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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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thank them enough for their commitment in our city parks and i want to thank the general manager phil and his staff for making this possible. kes ar triangle should be open early in 2014 and i appreciate support on approving the grant for the project. i'm also introducing a resolution authoring the department of public health to expand a grant from the department of justice in order to participate in a program called safe haevens grant for 1 year. this provides exchange services for persons suffering from domestic violence and sexual violence and stalking. this is especially for under served communities. i know we
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get hit with retroactive expense and they didn't receive notification of the approved budget after the official start date. this increases assistance for families and this is part of the our effort to address issues around domestic violence services. similarly i am introducing a resolution authorizing the department of public health retro actively ex-#1357bd an expand a grant in a program called san francisco youth back on track through a collaboration and knowledge for 2 years. this program with an impressively worded name will help the city develop a shared response and use. it will help us to improve integrated care for 130 juveniles who are at
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serious risk when they are at juvenile hall. this is an important program for the public safety and health and welfare for the most troubled youth in the city. finally i'm introducing the legislation to develop 555 folate on project to pro with demolition and other entitlement. some of you maybe familiar with the 555 folsom street with on-site inclusionary affordable housing as well as the grocery store. there have been some challenges in our district with formula retail and we are working this out. the planning department moves forward legislation that would allow for special use district extension of property and also move forward with the
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legislation that would allow for a formula retail option on the property. however, i have decided to separate the two laegsz and today, i'm only -- legislations and only introducing the bill to extend the special use district so the project can begin work, but not necessarily moving forward on the formula retail component of the legislation. so this legislation does not address or in anyway approve issues around formula retail, the size of the retailer, the affordability requirements or other specifics about the retail uses. there are some concerns that my office is working on with members of the hayes valley community along with the western addition community to make sure we are all on the same page before we an approved
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a particular formula retail news this area. this 555 fulton street sight is across the street from housing development. we are trying to strike a balance in our community. we don't want a grocery store that is not affordable to folks who live directly across the street and there is also residents who are strongly opposed to a formula retail store in general. that is why we trying to address this matter appropriately. if we agree to a formula use, we want to make sure that it is not agreed that is not necessarily affordable. we want
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to get to that before we start work. so that's all i have today. thank you very much. and the rest i submit. speaker: thank you, supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor david campos: thank you very much, madam clerk and colleagues. i want to begin by wishing everyone a happy holidays! and happy new years to everyone. i want to introduce a resolution that we bring forward with mayor lee and supervisor chiu regarding the need to amend state law to return local control over the ellis act so that we can deal with the speculation and abuse that's happening with respect to no fault evictions. i want to note that besides the fact
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that we are at a historic juncture where we have all of the key players, the elected key players united behind the effort of changing state law to allow san francisco to have more control, that besides that, that this resolution also notes the neat nooed to do something not just at the state level but also at the local level and the resolution specifically talks about the need to pursue local strategies, to mitigate the adverse impacts on displacement by -- ellis act evictions by relocation and buy outs as was done earlier by this board, legislation involving tenant harassment. i'm very proud to be working with mayor lee and president chiu. i think it's important that we collectively
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are acting to address this displacement that's happening. i want to thank all of my colleagues for the work they are doing as well. the rest i submit. speaker: thank you, supervisor campos. seeing no other items. that concludes roll call introductions. president david chiu: thank you madam clerk. why don't we we go to general public comment. speaker: the clerk: at this time the general public comment includes discussion between the board and the mayor without adoption and referencing the calendar. you may not speak on items. if you would like to show a document on the overhead projector, please note that.
