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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2014 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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for 15 years want to continue to be involved and we made sure that the face applications have a neighborhood notification consistent and the preapplication post application meetings but specifically for the parks they'll be most concerned about the park design. and we've also put out a requirement to see where the community wants to have the developers come to give progress reports. those are only moderate minor modifications that are allowed. the general plan is minimal they're more of a clean some of
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the general plan maps references those plan this plan goes to sunset to reference a special use district instead of the redevelopment plan and lastly the key changes that were introduced to the board of supervisors and the mayor i talked about the design for development those changes b are primarily in the special use district there's an open space master plan in your packet this plan has now been implemented and revised based on the transportation and that is in your package and the infrastructure map will be forth coming there's minor tweaks we'll have it to you and lastly there's a new participation
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agreement and i'll i'm going to turn it over to emily and could be and wrap it up with the next steps >> good afternoon ken reminding i was the first planner on the project in 2009 i'm glad we're finally getting it done back in 2012 it was posed to move forward and using the classic tools for a development to happen we lost those tools in 2012 unless the tools this site needed toxic remexico no sewers or sidewalks or parks, etc. so sites like this like mission bay and candle stick have moved forward forward with fund in 2012, the redevelopment agency before it was resolved believes
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there was $150,000 half for infrastructure and half of the affordable housing. after that in partnership with xhoenz office and the planning department and, of course, the stakeholders trying to figure out how to make it work after the loss of $150,000 we've pulled it off. in a moment emily will go through the terms of the debut i'll describe it at a high-level to offer the close as possible to a market rate of return so to private developer will take it on so we came at this gunning again facing the loss of the $150,000 we came from 3 directions first, we worked to
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increase the potential the site and while staying true to the principles of the planning that helped to increase the revenue of the planner and to prioritize the community package that was redefined under the development we reduced the affordable housing percentage that was in the plan from 25 to 15 percent it was funded with tax increment and there was not enough to keep it high and third some unto to the map but it's lower and we did this by grant some in kind credits against the fees you'll hear more about this by securing small amazes from the city we'll
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detail those in a moment i'm going to turn it over to emily i want to remind you that all that's before you today are the authentication of the general plan amendment the rest is informationally information for your meeting in 3 welcome back i'm going to turn it over to emily thank you. >> thank you, ken and good afternoon commissioner president wu and commissioners. we know that the commission is familiar it's a illegal illegally bearing in mind be contract so along as they conform to the project. so the key tenants is the development program up to 6 hundred and 79 units of housing and retail. as well as the project phasing
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and a predetermined benefits the project any approve include a grocery store and parks and affordable housing and transportation and neighborhood impact fee tricks. this arrangements gives the developer a sense the development can be built to offer a benefit package our challenge has been to negotiate a set of public benefits that maximized the benefits to the city. the development agreement specifics when part of the project can be built and especially strict about the first phase of the development phase one about bring the grocery store to the neighborhood including hopefully, the established part of leeland avenue west of bush
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boulevard for commercial active to meet the goals phase one must include the residential building that on parcels one and two a grocery store on the ground floor of the parcel one building that's the building at the corner of bay shore billboard and this is to service the new building that's true of all buildings and complete east, west pedestrian access from the bayer shore boulevard that didn't currently exist and build out who parcels in part of phase one. after phase one the developer can decide when parcels to include and we did that to respond to the housing demand.
