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tv   [untitled]    May 12, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> good afternoon, commissioners aim mindy i'm a job developer our office andrew and andrew have been on the boulevard we've seen the public housing residents being disappointed there was supposed to be a project and no project i want to see a job community hiring program the people who live in public housing gets the first proprietor for all jobs construction, retail, rec and park they've been waiting a long-term and we can change the community that's been devastated for many, many years that public housing in sunnyvale is the largest in the city and they need jobs. i know the economics and the city are wonderful today but i
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work with a population of 40 percent unemployment this can employ public housing first make them a priority they're also forgotten about i'm coming here to speak on their on behalf of thank you >> next speaker >> thank you i don't know if you can see this. >> it will come on the screen. >> there we go. i live in the visitacion valley this is a wonderful project. it is you should go with it my concern being a commuter between san jose and san francisco is the existing alignment of the track that's a restriction in
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the area. so real estate that not manipulative was being done and an opportunity last year with the eir i and others have sat down together and see if there's a way to speed up this and while being very, very relevant full of u pcs land use especially in the area what we ended up with the this line i don't know if you can see it it does impact those are the only negative it impacts sponsor 11 and to the call of the chair they're not going to give you a list of positives hopefully someone will look at this it makes the process triangle it does do in
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terms of speed over one hundred mile-per-hour toesht with others alignment down the road regardless whether or not high speed comes here another positive i can have faster and less expensive station relocation because you're going go to deal with the traffic you'll have better integration with the geneva so if you could taking into consideration i'll appreciate it thank you >> thank you is there any further public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner moore >> it's difficult to conceal my
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excitement i was all about certain us of of would be a victim but handed to everyone and don't want to say who first to creativity and resiliently decide this this is racket to see the planning was all w d t strategies to reinvent i think i have to bite my tongue not to say look at what we can do sacramento i didn't say that. i'm happy to acknowledge the tremendous amount of work including the density i think this is one of the few sites and i've asked this before that it accommodates additional height not to tall because we're
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dealing with an interpretation tremendous amount of height. i have one question i did not hear mr. flores speak about the provision of parking for residential. would you mind addressing that or is that still uncertain yeah. the provision of parking has not changed it's one parking unit per residential that's the maximum. i still review the sections how indeed to deal with the staggering heights and dealing with the great transitions we're
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not on the level to how pedestrians come from parking into the grocery stores will be a design problem i'm not going to ask but there's a a lot of creativities i'd like appreciate it not sure if it's possible members of the public that made constructive comments to come back in june and participate and there are many things you've done the work which we will not remember by bring it back to the full destruction in the june meeting you're talking about the continuation of a cab not win the jurisdiction of this but together with the mayor's office the issue of the rail alignment and other specific questions that came up.
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i'm encourage everybody to could be when we indeed make all the many decisions around this project i'm in total support and congratulations to everyone who was able to moved and not lose it along the way >> commissioner antonini. >> s a few questions we can answer at later hearings are in regards there was a plan to make a new clover leave to make yes, your honor even if coming come across the boulevard this does nothing to interrupt the plan. in light of that entire thing i think part of the plan will include a future like rail and spur they're talking about bus routes but ultimate it should be light rail the t end there and
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someone living in that part of the city like to state college works over there has to ride up the t to market street and turn around and go through the twin peaks tunnel and plus you have so turn the cars around to the station. i'm sure that's something we should have in mind but the question regarding i saw an idea of a pathway for residents to be able to get to the caltrain station i'm wondering too extending the key line not a long ways to making a right at the station so people come on open caltrain can transfer, you know, onto the light rail if their designation is is not
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caltrain the third street goes one way and caltrain another way. and i don't think there's any plan to go underneath the tracks to little hollywood you'll have to have a tunnel underneath everything that's the plank it goes through. it's really a good project. i think it it's very essential that the stores are part of the project and also the historic building is very important to keep as part of the plan and i agree that will have of the units will be somewhat affordable by locations because a they've be new units they'll be in a price range that will make them nor accessible to the 0 general population. and finally one speaking spoke
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about salvage lock and how to more like lists it i have 6 keys and yeah. two of them are from slaj so it's synonymous when i was a kid it was an important company >> thank you commissioner sugaya. >> yeah. i have a couple of questions first of all, ms. flores on the june 5th planning meeting we're not flaking any action relative to the eir; right? >> i'll you i'm going to turn it over to joyce she's the expert on addendums and that's correct no action around your sequa finding you'll have to adapt the sequa finding again.
