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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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commission regular meeting for thursday, may 8, 2014. please be advised that the commission does not permit outbursts of any kind please silence all electronic devices. during these proceedings state your name for the record >> commissioner wu. commissioner fong. commissioner antonini. commissioner hillis. commissioner moore and commissioner sugaya. commissioner borden is expected to run late this is items for continuance the first at the tennessee bush street for for
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the next case and 2014 d at the 3305 broadway restrict street are for may 14 and the next case golden gate avenue conditional use authorization and the next at 23 turk boulevard is for indefinite continuance and further on your regular calendar for the next case bona fide eating place we've received a
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request from the supervisors office asking for a continuance >> i have no speaker cards. >> are there that any comments on the items proposed for continuance? >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm mrs. mcauthor i live on bush street across from tennessee bush street this was brought brought to my attention i said have opposed it i want you to know we have a lot of elderly people on bush street and their concerned about the -
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ma'am, on this time we're only taking comments on the matters of continued. >> this is continued. >> this is to support the conditions to that continue for a different date for example. >> i'd like to continue and i'll be back on the 22nd i apologize to the commissioners in if i did anything wrong or said anything. >> thank you, ma'am. >> 82 any further comments on items for continuance seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner - oh, i'm sorry. >> good afternoon murray i can't tell tennessee bush street.
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i'm for the continuance. thank you >> is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> yeah. move to continue ones 1, 2a, 2 b and three and four for indefinite to june 19th. >> second. >> on that item. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong. commissioner president wu that places you under your calendar
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and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. we have one item under consent item 5 at 840 irving street i have no speaker cards but i believe commissioner sugaya has an announcement >> i have a member of a medical group i impounded with a city attorney and he said there were no conflicting positions but i'll be voting on the item. >> commissioner fung. >> i'm a member of that group as well. >> commissioner antonini. >> seeing. >> we need to take public
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comment. >> then i move to. >> having is there any public comment on the consent calendar seeing none, public comment is closed. >> move to approve item 5. >> second. >> on that motion to approve item 5. commissioner antonini. commissioner hillis. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong. commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, and places you under commission matters consideration of the draft minute for this meeting >> any public comment on draft seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner sugaya. move to approve the minutes of april 24th. on that motion commissioner antonini.
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commissioner hillis. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong. commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously and places you on item 7 commissions comments and questions >> commissioner antonini. yeah. interesting article in the examiner the author said it was about the title suburbs keys to have imbalance this is appropriate to come up the same day we're discussing the housing inventory the point the author says it's not the job have been oakdale and san jose and san francisco to provide the affordable housing for the region but its needs to be done in all cities and there's really no place, no low income affordable unit being built in
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the suburbia's or virtually none so he went through a whole survey i didn't list the percentages of the affordable housing in those various suburbia locates but the guest if are low especially think affordable housing for low income. the subject i've brought up many times we have to lose address the needs of the commuters to the city or any cities that being san francisco also not just those who live here he went through a statistics and came up with the percentage of people that drive or somehow get into the areas where they work and safest way has 90 percent and san room and google 93 and apple
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93 percentage and facebook 95 percent and this particular author said we have 80 up to 60 percent of workforce i'm not sure this is correct staff give us figures up to 60 percent the author makes the point the voters in those communities vote for the large corporate canvases but vote down transit and those workers who have to commute can't vote because they live a long ways away so when we consider the housing needs to san francisco we have to look at not only those who live here at this time but taking into consideration the the workforce and link our housing to satisfy
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our workforce not who happens to be living here right now it's a changing situation and also the other point this author makes i entirely agree those assessments is should be done on 0 recreational basis people move from one city to another by looking at area goals it dedicate a certain amount of affordable housing built we hold all to standards not only the large cities so very good article and worthy reading >> thank you commissioner borden. >> yeah. i wanted to get a hearing repelled to the hunters point shipyard point under or students being redesigned at the fire departments request from what we agreed upon better of