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the phasing plan defines when the public benefits must be implemented. so as claudia mentioned the starting point for the public benefits are the priorities set at the community meeting and the one is groceries and parks. in response we've negotiated the development agreement has a full service groceries of at least 15 thousand square feet and the maximum groceries is 28 thousand square feet we're hoping that the developer can attract a higher interest. it cannot move beyond phase one until the groceries is there open the parcel, however, if
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they find a grocery store on or about to come in then the time will be capacity >> the developer has to build two parks the point acre leeland. the developer and or subsequent building owners will be responsible for the maintenance of the ongoing parks. as part of the das flexible strategy we decide which park to build first, the first park has to be built first and the second before the rate of occupancy
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human resources, however, wherever the developer blts parcel that three and four they have to build leeland in in conjunction with the housing even if the parcel didn't include the 9 hundred and 76 units. we heard from the community that protecting the historic office building from decay and vandalism is important it's a phase one requirement for the developer to stabilize that building then during the latter stages of the development the developer will have to get it up to historic standards. the development of housing on parcels 11 and 12 in the bottom south eastern corner of the map that will be the trigger for the
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full implementation requirement those parcels are to be built last night in the phase after the groceries is built. the development agreement has an affordable housing plan the project must have inclusionary housing. the first and probably most scared ways to put the affordable housing within those buildings but provide a hundred percent affordable building and dedicate a parcel to the city for the mayor's office of housing at the ratio the 3 units of captive for every one unit of inclusionary housing that's outcomes required that's more aggressive than other neighborhoods. the developer may satisfy up to
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1/3rd of the affordable housing requirement and off assignments development. as the development built out it dips below the numbers of units it's important to note in addition for the protecting hours that will be priced within the research of middle-income units. the agreement specifications all construction jobs ushering be subject to the first hiring program and the developers will pay the prevailing wage including the rehabilitations of the historic building. in addition to all city standard fees it will be subject to too
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fees one the visitacion valley community facilities infrastructure fees that's all new development in the neighborhood and an extra impact fees which typically only applies to commercial area but there's a transportation fee levied on new development. the combined fees is estimated at $18 million. now to overcome the loss of 50 millions in redevelopment fund that ken mentioned the city has you found several smaller contributions those will be a combines of fee credits that will benefit the community. the diminishing source of subsidy about the $2 million of proposition k funds pledged by
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sfmta and $1.4 million pledged by sf fta this will give the community safe access to the community station. the rec and park department which is still under discussion and not part of the proposal but hopefully we'll have an update open june 5th their ideas can be bringing up more money to the project. the $19 million will be credited back to the developer in consideration or consideration of the in kind benefits including the historic building and the parks and public network and the improvements. the total value of credits is $8 million so the city will city
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net approximately $10 million in revenue from the visitacion valley fee and impact fees. the city has agreed to pursue outside sources like taxed. there are several other key terms we would like to go over before concluding it will have a 15 year term so long as the planning director needs to comply with the design controls, amending the development agreement will require the agreement by board of supervisors with a few exceptions that claudia described only the approval of the planning commission and finally the developer may transfer any portion of the site to another party but all the rights about transfer with the land and become the rights and obligations of the other party.
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i'm going to turn it over to claudia to go over our next steps in the process. >> thank you, ken and emily really quickly next steps. in 2008, an eir in 2008, we've prepared an addendum to the eir the conclusions of the addendum the changes to the project will not result in any severity of impacts identified or the need for new mitigation measures the addendum will be accomplished u published in a couple of week and any sequa findings will be
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available before the june hearing. we'll be at that particular time those to you. as far as the timeline we have a packed summer full of hearing we're here today and also going to the public utilities commission as well as the community of transportation authority and through june odot mta board and the rec and park department cap committee and come back to june 5th to approve the general amendments and other components i mentioned at the beginning and that takes us to the board of supervisors the various committee. again those are the actions you'll be taking on june 5th in addition to the planning code and the zoning map the development agreements and all the documents that are
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incorporated by reference. the action we're asking you to take today is to adapt the resolution and would like for you to confirm the june 5th meeting so we can finish by summer >> all the staff are available for questions. oh, i'm sorry jonathan from the project sponsor is going to give a few remarks. >> thank you claudia and commissioners first acknowledges for the mayor and supervisor cowen for their leadership in taxing to us this tremendous tremendous effort by the community visitacion valley who have redefined the word tenacity
