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tv   [untitled]    May 6, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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superstitions aid i couldn't building it and i thought no, this is real so i showed up here as best i could and appreciate all of your support for this honor it's a privilege to serve ail you have you in the best capacity again so thank you very much
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(clapping.) thank you supervisor farrell. our final presentation of the day will be any our richmond colleague district one supervisor mar. thank you president chiu and congratulations to all the amazing honorees it's not an easy task to select among many worthy leaders but for my staff it was very easy because of our honorees amazing leadership enterprising others to make it different i'd like to ask if the merchant association president can come forward >> (clapping) >> cynthia is the president of
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not only the 92 mrnlt association she runs two businesses and has children. i see her as an amazing catalyst for our neighborhood. she and i met at the toy boat a few years ago she was trying to figure out as a new business owner trying to support other businesses in the corridor but become more active she's done in a short term she's transformed an old organization that is about mature support for business owners human resources she was been a spark for lots of the greening and revitalization to bring new people and seniors into the neighborhood he's a bay
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area if he were educated and got her batches from san barbara and was active as a student organizer and activist. her feed store which they runs or co- owns with her sister jennifer is an amazing place, i.e., think some describe it as a merry actually store with clothing amazing stuff she has and fits nicely with what she describes as a multiple culture neighborhood her model as a business leader is looking at the diversity of the surrounding and have your store obey o be bridge that runs it together.
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she runs the business staff her husband is an oral surgeon on clemente street light besides those two businesses she is a super mom i'm so how she raises here too young children very straechlg what all the things she juggles she ever say before the board a couple of years ago but i really want to focus on cynthia she's helping to make clement street better and involving other folks as well. her vision and other businesses so the clemente merchants from the well-known green apple books to foggy notation and many types of businesses in between but she's a good leader in pulling
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everyone together to have a stronger voice in city hall that's great to work with her human resources i wanted to say she's been instructional in supporting a new visiblecy on clement street as new ideas with awning an annual event to more family activities as well. she's been instructional in establishing the first park let and we hope to see more coming soon but supporting an amazing place the farmer's market and a she and other activists supported it's important she's a rules committee and study asian study but she inintegrates her
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learning with helping to build stronger asian-american businesses in our neighborhood one of the challenges in the merchant is involving merchants that are chinese-american and cynthia works colons with the merchants association by also city and state like sf safe and loma she's giving of here time to support other groups in the outer balboa groups wanted to come together she's a strong advocate and gives selflessly. she joined the board of directors of the richmond services in the richmond
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district advocating for mental health services focused on the needs of asian-american and the asian pacific islander. if one-on-one anyone wants to learn more go to and cynthia has sparked the mentor association are i want to perhaps embarrass her a moment with a blog that wrote a review and tests going to be celebrating it's fourth anniversary they asked her, her personal style but mentioned that cynthia also as he mentioned before said the approach to her business is appreciate the diversity around her to fit in and appreciate the diversity but asked her what
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about our personal style he said i have two businesses and two kids i'm all about xhofbt and almost also found in booties and t-shirt baggy on top or jeans and a wlarz blazer i want to honor the fashionable cynthia heating. cynthia. >> here i thought it was a little bit gary's thank you for honoring my work and for the responsibility and great effort for continually improving any community i want to thank my husband and sister for being incredible partners and especially my parents my
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father-in-law and aunt of supporting your businesses. supervisor mar a couple of years and i had a conversation about the toy boats it was a power conversation and left an impact since that day my life has on changed as well as our small property owner corridor a hugely successful farmer's market. i look forward to strengthen the ties between customers and that's pretty much what i wrote but now that i've been sitting here listening the greatest gift you've gotten today is really
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being in the presence of so many amazing asian-american leaders. i was like sitting here really worried about this but everyone was moving thank you so much for having me here today and for all the work you do
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(clapping.) thank you supervisor mar and it concludes our presentations for today, i want to take a moment and thank you for the heritage month in san francisco and particularly claudine chang and our folks volunteering and ag n congratulate you with that colleagues we have a number of hearings we need to go through >> supervisor breed we have one accomodation to support today. supervisor breed >> colleagues and president chiu thank you for indulging we won more time if this matter was not urgent i won't goes but it's important this is involving the kid nap 91 gurney school girls
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you've heard about this and christen pelosi contacted me the chair of the party in san francisco. i wanted to make sure we brought attention to this body about what is happening and give direction of what we can come in a great city like san francisco. just imagine those who who have and love children image sending our daughter or your friends send them to school to have many kidded from school. this is a violations child prevention awareness month this is the time to look at better ways to protect our young people and children and in nigeria who is protecting those young girls.
