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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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sxhefk. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya. commissioner president wu. sxhun so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero . >> good afternoon. welcome back to san francisco planning commission regular hearing for thursday, may 8, 2014, i'd like to remind members of the public the commission that the commission does not permit outbursts of any kind and please silence all electronic devices. that mating may signing seen off and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners we've left off in your your regular calendar the
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sponsor planning codes to eliminating fees. good afternoon. welcome commissioner i'm kevin i'm the fence and i t manager for the planning department i'm here to ask for eliminates of fees i've presented this to the commission on february 5th and 4th i presented the planning proposal on february 5th and you approved the departments budget the property code amendments eliminates the fund foreclosure fees for the reactuation for
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closed cases none have a high volume and generate revenue for the department the cost of the administrative staff are so minor and have declined it no longer requires a fee and the department didn't expect any negative impact from the fees in 2014-2015 i request you approve this a and will include this in messing 2014 and 16 proposed budget to the board of supervisors that concludes my presentation fiduciaries thank you very much >> any public comment on that item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini >> move to approve. >> second.
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>> on the motion to adapt a recommendation and commissioner antonini commissioner borden. >> commissioner hillis. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes that unanimously and places you on item 15 item 14 has been continued and the next case at the 777 van ness street is a public informational hearing to review the inclines of continues >> good afternoon this is an informational discussion of the business operations at the 77 van ness street perkins approval for the conditional hearing for the business operations this continues a live microscopic venue and an outdoor activity area that opened in 2013 and the outdoor activities opened that
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on a few times basis thereafter and there's two conditions the first one is excessive noise complaints from neighborhoods from patron noise think the street and open doors and i woulding vehicle noise ass and the recircling the garbage the other xooedz the hours including the trash picks up are occurring outside and the community staff has worked the neighbors to solve the concerns and continued conversation will be necessary to reduce the noise as a requirement they did a followup noise study in march of 2014 which found the noise didn't
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exceed the ambient amount of the noise that concludes my presentation that concludes my presentation. >> this is purely an informational item you may over the to the. i believe the staff is here we can overtime for the comments >> we'd have speaker cards write on them and handouts for the commissioner.
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commissioners staff good afternoon phillip agent for the chaplain agency this is a gross miss characterization saying the neighbors are having difficulties with the project you'll hear from one or two neighborhood the neighbors you you'll hear from today happen to reside in wait a minute - this building here and the area we're talking about >> bring the microphone over and speak into that. >> excuse me. commissioner president wu. the patio area is over here and the capita he will a over here euro not going to be hearing
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from anybody it's directly across from it we sent out 2 hundred and 6 mailings with the planning department erica heard from 2 people out of that we have a poster up having thousands of people walking n in this block again my name was on there with my phone call no calls. this is an extremely well embraced project by community. that just didn't happen the project sponsor mr. jake knowles when we acquired this property respect and scouted out people to basically get embedded into
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the community and i had the good fortune of receiving a call from him and meeting whose who in the community this is mr. wron who has the buildings across the street and has chocolate and crafts and cheese and before he submitted his plans she's showing his naibdz neighbors and he hired the crown so operate burying to be hearing next from patricia here she is she was part of the friends of the frontals group that put the restoration the fox jack has the desire to change that and the spiritual grandchildren from the late graham and he's the
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children they'll all part of the organization that billing graham left to don holiday >> thank you your time is up (calling names) i can't pronounce your last time i apologize. >> i'm patricia isle i've been working with joking on jack since he bought the building that's great to see how it got open the chapel includes jazz and latino music and bluegrass and rock the chapel is is community grandfathering place
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we hold activities tonight for example, we had the closings nights for the san francisco film fess actually and we is a casing school and the literally nonprofit coming in to do their graduation and hosted events for the latino film festival and the theater and lip earthquake is doing a major event with us as well and the san francisco entertainment commission choose it for a night time summit so we're part of the community and we have other authors there we posted public radio and west coast live there as well one of
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the things we're approved we try it and have a focus with the local musicians and also mission we having had a mar off ramp band for cinco de mayo and for the carnival weekend and feel good boo about how the chapel has grown thank you very much. >> next speaker >> my role is office manager and chapel one of my main duties is to build relationships with the vendor we want to make sure to address issues in a timing manner i build relationships to make sure we can address issues quickly one of the vendors i've
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worked with closely i want to address some of the issues that james howard has specifically ongoing complaints one is trash collection late at night we had large metal containers, however, we switched to smaller benefits and the trucks never come into our parking lot to the evidently of the parking lot to avoid late night noise and when the cleaning crew comes in between 12 and one a.m. and garbage is published i picked up directly from the street the gate is closed at the end of the night around 6:00 p.m. so anyone trying to collect recycling bottles can't come into the parking lot either. to address another issue is the
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enar closed could area i have a picture showing this area we close the gate and lock it so anyone can't come in and go through the rekyle go unfortunately, the bins are not also there they have to be rolled out at 67 p.m. for pickup so that issue was addressed in a timely manner so far as unfortunately, when the bins go out into the street on valencia that's out of our control it's away from the parking lot but we didn't have control over that
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and so far as the parking lot gate it's close at the 6:00 p.m. and latched all the time. thank you >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm the venue manager i'm responsible for stage management and make sure that the band operate under the rules the chapel has to behave as good neighbors and the neighbors have any phone number i'll respond immediately. we're in the heart of new valencia and i know we have to keep this as a cultural hub my staff looked at four locations
