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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> good afternoon, welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday november 26, 2013. madam clerk, can you please call the roll. >> supervisor avalos? >> here. >> avalos, present. supervisor breed. >> here. >> supervisor campos. er
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>> present. >> chiu. >> present. >> supervisor farrell? >> present. >> supervisor kim? >> kim absent. supervisor mar, mar present. >> supervisor tang. >> present. >> tang, present. >> supervisor wiener, wiener present. supervisor yee, yee present. mr. president, you have a quorum. >> can you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. (pledge of allegiance). >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> colleagues, we have up to the 22nd, 2013 board minute meetings, motion by supervisor mar, second by supervisor breed, they are approved. madam clerk, any communications? >> no communications today. >> can you read our 2 p.m.
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special order. >> it is the policy discussion between mayor edwin lea representing the odd districts, distributes 1 and 3, the board may address initially up to 3 minutes, the supervisor will present their own question to the mayor, follow-up questions are in order, five minutes per supervisor. >> mr. mayor, welcome back to the boerpd, if you have any initial comments, we'd love to hear them. >> thank you, president chiu. thank you supervisors for inviting me back and also thank you to the audience for being here as well. good afternoon. yesterday i had the opportunity to meet with 2030 transportation task force as they concluded their work. as you know, i convened this task force to plan for the city's future transportation needs. task force included supervisor
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chiu, supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos and i want to personally thank each of you for the valuable time you spent with that very large group of people who were thinking through all these needs. i also wanted to thank the co-chair, monique zamuda and gate hahaf, the task force identified more than 10 billion dollars in needs for transportation infrastructure and we've identified some funding but it's going to take everyone in this room to make sure we proerl fund and care for our transportation infrastructure that is vital to providing our residents a system they can rely on today and ao into the faou khu, i look forward to working with each and every one of you to make this happen. also, as the holidays approach, i'd like to remind everybody, it is the season of giving and it's time when we highlight organization that is are so important to our fabric of social safety net for our city, the organizations that support
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our veterans, our homeless and those most in need of meal, shelter and essentially human services every day of the year. we also must continue to be the global citizens we are and help friends and family ins the philippines who are in trem men deuce need of our help pr the devastation of the typhoon and i know all of the supervisors have been participating, community benefit events, i want to thank each and every one of you for doing so, as i join you on citywide events, we'll continue to do our best to make sure we raise as much funds as we can to help the recovery effort. it's going the take years but it is certainly something that's always on our minds. the campaign that we're all engaged in encourages the city's residents and business owners to dedicate whatever they can through the season of giving campaign so they can continue show casing our city
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as a world class city with a world class heart. and with that, we keep ensuring everyone that we continue to be the city of st. francis, so now let's proceed with questions, thank you. >> thank you, mr. mayor, our first question will be asked by our district 1 colleague, supervisor mar. >> thank you, mayor lee for being hair, the displacement is on the minds of many san franciscan, from the budget analyst report on the eviction crisis between 2009 and 2013t richmond district adds a whole has had 79 el sack evictions and 202 no vault evictioness placing my district among the highest of all neighborhoods in these categories. we also have a very high percentage of renters who are seniors and people with disabilities, many with serious mobility issues. the richmond district and the entire west side of the city
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lacks tenant focus services that are concentrated on the east side of town. given the tremendous need for tenant services and the geographic inequity in their distribution within san francisco, i would like to begin exploring hopefully with your assistance the possibility of providing a multiservice center in the richmond district that would include tenant focused services. can you commit to assisting my office on working on this? >> supervisor mar, thank you for your question and i am willing to explore with you and each of the other members of the board for ways of delivering our city funded services in a better and more effective way. as a city, we have to be open for delivering government service, we should be looking how best to tailor the services in our city and the people who live there. i'm committed to exploring the best way to reach residents of the richmond district with you, supervisor.