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i wanted to bring christen pelosi to talk about what we're trying to do to encourage our leaders to help bring those girls home are i can't imagine the experience of one-on-one of the girl's escaped she jumped out of the truck and hid in the bush just image being a child and in fear of your life if i stayed in the vehicle you'll probably never see your family again. i get emotional when i was a young kid and some of the challenges we faced in the city when kevin collins was adapted he was the same age he was adapted in an area that i
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invested frequently i thought as a child if this could map here it could happen anywhere so if something like this happens and goes unchecked whether in the united states or nigeria we have to stand up and give voice to those young girls who are voiceless so christen come up and say a few words about this particular occasion >> (clapping) >> thank you supervisor breed and president chiu and supervisors. miller and you are here on behalf of local activists about bring back our girls i'm here as a mother and daughter and activist and as a long term associate of people who have bring children who have been
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abused and recongratulate children. when children are abused and trafficked it is not only a horrific experience but that a stain on the community. those young girls will never be the same young boys and girls have awning kidded by terrorists groups only trying to get an education. when he think about sending our children to school everyday i take a picture of my child everyday because you ever know when the moms in nigeria their last minutes were the parents of the girl's just kidded today some as young as 9-year-old.
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we have to act. president obama and secretary of state keri have weighed in but we say a community need to weigh in this is a where ms. miller and i are talking about social work we can do for two weeks the leadership of niagara caliber were refusing to admit that boys and girls have been killed and kidded. so this is a rude awe walking only because of people standing up there are many, many people who are active in this we appreciate you're taking time today to make the official family of san francisco go obtain record in support of those efforts and commending
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every parent who sends their child to school under threat of enslavement of human trafficking and as we fight to protect our children on the street here also all around the world i'll yield to ms. membership >> thank you for the opportunity i wanted to share that but conceptually listing i'm a 91 gerlg america i came here i'm currently finishing my ph.d at uc berkley are i remember perfecting where i was sitting taking the same exam where those girls were taken it could have been me 16 years ago are that i went to my school i
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took any exam but the same students went to take their schools to take the exams but never came home. they're not going to be computer psychiatrists are we hope to get them back but ever in the world one-on-one which one girl is adapted it's not far away we're is ones that are being sold into slavery they'll never see the light of day it's part of the talibantion we saw the semiin afghanistan and now into north africa and coming to 91 disperse so what can we do in silicon valley. people like christen and myself kept pushing the government and
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sharing the story of the individual girls their families can't report s it so if we continually to raise our voices we'll force the government to actually engage in a tangible way to eradicate this disease that keeps the girls in danger >> so today on behalf of the board of supervisors city and county of san francisco we have a pramsz in support of '91 gerlg school girls so bring our girls home i, tweet it let's do everything we can to bring voice to the voiceless.