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and once we close the doors when the events start and keep the doors closed i invite positive and negative comments i'm gifted see the cultural music of latino music in san francisco. thank you for your time >> next speaker >> i'm james howard i'm actually, one of the neighbors. i was wording if i can show you my diaphragm i take exception i don't live dribble behind this parking lot i actually do. i don't know if you can see that >> sfgovtv. >> you don't happen to have is a system i have to press a bum
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and this is the parking lot this box this is the building and one of the neighbors this is where i live and two families that will hear and 3 families live here and this is the parking lot not to scale this was 80 feet and the outdoor eating area 50 to 60 patrons carrying but the trash bins are left out here and a ridiculous amount of bottle wastes 6 hundred people go to concerts accomplice two restaurants and those bottles s are collected at all hours of the night 2 to welcoming i've
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had one hundred e-mails with the project liaison germany let them know i was disturbed address he'll talk to the operation people and they'll try harder. i keep getting this over and over this place has supposed to work out those kings the project sponsor spoke before the commission and promised the commission the bottles will go out the front door he said this and promised it twice on camera before the commission and instead of the bottles are recycle out the backdoor and if you dump a barrel of beer
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bottles your silence is disturbed they collectless bottle ecology comes three or four times a week and the trash cans are dragged out where a they're stored not as conditions it's outside the little and dragged across 60 feet it's noisy i'd like to have you consider and i'll continue to monitor this and i wish the project success >> is there any further public comment okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini >> yeah. maybe i could ask someone to speak on behalf of the vesty and the chapel regarding what the speaker said
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because i think we saw a picture of the bottles and cans and the recycling being a contained area which didn't look like this was outside in the area is it true they're out there or in a contained area like in the picture. >> their contained in the morning and in order to fill them we have to take them out of the containment. so basically, i, tell you of course, basically, the empty cans are on the street our moaning person comes in in the clock in the morning and once the facility is closed we store the bottles inside he'll bring that auto and sort it and then
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this goes back into the containment and around 6:00 p.m. really, really them out and around midnight or one a.m. the cleaning crew comes out so there's no dumping the bottles are not dumped into the back of the parking lot >> this operation is all occurring sometime around 6:00 p.m. it doesn't sound like anything happens in the night and no dirng the business hours and put into the appropriate bins and put into back into the containment. >> how about ongoing during the time there's events going on those things fill up their
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internal impairments. >> that's around 9:00 a.m. their left inside at night and i'm not sure what is happening i made a visit at the request of the is tenants and also met with both take a look lavish and as well as the tenants and their attorney i don't know if this is the instance but in this particular case things were being attended to well but the noise that was disturbing the tenants the skafrj would get both in and the solution i don't know if it's been solved by you
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talked to the police can't say that's happening but certainly anybody that's close to valencia street surveillance can get to it i saw one business ready to close and this guy was sitting in front and watching and as soon as it is he calls hi friends and they grab their bottles from the business night not imperial legal but makes noise. to hopefully, the problems can be worked out. i went through to another dinner and saw how beautiful the chapel were restored it's magnificent
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new wiring and the seismic work done think the building from the report the ambient noise is less than the decimals and they're doing a lot of great community work but be aware of the problems that exist >> commissioner sugaya. >> yes. can i get an interpretation of number 12. >> it shall be provide within the establishment so it's happening everything their showing you us an enclosure that's outside the establishment as far as i, tell. >> if i may commissioner we
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interpret that to be enclosed. >> but not win the establishment. >> we interpret it that way if it's enclosed there's an enclosure. >> there's an enclosed shelter sittings in the parking lot. my interpretation of the establishment within the building. no? >> i think that there's a way to say that might want on the outside but the way we interpret it and the way it was approved in the plan this is how we interpreted this particular enclosure. >> well, the plans i have good show it at all.
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anyway >> i think in the future we should like craft a different way of presenting whether or not an enclosure is inside or outside the building. >> commissioners taylor's there's no action you're required to take today this is an condition for the approval which is included in the original motions as a reporting mechanism to come back to you. you could advice the scoping administer to limit the noise that's the extent of the decision today >> campaigning. >> if i'm following this right from what testimony that's been given from the establishment even if this is where the cans
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are kept outside the established most of them are around the bar area so it shouldn't be with a source of noise in the middle of the night it didn't make much difrs difference if the storage is in the inside or outside area so long as it's enclosed and after it's rolled to the street it's out of their control unfortunately. >> commissioners unless there's a motion to move this to another agenda? go ahead and this is the next ordinance at the i'm sorry item 16 for case at the 4150 question
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for authorization >> the item before you is a conditional use authorization and the proposal to modify the approval in case no. 1986 plus to reduce the number of parking spaces for the planned use development on 14th street and can change the use of up 21 equal and two motorcyclist spaces. the parking spaces will be rented out on a monthly basis and additionally the planning code requires the bicycle parking with when a owner is
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changed for the bicyclist parking spaces and 6 bicycle spaces were required and have been provided today we've received two 0 containments and they inspected and found no issues in order for the procedure to continue it must meet the planning code to permit the modification under motion 10 plus case to reduce the minimum number of parking spaces with the planned development at the stated address and it allows the change-up to 24 spaces and for your information what triggered this is the police code requires
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any rental of spaces boo above 10 spaces the calculation it be changed in community to private garage and the applicant it getting the permit for the space with that, that concludes my presentation if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> project sponsor. >> good afternoon commissioner president wu and commissioners i'm susan the president of the board of directors and the project sponsor i've lived at the association for 15 years and been on the board for the last 9 and we have the four directors in the back row and support the application. fortunately, we is where the 23
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unsigned spaces in addition to the already 66 spaces that are assigned to the unit and there are largely underutilized unless their rented for owner guest parking during 2008 we didn't want to raise the dues but started renting spaces to folks who didn't have off-street parking. about 18 months ago we become aware of there were actually city rules and regulations related to it so we brought ourselves into compliance and paid all back taxes and have a business license and we now