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tv   [untitled]    May 12, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning folks. i'm mike and i'm the president
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of the san francisco memorial truce asia on behalf of the war context and the san francisco symphony welcome to davis home. we're grateful for the puc's san francisco puc's support to make that building one of the greenest performing venues in this country. in this context we have the san francisco war memorial opera house and davis building symphony haul tharsz the homes for the ballot and the san francisco to symphony and others hundreds of organizations that perform and need to place for the performing arts. we're really grateful also in
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the last 10 years the puc's pour enterprise has invested nor $2 million to improve the efficiency of the lighting and the mechanical systems we're saving more than one million kilowatts of energy a year and 16 thousand themselves of natural gas a thermal is one hundred and 10 thousand b t us if this helps you or a form is one hundred and cubic feet of gatt gal gassy appreciate the puc's commission support. that partnership is continuing wus we're renovating the veterans building and are had open in september of 2015 and lead certified with that i'm to
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go thank thank the mayor and introduce the jrgd for the san francisco public utilities commission mr. harry listen kelly (clapping.) thank you major. again, i'm harry listen kelly i'm general manager for this and our agency provides one hundred percent of green house gas gas free from the hetch hetchy bio gas and is also solar. we use that power to provide the power to the airports and muni and to city hall, to our 525 golden gate and facilities like this. we're proud to provide those resources to help those facilities obtain a hundred percent greenhouse gas free power. so one of the things this
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project that municipal power we partnered with public works the department of public works installed the solar panels we saw them from our building we wanted to make sure they installed them and my office was right there i offer saw the installation of the panels. they did an amazing job my hats off to the puc and the dpwic together as a team. so one of the things the puc wants to do in our water diverse our water supply and power we're looking to install important solar installations like this this is our 16 solar installation we've installed and thitsdz been amazing to see the benefits in investing in solar
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this wouldn't have happened without a mayor like this who talked about renewables and really invest in our climate goals it's a it's a great pleasure to work with the mayor that buildings in infrastructure and creating jobs. i'm to bring up mayor ed lee who will make a special announcement thank you >> thank you harlan and thank you to the sf puc you and barbara hail it's been important and supervisor chiu eye share the view especially important solar. what wee a perfect day in a perfect setting the hottest day of april we're trying to catch with dr. espanola jackson. she did solar many her house and
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why can't our municipalities do the same and for this particular site thank you to dpw and puc and the whole family of entities as our commission leaders as well as the would it be fair to say local 21 is here today as well and the private sector for pushing our city to do everything we can to get off oil. this is quality of height issues but has a practical fetish and the general manager knows this it allows the symphony to maintain the tickets prices for people like me. a world-class symphony has o to make that affordable to everyone in the city if it does its work in a smarter watt to enjoy 50
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percent reduction in using the regular energy sources they have sea this is the story that will repeat itself over every municipal building those stories are up to 7.6 megawatts with the puc's leadership and we need to have that conversation was we do as well as we are in the municipal solar arena we're educating our private sectors and anothers to take i am the champ like dr. jackson did everyone should have that opportunity and the cost of the solar panels have come down. if we're smarter about your economics and use the money that is provided wisely we can allow people to do it i can every neighborhood wants to join our
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puc and wants to join people like dr. jackson and others to get up r get that on the roof. but at the also know as important we join everything else in certifying our public and private people or willfully to do more to get off follows fuel to safe our planet those are the reasons people talk about the world-class city of san francisco. this is why david has taken up the obligation to go to the state so he can brag about when w what he did in the city to be models for the rest of the state. in addition to the solar systems the array we made a promise to invite the public and private
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sector to enjoy this this is fulfilling that enjoyment. i want to thank the war memorial and beth and the others for kicking this off but on another perfect die we have other announcement we have the public utilities commission we want to do more in funding our solar program. in years past we were celebrating what more we could do we're also faced with the limitation of financing in the worse times we wanted to indicate back in the years we the excitement of alternative energy was making its head way we funded go solar in a strong way and over the years other financial challenges come up and other priorities but never did
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we ever forget that is something we wanted to do hates been something i've had in anywhere heart for many years as i went up to the annual celebrations what else can we do that's what alumnial and others in the city working with our local labor leaders what else can the city do to have this effort as espanol said for each of the next two years as partly celebration but also a reflection of this city's total family commitment we're community investment & infrastructure commission $5 million every year in the next two years for the go solar program (clapping.) that's the full fund where everybody has wanted to get us to you wanted to thank the puc
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and thank the people that have been in the interference i can't say that you're on the rooftops with good reason. we have something to yell and scream about the celebration of this city once again, it makes me personally proud to join with other bay area stoiz that are doing much more we can joining join in investing in green jobs and green technology and make our residents allow them the feeling the welcomeness of being invited into the environmental movement that's also been there but not perhaps in years been visiting to everyone we're 4th of july that out more and more and later this week we'll are announcing new leadership to compliment everybody but today, it's about thank you to all the
