsom. they're great because they can do electronic contract manufacturing up to scale here 90 in san francisco. another company we learned about makes private label belts for any belt out of macy's or norton's it's made in a company in united states bay view and trader engineering has a manufacturing capacitate has pretty much you've got belts you never think of food and beverage
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and beer is food and engineering >> and the biggest employer in san francisco it's not your member i mean, i presume there are tons of mustard here and i think we're a relatively small city we have about 90 percent or 95 percent of the manufacturers that are participating as made members but we have this new edge that companies see themselves as highbreds of manufacturing who that haven't affiliated with the group. i know that typing machines is a great example we're literally upstairs near to each other we warned over and wanted to know what you do. so we have a whole many sort of
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push to engage the newest mustards. we had a round table before this and one of the things that came up was maker didn't represent what we do their associated with hobbies and by the time you get to our scale we're manufacturing companies and, you know, are we still part of the maker industry what part of that line got crossed. maybe the word maker is almost eliminating the bigger companies because they don't feel that's their community anymore. do you feel you've graduated out of that movement >> 3 of the core family members of our company met at or