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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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access to small business owners in the city to make your office more accessible to everyone. thank you. >> thank you supervisors. >> colleagues, any further questions. mr. rose, can we go to your report, please. >> mr. chairman and members of the committee, on page 31 of the report, we displayed the budget for the release of the funds. we believe that budget is justified and we recommend that you approve the a requested release of the 2 $217,200. thank you very much. >> colleagues any questions. seeing none. we'll go to public. no public comment. i want to thank you again. thank you for being here. i can't wait for this to go live. can we have a motion to move
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forward. >> mr. chairman, you're releasing the funds. >> we're done, that's it. >> motion to release the funds. thank you supervisor avalos. >> madam clerk, do we have other items? >> that completes the agenda for today. >> thank you very much. we are adjourned. tricks. >> hey, there san franciscans we're here with the buzz and activities this week leave our wallet behind it's been fun in the sun or rain or fog whatever the events are free. this tuesday is free admission day at the cities best museum
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the legion of honor or the flowers where you're a native or niefrt you'll have a fun time. on wednesday invite our sf zoo has it opposite side its doors free. it's the leerth zoo and sxefrgs city with 2 hundred and 50 amen's on friday now some free jazz and joy enjoy the smooth museums at the 1 o'clock. and that's the weekly buzz for more information invite
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>> we will call this meeting of the historic preservation. >> welcome to the regular meeting for wednesday november 6th. if you have any mobile devices please silence them. i'd like to take roll at this time (calling names) commissioners first on your
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calendared is the consent calendar. the public may address the agenda items but the item when it's reached during the meeting and each speaker may have up to 3 minutes >> mrs. haas. >> commissioners i'm you jim haas. i'd like to - these microphones you have to swallow them to make them work properly. i want to condominium on the heritage report. i served on the federal advisory council on historic preservation
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under president carter in the 70s. at the time that the secretary standards were being developed. those were developed for a narrow purpose to deal with the tax credit and to protect the tax treasurer. i've you witnessed the expansion of those guidelines and scope of application in ways i've never expected and it's had an effect on people in their be feblt to use the historic resources. there's been a reaction to that in the 21st century from a gentleman at notre dame. some of you attended his lecturer. i have a paper that summarizes
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the theme. that has brought forward a go robust discussion on the secretary standards. now the spear heritage report overlooks that doesn't mention that. i find it startling and i've interviewed 5 members of the committee that said it wasn't discussed. that's quite extraordinary. now, when supervisor wiener was preparing pious election regarding the prestige i lent him the professors book. he's familiar with the whole issue of secretary standards and that's one of the reasons he suggested the local guidelines be presented now you have in your work plan an item to prepare thosegles and budget item for it. as i've not seen any activity
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towards that. that should be your first that priority. the items litsdz listed in the spear heritage report are nice preschooler things by in getting into the business in san francisco the first order t is to straighten out the order like they did in charleston and portland and i urge you to move in that direction >> mr. paul scott your item is coming up during staff report, would you like to speak that then? thank you in the meantime any any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. yep. yes >> it probably would be best for paul scioto speak at this time because it was not an
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agenda item it's only an informational report back to the commissioners so - >> pardon me mr. scott. >> thank you, commissioner. as many of you may know there's a fire at the case he will there was a torch on the roof. but there's a story about it in the paper i don't know how many details argue interested in are i want to let u.s. you know we're open it and we've had numerous people on the site to
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inspect it to try to maintain the materials to have a complete picture how to rebuild and but i knew this would be of concern to you folks. i wanted to check in with you. we've provided some pictures to the planning staff i assume it will show you the condition of the roof and we'll be taking spepz steps to put that back together. we've got enough information from the materials we have to rebuild it exactly as it was. that's the plan. the only other thing i wanted to add in our last visit that was a discussion - we received a copy of final motion and there's a discussion around this fence
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wail the tiled wall on the property that seems to be going in a different direction so i wanted to have you folks be aware of that and perhaps consider the language that was used under it was different from what i understood the commission was going. i understood the consensus on the commission was to maintain the wall in place with perhaps eliminating some things but the language is to basically eliminate this wall above of the dirt line, you know, for the reasons we've explained i can show you a picture of it. this is the hi and actually, i work with staff on that. >> i remember it very well.