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parties the board of supervisors working with me and thank you to the tractors and the vendors and our labor frenzy we couldn't do much without. we have been working together can figure out things and when it comes to environmental challenges we have to figure out this out. i'll be proud going to santa clara or a san jose or shanghai or manila. $5 million is what we do this year and the next year, we want to know how that money and insight more investment in our green technology and green jobs n this is the jobs for the future this is what the kids in the bayview hunters point and in the housing and kids in chinatown and in the mission when am i going to get a substantial green job not a job
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that pollutes or a job that i expel my head down to make money a job to share with our generations of people this is would we're doing and i'm so proud of the family and proud of our private partners in helping us to get to this successful point. thank you and congratulations to everyone (clapping.) so next i'd like to invite the president of the board of supervisors who recently had a hearing and asked you us the puc how to fund go solar you asked and it happened; right? so why don't you come up and say a few words. supervisor david chiu. the sun is shining >> >> we're going to do a couple more hearings i want to
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thank you all for coming together. first of all, i'm excited about today's announcement because you know i played the violin and placed in a lot of semii didn't orchestras and we have a symphony that is including but particularly on the environmental and green level is tremendous but i'm here to thank the mayor and puc for all and all of you for a model how we take care of the environment go solar started in 2008, and after 25 installations on rooftops around the city has quadruped for businesses and nonprofit organizations and we know that the rest of the state and country has been looking to do wasn't we've done but because of our budget challenges and by the
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way, i appreciate the budget challenges and thank you mr. kelly and mar. in recent years the funding for this program has been chafrjdz. we know that installations have come down and the community today approached any office to focus attention e aforementioned an what we're doing right thank you environmentalist this is how we safe our planet and thank you to the labor to get the folks so what the high tech 21st century workforce and other solar companies that have decided to invest her 90 in san francisco because we have the capital of solar in the country. thank you all of you for coming together to hull together and hearing we made a good case for
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why we needed to do that and thank you mr. mayor for working what the community. with that, i look forward to other future parties on rooftops and again, congratulations to everyone but particularly the community the residents who from dr. espanola jackson to bright line to others who have been fighting in the interference to make this happen. have a wonderful and sunny day (clapping.) >> also i'd like to acknowledge we very our assemblyman phillip here. >> so next i'd like to say to bring up one of the leaders invoking for the go solar and flu fully funded and also the president of the department of
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the environment commission and in past conversations how we can fully fund go solar. you, you know, so we've got two more years to figure out the next two years but we should start now. so why don't you come up and say something >> thank you general manager kelly. i'm proud to chair the commission on vierlt. the advocates become a little bit pest i didn't about fully funding 70 self-so thank you mr. mayor for good solar this is the first time we've having had funding secured for the first time so thank you for that. supervisor chiu called the first
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meeting building it or not the board of supervisors allowed us to express our concerns and why it is become the model for the state and nation so thank you for doing that supervisor chiu. so general manager kelly we're going to work with you and we're going to work to make this happen with the resources get go solar sf on tranquilize and get the jobs up. i know speaking for the vice president of the environment we have our new manager here (clapping) my. we'd be willing to co- manage go solar if you want. we've got nothing to do for two years i know that my colleagues commissioner he jeff wanted to be here he took ill this morning he actually changed his middle
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name to solar so i want to give him a shout out when he has a chance to learn about this important announcement pursue image roger kim your virus has been working hard. you have the california commercial management when he was the san francisco publics commissioner like vince here it's a circle david showed you how to take a taxpayer rebate and put that in the hands of the businesses and every dollar you put in unlocks 5 times many more of economic activity in the city and county of san francisco. to in other words, this $5 million will mean $25 million
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or more of local accelerator investment there in san francisco and more jobs and we're seeing contractors and i b go w 6 and luminal and we get to come together. and we show showed the program pays for itself so when the properties go solar the program pays for itself. i'm an advocate you can tell by the gestures it's an honor to be a commissioner i thank the advocates when you get one from the outside to be inside we want to thank everybody i want to make sure i don't forget anyone so vote solar and asian
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neighborhood design, sierra club and apr and luminal and sun and labor 2 61 and other urn laboratories and, of course, the ambassador of solar dr. espanola jackson and last but not least particularly a tireless advocate a lawyer and community advocate from bright line defense mr. eddy young and thank you mr. mayor for this great achievement >> so next i'll call up my boss the president of the puc commission. he's been very instrumental in actually broker the relationship with the department of public works and the puc to perform the work on the rooftop installing the solar panels so i'd like for
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mr. courtney to say a few words >> good afternoon it's a beautiful backdrop it kind of shows me that still is committed to green energy and green jobs everybody is doing a shout out so it's hard to shout out to the building trade and others but i'm lucky i've been here my whole life he everyone is shouting out to dr. espanola jackson but espanol in addition to all the many, many things she does in san francisco she's my doctor. in all seriousness i'm proud to stand with mayor ed lee he understands the vandals of moving in the direction of those clean power installations and
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understands the commitments of our labor organizations and how it really changes life but putting those installations on private and public properties we're moving into what supervisor david chiu referred to the opportunity to become the capital of the solar in the country. i'm enthusiastic let's say what is really put together with the aggressive advocate of the workers that are recommended but for the virile community we have an obligation to move in the direction that's a pinch me moment working with our staff and mr. mayor and supervisor david chiu gives me an opportunity to sought our 5 thousand labors in understanding we're one city area working together and getting things