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i also share your deep concern that rez densest throughout san francisco including the richmond district are facing displacement as a result of ellis act and so called no fault evictions. as you know, i started my career as an affordable housing add voluntary cant and tenants right lawyer and pride myself to to extend the -- of an ellis act eviction and in turn help tenants remain in their homes for as long as we could. with our economy recovering from recession, there are speculators looking to take advantage of the strong real estate market at the expense of long-time tenants with no place to go. buying a building with the sole intent to evict rent controlled tenants, speculators are undermining the affordability of our entire stock, in past economic cycles, we've seen the
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number of el evictions as property values increase. i'm committed to taking action on the ellis act before this disturbing trend start to spiral in even great e larger crisis, so what can we do, colleagues? well, the heart of the matter lies with the state law itself. the ellis act is being abused by real estate speculators so we need to go to the state and change that law. i will ask you, supervisor, and every member of the board of supervisors to stand with me, we need to end the real estate speculation that is destabilizing our neighborhoods, and while we're fighting this battle, we must also stay focused on growing our own city back here at home. we need to build more housing for our growing workforce at all ranges of income -- of the income spectrum and be more
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attune to the needs of our seniors that are aging in place. every rental or ownership unit that comes online is one little bit of pressure released from the market, the more we build, the more affordable san francisco can remain even if it's just incrementally, supervisor, i look forward to working with you and your colleagues on the board to protect san francisco's tenants through changes to the ellis act and through full implementation of the housing trust fund. thank you. >> i have the second and final question for today. mr. may yo, every day, we are seeing rental and homeowner ship prices -- reach san franciscans, to address our current affordability crisis, your office has been working with me and community members to prioritize housing, stabilize housing for people
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who live in non-permanent inlaw units among other initiative, while building subsidized affordable housing won't solve the crisis, we also know that last year's voter approved house fund will approve 1.3 billion dollars nor low and middle income san franciscans in the coming years, can you provide us with an update in the plan for the near future as well as other housing programs supported by the trust fund, what creative approaches can we do today, and what else can we do to [inaudible] on-site as they construct market rate housing? >> thank you, president chiu for your question, and certainly i will currently -- currently 20% of what is being built in the city is permanently affordable housing for our low-income households and working class families. as you know, supervisor, over broadway is helping to develop
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75 new permanently affordable homes for low-income families, i can report to all of you that the concrete podium is already up on that site. down on ocean street and supervisor yee's district in the shadow of city college, a crane is lifting material that will build 71 new homes for low-income families and transitional age youth. in the mid market area, st. anthony's the building 90 new homes for low-income seniors and in the [inaudible] market area in second and harrison street, the kasanagus project, housing will open in december for homeless youths, these are a few site that is are permanently affordable and currently under construction. yet these projects are not funded by the housing trust fund. however, we could not be able
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to produce projects like these this year or in the future without our housing trust fund. in fact, if we had not responded to the loss of the redevelopment agency swiftly with a 30 year source of affordable housing funding, our housing climate would be much worse than it is today. this is the first year of the 30 year 1.3 billion dollar housing trust fund. the funds were appropriated just a few months ago. keep in mind, for every dollar the city invest, the non-project developers will outsource $4 outside funding such as federal taxing credits. let me list a few project that is are budgeted to receive the housing trust fund dollars this fiscal year which we will combine with other sources to make these projects a reality. 55 laguna, open house senior opening 70 units for very
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low-income seniors. the hugo hotel at 206th street plans another 67 affordable housing units for very low-income families and developmentally disabled adults. [inaudible] washington will be 48 housing units for homeless transitional age youth and very low-income at 800 presidio avenue and at 1036 mission, which will have approximately 80 units of affordable housing for formally homeless and very low-income families, this project is awaiting notification of award of two state funding opportunities expect at the end of this year. all four of these projects are expected to start construction next year. the housing trust fund was designed to go beyond being a 30 year source of affordable housing funding by creating meaningful incentives for market rate developers to build
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affordable housing units on-site. so, while it's too early to tell how effective that part of the housing trust fund has been, i'm open to other ways that we can invent advise the creation of affordable housing in market rate developments, i believe this allows us to grow the city in an equitable way and is in line with many of our housing goals. thank you. >> thank you, mr. mayor, that concludes our question time for today, happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> madam clerk, could you please call our consent agenda item f, 2-11. >> the consent calendar are considered routine, in a member objected, an item may be removed and considered separately. >> colleagues, would you like to sever any of these items >> >> on items 2 through 11 >> breed, aye. >> supervisor campos, aye. chiu, aye, supervisor cohen?
