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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2013 12:30am-1:01am PST

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the parents advisory committee report i understand we have presenters this evening. >> good afternoon, commissioners thanks for the mind. i'm tony and my daughter is a fifth grader at sunset elementary and she loves her school >> thank you. hello and thank you. i'm don fishing and my son is a sect grader. the rule of the parented advisory committee is to have discussions. this report provides an update on key initiates. last month pack - sorry last month we highlighted the project and we've been meeting in teams
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for community conversations and determine concrete ways to engage parents. we've been exploring where the efforts can have the most meaningful feedback. in areas high interest is looking at the relationship between school discipline and achievement and disproperly numbers of latino and african-americans ask the being obey suspended. we have a timeline that will allow he parents to share their experiments and framed by a roach. we're designing a survey to bring a diverse spectrum to the board of education and district starch on this matter.
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we're going to develop a discussion guide and a determine the school sites to host the conversation where we've had them in the past and convene parents outside of the area to talk about those areas. pack met to talk about the english electrons and their i families experience as they navigate the system. one area is understanding the reclarification process. essential when and where to begin and ultimately understanding the impact that reclarification can have on educational opportunities when an english learn is not reclassified in a timely manner. the district has done a great job. the reclarification process is still challenging for many
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parents to understand. pack members express a flow chapter importance to illustrate the process. this is an opening tun time under the rule that talks about the score that determine reclassification for english electrons but this reclassification b will need to be established and shared with families. the introduction of a flow charley chart will inform the first names of the new criteria and at the same time make the overview reclassification process easier to understand. so the pack approach christina
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special assistant to the superintendant has agreed to work on a flow chart over the next few months. we appreciate her commitment to the english families. pack is interested in creating the flow chart and improve communication. we look forward to seeing the latest data analyze to be presented regarding the impact of bilingual and immersion programs over time on student achievement for english language learners. the parents will want to know which pathway is the most successful. this is constitutional right information when the parents are trying to decide which program
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is best for their children >> in addition to the project areas just old. thank you. pack will continue developing our other priority areas which include family engagement we're holding a quality improvement education and expanding services and programs that includes meeting with the staff to all the programs to discuss increasing areas of access for students of special needs. and disciplining the disproportion it we're acting those folks to meet with pack. last friday the office and community engagement invited the pack members to meet with the california legislative institute during they site visit.
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3 pack members got involved. we thank the office of community and engagement for this meeting it was a great day >> thank you. thank you >> yes. commissioner. >> i had a question about the language advocacy. i'd love to see the pack get together with the bilingual folks i'm sure they're interested in the flow chart >> thank you. thank you for the report. all right. with my will move on to item f public consensus i have no public cards. so item g the consent calendar pr may i hear a motion and
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second, please >> are there any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent. >> yes. there's one item to be corrected. item 4b b-1 thirty 444 k-6 on page 105 of our agenda. the dates of service should be august 19, 2013, through may 30th 2014 not may 2013 >> thank you. are there any items removed for first reading by the board. any items severed by the superintendant >> i'd like to sever k-33 on page 143.
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>> okay anyone else? okay. seeing none. roll call will take place under section o that were now item h which was moved and seconded on october 23rd, 2013. authorization to grant or in the alternative denied for creative arts charter school. may we have a report >> yes. the curriculum committee arrived at a positive recommendation to grant the charter at the time, we proposed an amendment to the charter to make sure that the application process of the school occurs no earlier than non-charter schools. i think we're having a different
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issue. i'm u i've been assured by staff that change has been implemented and we've arrived at a positive recommendation >> the budget committee had the analysis by the staff last week and the board members know there were 3 issues that needed to be further addressed in the charter and those information related to those came forward the night of the meeting. the staff felt they were the actual the cash analysis month to month cash issues. the staff felt it wasn't - it was technical information basically, not really an issue related to the viability of the charter is that accurate?
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>> yes. >> we asked for more time based on staff remedies we didn't feel it was an issue to the fiscal liability of the school. one issue that was raised in the committee which the board should be aware and that is it continues to be true the growth of this school and adding more students while we heard from the staff it had an educational positive impact on the school it was necessary for the financial liability of the school. so the charter school needs to get bigger. understanding that the impact on our finances is precisely the negative mirror of that so. that's the report from the committee.
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thank you >> thank you, commissioner. all right. may i have a reading of the resolution mr. davis the recommendation, please >> authorization to grant or in the alternate deny the creativity arts charter school. whereas prudent to code section the creative arts charter school submitted a petition for a renewal and whereas prudent to california education code the board of education of the district is in receipt of the reluctant petition for >> i'm sorry you don't have to read the entire just therefore be it roved the board of education should grant the petition subject to the
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requirements at the time e set forth by law. >> thank you, mr. davis. i'd like to take public commit. is there any member of the public who intends to speak against the renewal. there is a group through rearrangement we agreed to devote 15 minutes. i'm going to read the names. you can lineup at the microphone you'll have 15 minutes. individual speakers will not be minded just be mindful there are other people behind you that wish to speak (calling names) i apologize not t.
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(calling names) maybe you should read them (calling names) >> okay. please given you may start the timer now. >> good evening thank you, commissioners i want to thank you for the opportunity tonight. my name is fernando i'm the director of the creative arts director school. 20 years ago our school was an audit and that was in the city of san francisco.
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momentum built and here we are 20 years later carrying out that idea with the same goal to provide students within the san francisco unified school district the opportunity to have a child hands on arts strrtd arts education that farther their unique creativity and prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century. our students did he depart with the tools they need to be successful per they know their strengthens and weaknesses they know how they learn and whom to seek out for guidance. our students are unique and expansion at and self-confident individual. our county works hard to give them the lewd to succeed and to
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fail and to learn from the failures. i think the work is second to none. there are more families and students we need to reach. a gap it needs closing. we welcome those challenges. so whatever your decision tonight i can't express how proud i am of our staff and students and families. although i'm lucky to be part of our charter school i appreciate the struggle and a ups and downs of the pass two decades. i look forward to working with our constituents and the san francisco unified school district to insure another 5 years of a successful and thriving educational experienced. thank you (clapping.)