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the streets plan to 20 street to 26 width that's a big change to the pattern we contemplated i want to understand why it's being pushed weigh in on that. >> thanks. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'm will have interested in hearing that i wasn't sure how it came about. >> take commissioner borden's opinion that it was from 20 feet but the inspires are looking to narrow the case so whatever the case it tilts e it's woerthd hearing about. >> commissioner moore. >> i support we bring this back to the commission. >> moving on that places you on
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directors announcements. >> good afternoon john ram there's a hearing on the land use committee an is street width in the hunters point shipyard plan the fire department has asked for wireder streets for fire access reasons we'll be laborer the issues to find a way to accommodate their desire with not making the streets too wide and discourage racing on the streets so we're working with the other agencies right now and well, certainly be happy to schedule a hearing when the calendar permits. >> so we'll schedule the hearing and let the public know about it. >> the hearing on monday is
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that land use committee at the board of supervisors at the 1:30. secondly, i want to reinforce for the purposes of the commission and public there's a ocean avenue corridor workshop on wednesday is 14 green from 6 to 8:00 p.m. to look at the streetscape on world war i deepening dean high school next week that concludes my report >> commissions that places you think on the prehistoric there was no meeting. >> aaron star no items related to the planning on this weeks hearing at the full board of supervisors the pd passed it's
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fnld read and the supervisor yee's around is cannabis dispensary on ocean avenue passed it's final read and into the mayor's office there were two map appeals one for 738 mission street continued to may 30th there were several appeals to be heard and an appeal of a 10 he active map on fell street continued to may 3rd. there were 3 chapter amendments introduced this week on the november 4th ballot and that won't be returned to the committee first one was supervisor yee's charter amendment to create a children's council and supervisor kim introduced it would renew the public education enrichment fund
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>> supervisor avalos has a fund to rename the fund that's it for today. >> thank you. the board of appeals met one appeal which is a rehearing of a building permit the commission approved the large authorization a few months ago it was upheld and the environmental review was upheld to the board of supervisors and this is the building permit which the board of appeals upheld but there was no new information so at the denied the hearing request and the approval t is final if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> commissioners that places you on item 10 the academy of art update. thank you commissioners scott from the planning department
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again wanted to provide an update of the reenforcement we provided information on january 13th we issued 22 notices of vision we issued a stay and told the penalty and appeal hearing for the notices of violation we underlined 14 points to be met by the academy in the environmental reported we made substantial progress over the years i'll detail that b in october of this year we provided significant transportation studies of the report and we had a meeting with the academy in december to outline a path
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forward but f didn't get a clear radiance from the academy and as much on april 11th the director issued a letter to the president of the academy of art we outlined november 1st, 2014, as an achievable report and on april 25th i issued a letter that releases the stay and i'd like to go through highlights of that letter as part of that we issued a notice of violation on two properties one on van ness and it used to be the mercedes dealership and we issued a notice of violation on taylor
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street this is a property we brought to the commission but their application was withdrawn prior to the hearing this can't be legalized at this location so and a we issued an updated violation notice they've been using this as a gym for the academy this was previously the dbi not the building intersection but a beer sdrsht as industrial use and a letter of determination on had a street a property nearby this was a request from the academy it was used as an office use, however, the use even if property was an institutional use they have the
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core functions of an institution they have scholarship offices for students 7 percent 40 increasingly street was another review whether or not the use was illegal at this location and we actually determined it's legal so that has been removed and 61 howard street we have a notice of violation of bennet penalty but the academy seized the use of the property in 2013, the academy has been responsive since january 2013 we've removed 13 signs and they're under review by the department and of the 20 properties on montgomery one for powell an additional
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review is going on because of the violations on the property. since briefly on the statistic of the eir we gave comments comments to the academy on the transportation study at the time, we entered into the stay it was on the timeline that the draft eir would have been orientated in 2013 we worked with the academy, however, once again we issued the comments that were substantial in october we provided two months for digestion of those comments that were productive in december, however, while at pass it's been agreed upon by the staff there was the goal of having the steps to move forward we didn't
