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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PST

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year just because of the rent crisis i would say so thank you. >> yes. >> councilmember wong? >> about the increased rents and all this i know most of this program is more focussed on the san francisco county. with the county consider maybe going out of the county? i know it's probably difficult but rents in san mateo, east bay may be lower but i know it's very difficult to transition a resident of san francisco over there but maybe have to explore the possibility so that people can be discharged or at least be able to live in the
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community. >> it's a very good point and i don't think we would not entertain that as a possibility , no resident exiting laguna has requested to leave the county the majority are the reverse they would much prefer to stay. >> all right. we'll move onto public comment on this item. mr. shaw? >> thank you as you may know i used to work at laguna honda hospital secretary for a decade and when the justice department proposed this program i opposed it and i attended many long-term care counsel meetings excessing my frustrations with it they were ordered to cut 420
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beds from laguna honda and now we're hearing that there's only 98 placements what happened to the patients and they can't get skilled nursing care anywhere between eureka and bakersfield because there's no skilled nursing for long-term care. when i was the secret secret ary at laguna honda wrote a proposal when we wrote that proposal, short-term rehab was defined as ninety days. why was it cut to 30? could that explain why my friend was stuck
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in that for months? needing too much rehab because his rehab care went over 30-days? and he could have maybe been rehabbed to ninety and stayed in town and not be dumped out of county to antioc h. if thereof there have only been so many people taking advantage of this program in a 5 year period that means it's had a miserable rate of success. to these voucher programs? i have repeat ly tried to get daas the long-term care coordinating counsel to admit where are they being diverted to? is it to
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board and care in town board and care out of town? i strenuous ly object to roland, wong's creative suggestion to save rent money by dumping people out of county when you do that you diss enfranchise san franciscans from their native city why aren't you asking how many people have been dumped out of county? they won't give me the data, will they give it to you? i need to go to supervisor campos and have him hold another hearing to find out what's happening to the seniors that can't get into laguna honda.
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don't you care whether we're being dumped out of county? >> thank you mr. shaw any other public comment on this item. okay public comment items not on today's agenda we will limit you to one minute. strict limit. >> this is not on the previous agenda. this is on what i believe should be on one of your future agendas that you absolutely request that decip provide you with summary level data on discharge locations and begin reporting on the number of out of county discharges. i have begged the about the period department of public health to start making laguna
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honda staff in the program report the discharge locations. is it board and care? is it to the street? is it out of county? this body needs to take an interest in it and quickly. >> thank you sir. >> item number 14 correspondence. there is no correspondence. >> item number 15. announcements. any announcements? councilmember kostanian. >> i would like to answer. possibly in january i'd like to have a meeting on the census for hospital dial ysis
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patients. >> absolutely i'm fully aware of the staff who operate the renal center at sfgh are extremely concerned about this and should this counsel hold a hearing i'd venture to guess probably the same group of passionate dedicated citizens who showed up at david cam pos's hearing would show up here also hoping to change the world for dial ysis patients so they don't have to start transporting to oakland to get dial ysis you need to focus on this issue you need to ask lhh why they never got around when somebody in the assembly got state law changed to permit
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having dial ysis centers in skilled nursing facility. >> we are out of time i'm sorry. >> this meeting is adjourned.
