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tv   [untitled]    May 4, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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letters, together we represent thousands and thousands of dog owners and guardians and we all urge you to support this budget proposal and support animal care and control. it's underfunded and understood staffed and has been for years. the most perezing pressing things get done. there's so much more they could be doing if properly staffed and funded. i'd like to add in addition to what was mentioned is that the acc's budget include monoe money for a part-time hearing officer for dog court that deals with cases involving dog bites and aggressive dogs. over the years the unit in the hearing officer have developed broad community support because of the fair and compassionate way they deal with dog owners
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and victims all the time. all the while they keep public safety foremost in minds. [inaudible] just like to remind you this really isn't just about animals. as is mentioned people who abuse animals often neglect and abuse spouses and children. not just the most heinous will save human lives too. please support this additional budget proposal for acc. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is nancy stafford, i'm . we support the increases for the acc budget, especially the vicious and dangerous dog court, a trend setting program that has proven to be an
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important asset to the community. i have personal experience with the court. i testified on behalf of a client. my client called me extremely worried because she had been summoned to court. i assured her that the hearing officer was fair and knowledgeable and her dog would not be taken away or arbitrarily youth ewe youth niezed. the incident appeared to be a misunderstanding and the two owners worked it out with the help of the court. in the jurisdictions people are hesitant to report a dog problem for fear of causing another person's pet to suffer serious consequences. therefore the problem often goes unreported when the solution could be mandated training or requiring the dogs to always be on a leash or muzzle. the result, a potential danger to the public could have been
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easily solved if the trustworthy system were available to them. please allow acc to hire a knowledgeable hearing officer to continue this important pranl, a program. a hearing officer requires a special set of skills and experience. thank you. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment? please come on up. ? >> hi my name is kelly.
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>> and should be commended. we at pet food express often hold up acc for its inveigh ti approach for saving lives. it was the first shelter in the state to set up a permanent off site adoption center. acc knew that getting the animals in front of potential adopters outside the center would result in more adoptions, and it has. the number of animals in need and in distress is not going to go down. it seems everyday we hear another story of animal abuse,
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neglect or homelessness. to adoptable animal should be put down. we need to continue to raise our standards for animal treatment and adoption and we can't do it effecttively without the arc. without the budget to do it -- thank you for helping. cc. without the budget to do it -- thank you for helping. i'm officer john danny, san francisco police. previous speakers said some very kind things about the vicious and dangerous dog court and i'm the hearing officer and i appreciate all the kind words, but i wouldn't have been able to do all this without the help of animal care and control and it's -- to say they're staffed, i understaffed and i have a office in their building and i see that everyday. i've been called on that for being a cat owner, er but what
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i'd like to say is that animal care and control and the police department work very closely together and by increasing the staffing fir ing for their officers, a lot of times the san francisco police officers are the first responders to animal to dangerous animal calls. a lot of times they will hold the dog at bay until animal care and control can respond and those are long minutes and that usually happens at night and to have a better staffed officers out in the field that can respond quicker and in better numbers, sometimes it takes more than one officer. there was a tragic incident in golden gate park where they needed two officers and they only had one. the second officer was called out of bed to get there, but the staffing would just -- it's very important and it affects the police department of public safety in general.
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i'm a huge fan of animal care and control and i see the wonderful things they do everyday. thank you. any >> any additional public comment. >> thank you. my name is jane and i'm the copresident of friends of san francisco animal care and control. we are the non profit that supports san francisco care and control raising funds for programs that really fall outside the city's budget for acc. over the years as expenses have increased for acc we have found we're relied upon more heavily to provide support for more basic care animal services which is what we're talking about here, services we consider to be the minimal requirements to operate an animal shelter. in the past few years friends of acc has been asked to fund additional spay neuter programs through other partners just to
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keep up with the number of animals at acc. we've also funded the part-time staff of seven behaviorists and trainers and we have to aufsh a program like this because we have to take in everything and that includes animals with behavior issues. we also have to provide additional training efforts for staff. we've also covered things that are really minimal, , like cage retro fits to expand the numbers of cages we can use to house all the animals that come in. we've also had to purchase awnings for the building to keep up with the animals from over heating in the building space so very min pal things imal things that we've done to make the care better. at this point, it's up to you
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to decide to increase the funding and we respectfully request you consider that. thank you. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment on this item? seeing none, mr. chairman, may with close public comment? >> public comment now closed. >> colleagues, thank you for allowing us to hold this hearing today. i neglected to mention at the beginning to thank supervisor tang who cosponsored this hearing and who's been a very compassion nate at supporter of animal welfare in general. i think this is a very helpful hearing. i want to thank the agency and also the city administrator. i know the city administrator has taken the needs of animal care and control very seriously and i'm very appreciative of the time and energy and anal say that the city administrator has put in in terms of working