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>> exactly thank you. i have a question about bris bandy want to make the gentleman happy there's a map diaphragm on page 8 which shows the previous park arrangement in which there was a lot more open space and an extension down into the is it called the bay lance in bris ban it shows an extension of the greenway i want to know what coordination has heaped to the south if any and the project sponsor can best answer the question they also own the land but - >> jonathan sharpening man the draft eir of the bris ban
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project has closed the public comment period on january 24th of this year it's during the hearing phase for the approval of that eir that will be addressing the activity or the open space between the slaj site and the proposed less than year parks and a at the lance. >> i want to make sure the coordination is golden those have been going on for forever. >> the streets the way they were designed and landscaped will maintain that continuity. >> there is expected to be affordable to protecting families how do we insure that
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we're talking about $50 million going away and coming up with $8 million we've increased the heights there's more units but - and to be clear the 15 he percent is affordable housing with the affordable housing the other 80 percent is market rate but market rate for that part of town we've done analysis and the parallels of the market rate for that hoefrz in the $500 per square feet for a condo that's half of this price in this part of town. >> the low income go the low one hundred you get there with about the market rate there's no restriction it's just that housing in that part of town is
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selling or renting in that part of town that's why we're excited about the housing in that part of town. >> commissioner hillis. >> it's amazing we're here talking about the restriction the analysis. you know, kind of dead after redevelopment went away it's great it is here and fran russel's and it's amazing they stated with it but sacramento shouldn't necessarily be off the hook because things did suffer while the height there was good, i think we can have for tax increments to do more things and certainly affordable housing suffered but hopefully i don't know where it is in the process
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but something we shouldn't give up on kwok a son or daughter >> i don't want to apply that and jonathan will probably agree i don't want to employing apply this was easy and barely pulled this off but the developers rate of return is not a market rate of return it's because of the developers willingness to see this through and doing the best but hard to get within spitting distance so i echo what you say. >> is there any movement on bringing that back. >> i haven't followed it recently but there's a couple of bills going through sacramento that would sort of streamline the process and louse allow the fund to be spent on housing i
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don't know where they are exactly right now. >> the grocery store is there a lower size. >> 15 thousand anytime. >> and if this space is not used for the space they're required to be retail and that $18 million in fees how much is new fees new to this diverse kind of thing that would be in place anyway. >> i need to clarify your question we're going through without a da. >> they will have little d i f they'll owe this but the visitacion valley fee. >> that's visitacion valley fee. >> it's on the books.
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>> sorry. >> in this issue of design review that came up i know like mission bay we get projects back here for review what's the process proposed here it's an internal process theirs big blocks the design is going to be for those large projects similar to mission bay we were criticized what's the progress. >> the hunters point is similar to park merced and treasure island but they have a lot of details and guidelines and rules that will be guiding the design so the process that was outlined first, they submit is a phase application and a vertical or
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building application simultaneously but they have to be approved administratively. we've heard let me finish that. so they can do building design applications simultaneously and if they don't do that once the phase application is down u done all of it is handled administratively unless there's major or minor modifications because we've heard there's a strong deserve to get involved something different if treasure island or park merced we've added the neighborhood noefksz that's consistent with 312 and preapplications that's required in this project but not in
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accountability projects the preoperative meetings can be held at the planning department we made a specific requirement those be held in the community so once an application is officially submitted we understand the community wants to see is f it sybil different so we've made that for the park we understand the parks are important that's the community participation is different but different to other da projects >> i think the difference between this and mission bay is the detailed package that's quite different from mission bay this guides the development everyone agrees to. >> it's a much smaller area. >> a couple of folks mentioned
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what is it they want to see. >> a couple of folks want to see the cac f so the staffs b will replace the cac f for the post application meetings that's our attempt at the addressing that. >> mission bay we see it different we see the mission bay projects - only the office. >> only specifically your role to allocate under prop m. >> okay. >> commissioner borden. >> i want to echo the other commissioners comments i'm thrilled this is moving forward. when the redevelopment went away we were concerned i want to compliment you talking about the parks and groceries i recognize
