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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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catellus and 13 acres from caltrans. they asked us at that time -- i think it's fantastic that they stayed in san francisco. so i think we should be happy. >> oh,yes. i am a happy person. yes, we have a motion and second. thank you, commissioner singh. we'll take the one public speaker. let's take the one public comment item and i want to hear it before we take our formal vote and then we'll take the vote. >> chester williams. >> very quickly. i had two issues. one that had to look at the
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fact that from what i heard and what is in the major proposal and that kind of pulls back to mara's question on retail and small business. another concern that i think uc should pull up and i say this because once again, my sophomore year in college i worked at uc in the langley-porter institute that had to do with aging -- it's coming back. >> and health, i thought. >> yes, i remember. what i found is that the project that we did was at that point in the fillmore and the reality was that we were looking at certain things that were causing a negative view on minorities -- at that time it was majority black -- so my reality as i looked in the bayview and look
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at other communities, if there was a way in which some of this property could go towards what i call "support services." that would deal with the needs of the community and if they need help, now you have got ucsf right there, with the facilities and the professionalism to be able to help them directly. because one of the things that i am pushing in the community now is trying to develop people to understand that a majority of our low-income people need mental health. they do need help and the reality is some of the things between the drugs and all of that that is moving it's not touching them and there is nowhere to go. there aren't agencies out there that are making that work. ucsf is one of the top. they have the professionals and i have seen them and walked them work. he think it's something that we could move directly and if they could find somewhere, maybe not in this pocket of land, but
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somewhere to add support services like mental health and other issues that communities need. we really, really need it. the other part was on the hiring. if in that hiring section that with the mission bay and the mission hiring center, excel is excellent. what i am concerned about and maybe they could answer and maybe they can't, because you guys are ready to vote. i don't see young people getting advancement. i only see them doing low-menial jobs and i don't see a place they can be educated to get in higher jobs. i am hoping that that could be added in somehow, to somehow make a career, rather than just be passing out signs and stuff like a lot of them do. i want them to really learn something. thank you. >> thank you. okay we have a motion and second. and madame secretary, please call the vote. >> commissioner members please
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announce your vote, ellington? >> aye. >> >> mondejar. >> aye. >> (roll call vote? madame chair the vote is 5 ayes. >> ly check back with the answer to commissioner rosales's question at our next meeting. please call the next item. >> the next order of business is public comment on non-agenda items. >> do we have any speaker cards. >> oscar james. >> oscar james again. i won't take up too much of your time. unfortunately, i have missed several meetings. i have been taking care of my mother. she had a stroke and i have been taking care of her and a lot of times i have to do the
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feeding tube with her at 12:00 and i have my other brother who is sitting in today. anyway, some of the information that was done on the last commission meetings, i would like to try to get some of that information, if possible? tiffany? >> yes, sir. >> okay, thank you. and you guys are doing a good job. but i still can't hear you on the radio. >> that is true. thank you. because i like listening to the chair. >> itunes radio it's available. >> oh, really? itunes radio. thank you. >> next speaker card. >> ace washington. >> i think he left the room. no other speaker cards. >> okay. thank you very much. please call the next item. >> the next order of business is item 7 report of the chair. madame chair. >> thank you so much. i do not have a report.
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next item. >> the next order of business is item 9, commissioners questions and matters. >> thank you very much, questions and matters? >> i have a comment? >> sorry i was outside getting a card. >> hold on one second. one second, we'll be right back with you. no questions or matters. don't look at me funny, counselor, mr. washington, don't leave. let's go back to public comment for a second. mr. washington. >> i'm sorry, i wish i had some little aces around the campus. this is public comment. listen, i came up here to speak when i saw your forwarded calendar to talk about your budget plans and i had some questions that i wanted to ask, particularly with the budget
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situation. $50,000 was on an item for -- the commissioners asked that you should be getting monies and i agree with him. [ inaudible ] somebody is getting $50,000 between y'all and the oversight board, which is the oversight board has the worse record in city hall's history. cancelation, cancelation, where is that money going to? y'all not receiving it and i rarely see you even have lunch. so $50,000, man. that is a lot of money and then the other thing there was some other thing -- $45,000 for whatever it didn't mention, so the $50,000 and $45,000 is
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$95,000 goes where? in comparison, i am a community person that wanted do some videos and couldn't get a dime, not one dime. but also understand tiffany could sign for something that is under $50,000 without you even knowing about it. is that correct? >> that is correct. >> so i will be at you tiffany to ask you for things to do for our community. the other thing, i am looking at, you are going to be talking about the third amendment about the ground lease with the fillmore and then you are going to be talking about some other things here. amendment to the loan. ladies and gentlemen, i'm going to ask respectfully that you hold a workshop before may 20th when you put this on. y'all need to have a workshop at yoshis for our community to
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find out what is going on. from what i am reading you have accepted some other partnerships and other llcs in our community. well, before you do that, you better bring it to the community, because with my want to know abc all the way to z, who the new partnerships are some because the corruption in the past of other people, we have the right, like marvin gaye said, i want to know what's going on? i have a right. if nobody else comes up here, i have a right to know who you are going sign an agreement with to take over yoshis? so i'm asking you respectfully as an individual who has been up here for 25 years, before you bring this on the 20th, you need a workshop. bring it to the community and it won't take, but an hour or two. thank you very much. >> thank you. okay. so we're a little bit out of order. let's skip to our next item after commissioners' questions
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and matters. >> the next order of business is closed session and there is no closed session and the next order of business is item 11, adjournment. madame chair. >> thank you very much, we're adjourned. [ gavel ] 2:52.friend.