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thank you (clapping) >> thank you supervisor breed now colleagues why not our second 3:00 p.m. special order. call 16 through 189. the board of supervisors will convene so a motion hearing to consider the mayors proposal of the housing and contempt to enter into an air rights lease for the purpose of developing housing for protecting families located at the 280 hill street with the mercy housing >> supervisor kim. >> before us today is the air rights surveillance on blocker of its on folsom streets two blocks of the future transbay terminal this is another project
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that will transform the landscape around a mixed inflict neighborhood that's walkable and pedestrian safe. today, there are cranes and sometimes, it will be 35 percent be affordable thanks to redevelopment. the bond came before the board last fall and justin a reminder it's a 70 affordable housing project it will be development by affordable housing developer mercy housing in california and it includes share open space on block 6. the open space will be open to the public during daytime hours as well. cancel lop and mercy was for
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block six and seven and scape lop will pay a fee of $24.3 million a portion 14 million will be the affordable housing project and the bonds will be sold and necessary to develop block 7 that is will accountability projects we have elizabeth from the mayor's office of housing to provide the details it's amazing to build affordable housing and it was great to the at the ribbon cutting on block 11 that's built one hundred and 20 units of housing for formerly homeless individuals with full support services looking forward to the continuance of this plan
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>> good afternoon elizabeth of the office community and infrastructure. as supervisor kim mentioned the resolutions before you authorizes the bond precedes of 15 millions to pay for the related construction of the affordable housing project. mercy housing is the project sponsor when implemented 0 block 6 will be a 70 unit extradited of 14 bedroom units and one more like unit that will be targeted for low income for 4 hundred and 64 thoupdz a year according to the medium income. the transbay will be a mid-rise buckle with the residential tower that's been developed and currently under construction.
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block 6 is between the transbay center. the team as supervisor kim mentioned was selected pursuant to a request for block 5e67 issued by the former association of ocii. block 7 will be an affordable project that will begin construction in late nia 15 i'm sure you're aware of 35 percent of the projects they're required pursuant to assembly bill to be affordable and occupied by low, low income households. those translations are conduit financing that don't require the grant to be repaid it was on january 2014 and this allocation was award in march of this year
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it will be constructed starting this week. the project will be banishment in an air right parcel from ocii and the mayor's office of housing and leads to mercy the long-term air rights lease and ocii will own the air process at which it will transfer subject to the law. also for your consideration is a resolution to have the parcel that will have an initial term which 75 years. the approval by the board of supervisors is requested which provides that little board of supervisors should abusive the sale or lease of any property acquired by the option agreement in a manner consistent that
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govern the tax increment monies and it appears in section of the california redevelopment lay are the air rights parcel was not acquired with the tax money but the board of supervisors approval is requested. here with me is sponsor representative sheila of hoosiers mercy and kate deputy director is here along with jeff white housing manager and courtney who works in the department of ocii >> supervisor kim any questions. >> colleagues, any questions. seeing none, if there's are are there any members of the public who wish to speak please step forward >> good afternoon. i'm dr.
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espanola jackson again that i you know when i heard the word a mississippi m ii asked the body to hold a hearing concerning the a m i when you talk about affordable housing this all started in 1970 i talked about affordable i've been saying for the loss thirty or 40 years affordable to whom not affordable to the people in the community in which i reside. where did this come from g did you all law the staff of the mayor's office to come up with the a m i and then i approved it? because who in my community make 46 or $48,000 a year to get a
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one bedroom that's get real here that's why we have homeless in san francisco because the people that live here don't make this kind of money i lived here since 1948 i get less than $48,000 how do i expect for people that have been here all their lives continue to live here until you do an a m i did comes from you not the redevelopment and present and past staff nothing ever going to get down >> are there any members of the public who wish to speak in public comment on this item seeing none, public comment is closed and this hearing has been heard and filed. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you i'd like to have a motion for both to move forward forward 17 and 18 i want to
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respond to the public comment it's hard in the affordable housing we build on different levels of a m i low income and high-level income that's often challenging we're not meeting the brackets but we need to build the housing but i completely agree we need to be building more at the low income levels and have more subsidized housing. >> thank you colleagues items 178 and 18 together. >> on that supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cowen.
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supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. there are 11 i's. those resolutions are adapted call that you items 19 and 20. the board of supervisors will convene a committee pursuant to a motion on items 19 and 20 for a public hamburger in persons who are interested in the board of supervisors acting in its capacity to the successor agency approving the agreements that relate to the affordable housing that has the block of 33 and 34 to the university of california for the future development of up to 5 hundred gross square feet for the mission bay project area >> supervisor kim. i want to make a continuance we have an