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>> i'd like to call roll please. >> commissioner marshall. >> sheer. here. >> commissioner chan. >> present. >> commissioner kingsly. en route, i believe. commissioner loftus is excused. you have a quorum. >> thank you very much. welcome to the wednesday, november 13, 2013 san francisco police commission meeting. we have a light agenda tonight
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on the open session, we have some work to do in the closed session. the chief will be with us in the beginning and then he's moving you have to a memorial. let's move on to line item number /wurpb. one. >> line item one, adoption of minutes of meeting october 2, 29, 23, 2013. you have is minutes in your packet. is there any corrections or additions? >> i move approval. >> all in favor. >> i. >> please call line item number two, general public comment. >> the public is now allowed to address the commission on items that do not appear on the
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agenda. speaker shall address the remarks as a commissioner as a whole, not individual commissioners. neither police or occ personnel or commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public, but may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and occ personnel should refrain from any debates with speakers during public comment. please limit comments to three minutes. >> before you proceed, i'd like to say i listened to you on doctor marshall's show and learned so much about you from these three minute sound bites we get each week. it was very moving. i think tonight i'll give you three minutes for yourself and
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three minutes for your son. i want you to explain some things you're feeling that you told doctor marshall. it meant a lot to us. please, you get six minutes. >> okay. >> hello, yeah. hank you. my name is paula brawn and i'm here concerning my son who was murdered by an automatic gun. as i come here every time i still have no judges. i always
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bring the names, which i left in the car tonight of the perpetrators that were involved in my son's case. i still have no closure as a mother. i'm still out there paving the ground, trying to get justice, carrying my son's pictures, hanging them up as often as i can just to have them torn down. we have -- i have no venue to hang these pictures or to hang my help wanted poster. there's a $250,000 reward that i still yet to give somebody to come forth and identify the perpetrators. as i said on doctor marshall's show that i don't hate these perpetrators, i forgive them. i forgive them because i can't die hating them, but i do want
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justice and i do want them in jail. i do want them to go to jail. i do want to go and say why did you kill my son. i at least deserve that. i at least deserve an apology from them, whatever they say to me. i want to tell them too, let me show you the love i want you to give to my son, that's what you took from me. yet these perpetrators are still walking the street and i feel sorry for their parents. i wouldn't want them to go through what i'm going through everyday. believe me, i don't want to stand here, i don't want to be here ever. i don't want to be doing this. we have a lot of mothers and fathers out there that are going through this and that i listen to everyday. we stand together and if it wasn't for those other mothers
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and fathers, i don't know what where i'd be. i still carry my son's picture here that i have to look at everyday. this is what keeps me strong. it keeps me fighting. i have to do this because if i don't i'd seem like i'm forgetting about my child. it's been seven years -- seven years, everyday i walk out my house and see where my son laid. everyday i blame myself, everyday i think about if i had been there, maybe he'd be alive. and as i say all the time if i had been there i would have took those bullets for my child because my son should have been burying me, not me burying him. i'm at the stage where it's
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been seven years and i'm still crying and sometimes i think when i come here no one's listening to me, but you say you do, and i believe you. but this is something i'll be doing for the rest of my life. i want closure. i have want some closure, just a little bit for someone to come forth. maybe i'll never get it, but this is something i'll be coming to do for the rest of my life. i know i keep repeating myself because i don't know what else to say. i make my way here every wednesday. i make my way down to 850 brian. i make my way down here to city hall just to bring awareness to this killing that's going on in the street. no mother should have to go through this, no mother. i want to say to the perpetrators, i don't hate you, but you need to think about -- you have to go to bed everyday,
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you need to go home everyday, you need to lay down and think about what you've done in your life, just like i go home everyday and think about my son when i lay down. after school, when i get home all i can think about is him. i have other children, yes, i do. but i'm empty in my heart with one gone. i just need prayer and i hope those names that i gave last time someone can say something about it, i also want to say the -- my son's case number is 060862038 and then anonymous tip line is 575-4444. if
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anybody know they can call this number and say something. this is not for me, this is for ever mother out there. like i said, i'm not going to take up my six minutes, but i hope you give it to me next time because i don't have everything, but just continue to pray for me and i'll see you next police commission. >> thank you, doctor marshall. >> miss brown, you were great on sunday. you were great, you were great, you were great and you will be -- and the show was about the code of silence and snitching. you know, it keeps murderers on the street and unfortunately the code or a lot of folks in
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the community and aside from obviously wanting to life highlight your case, to put a personal face -- for some reason people don't get it until it happens to them. the whole thing, you are them and you made that very, very, very clear and i specifically appreciated you sat about 20 minutes talking about your circumstances and i had forgotten myself that your son was telling other people to run when in fact -- i mean, you talking about innocent kid, you can't be anymore innocent than telling other folks to stay out of harm's way and then he takes the bullet. so for whatever it's worth, i talked to a lot of people that said your story really got to him. i don't know if it'll unearth
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anything, but just -- maybe if it doesn't in this case, it will make people think about somebody else, themselves and understand that, you know, we're all connected. but i just got to say you're a trooper with this whole thing anyway, and you were really, really great on sunday and it got to everybody in the studio and i'm sure everybody that was listening. keep coming, we haven't forgotten. police are on it and just like you're looking, we'll probably be looking for the rest of our lives too. >> i also want to say to the people that he saved too, for all the guys on the stairs who ran, say something. he saved your life. people call my son a hero, but i don't have him. he's not my hero. he was your hero, he was their hero and i think they should open their mouths and say
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something. say something. you know who you are. you know who i am. you see me everyday. i speak to you. say something. give me some closure. you've played with my children. you've played on my stairs when you were little. those of you, you know who you are, the people he saved. open your mouths, don't wait 'til it hits your homes until you say something. don't wait. you don't want to be doing what i'm doing right now. you don't want your parents or auntie or uncle doing this. there's other mothers and fathers out there too that i also advocate for and they also need closure too so i'm also speaking for those other mothers and fathers out there also. >> you are, so thank you, thank you very much. thank you for speaking for your son three minutes. >> thank you.