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>> sorry to divert you from the agenda if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> okay take care. >> any member of the public wishes to speak on any item seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners that places you on department matters item one announcements. >> good afternoon, tim from the staff the director's report is in our packet if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. seeing no questions >> the review of the staff report and nominates. >> commissioners tim fry again, a couple of items i have nuke u nothing to report from our previous planning commission hearings although congratulations to mr. john for
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his appointment as commissioner commission secretary. last week myself moss he is and commissioner andrew accepted on honor at the national trust prestige convention n in i said i understand regarding the twin peaks. moss he is spoke to the h pc designation work programming program to designate properties that have significance beyond the architecture. other properties like marcus book store and other awards included the new york city aids memorial which is currently under design and construction and near i can't recall the name
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of the hospital but near the lower east side >> the st. vincent's hospital. >> and the lgbt contact statement that is currently underway by authors shawn, watson and donna graves with the partnership with the lgbt historic society and they received some funding prosecute with the development of that document. to follow up on mr. scott's comments there was a small fire at the julissa castle i have some photos that were submitted. apparently, there was some reroofing on the deck the contractors were using below torchs and there was not a fire marshall observing the work and
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a fire broke out but the fire was contained pretty quickly. the pit was destroyed but there's enough material to build it. there was some water damage to the interior and i believe that's still under that examtion. finally, i want to let you know i'll be at the mayors graffiti board talking about the h pcs process for the permits alternate. their primarily looking for ways to work with the department and the h pc to curb situations like
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what just happened at the bank. so it's a high he concern and they want to address it in a meaningful way in law enforcement and abatement. i'll report back to you on the finding at you're next h pc hearing if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them >> thank you prosecute fry seeing none, no questions. >> i want to remind the public please silence all electronic devices. >> that places you under wants reports and announcement. >> no formal announcements. >> draft minutes brawl special meeting and a regular meeting. >> commissioner. >> myself may i ask the
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question that mr. scott raised about the motion is that to - i was going to offer a motion 40 to a approve both sets of minutes. >> public condominium first. >> on the minutes. >> do we have a second. anyone wish to comment on the draft minutes for either the special or regular meeting any public comment? seeing none, move open. we have a motion >> second. >> thank you. >> on the motion then to adapt the minutes for october 16th special and regular meetings. (calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 7 to zero and places i under item 5
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condominiums and a questions. >> commissioner pearlman. i can tell even about the graffiti it's been removed. there's still some ghosting of that and they're adding the shool. just an update on the project itself pits moving forward and they're starting construction either january or february and there's some permit issues being looked at. the final removing of the graffiti will happen during the restoration of the building >> thank you. i think that mr. haas raised some interesting and legitimate concerns. you know we're going to embark on this project to study the
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secretary of interior standards and any local application. i think it is so important that this is going to take several meetings i up. i think that it should be discussions in an atmosphere or a forum where we're not simply considering heritage reports. it should be broadened so other members of the historic preservation community have an you been opportunity pr i think we should invite them and they should express their feelings so we can get the broad it possible spectrum of opinion and pressure from all those various groups and that will better allow the
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historic preservation commission to evaluate the entire subject matter. we might not get back to this for many, many years. it's important we do it correctly. i'm not sure what the mechanism is i don't know if the professor would come to invest but i think we should have more than one meeting at which the various - well lobbying groups for the various positions are invited to make their points. i have one other thing on december 4th the historical society will be presenting a tea
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focus this year is on tea service tea is a resident july and one of the magnificent things when mary madison of pillsbury madison it's a tour of 1920s. >> thank you, commissioner. >> i wanted to ask the staff about the study that i remember at least when i came on earlier this year as part of a work program we're going to be looking the guidelines. i'm looking the points that jim haas raised in conjunction where we left the action agenda from
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the spurs historic preservation report the idea was to develop a list of priority steps and actions. i'd like to have staff condominium on where you think we're at with that and how we tie the action items on the super report. i'm going to open my mouth on whether or not we need a subcommittee and we should be on the subcommittee to help you (laughter) >> mr. fry. >> tim fry department staff in the john and john's question this summer we've begun compiling design guidelines that are based on the secretary of interior standards we had one
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intern to mormon late on ways to apply the secretary of interior adds. we've been attending various you community meetings relevance at the victorian alliance and heard many concerns the direction they felt we should take. eave begun that public engagement and we certainly think it's a way to have a boarder forum and several meetings not in in a rigid format to help influence those guidelines. that's one thing we'll continue to give you updates with that
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document. it's our hope that early next year we'll have something we can consider a starting place for the dialog which is what the interim projects have come to accumulate over the summer. in regards to the spur heritage report it was our tension to put that on your discussion calendar. just with the schedule and how it's laid out one felt first items on your calendar in 2014. we figured it's the public and your department sitting down and
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at the same time, we, give you the forest we think has been splashd for the recommendations you've made any other comments. seeing none, public comment is closed. and a item 6 consideration to adapt resolution is proposed for november 20th, 2013, and the next case at the 151 liberty street is proposed for december 20th continuance >> i have no speaker card. >> any public comment? seeing none, >> i make a motion to continue for the dates that have been read. >> second. >> on that motion to continue
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(calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes and places you under your consent calendar those are considered to be ritual and maybe acted upon by that a siren motion this is no discussion for separate unless the public or staff wants one. there's only one item case 8 at tennessee battery street requests for a certificate of appropriatene
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appropriateness. i do have one speaker card >> gentleman. >> mime michael i'm a neighbor of 10, 10 battery street. i'm a member of a group that has a partnership that owns - >> please excuse me for interpreting this is the only time to have a matter to be removed from the calendar if you want it removed from the consent calendar you don't need to say anything. >> oh, good sorry terrific. >> any other member you wishes to pull this off consent commissioners. >> on that motion to approve with conditions
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(calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places you under your regular calendar item 9 at 1712 fillmore street consideration to recommend to the board of supervisors designation of jim both mark city and marcus book store. the department supports the elements to designate fillmore street the building known as jim both bob city and marcus book store as a historic landmark. at the hearing the commission noted the designation and requested the additional documentation for the cultural context with the japanese-american and african-american in the post
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fillmore project. they reflected the concerns. on pages 17 and 19. this edits is relevant from the inspection statement. also included in your package is a memo put together which clarifies the landmark designation on the use of the property. as detailed in the memo under article 10 of the planning code does not say a the landmark building be preserved it only is for the physical features of the property and doesn't say the uses be maintained. in conclusion the commission recommended that jim both bob
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and micros be a historic place. they will forward our representations for future hearings. that concludes my presentation >> thank you. commissioners. thank you to mary for the inclusion of the information we discussed at our prior meeting >> commissioner john's. >> well, this is in some ways one of the most interesting items that has come before this commission in some time. and what i find interesting is the staff report in this regard mary brown has done an extraordinarily job in handling this. it's an example of using article pen as a guideline which is
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flexible enough to protect well, a well traveled and somewhat modified building. i'm particularly referring to the section on integrity. i think this is one of those situations in which were the facts ever so slightly different it wouldn't quality under article 10. i think there is the most serious concern in this regard. however, i also think that in the particular facts of this situation the building ought to be preserved. there are a large number of reasons most of which are in the report why it should be preserved.