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president david chiu: thank you, ladies and gentlemen, everyone has 2 minutes. speaker: thank you. i want to take this opportunity to invite all of you as well as the rest of san francisco to my wedding. dear friends, from now it's illegal to own a car in san francisco. if you happen to own one, you better hide it very good. cock owners are coming down. pretty soon our city will become completely cock free. supervisor wiener will be the only one in this town to own a cock. here is a short list of items on the anti-cock legislation. cocktails, cockroaches, cockpit, as well as dicks and dictionaries. while cock users will be
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jailed, there is one form that is legal under legislation. you can still be a cock sucker. these to the highest level of government. so really we should be grateful for this new opportunity given to us by scott wiener and corporate cock is -- for those of you who don't provide -- we believe that cocks should only be made illegal if they get out of hand. exception to made to keeping them from preventing getting out of hand. ladies and gentlemen, let's not forget that we have a right granted by the declaration of independence. if the anti- -- life is text
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sekzly transmitted. >> i president david chiu: why don't we hear from our next speaker and public comment. speaker: good afternoon supervisors, i'm peter war field. i'm going to be using the projector. this is in full swing with the magazine slashing. it has slashed the magazine section and even as one of the supervisors was at a literacy party in the library,
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this is what was happening to the libraries magazine section which is on the west facing side of of the library facing hall. this is all the magazines on the west facing side and moving them to future off sight storage where browsing by the public will be impossible. now browsing is a very important aspect for experienced researchers and the public. what do we mean by secrets. there is no publicity for the public about the fate of the magazines in the library at all. there have been month
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press releases, there have about no flyers. there is nothing at the website about it and nothing about the magazines and no approval by the library commission. we ask you to hold a hearing on the policy practices and particularly the priorities of the library and about this magazine section destruction. thank you very much. president david chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. speaker: good afternoon president chiu, board of
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supervisors. i'm seymour. i came to make an impact. i'm here to support again the band. i don't know if you realize how many people in the world, in this city in the world that would be affected by the box. cecil williams has been arrested. he was a victim of the box. mohammed ally is a victim of the box. jesus christ was a victim of the box. last year we had a marathon in the city council chambers by the higher officials in the sheriff's departments. you know how many we had here supporting police official? because it was about band the box. colonel sanders founded his famous
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recipe while he was in prison and he was able to get a job and perfect his restaurants around the world. the wayne and county sheriff was a convicted murderer. there is a lot of people we are eliminating boo i the box. please do whatever you can. this is an emotional thing to me about supporting malia cohen and other supervisors to ban the box. get rid of the box. thank you. happy holidays! to everyone. president david chiu: thank you. next speaker. speaker: board of supervisors, my name is -- i live in
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district 4. a huge tsunami at the plant. reactors 1-4 were damaged. after many days the tokyo electric company finally launched a dangerous operation to remove the fuel rods of these reactors. this is so dangerous that if human error or another quake occur these buildings could cripple and explode and causing a nuclear at that -- catastrophe. in august, japan revealed that radio active ground water has been pouring into the pacific ocean everyday. starting in march 2014. accept the radioactive to start reaching our waters. the size of texas to collide with the west coast.
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fairfax county passed the resolution and now berkeley in seattle are adopting a similar resolution. this plan is produced to provide continuous monitoring to our food, air and water and a plan for radiation exposure. please, i'm urging you to consider adopting a similar resolution to monitor and minimize the amount of radiation for residents of san francisco. thank you. president david chiu: thanks, next speaker. speaker: my name is dave akkad al. prohibiting outside income. i fully appreciate the people's
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desire to receive a high level of personal commitment from their representative and executives. but i have already stated deep opposition to unenforceable clauses in the charter. please reference the devotion clause section 3.100 so i'm concerned because being a supervisor is a full time job and being an apparent is a full time job. i am still concerned that anyone can accomplish two full time jobs at the same time. just ask any working mother. but, i have to ask mr. farrell without any personal reference and this is purely rhetorical, mr. president, you are trying to do three full time jobs at the same time. so
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who are you shortchanging? president david chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i would like to read the following head lines. police arrest 348 in canada child porn investigation. as far as i can find out nothing happens in san francisco with regard to child porn. i would like to pose a question. are any of our san francisco leaders in anyway tied to child pornography. i would like some sort of an answer and i hope it's the right answer. secondly, i would like to know how much child porn actually exist inside the computer systems within the city and county of san francisco work offices. i hope