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hello and 5 years ago my mom spoke here. she couldn't be here today. i attend the charter school from kindergartener or kindergarten to 8th grad. i felt save here and at home. creative arts taught me things more than cameras. i learned to care for myself as well as others. the astrology community created a stronger environmentalist to express my ideas. i felt my teachers gave me one-on-one time and they helped me to be a vital thinker. i have the motivation to succeed. i moved to a higher place in
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education and we must continue to reach children and to nurture the young minds that will run this country. (clapping.) >> okay. and i'm the lucky teacher that got to teach that were i'm actually first and for most i'm a parent of two children alumni both my children are critical thinkers and attending colleges of their choices. i believe in public school and as a parent i spent a lot of time trying to find a school that shared any values and shared did hi the academic
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challenges. i became a volunteer and spent many hours on the board as well as the athletic director and coach. then one day i quit my job and became a teacher. so this is my eight year in teaching and get to be a teacher in my school of my choice. i'm a coach and love it. i love this fabulous program and hope it continues to exist in san francisco. thank you (clapping.) hello, i'm michael cameron. 17 years ago i took my first steps into my new school. when i entered that classroom i found someone who was willing to
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listen to the musings of a 5-year-old. his name was tom and at any rate h at that time, he was our kindergarten teacher he took notes of a bug art and the teacher helps the standard put together a minnesota story that is acted out by other students. tom showed me i could do something with my stories. i spent 8 and a half at creative arts. when we studied messing man adhesive i wrote an open are a and we were allowed to show all the 5 pill last year's by
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outlining stories in the muslim word. the school year i was offered the opportunity to rehave you known the arts program. although the school as grown and matured in many ways it's remained you it's essence. i'm happy to see that i'm in a great learning environment. for allowing this school to continue to grow and develop on behalf of envy generation and for all those who have come after me. thank you (clapping.) hello >> hello, i'm a long the parents at creative arts. my oldest son this will be my
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17th year at the school my youngest daughter is 12 she's in 7th grade. the reason we which i see arts is my middle son has dix election and i said to school with a special feed for learning difference. he bloomed at creative arts. his teachers were so poisht patient and they taught him how to read. my son has blot clotting disorders and w a single mom with 3 sons with disabilitys i've been helped even though i
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was panicking they take care of my children. but anyway, i attended a creative arts school and throughout the years we've increased our exist of students of color and staff of color. and made the place a better learning environment for our children. and i volunteer one hundred hours a year happily and because there a second family to me. so i love this school. thank you for renewing our charter (clapping) >> hello, i'm a parent at creative arts.
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my partner my kids dad is a teacher at balboa school. i'm proud to have our family at creative arts. so my daughter was going to come and speak she's in 5th grade she feel and hurt herself but she was going to talk about being a school ambassador. the kids meet and talk about how to resolve conflict and support other kids. this is part of an overall program they call the peace schools initiate to address bullying. so rather than waiting for bullying to happen we work to foster school atmosphere that doesn't have room for bullying. i have a sensitive child who
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also comes from an unusual background we have a minority in our family and she's be able to be loved and nurtured and learn and excel at creative arts. i feel like creative arts predates the charter movement to create a place to innovate so i'm appreciative your creating the creative arts a charter way back so thanks (clapping.)
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is it okay to have one of our other students talk? >> hi, i'm 13 and i'm in eight grad at the creative arts school. the school is a safe environment and i've been to go since i was in kindergarten i was born in november. i made friends constantly and everything he i've learned i remembered my friends and known people for 9 years. the arts integration has helped me with academics it's been easier and having separate arts
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classes it's effected me because people are helping people. i'd be able to choose what i wanted to do. the staff is really, really amazing he have a one-on-one help from them. it is an amazing school. thank you (clapping) >> thank you okay. commits in the board? commissioner winn. >> i want to thank everyone who has e-mailed me and i've had
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some interesting e-mail challenges from the parents. i do want to bring up a couple of things besides the financial impact that have been disturbing me since i was made aware of them at the curriculum committee meeting. so creative arts and i really appreciate and that's one of the most difficult things but really positive how much the supporter love the charters schools they work and send their students. we have a lot to learn about dedication from the charters. however, i think it's worth pouting for the record this school as 45 of their ask the are white and a 9 percent that
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declined to state. so close to or more than half of the ask the are white in the school district and that's more than 4 times the number of light students we have. only thirty percent of the students are eligible for the under priced meals. and frankly some of those conditions have existed from the beginning of creative arts charter. so i appreciate the commits about the original innovation, however, the intent of the law when it says in the law the purpose is to better serve the students who are not in the top
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of the achievement gap. we didn't use those words then but that's the disturbing part. the charter law requires that in order to be renewed you have to be in the figure out percent on the ap i this school was there and this year it's better. by the disturbing thing is for many years they languished in the schools ranking and now are in the second. incorporated if you look at a school you wouldn't find up in san francisco only half the students are white and 6 as it is in the per actually in the similar schools ranking.
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so we don't really have the ability to do this but i just think - and i am fairly confident this charter will be rude. it would be stretched not to renew the charter so i hope you people in the audience are not anxious about what i'm saying. even to it would be a stretch we'd have to talk about what we think about those conditions and to speak with the charter operators and the board of the charter school about you know why this is true. if that were one of our schools with the precedent low ranging we would be extremely concerned about that. and we don't see that in our