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receive any positive or productive feedback from the academy and no movement forward addressing the path and january and up to april passed and given the inaction by the academy and the fake we've established a new deadline of november 1st foyer for the draft eir they were in violation of the draft of the stay and particular they were term 3 that stated you must a meet our conceptual obligations to adhere to the departments schedule this condition had them issuing promote delivery of an eir term had the academy of art must complement the eir and must not take actions for the scope or bottom line included but not
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limited to using additional property and 13 the academy of art must reopened to e-mails and phone call from the date it was brought up and so again while we had made significant progress we've deeply resulted in it didn't continue through the winter and i released the stay given we had a reasonable deadline i released the information but agreed not to access be penalties so penalties begin on december 2nd in they don't meet the deadline if they had we can modify the terms and
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resetting additional goals for completion of the eir additionally any violations we would also be able to modify the penalty and be able to begin to access is a access the penalty so that's my overview of the process and chelsea is here will provide more background information on the status of eir >> good afternoon commissioner president wu and members i'll be providing you with a brief overview over is eir and to prostrate provide with brief responses from the e-mail he sent to you yesterday. as a reminder the eir is analyzing the potential growth including uses to house up to 4
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hundred students and 6 hundred plus secret located in 12 specific geography areas in the city to accommodate the needs of 61 hundred additional students. additionally the eir is analyzed in 6 building at a project level those sites were identified or otherwise changed by aa u after the publication notice of preparation for the eir. finally because projects are evaluated under sequa from existing at the time past actions even if they occur are considered whoift conditions tlvrg therefore we're having a technical memorandum that will evaluate the use of the 034
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properties cupped prior to this the memo will evaluate the effects by aa u in order to provide the commission and public with additional information to consider when deciding whether or not to authorize those uses after the fact together the eir will analyze it's ongoing operations of the cellist 44 properties of the growth. to date the following work has been completed on the eir van pea was published on 2010, however, following is publication a u u had subject changes to get the eir to analyze problematic and project level impacts as appropriate
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those changes had additional delayed costs it was submitted on july 2012 and subsequential the technical report and background resources work were completed along with 3 drafts of the transportation study to complete the study the department has begun working with the transportation eir xhoupt to complete the study and eir. we believe those remaining tasks could complete and push the draft by november 1st deadline. to address some of the points raised it is the department's policy in our environmental guideline it manages the work of the consultant or the project sponsor and their representatives and administers the contracts in front not
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within your purview but to make sure an adequate document is proud pursuant to sequa. and in regards to the tiff the department approved the scope of work based on the methodical it is different from a normal tiff it didn't use the method doing from the chart city's transportation guidelines and is conducted by the staff and the information obtained is from aa you it was designed specifically for a u u and it specific burden to describe the method doing on and on in the tiff it's not uncompanion to ask for
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additional drafts. the department is not asking a u u to complete additional work but to do the necessary work to support the analysis that concludes my presentation if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> thank you. let's open this up for public comment. >> sue hester you've within working on this for 13 years the academy should be graduated they've period of the moonwalk you start an eir and you don't
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finish it. you start studies and you don't finish them you keep requiring buildings the basic things the commission has talked about publicly at the hearings the few hearings you had relatively speaking is the plunder of the housing resources by the city by the aa u that is operating every housing project illegal i sent a letter asking on the commission to have a hearing on the 6 housing resources at the time 3 of you were on the commission 4 of you were not you've been since postponed it was to clooith alexander and at that time, i pleaded with the commission to set hearings i can't take action on an
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informational item i'm asking please set an action item for thetively of juan june for the purposes of setting and hearing in december if the eir is released in a timing manner within the quote/unquote deadline manner there's been so many deadlines it's ridiculous if they have a eir it will be harder on december 4th and simultaneously the commission shouldn't have the public e power and the public should have the power to look at the buildings to be sclaeltd they're out of compliance by the planning code i forward to you the letter i submitted in 2008. i also have the scope of work