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(clapping.) >> okay. thank you all very much for being here he were delighted it you here today is it's ata's an exciting day for salesforce tower first, i want to mention a few extinguished guests nancy pelosi who's extraordinary and been a great friend to all the saits and to the entire community for many, many years. leader pope's has also been extraordinarily helpful with a lot of the issues that are excel
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important to the tech industry she's helped to pass reformed that are important for the technology industry so thank you for being here. i want to thank the mayor mayor ed lee has made it a proprietor (clapping) he's made it a priority to make san francisco the technology industry of the world so thank you very much for what you're doing hose atrocity tied job creation and in his short administration the unemployment rate has declined but 50 percent so thank you very much mr. mayor (clapping) we have have with the assemblyman and supervisor jane kim and sxhaifd and maria kaplan
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from the transbay transit center and chief joanne haynes-white and director ram and cindy one way or another san francisco planning commission president and tom o'connor from the fire department labor union and todd and a joint bay bay and fred character from an orientation and parker harris the co-founder and george is companies chief operating officer thank you all of you know that salesforce tower was founded here in san francisco 15 years ago. and from the very beginning salesforce tower pass froirtd growing and hiring here in san francisco that's why i'm so excited to unveil the new
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immaterial edition that's salesforce tower a tower to be built outside this window which will fundamentally transform the skyline of san francisco that's at the ironic building it will dramatically increase the size of our w0i8d canvas here in san francisco we'll be occupying half of the secret in the tower. in addition the location obviously couldn't be more beneficial for the saits on fremont street and our new building at the 350 admission. it will be the heart ever our urban question and answer campus and is front door to the transbay center that will
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benefit us in san francisco and the entire region. the salesforce tower wouldn't only benefit the sales force it will help to transform the transbay center we have public art being covered and 50 thousand conflict of interests of fees for investment in affordable housing, infrastructure developments and education and health care programs. that's great for the city as well (clapping) 15 years after stat in san francisco the company was seen success our annual revenue was $4 million and it was named the most initiative company we have 4 thousand employees right in
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the san francisco bay area and in downtown san francisco. i'm excited to announce day we're expecting to hire an adding one thousand employees in san francisco. the salesforce tower will give us the capacity and ability to continue expanding in san francisco adding thousands of jobs in san francisco and nothing is more exciting i'm happen and i want to mention a lot of our elected officials nancy pelosi and mayor ed lee and members of the transbay poetry authorities and boston properties and everyone who's here today first, we'll hear from mayor ed lee >> thank you very much.