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>> next speaker. >> good evening. you know, miss brown. i'm going to prove one point, a mother's love never dies. your son -- he's upstairs watching you. he doesn't -- >> thank you clyde. >> good evening commissioners and director hicks, how are you doing? i have sent and email relating to the new legislation before the board of supervisors for the park hour closures and this has been through a few hearings, it'll be through one more next tuesday and they made
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some amendments to it, some carve outs, which brings me to the report aspect again since it's recent and fresh and trying to figure out what reports go where and that has to be hard to decipher, especially when they put reports into law. that talks about piling it up instead of just having the ability to modify or adjust at will. i sent you all an email urging a no vote on this or pulling the support because essentially it has too many carve outs, it'll add stress to the officers who have to enforce this. you know, do i cite 'em for this or that, you know, it's just not well thought out legislation and especially with all the carve outs and amendments, it's not that great.
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follow up on my 5150 situation, i have not heard anything since the last time i contacted the occ so i'm still in limbo six months later. and as far as miss brown here, something for the commission to think about or victim services in the sftv maybe possibly when this happens, offering a connect to the small business administration to get her under an advocacy business license, a non profit business license, if there's something that the city can do to facilitate that so that victims of violent homicide or any sort of issue, if they want to be an advocate
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for the public and other victims of like circumstance, maybe putting a program together for that might be something to think about, not that you don't have enough to think about already. thank you. >> thank you very much. any further public comment. hearing none, public comment is now closed. chief's report. >> chief's report discussion, review of activities. >> i bring up last wednesday morning, the city suffered its 39th homicide, which occurred during a -- what was a shooting in and out of cars at about 4:50 in the morning on november 6. i bring this up because there's been a lot of coverage in the media about a pretty reprehensible attack on a sleeping homeless person at 4:44 that same morning at that exact same location.
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there hasn't been any mention that it happened within six minutes of the homicide, but that was the case. responding officers to the call that there had been an assault, when they came on scene, the person who we've determined to be a woman and we've identified her and had her examined by an ambulance last night, got up and walked off and said she was fine, didn't want to make a police report when within 90 seconds to 120 seconds of that, there were multiple shots fired and understandably all officers in the southern went to what ended up being a homicide. it's not an excuse as to why what didn't get done, but the officers that went on scene had no way of knowing the brutality of that attack because no one knew until they saw it on the video. as soon as we were made aware
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of this, the officers began working about inearnest as you could, made a john doe report and have since located the victim and made sure she got medically assessed and we're now pursuing what we hope to be the person responsible. now we're just calling it a person of interest, but that person's already been identified. i want to assure the public as soon as we were made aware of this event, there were no resources spared and the officers did a great job of identifying it after the fact. as far as current events also in the department, department command staff, the mayor and the fire department command staff marched together on veteran's day to recognize our -- those that have been in the armed services, which is a big honor for us. today i was at the alameda oes
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for the zone two meeting with the attorney general. she actually recognized the department for some of the progress we made in the area of technology and the justice mobile act and the smart phones and /aeu nouned there'll be a new initiative coming out that the attorney general hopes will join all counties in california for shared regional information sharing, which is something people have been talking about, a bit of a holy grail since 9-1-1. also, the san francisco police department was recognized, officer /phab lo for their efforted during the saving of the elderly woman at the fire. they were recognized with an attorney general's award, which was a nice thing to do since all those other law enforcement agents were present. the thing that everything keeps asking me about in light of all
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the other great work the officers are doing, everybody wants to know about that kid. on friday, the department and partnership of make a wish will have the assistance of that kid to save the kid, damsel in distress, make sure the city's taxpayers bulk is not taken and finally, we'll save lucille so we have lucille for next season with the giants and then it'll close with the mayor presenting that kid with what he might find to be a very tasty key to the city that day. when this happened, we do a lot of work with make a wish and other charities, we go in the bay twice a year, we do tip-a-cop, many things, and many people come forward to help out and we were hoping we coult