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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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bulls and we increased over 40 percent and over all of which are behavior cases we have invested in pit bull programs to prevent surrender and our vaccine clinic and programs for those areas that is not have access to fraoet services or any services. we have also started the pit bull initiative. we are responsive to the needs of the city and we are committed and it is our priority that the animals in san francisco. and also, our offer is simple and we can do more to help. i heard it that we need more help with smalls. and so we remodeling the facility in order to take on smalls and give that community more support. and or offer to you is simple. if acc needs additional help, we can help, if you would like us to shelter, we will shelter. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> officer? >> thank you so much for this hearing today on this matter. it is i am officer john denny with the san francisco police and i am the hearing officer in the vicious and dog court in san francisco and we have about 120 hearings for vicious dogs, and handle close to 800 and reports of dog bites a year. and i do that all from a work space out at the generousness of director cats of animal care and control. and one thing that i just, they are slammed i have gone out in the vans with, and i would ask an animal care and control officer i need to go and check on this dog could i hitch a ride with you, we may have to inpound it and by the time that i get back, i have a puppy and kittens and chasing the pit bulls to give them a hand and one thing that they don't take about what they do is one
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person chasing a pit bull or i should not pick on them, i am a fan, but they do seem to get into a lot of trouble. the chasing a dog, one person is they can't get it, so they will have to request another animal care and control officer, to help, on the freeway or something like that. so then you are down to just one officer covering the rest of the city. one thing that i wanted to bring up is my decisions of the hearing officer deeply effect animal care and control. we had a dog attack a police horse and i made a decision and the decision angered a lot of people and the animal care and control suffered the sequences for it. i know that it has affected the fund-raising and the issue was that my decision, by keeping the dog impounded at animal care and control and ordering
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the destruction of that dog, tied the animal care and control up for in knots for weeks if not months, and the amazing work, thinking outside of the box come to a solution to this and which eventually, has been resolved with the dog not having to be destroyed, but, they have risen to the occasion and all of the support that i would like to give is what i would like to offer. >> next speaker? >> >> cats suffer at these shelter and they are just quiet about it and we do not have the lowest kill rate in the united states. we just do not.
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we do not want the bully to take over any of the programs. and at one point, they paid for the salary of the dog, or the behavior person and that is great. we can use the financial support but we do not want them taking over the programs. they killed the cat without contacting the care taker and they will not talk to us about it i spent an hour and a half with rebecca about this and issues in san francisco and you will never get that from the san francisco sbca and they talk a good talk and they do not walk a good walk.
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>> everybody loves the concert in the park i hate them because they really are detrimental to the wild life in the park, no one thinks about that. and we had to fight a few years ago just to get in the field. and with these big, huge, enclosures that come out and we can't get to feeding the cats and the wild life suffer like crazy.
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>> next speaker. ♪ >> ♪
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>> next speaker. >> thank you. >> quite don't know how to follow that. >> my name is kelley, and i am the wild life solutions manager and advocacy programs at wild care. and i just wanted to say that we are wildly in support of
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funding this municipal open admission shelter and some of the things that we would like to see the funding for are the human investigations and the training for the staff on how to deal with the conflicts with the urban wild life. and that is it. thank you. >> we support it. >> thank you very much. >> is there any additional public comment? mr. chairman, could we close the public comment? >> yes, public comment is closed. >> great, i want to thank everyone who came out today with the administrator, and animal care and control, and the commission, and the members of the public, and i know that there are a lot of people who are very passionate about this agency and about, animal welfare in the city in general and i look forward to continuing conversations about how to make share that animal care and control is adequately budgeted and staffed. so, mr. chairman if there are no comments from other supervisors, what i would like to do is to move to continue
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this to the call of the chair and then to the clerk, and to request that this item be transferred to the budget committee so that we can reschedule it during the budget schedule at the appropriate time. >> so that as a vice chair of the budget committee i appreciate that and i think that a lot of good budget issues have been raised and i was mentioning so supervisor tang that i want to work with you and supervisor wean tore make sure that there is adequate support for the acc office, and a lot of the issues that were brought up that we continue the dialogue and i was going to ask if supervisor tang or you want to make the comments? >> thank you, supervisor mar and supervisor weiner. and i think that it was very, eye opening to hear, the presentation from our city department about just really how severely under funded we are for the department and while i do appreciate the comments from the folks from the sbca who offered their support, i think that today the focus of the hearing is not about how do we strip out some
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of the functions of our department it is really about how do we adequately fund it so that we can provide the services that they do which is licensing, and you know, dealing with lost pets and helping, you know, animals that need protection and responding to road kill, and dealing with animal behavioral issues and all of those things, i think that they really do belong in the municipal realm and i look forward to the conversations and the capitol needs and funding for more adequate facilities and so thank you, supervisor weiner again for this hearing. >> and i just wanted to add, also, that i appreciate so many issues brought up from officer john denny and the issues of vicious dogs and how the hearing process works. and to the sbca, folks, i guess that i will say that i really appreciate the partnership with the city, but when i look at the acc offices compared to the
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sbca beautiful, often renovated offices i see a really stark difference and i know that we have to support the capitol needs and the human resource needs of our animal care and control offices but i really appreciate the sbca's offers to help and support, but when i see the tvs in the rooms where we are adopting cats, and tvs in their compared to the stark conditions in the animal welfare and control office it makes me understand how much we need to support our departments so much. and i did want to also say that as the budget committee deals with issues from some of our two leged animals, i called them children and homeless families and others that often that when there is choices to be made, it is very difficult, but i know that we need to support our acc office and other efforts and the coordinated community efforts as well and to nadine may and
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others that are really have been active in so many years, and potentially decades on rescue animals, and cats, and i will just say that there needs to be much better effort to coordinate the existing non-profits that are out there with the city's efforts as well. and i have learned so much from the hearing and i just wanted to thank supervisor taning and weiner for bringing this forward as well. and so there say motion, to continue this to the call of the chair and could we do that without objection? >> thank you. >> and there is no other, or let me just ask the clerk, is there any other business before us today. >> that concludes today's agenda today. >> thank you so much, everyone, meeting adjourned.
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