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ladies and gentlemen, good morning. i know we're in the cloud of air today but there is nothing cloudy about this it is clearly something we have been planning for for quite a few of the years and nancy pelosi will talk about the history but i'm excited burke and not only in a congratulatory way but in a thank you to a company i've seen grow and what a way to celebrate 15 years of success to say not only are we growing in the city but want to make a commitment much more board then being a citizen when we understand what it means for the employees of the salesforce tower being her it's not about corporate
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expansion but about volunteers in our system and people that are going to contributed to help people get ahead in their lives and to be in the schools and in the food shelters and the training centers for people president better jobs we're talking about a company that has a great corporate soul and so i will remind everyone because i know maria from the start when she was appointed to be head how are we going to get this done if transbay it's okay to suggest we want to be the number one in high speed rail good luck but we've got friends and sfr great
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san franciscans in leader pooeps who says we need to act first and i'm reminded it was a leap of faith when we suggested here in downtown we can work with the planning department and the agencies to create something with these previous development sites and say we can build houses and offices and build them right next to the transportation center that we used to call simply the greyhound depo. everybody remembered what that building looked like i had to clean up the alleyway everyday >> not personally. >> what yes. i saw everybody o everything and smelt everyone now we are venue lucky because
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of the earlier faith not only in the planning we did not only in the planning that maria had to spend hours are our transbay joint powers and all the city to convince to be here but also, we had to create a picture of confidence in our city. this is what it really means and the thanks here is not just about an expansion but a company that has faith in our city and demonstrating that has faith in the values we try to teach our kids about imperviously back and faith in jobs to make sure their welcomed into san francisco. those are the things i'm learning to appreciate more and more as we try to reunite this city from increasing the minimum wage to collaboratively with our
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business partners and getting more jobs. it means a lot more that's never been about a beautiful building on the skyline but much more than that. half hour of the corridor will be will have employees and i say this what conviction and with all cert and passion. i don't think all of us would be as enthused if it was just a company. i think boston prospers and hines when they were announcing their partnership they were building on speculation but we have a lot of faith we're welcoming a new workforce it means all those things. i want to spend this time
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thanking the salesforce tower and hines and boston properties and thanking our transbay joint powers and all the different agency that have worked together but thanks to all the employees that work for this great company we'll continue to work with you on behalf of the city. it's a great day i'm positive about this this has made my day i've waited 15 years no celebrating in the claudz u clouds with all of you is a great celebration. thank you very much >> mr. mayor, thank you for your great leadership we're all proud of our mayor across the country he's revoked a is a person he's there to get the job done a mayor for relatives and
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this partnership with salesforce tower is one of the manifestation, however, a significant motivation of that success. the mayor believes in community and saits does do. he knows that the word community has the word unit in it so in order for us to success we have to build consensus when we talk about the history i want to congratulate burke first burke norton and george and maria in terms of the history. my son paul junior and christen are here i mention that when their father was growing up in san francisco there was a law that said no building should be
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hire an the ferry building think of that. it was a real challenge to our sense of community to build consensus to say if we're going to be the center of customers a place that gives people opportunity we have to have the fiscal facility to do. it was a a struggle. mayor john you were born yet but the u.s. steel building your father probably recommend but in any case san francisco by recognizing all the stakeholders which the saits in the forefront but the employees the clients the sense of community. what this means to the community. we are to a place where today
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saits is taking us to new heights not only from the physical tower that's the tall i did in the west the saits is setting the pass. i want to thank you all mark and lynn for being pillars of our community and investing in our education for our children and keeping the families in the city and in a regional way and in oakland and another $0100 million a quarter of a billion dollars our children have to be healthy a remarkable general rot of spirit and everything and the salesforce tower as a job creation and the rest. so maria i want to pay contribute to you right around
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the salesforce tower it was around the time 16 years ago how much did we get? $10 million i was able to get $10 million for the planning and the idea of the transbay terminal and all of this. now you have to understand anytime i try to get this kind of money that's small now but you have to should consequence in the community it will promote customers and allow for the affordable housing and be a dynamic force in the community. that's the faith of that congress had in this initiative now fast forward to obama and the reinvestment recovery act
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one hundred of million dollars of dollars hundreds of millions of dollars to be a reality this is the ultimate private and public partnership without the private sector there's no way to build this if we invest this money but it will not only build that but community and again create jobs which is so very, very important whether the philosophy we've talked about the foundation whether the creation of jobs which is the ultimate philanthropy of jobs or the ripple effect this will have
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we're very, very blessed to have salesforce tower in our midst in the clouds in the tower theirs nothing cloudy about this it's a physical reeled in the clouds as well as technically and again services as an example of public-private initiative to work together. so partners thank you and lynn and george and thank you marie radio and mr. mayor really you're the catalytic you make so many things happen i'm honored to be here. i can't wait to see what we're going to see (clapping) let's show our appreciation to salesforce tower >> let's reveal this.
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you stand here and we'll just on the count of 3. 1, 2, 3. wow.
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>> if you have phones or things that make noise if you could put them on vibrate. >> if you have a comment to make, we have speaker cards that should be up front, if you could fill that out and with your name and what agenda item you would like to speak on and hand them over to our staff and finally thank you to sfgov tv and media services every time the