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with the acc in terms of what i think is a very solid proposal for the agency's budget and i hope the mayor's office will accept that recommendation from the city administrator. with that, i would move to file this hearing. >> okay, we have a motion to file this hearing by supervisor wiener. we have a second for that and we can take that without objection. so moved. okay, do we have any other business in front of us? >> no mr. chair. >> okay, thanks everyone, we're adjourned. order at 1
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[tkp*-ts/] 18, medal secretary, please call the roll. >> thank you, madame chair, item 1 roll call, commissioner respond when i call your name. >> ellington? >> present. [ inaudible ] >> here. madame chair johnson? >> here. >> all members of the commission are present, the next order of business is item 2. announcements. a, the next scheduled commission meeting will be a regular meeting held on tuesday, may 6th, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. city hall room 416. please be advised that the ringing and cuss of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing devices are
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prohibited. c, public comments please be advised a member of the public has up to 3 minutes to make pertinent public comment obvious each agenda item unless the commission adopts a shorter period on any item. it's strongly recommended that members of the public who wish to address the commission fill out a speaker card provided by the commission secretary and submit the completed card to the submission secretary. next order of business is item 3, report on actions taken at a previous closed session meeting, if any. there are no reportable actions. the next order of business is item 4 matters of unfinished business. we have no items. the next orbed of business is item 5 matters of new business, consisting of consent and regular agenda. first the consent calendar we have no items. the regular agenda, i will call the next item out of order,
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which will be item 5a, report of the executive director. madame director. >> yes, this next item commissioners, good afternoon, and thank you to the members of the public. thank you so very much for joining us. commissioners, as you may be aware, the golden state warrior have proposed to acquire sales force land in mission bay, approximately 1 million square feet of entitlement from sales force. like any other private or public development in mission bay, mission bay provides an established framework as adopted through the project entitles of 1998 that provide for a redevelopment plan that governs land use, a design for development, that governs height, bulk, massing and the like, together these two documents wholly replace the planning code and your purview and jurisdiction as provided for under the implementing ordinance under the board, ordinance 215-12 provides for
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land use contractual and design review authority pursuant to those agreements or as we know post dissolution, those so-called enforceable obligations. again like any other development in mission bay, public or private, with the acquisition of private land, all of the rights and obligations travel with that land. so that owner participation agreement and later today we'll have a different topic, the proposed uc acquisition of other sales force property just to the south of this site, all of those rights in this case travel with the land. so the owner participation agreement requirements for design review, there is a process and so-called major phase or multiple block planning process as you are familiar, schematic design. in addition, all of the policies, the workforce hiring policies, the city's first source hiring policy and the associated triggers to master developer under this process of
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assignment and assumption agreement through the purchase of land and pushes down the rights or certain obligations to individual vertical developers. the proposed golden state warrior arena perhaps office and retail project really would be no different from our typical process in mission bay. kathrin riley our mission bay project manager is here to answer procedural framework questions and through the chair, if i may ask, the president and chief operating officer of the golden state warrior to address the commission and introduce the team to the commission. >> thank you,. >> that really is my on item of business to introduce the warriors to the commission. you will get to know us very well over the coming weeks and months. i have to say this, this has
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been the craziest day of my work life, perhaps ever. i just want to take a moment for those who have not had an opportunity to follow the news, i don't think i have been more proud to be part of the nba than i am today. i have been doing this since i was 16 years old and the commission announced that donald sterling the current owner of the los angeles clippers has been banned for life from participating with the nba and he is convening the owners to vote on compelling mr. sterling to sell his interest in the clippers franchise. so wonderful outcome to what has been three really bad days but we're proud of our league and proud of our players. it's not before your commission, but it's probably the most important item in our lives today. i want to say hello and introduce myself as president and chief operating officer of the warriors. what you will have in the warriors as i promise you will learn is a
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very committed organization to the community engagement that we have already started. this is only news that is a week-old, but we're 100% committed to working not only with you, but with the mission bay neighborhood, dog patch potrero hill to make sure that we introduce ourselves and make sure we create a project that will be great and that we're going to be very good neighbors and be additive to everything that you have accomplished in mission bay. because we are moving from port property to private land we had a lot of questions of are we going to keep the agreements already put in place and one of the things that i want to assure you of today, we were the first non-public works project to agree to follow the local hire guidelines that the city has. and we have every intention of continuing to fulfill that at our new site, as well as
