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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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(clapping) and when mayor ed lee came to her classroom he won't on behalf of balanced ever again because kelly clark gave him that look (clapping) so kelly (clapping) by introducing to be a full-time teacher she's facilitated the educators at the african services and rode her bike from san francisco to washington, d.c. and talked about the importance of public education. congratulations kelly (clapping) our next award recipient is
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supervisor yee an chavez 7th grade open social studies and for k-8 so she currently teaches spanish her daughter who is here where are you sweetheart there she is a second grader and she's very proud to be a teacher and parent in san francisco public schools and proud to be part of the dual language program (clapping) last but not least our high school teacher of the year michael (clapping) so mike is at balboa high school
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and after studying with mit he took a year off to teach math at the balboa high school and has not left he coaches the schools restraining order bovkz team and kevin also from the school he said mike follows the students around and makes sure he completes the tasks he's one of the nagging teachers we love so mike congratulations (clapping) please give it up for our teachers of the year (clapping) (yelling) (clapping) okay. so i want you to stand up
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to tell you what you got that in your envelopes. okay. i got two tenacity to beach blanket babylonian and a $25 gift card (clapping) i got hilton 2026 hotel one night stay (clapping) >> i got two tickets to the beach and a $25 gift card. >> i got a one night stay at the hilton (clapping) i got a one night weekend at the san francisco hotel (clapping) okay principle you get the leftovers. all equally fabulous.
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sorry. please join me in welcoming our first principle of the ward mr. mayor stop that to our site administer (clapping) ivy has been a full-time administrator since 2008 ivory i didn't see dream is to have high education for the poverty folks ivory very congratulations (clapping) our next principle for elementary i actually have a perm filth to talk about restraining order even she was the first principle at our
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chinese school and a parent of teenagers and jungles quite a bit my her husband is an administrator but rosen sticks out because she kind of came through the ranks and didn't expect to be a principle she's been a tremendous asset so ross citizen the only thing so she began her criteria in 19th street 90 she's a principle of chinese at the affordable housing la and the affordable housing la families wanted to all come out we're excited for rosen she contributed her successful to our mother and father and she wants the same
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success for all her students congratulations rosen (clapping) our next award recipient it has been a tremendous force and wonderful middle school leader i'd like to say michael came up through the ramifications and we're happy principle rhineer of the middle school (clapping) michael completed his 20th year in our school and in 2012 he got his dissertation in science this was exciting, huh? and katrina and him are celebrating they're
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ten accounting anniversary and thank you for doing a fabulous job at the roosevelt (clapping) and last but not least our fabulous principle over at mission high school eric - (yelling). eric began his teaching criteria you can come up over 25th years ago as an english teacher in east los angeles when he cob came back to the bay area he created a high school for homeless children and completed the fellowship program and got
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an award for arts education in 2011, the first year mayor ed lee said i heard that mission high school for the first time one their division in football so eric is got a football and they got to see the 409 and eric got to bring his students down. so, please help me in congratulating eric (clapping) (yelling) >> give it up for your principles of the year (clapping) okay. so the superintendant
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wants to know what prize you got in the mystery envelope. it's a bummer i got two tickets plus a sunday brunch at the star light room and one night in the hotel (inaudible) and breakfast (clapping) i got breakfast as well as breakfast for two not with the mayor but it comes with the cove have a hotel as well. thanks (clapping) >> i got the 2014 and 2015 office arrangement. >> congratulations point for
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the tattoo we didn't go that far i'm sorry so you have mission high school tattooed on your arms is that dedication or what? (laughter) . so you all can go back to your seats now. commissioner has joined us this is our 2014 line up for teachers of the year principles of the year and the mayor continues to do this wonderful support for outlining all our teachers and principle we want to encourage you to nominate so we can honor more and more of our teacher we're going to go outs to the giant game for teacher appreciation so all our teachers
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got tickets against the miami marilyn's so we're going to landmark to bring you to the home plate and mission minnesota cupcakes and refreshments to cool you off thank you for joining us for the mayors and principle and teachers award thank you, again. and if i can get the teachers to meet with our sfgovtv they're to interview each one of you we're going to do a profile on sfgovtv television. one more time for you recipients and congratulations to the community for coming
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>> we're here to raise awareness and money and fork for a good accuse. we have this incredible gift probably the widest range of restaurant and count ii destines in any district in the city right here in the mission intricate why don't we capture that to support the mission youths going to college that's for the food for thought. we didn't have a signature font for our orientation that's a
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40-year-old organization. mission graduates have helped me to develop special as an individual they've helped me figure out and provide the tools for me that i need i feel successful in life >> their core above emission and goal is in line with our values. the ferraris yes, we made 48 thousand >> they were on top of that it's a no-brainer for us. >> we're in and fifth year and be able to expand out and tonight is your ungrammatical truck food for thought. food truck for thought is an opportunity to eat from a variety of different vendor that are supporting the mission graduates by coming and