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this is different there wasn't a developer set up but ate a great guide for future projects. thanks >> commissioner sugaya. >> yes. one last question ms. flores can you repeat this the grocery store aspect is in phase one or mr. rich whatever i think there's a provision in there there's a length of time that's been set forth in which they're going to get a grocery store into the space and emily can help me confronting the grocery store must be included in phase one and the key kick in when the
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project sponsor comes in for phase two and it can't be granted until phase one has received the t co and pulled ti permits to make sure the groceries is happening. but in recognition i'll tell you we've been working with the project sponsor this is not an easy location for a grocery store it takes work to get an operator there a because not a lot of housing and the other side of my office has been working on that we needed an outlet and this is several years down t down the line if we demonstrate
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to the commission that's not possible to get business there's they'll be let out of the agreement >> i'll go ahead a initiate the motion. >> second. >> and schedule a public hearing and right and schedule the public hearing of all the things in the chart. >> commissioner hillis all another question we approved the grocery outlet how does that play into the developers ability to get a grocery store. >> i don't know first of all, everyone is happy to see the grocery outlet by i didn't think that's a full service groceries there's a desire and feeling that's possible to get a full
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service groceries whether or not that's american people asian are a smaller foot it's still important to try the community echoes that. >> commissioners there's a motion and second to adapt a resolution to initiate and schedule a hearing arrest commissioner antonini arrest sxhefk. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya. commissioner president wu. sxhun so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero . >> good afternoon. welcome back to san francisco planning commission regular hearing for
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thursday, may 8, 2014, i'd like to remind members of the public the commission that the commission does not permit outbursts of any kind and please silence all electronic devices. that mating may signing seen off and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners we've left off in your your regular calendar the sponsor planning codes to eliminating fees. good afternoon. welcome commissioner i'm kevin i'm the fence and i t manager for the planning department i'm here to ask for eliminates of fees i've presented this to the commission on february 5th and 4th i
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presented the planning proposal on february 5th and you approved the departments budget the property code amendments eliminates the fund foreclosure fees for the reactuation for closed cases none have a high volume and generate revenue for the department the cost of the administrative staff are so minor and have declined it no longer requires a fee and the department didn't expect any negative impact from the fees in 2014-2015 i request you approve this a and will include this in
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messing 2014 and 16 proposed budget to the board of supervisors that concludes my presentation fiduciaries thank you very much >> any public comment on that item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini >> move to approve. >> second. >> on the motion to adapt a recommendation and commissioner antonini commissioner borden. >> commissioner hillis. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes that unanimously and places you on item 15 item 14 has been continued and the next case at the 777 van ness street is a public informational hearing to review the inclines of continues >> good afternoon this is an
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informational discussion of the business operations at the 77 van ness street perkins approval for the conditional hearing for the business operations this continues a live microscopic venue and an outdoor activity area that opened in 2013 and the outdoor activities opened that on a few times basis thereafter and there's two conditions the first one is excessive noise complaints from neighborhoods from patron noise think the street and open doors and i woulding vehicle noise ass and the recircling the garbage the other xooedz the hours including the trash picks up are occurring
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outside and the community staff has worked the neighbors to solve the concerns and continued conversation will be necessary to reduce the noise as a requirement they did a followup noise study in march of 2014 which found the noise didn't exceed the ambient amount of the noise that concludes my presentation that concludes my presentation. >> this is purely an informational item you may over the to the. i believe the staff is here we can overtime for the comments
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>> we'd have speaker cards write on them and handouts for the commissioner. commissioners staff good afternoon phillip agent for the chaplain agency this is a gross miss characterization saying the neighbors are having difficulties with the project you'll hear from one or two neighborhood the neighbors you you'll hear from today happen to reside in wait a minute