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fulfilling a variety of other labor agreements that we already have in place when we were contemplating a different site. so i can assure you of that. we're also excited about the opportunities for small businesses. to be involved in this project, we have something that is going to be very visible in the community and something that we believe will attract really great entrepreneurs and small businesss and we have a real commitment to make sure that there is a place at the table for those businesses as well. and we're going to have a great design. oh, by the way, we really have been commited from the start to create something that not only fits into our new neighborhood, but also something that is really additive to the quality of life for the people who work there, the people who live there and the people who are going to play there. so i thank you and look forward very much to working closely with you and your staff in the future. if you have any
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questions, happy to. if not, i'm going to go to a basketball game in los angeles. >> first of all, good luck. good luck in l.a.. fantastic news from the nba, i heard that right before i set off for here. not a lot of commentary at this commission meeting and see me afterwards if you want to know what i really think. thank you for coming now. we know that the news is just a week-old and someone running a property from 3rd street from the warriors saying how is this project going to impact my project and so people are interested and we look forward to working with you on design and community benefits and all of that good stuff. >> great, thank you very much. >> commissioner singh. >> not too long ago, we approved the sales force and actually so i would like to
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give a hand to the president. [ applause ]. >> thank you for coming and good seeing you as well. exciting about the opportunities for small business, the workforce requirements i'm glad to hear that they are continuing to be carried over and the implications that this has for just mission bay and affordable housing and i'm excited about the project. >> thank you so much and good luck. >> you have delivered to be a short brief framework memorandum that lays out what we described today and there are a number of copies available for the people, as well as posted on our website. >> great. any word yet before we finish and go to the next item, when we'll see the first of anything from the project? just a schedule? >> i think the schedule is yet to be-determined. we're still in an assessment
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phase. at this point i think the team is taking a fresh look at this site and certainly i think there is public comment. >> okay. excellent. so we'll take public comment on this. general public comment. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners, i didn't put a card for for this. my name is karyn woods and i spent last two years on the warrior's cac through the port, so this is not new in terms of the issues. the mission bay cac is going to be having a preliminary meeting on march 8th is to to basically. >> may 8th. >> sorry? >> may 8th.
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>> sorry, may 8th. march, may, whatever. to kind of open up the discussion. and to the extent that we know anything at that point about scheduling or anything else, we'll obviously share it. we're also looking at the continuation of what was done through sfmta and the transportation authority on the waterfront transportation assessment; which actually has been very valuable and will continue to be very valuable. it will just kind of have to, as peter albert said, "pivot" to be more focused on the mission bay area than the original arena area. a lot of the questions that came out the pier 32 arena discussions are still relevant, and so we expect the public will continue
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to be very interested in how this comes together. and encourage any of you who are interested to join the cac discussions. thank you. >> i will be there. >> mr. washington. >> i was at home, just listenings to the press conference and i had decided well, they are having a meeting today >> could you please talk into the mic. >> i'm sorry, i was at home, listening to the press conference of what is going on and it would be remiss if i hadn't come to speak. it clarifies what i had to say, this is a new era in history here. people that are asleep need to wake up and smell the coffee, tea or whatever they are supposed to smell. i had a chance to speak to mr. welts of the warriors and the
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thing about it, i am still in allusion and trying to find out what the hell is going on here with this agency? now i would hate to be the one to make the announcement mission bay hunters point and every other project that is going to be in jeopardy, why is that? because you all have left an area, which is called the fillmore, which i call "the fill no more." you left it alone like nothing is going on and how is this city just going to change over and think nothing is going on there? i am here to say, ace washington is preparing to file -- yes, ed lee and anybody else who wants to cumulus media ome at me, i'm making preparations to file an injunction to stop everything. you talk about enforcement obligations that you don't feel you have to pay attention to,
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but i have been here 23 years before the warriors even thought about coming here and i was here when you had a black man, jim jepson was the head until he passed away. if it wasn't for jim jefferson being involved with mission bay and jim jefferson being involved in the fillmore and hunters point, we wouldn't have nobody involved in the projects. it's a new day. it's a new era and i don't have time for errors. until this agency lives up to its obligations in the western edition, i am moving forward with filing and getting a group of lawyer with an injunction to stop what is going on in san francisco. even a blind man, stevie wonder who see you are out of compliance. i'm not saying y'all personally.
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you look different up there, but it does not portray what is going on out here. now, i hadn't talked to the president, but i was hoping and praying when we request to come before you all to make our presentation about what is going on here, you will have a different perspective. i'm here to speak on public comment, but i would be remiss if i didn't say what i had to say and what i feel and maybe get up to tell you all. it ain't over, it's just a new beginning. >> thank you. do we have any further public comment on this item? >> no other speaker cards. >> oh, one more. two more. [ inaudible ] >> oscar james. i might have put the wrong number down because i put "a" but i wanted to speak on this item. sorry about that. that was my