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cohen, aye, supervisor farrell? supervisor, farrell, aye, supervisor kim,? supervisor tang, aye, supervisor wiener, wiener, aye, supervisor yaoe, yaoe, aye, supervisor avalos? >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> these ordinances are finally passed, resolutions adopted and motions approved. madam clerk, item 12. >> item 12 is a resolution to authorize the municipal transportation agent to enter into an agreement with ips group for the procurement of single space parking meters and support services for an amount not to exceed 54 million dollars and for a term of five years. >> i have an amendment today to this contract agreement that i want to present essentially we've had a number of go-arounds with this resolution, concerned about the
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expansion of parking meters and concern from residents, in particular, parts of san francisco and considered about the outreach effort of the mta as well, and so what we have is an amendment that would lower the number of parking meters that would be authorized for new meters na are part of this resolution from 10 thousand to 5 thousand and the meters will be disbursed as follows, it's on the second page of the amendment starting on line 4 describes the new meters go in, whereas the board of suze sores understands it is the intention of the sfmta that the additional 5 thousand single meters be allocated as follows, 1200 for port meter replacement, 2800 to replace
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damaged meters and 1 thousand to be used as a maintenance float, so there will be no expansion of new meters and if that's going to happen, it will be another go-around from the mta to describe how they will implement and with a lot of outreach to the public, so i know we have mr. risken here who may be able toed answer questions we might have, but i feel this resolution answers a lot of concerns people have and should be ready to go, thanks. >> is there a second to that motion? second by supervisor mar. do we have discussion on the amendments? okay, let's have some discussion, supervisor mar? >> thank you, president chiu, i wanted to thank supervisor avalos for working with the mta. i know when it first came to the budget committee, there wasn't that much detail in it, so i think the reduction from 10 thousand to 5 thousand of these new meters is important
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and designating where they're going to go is really important. i think public space though is a rare and valuable commodity in our city and how we allocate it is important and that discussion came up in the budget department as well, i think the mta has committed through this process to a much stronger engagement in community process whenever they consider parking meters and other parking management tools, so i'm really grateful for mr. ris k*en and the mta for working with our offices as well, when it first dame to the budget committee, i urged the mta to develop a significant base lao*in for outreach for communities in neighborhoods that are impacted and sometimes the meters are the right answer, and other times they are not. as around usf, university of san francisco, we found out sometime last year, the size of the project and the multiple land uses in question required us to look care mri and consider all the options to
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manage our parking challenges so i'm glad that the number has been reduced significantly and i think while outreach has existed in the past in the mta, i think this is an example of improved responsiveness and decisiveness and a much clearer process for outreach that they will conduct. it also gives communities and the mta more tools and processes to make the right decisions in each of our neighbor neighborhoods with the decision that saoup sore avalos has made, i'm comfortable to support this resolution as well. >> supervisor farrell? >> thank, president chiu, colleagues, i think when this came to budget and finance committee a few weeks ago, i think it was the first time we had read through it and had raised a number of concerns with ms. boez during the time and i want to thank director ris k*en for meeting on this issue and i think the amendments na are proposed today by supervisor avalos from my perspective work.
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my main issue was the expansion of parking meters, i've talked a lot about that in the neighborhoods and i think what we see today is that these are truly replacement meters and meters to maintain the maintenance. i think replacing the new meters with the old ones is a great thing, i love paying with a credit card -- i don't like paying at all, if i have to, i would rather pay with a credit card than through the old meters, so i think it's a step in the right direction and you know, if we do encounter time when we talk about expanding parking meters, that would be a separate conversation but as for today in this parking contract, i'm happy to support it as is. >> supervisor cohen? >> thank you very much, mr. president. so, when this contract first came to us, i had two key concerns. the first was simple, the number of meters that the sfmta was proposing. and based on the breakdown that was shown to us, i dnl believe
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the mta had sufficient justification for an option for 10 thousand meters and i think that we all agree based on supporting the amendment that we want to upgrade our current meters so that we can accept credit card transactions but we probably don't need 10 thousand of them. i also understand that when additional meters in the reserve for the maintenance and for observe contingency purposes, by *f but i just want to go on record saying i can't support a large contingency plan to our neighborhood and i spent two years engaged with a dialogue with mta about the potential of parking meter expansion. i would like to ask director ris k*en a question, mr. president, if i may. thank you, director ris k*en, i wanted to know if we were to reduce the contract option from
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10 thousand to 5 thousand meters, these would be used there replacement of existing port meters, a maintenance contingency and an allocation for replacement for the damaged meters, is that correct? >> yes, through the president, supervisor cohen, members of the board, ed ris k*en, director of transportation, first let me say i realize that talking about parking meters, particularly new parking meters can be a charged issue and i know it can be a difficult issue for you in your position, so i appreciate all the feedback that we've gotten through this process, i've had discussions directly with most of you. your feedback has been helpful and helping us get to what i think is a better proposal before you. the context of what we brought you originally is that this is the replacement of this contract would provide for the
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replacement of all 25 thousand single space parking meters in san francisco and that's an asset base that we not only need to replace but that we need to maintain over time. this is a 7 year contract, so it was our intent to build in the flexibility that we would need to manage an asset base of that size as well as to manage parking in the city as is our mandate under the charter based on the changing needs of the city. i think we heard clearly from you concerns about the size of the option and it is an option, and also the process by which we make new parking meter decisions, so it was based on that, that the sfm's that we developed and enhanced that reached process that was informed by your office that is we formally had the sfmta board ofir