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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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their own services and there's enough on top of that we can audit the profits or the revenues that this global tel link is able to make and they're able to make a profit to bid on the contract. we're charging executor rates on inmates to call their families. and that's one of the rehabilitation thing is the connection to families. is there anyone that can speak on that item >> or i'm understanding correctly. >> anyone from the sheriff's department here or our controller or budget analyst. >> members of the committee as i recall the committee was also concerned about the rates and ask the sheriff's
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representatives to use some of the fund to subsidize the rates and they said they'd consider that. >> i did speak that supervisor avalos. i would liquor to see a commitment from the sheriff's department before we approve this retroactive extension. i have a lot of flipal issues. through collect call charges it's sad thought city and county of san francisco mrarpts in that. we give back over 50 of what they spend but it's a separate policy decision. but i get it i think it's slight
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a better program but there's severe under spending in terms of the proceeds and i want to see some of that go back to subsidizing those calls. i want to security commitment from the sheriff's department. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i appreciate that question. there were a number of ways to support inmates in the jail system and it seemed like there's not unify effort applied to that. brooe from the sheriff's department was hero we made a request to put forth the fund to reduce the cost of the calls but
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there wasn't a commitment. i would submit a greater push for real commitment on behalf of the sheriff's department to lower the cost of calls. so if we want to continue legislation i'd be happy to do that >> mr. controller. >> supervisors ben rolling fold. it's in the privy of the board to continue the contract important that discussion. that kind of agreement with the sheriff's department is with the appropriation of the fund balance and ultimately the board of supervisors makes the final decision. so when that proimths come down forward the pot the sheriff's department will propose how to spend that money and the board can a attach conditions to it. so if the appropriation come forward in next year's budget
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that would really be the final momentum for the board to roll speak to how those funds are to be spent. so a verbal commitment from the sheriff's department motive be okay but the ultimate decision is with the board of supervisors >> supervisor breed. >> i think one of the confidence we had was that many of the families that are visiting or paying the fees are low income community. so i know the proposal is to obtain more of a percentage to the sheriff's department in order to support some of the costs associated with the department but if there's an interest in lowering the foes altogether i'm definitely interested in that if that's what's being proposed because
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that will have a positive impact on those families who can't afford those over priced calls from their family members. thanks >> supervisor campos. >> i want to echo the comments and i know it's appropriate so have a more concrete commitment before we move forward. >> supervisor yee. >> i want to lend any support to supervisors breed precipitation on this. when i looked at the report two weeks ago i was getting the same feeling why are we charging so much. it's a decision on what do - what's the different funding even on our plate are we charging the amount of money to
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operate and not to make a profit >> as far as ann as an continuance supervisor avalos do you over that. >> i believe it was supervisor kim. >> unfortunately, we don't have a representative from the sheriff's department. it's a retroactive issue it should have come to us back in april. i don't know in april of 2013 so retroactive and i want to know why we can't renegotiate those besides giving the cards to the inmates based on the the revenue they've spent on those are
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calls. i don't know if three weeks is more appropriate we don't have a board meeting after thanksgiving >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you it seems like the expenses are retroactive i second our. >> i make a motion for three weeks. >> okay supervisor kim has made a motion for december. item 33 >> item 33 with the property lease as landlord for space at 755 van ness he avenue for an initial term for $102 million. >> colleagues, can we take it
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same house, same call? it's adapted. >> this is to accept and extend a grant for disease prevention of hepatitis from september 29, 2014. >> this resolution is adapt. >> this is for a grant and cash for the friends of library for the period of july 31st to june 30th, 2013. >> same house, same call? this item is adapted. >> the issuance of a type off sale at the montgomery street will serve the convenience of the city. >> same house, same call? this is adapted.
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>> this is for the reappointment to the entertainment committee. >> same house, same call? this resolution is approved. >> i was speaking. >> oh, i'm sorry request anyways. why don't we resend that vote supervisor farrell. supervisor yee >> i want to support the reappointment of al perez. i think he's an outstanding member. and since 2009 he's been an invaluable person. what i'm mostly expressed is how he utilized his skills for the
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entertainment business owners and patrons and neighborhood and city departments. he offered his design to help the city. his commitment to the art is well demonstrated events such as the parade at gardens the glarnthdz celebration outside of the philippines. i have full convenient that al will continue with his energy and passion >> colleagues, same house, same call? we can do that without opposition this is approved. >> item 38 to reappoint impairing to the california state association of couldn't board of supervisors. >> colleagues do i have a motion to excuse sxhaifr.
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>> (calling names) there are 10 i's. motion provided >> item 39 to confirm patrick to the city hall advisory commission. >> thank you, mr. president i want to speak in favor of the appointment and thank the mayor for appointing mr. carney. i've grown to know his work with the pink triangle admiring the
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lgbt parade in a way to kickoff pride weekend. hose going to do a great job on this commission and i look forward to working with him >> supervisor campos. >> i want to echo the comments of supervisor wiener. i'm grateful to this gentleman for his willingness to serve san francisco as supervisor weiner noted mr. carney has been providing services to san francisco for many years and it's important to have his prospective on this body and thank you to mayor ed lee for this appointment >> supervisor yee. >> yeah. i want to express my
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strong vote. mr. carney has vast experience as an architect. he oversaw the city hall restoration project he pointed out out all the woodwork and could tell you what rooms are what. so patrick is also an energetic and passionate person about city hall for many generations to come and enjoy i strongly urge my colleagues supportive >> supervisor avalos. i. supervisor breed commissioner wu. i supervisor farrell.
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supervisor kim. i. supervisor tang. i arrest supervisor weiner. supervisor yee. there are 11 i's. with that, colleagues go to roll call. >> supervisor avalos your first for introduction. >> excuse me. my voice. i'm interrogating a draft charter amendment as we move toward the november ballot for transportation revenue and how revenue is spent we have on a equity framework. i want to thank any co-sponsors supervisor campos, kim and mar.