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a city staff for a tireless effort offer this project and too many people to thank and at the state the d t s c and cc pa as well as the team at the u pc many, many nights and we understand to take us to this point. >> can couple of pieces of good news. finally at first, i finally the community visitacion valley will get a well deserved catalyst investment of over $5 million to help commit the neighborhood back together and give them over two acres of parks and grocery stores and revision to this area. and second thus for sure i'm sure you're aware of even through the worse economic
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downturn in 70 years and demise our company has investment in the remediation of legacy and grand theft and soil contamination that's been accomplished the best news we're getting to the millstone before i'm eligible for an aarp membership and that's terrific (laughter) >> thank you. any other presentation from the staff or. open this up for public comment. dr. espanola jackson. doug and jim
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>> commissioners i'm frank mart i'm affiliated with 9 visitacion valley planning alliance it's gratifying to say the planning advance remarkably it's been 15 years and my husband and my neighborhood in my living room this is the key to our future and to this day we've advocated for the community planning we've helped to fund a new library in visitacion valley and we remidnight this in a epic nation we've defeated two huge companies and when advocated to
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get slaj lock back into the neighborhood this is a community battle and hopefully, will be what we envisioned the clear up of the toxics and into a community that's healthy with new parks and jobs and housing and retail along with the restoration of the old office building to serve as a community resource we want to transfer our city to one that's a model for transportation oriented development and help to have more housing stock. i ask you to insure there's a continuing planning design throughout the slaj lock would
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build out and protect the public for the design a quantify and qualify active issue there is a cc&r and finally commissioners, i urge you to support the developers agreement so we can build in slajz locate and build in a just dish manner and thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi good afternoon you commissioners aim jim excuse me. payroll i'm a resident of visitacion valley and also a member of the planning alliance. we form the planning alliance about 15 years ago in order to have a presence in the development that was going
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around us. unfortunately for me i've been a member of art for about 10 years. so we are very anxious to get something going developing slaj lock. i think that little development is kind of a no-brainer ways we're geology to we're going to have retail which right now we have to get out and go to other parts the city to now even to buy groceries for decent - for impractical any daily thing that has to be done it's just not in
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your neighborhood. so this will also i think attract other people looking for heirs. we're going to have 15 percent market rate housing and i think that we need this. this is been the heart of the visitacion valley. so i'm asking all of you to support the development at slaj lock thank you. thank you. next speake thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners and planning staff douglas functioning a member of the community advisory board it
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feels guarantee great to be staples here before i between the private developers and communities to come to a point where we all still like each other and are anxious to have more units and the groceries and the parks and wonderful thing that come along with that but understand and i have been participating this long on how to maintain the nationals we've also participated in this project was started as a redevelopment process to it was used and it's a wonderful process being able to community with the community and be able to publish the design but we redevelopment process includes the continuing participation from the community through the
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completion of the development and it's my understanding that developer agreement you have now and the planning changes you're looking at will effectively take away the public's right for a krufgs but i do want to point out as much as i'm trying to make sure this project gets approved over the next two weeks to work together in which the community can be a participating member in the design process all through the development. i know there's a specific advantage to the developer not to participate in a
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discretionary review the opportunity to enter those observations to the post application review into the project record for the pcos will a great addition to the current changes. >> oblige commissioners aim russel's i'm in visitacion valley started back off in the early early days back when it was still owned by the company that bought salvage localities been a great process over the 10 or 13 or 14 years we didn't have an iphone and before feedback we have had a different mayor and
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commissioner antonini was the only person on the board during that then i support the project and hopes it moves forward and it's a good project and hopefully in the next two or three weeks when it comes time for the approval you supervisors trust the community that put the time in to get to this point they showed you the meetings over two years you spread this over 10 years the developers and contingent put the time in and hopefully we'll moved soon. i want to add salvage lock it should be sin anonymous with san
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francisco salvage lock started in san francisco it was in visitacion valley before bought out by multi company it's a worldwide name and hopefully in two or three weeks you've approve that this is a good project. thank you >> thank you tim on behalf of the san francisco housing coalitions we were involved in this back in 2007 or 2008 i went to a couple of community workshops i remember vividly what was the racket thing the accord between the community members and the outcome was it was xeerm outreach this is the