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i get the right answer on that. we'll see if anybody is willing to tackle it. i would also like to say which is more important to the board of supervisors and the mayor's office: bottled water, ellis act evictions or a gay dead man who has been ignored for 15 years. if you ask my opinion, nelson mandela, harvey milk, and -- would say joe deserves and explanation. the impression a learned with san francisco being at city hall, if you are a dead gay man, you can be totally ignored even by the gay establishment. it's a crying shame that gay people across this country to have whisper behind your backs at the shame of what's
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happening in san francisco. they dare not embarrass you publically because gays aren't supposed to fight with each other. so let's put it this way. how long is a dead gay man going to be ignored? president david chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, john in san francisco. the power of christmas is back. what a power it is. it has been around for hundreds of years. i don't mean the power of money. it is the birthday and celebration of a personal friend to all of us. a friend to each of us that we can enjoy alone or with others. the only way that you can experience him is through your imagination. you can imagine him to be your make believe
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friend or your real friend. whatever works for you. a friend that will always be there through eternity. you don't need the internet to do so. all he asks of you is to love him in return. there are some that want to take him away from you. don't let them. merry christmas to everybody. president david chiu: thank you. any other members of the p be who wish to speak? general public comment? mam, please step up. speaker: good evening, supervisors. my name is jackie brie son. jakkee. i'm here to raise the issue of divorce that you have not heard where it
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comes to vulnerable populations which are housed nr: this vulnerable population is housed at taxpayers expense. the people in so-called supportive housing who are being evicted left, right, front and center because there are no protections for them. there are a number of non-profits which are taking taxpayers money and can't even both being in compliance with the administrative code which requires that there be a minimum of two designated public board of directors meetings per year and the notices of said meetings be filed with the clerk of the board of supervisors and my
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personal favorite, the government document in the public library. yet, these very same non-profits who shall remain unnamed are crying poor mouth. their rents are going up. they are talking about how they need to purchase buildings and get taxpayers money. but i'm saying that first and foremost they need to come in compliance. that is those in supportive housing should not be evicted. they need to be working in the mayor's office of hope to provide protections because san francisco is the city that supposedly knows how president david chiu: thank you very much. any others wishing to speak? is there any additional public comment?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. >> madam clerk. president david chiu: colleagues would anyone like to sever any of these items. i would like to sever item 50. if not, call the vote. speaker: [roll call vote taken] tang; mar, wiener, yee, avalos, breed, supervisor campos, there are 11 ayes. president david chiu: the resolutions are adopted. item 50. speaker: to support a moratorium in california. president david chiu: i would like to call a motion to
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continue this item to january 14th. i would like to give it a couple weeks. motion by supervisor avalos and second by supervisor ferrel. without objection this item will be continued to the 14th of january. madam clerk, any in -- memo rules. speaker: yes. # president david chiu: given this is a last meeting. i want to wish everyone a very happy holidays and want to thank the members of the public for all their work in 2013. i hope everyone has a chance to rest up. see you in 2014. with this, madam clerk is there anymore business in front of the body?
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>> that concludes our business for the day. >> president david chiu: ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >> >> [music] paratransit is specialized transportation for seniors and people with disabilities who are unable to use the muni system. in san francisco, we're proud that we've had a paratransit program since 1978 long before it was mandated by the americans with disabilities
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act in 1990. san francisco is a unique city and our paratransit program reflects this. we have a network of services, including sf access van service, paratransit taxi, including wheelchair accessible ramp taxi and group van which serves groups of individuals going to a single location like a senior center. [music] >> i'm elsa scott and i'm a retired federal employee and i'm a native of san francisco. i use paratransit because, i've been using it for about six years because six years ago i had to start dialysis treatments at cpmc. so i'm very dependent on paratransit three times a week, coming and going.. my current driver is brian berquist.; he's just such a friendly, sort of a teddy bear
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kind of a guy. i don't know what it is about brian, but all of us old ladies want to feed brian. [music] >> hi, my name is fred lein. i'm most proud of driving a ramp taxi since the beginning of the program in 1994. [music] >> fred, you are the absolute best! thank you fred for providing transportation for me and opening up my social life, and taking care of medical appointments, taking care of my mother [music]
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>> hi, my name is ann bailey and i've driven for luxor for almost five years now. i drove for desoto cab for 10 years prior to that. i drove in 1976 for the old, old yellow cab. this is frances mecchi and i've been driving her for about 11 or 12 years to her alzheimer's day program, which we call the memory club. every day when we drive through the presidio she'll say, "oh goody, you're taking me through the enchanted forest." [music] >> my name amr a.mahmoud. i am like 49 years old. i have been driving cab more
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than 13 year in general. then i drove a ramp more than 3 years. this is my fourth now. i have been enjoying doing the job. i like every moment of it. >> thank you amr. [music} >> hi, my name is peter and i'm a paratransit driver for medsam, and this is north and south of market where i pick up my group and drop them off at home. >> thank you , peter! [singing] you are my sunshine. very good driver. she says driver is very good. number 1.