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san francisco is going through growth and literally transforming our skyline. it's clear to many we're not all sharing in the disparity. many people have falling far behind. more than ever city government must provide equity so san francisco's most vulnerable can have access to san francisco's growing prosperity. our local transportation system has fallen behind and our demands are greater than every whether you bike or reside muni from violation valley or get on the t line or stockton or the bus if china town or helpfully
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watch buses pass you by at presidio or at the outer sunset your deeply invested in our transportation system. there are folks who represent neighborhood far from the downtown core and neighborhoods are foiled with transportation depend ant residents and any decision around the san francisco transportation system decisions that will be on the november 2014 bottle. we want focuses and adequacy and equity of our transportation system. so today, i'm bringing forward this charter amendment it provide a pharynx for how the
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city rebuilds infrastructure and how it provides service. it will help assure our efficiency are address in our transit adoneighborhood that we we all sit on the transmission authority and that will require the mta to identify deficiency for low income transit dependant neighborhoods pr it will limit fair increases only to fareboxso
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also look at our future transit impact development foes. we want to make sure that affordable housing sites are not going to be subject to the foe because they receive local tlrgz for local forcible hours and it didn't make sense that trade-off explicit work. i know that still is engaged in a limited process to move toward the november booklet. i look forward to working with the mayor's office and others to make sure this works for all san francisco. in the next 16 years we are going to rebuild a framework that works for the interior city. i want to thank the many
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stakeholders that took part in this progress the procure the hoosiers community organization the china town development corporation and senior disabled organizations. i want to make sure we're setting the right framework. any other item for introduction is in memoriam for san franciscan who made his mark on the music scene locally and internationally. folks might know of him as the d g on tuesday night.
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he was born in alger in 1947 he took the name chub i didn't when he moved to the day bay area when we became a pioneer in the electric music from north africa a and it was on the record level being called the godfather of the global house movement. he was a fixture in the global highest at nicky's. his microscopic brought hearts dough in diverse contingency. he passed away on november 6th surrounded by his family's and friends. his life will be celebrated at
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the took up southwest corner of disclosing park. there will be a potluck celebration and the celebration starts at the 2:01 p.m. and thank you >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much madam clerk. i have one item to introduce today. i want to thank the colleagues supervisor weiner, supervisor yee, supervisor avalos and joe e supervisor yee and chiu. the ground breaking piece of legislation that was signed by governor jerry brown on august 13th. it was supposed to take effect
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on just an first 2014. it was offered and it is a school success opportunity act that restates that state law prohibits opposition against lgbt students and it allows students to participate in all activities rather than their sex at birth. this law anyway's that all students including transgender students have the opportunity to fully participate in activities such as a sports and physical education. this policy that was written in collaboration with community based on organizations including the tsa and is - transgender
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students face much higher levels of discrepancy and bullying at schools than straight members of the lgbt community. this conclusion leads to isolation and can greatly impact in a negative way a states attendance and academic performance and acceptance at school. this was offered by a supervisor and anyway's that schools understand their responsibility and for all students. i am proud to say as a former general council to the unified
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school district that san francisco unified was one of the first cities to protect transgender students to make sure they feel safe and welcome in their schools. i'm proud of the work on this board who served supervisor kim, supervisor yee and supervisor mar. adapted in 2002, the san francisco unified school district includes access to support actively and locker rooms that core responds to the students identified. not every student it is as lucky that are here in san francisco. in this state there are still many districts that don't know
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how to support the trarpd students and lack basic protection to those students. transgender students in california continue to be included from participating in programs and facilities. ass ashton a transgender boy from northern california for example, was assigned to girls p and made that harder to focus on school. there are some. stories about trarpd students who have excluded from programs. why am i introducing this resolution today. unfortunately we're facing usually situations. we have to take a stand.
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after louis at the state legislative level again and again on this issue the same way they lost on the issue of same sex marriage anti 11th hour groups including the capital resource institute and the national institution for marriage the stage i same groups responsible for putting prop 8 on the ballot have parth the lgbt community. they're part of the so-called privacy for all students campaign that is going to put a measure on the booklet to repeal a b-66. their campaign margin is a
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masterminder against the banning of same sex marriage. the campaign has got 6 hundred signatures and sent them to the secretary of state. we'll be hearing whether this coalition has submitted unify signatures. i quote this is an invasion of student privacy to open showers and he locker romance to students of the opposite sex unquote. this is validing this anti lgbt coalition wants to repeal the law because they refuse to
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recognize the people have a different identity than what they have on their birth. this sends a chilling message to children. i think it's important we lead the way in fighting this effort. as a gay man, i will not sit by idly when this is launched against the lgbt community. we've come far but the same people who were trying to keep us from experiencing our right to marry their trying to is to want the lgbt youth from the basic right to an education and feeling safe. colleagues, i want to thank you for your co- sponsoring and i want to send a message we're not going to stand by when the lgbt
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community and nicole the transgender community is attached in this form. the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor campos. >> first of all, i'm happy to support supervisor campos so we stand up against bigotry and discretion. the impact of rising commercial rents have made it unreasonable for our nonprofits to stay they serve our cultures and we must protect them. today, i'm q our city attorney prepare a general fund
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supplemental equivalent to the tax exclusion zone. the idea for the fund created with this supplemental appropriations to accept nonprofits for revising rentals. i want to thank supervisor kim for addressing those challenges. she will soon be getting together with the mayor's office. to participate with supervisor kim i hope we identify funding so the working group will be able to consider various options. a preliminary option stimulates revenue growth in $6 million plus revenue that's likely to arise as construction projects