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representing at the parks >> we're giving a prude of our to give people the opportunity to get an education. people come back and can you tell me and enjoy our food. all the vendor are xooment a portion of their precedes the money is going back in >> what's the best thing to do in terms of moving the needle for the folks we thought higher education is the tool to move young people. >> i'm also a college student i go to berkley and 90 percent of our folks are staying in college that's 40 percent hire than the
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afternoon. >> i'm politically to clemdz and ucla. >> just knowing we're giving back to the community. >> especially the spanish speaking population it hits home. >> people get hungry why not eat and give >> this coffee memory i remember
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having coffee with any grappled. in the old days myelogram ma get together >> i was six or seven i made a faces a good face. >> when i was younger i know it did something to my body. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i've been drinking coffee since i was 17 really the only thing i'm good at i was trying to find out what i was good at i got a job at the coffee shop i decided to do that the rest of my life. i like the process of the coffee and what are those beans where
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do they come from oh, they come from a fruit. >> the coffee stays with me since i was a kid i grew up and opened coffee shops everybody. in the 8 i visited over 11 hundred coffee shops maybe more to see why people go to coffee shops >> we're searched the beans all over the world from east afghan and tokyo. >> when i wanted to do was get into aspect of the personal coffee and the processing and everything else there was multiple steps in making coffee and we did have a lighter roost because of the qualities of the
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keep once you roost it it home gisz the coffee. >> one thing about the coffee they were special blends and i spent seven years on one blend so that's my pleasure. each bean they were all chosen and blended with each with different cultural and beans is like people and those people give me a reputation i can't buy. people love you my clients love me they take me to the moves movies. >> fell in love with coffee and went to the coffee shops the
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community aspect i really enjoyed. >> i think it's important to have a place for people to show up and talk to their neighbors and recorrect. your surrounded with all those behalf communicated i communities >> i love my city san francisco has a good name my has every cultural in this planet living in san francisco it's a small city 7 by 7 but it's huge. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i really like the idea of staying in the neighborhood and living in the mission i've lived here the whole time and the community really stick to it
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people talk about seattle and portland now they talk about seattle and san francisco. or portland and san francisco but san francisco is definitely on the cutting-edge of the coffee scene in the entire nation. >> there's so many romance in coffee is surrounds the sourcing of that and thinking about where it came from and how and coffee is wonderful. >> i know for a fact i was born to make coffee. i have a notice from the dad let the life i live speak for me and let's have a cup of coffee and talk about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ food in san francisco isn't
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just about expensive eat but food for everyone and there's organizations in the city that are doing really good work making sure that healthy food it assessable to everyone. more and more as follows are are
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becoming interested in upper arlthd they want to joy the open green pace sea know where their food it coming from we'll look at 3 programs talking ushering agricultural and garden to new heights. so what exactly it, your honor agricultural >> it the growing food or flowers within city limits traditionally we've been referring to communities gardener that is a raised bed over and over upper argument has a more a farming way of farming. >> so tell me 0 what's growing in this garden. >> a really at all plant.
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in the one of the rare places, you know, people have access to green space 24 is one of the places to grow things like the purple floor. it is sort of recognizing that the more diversity in given space the better not to just have one thing by everything supported each another >> it provides the community with an opportunity to get their hands dirty and reach 0 out and congressmen with the community in ways they might have not otherwise to engage with one other. >> now the dpw urban planning program so see how the garden community. >> so i grew up on a farm in
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air force base we picked the foods open the trees and share with other families and as i drive around san francisco i see any trees with apples or mrumdz and lemon trees i can see the food going to waste and brought that idea back to the department many of the trees where the fruit would go to waste we origin or crop and pick other fruits and delivery this to food banks or shelters to people who need them. >> i'm here with nang wong hello nang. >> hello. >> i need to understand house this gleaning work. >> we come and harvest like for example, we'll come over here this is the lemon and plug it
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like this. >> (laughter). >> made that good, good and ease. >> the trick is how not to hurt the branches. >> like the thing. >> i'm so excited about this. the people are so passionate about where the food goes to the private property owners give us the food they're happy that no of a t is going to waste >> oh. thank you. thank you. again job aura natural >> (laughter). >> from backyards to back lots let's take a look at the food
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and community bonding at the free farm. >> my idea was to start growing food and giving it away. and getting my neighbors to who had space and having a kind of event that brings people together not to run our food program this time around but to share the wealth of the abundance of our welfare. we were all divorce and as part of our philosophy of working together and working together. >> what's the most rewarding aspect of volunteering for the free farm stand. >> well, we could is a generalic satisfaction but something about giving food away it's giving something i brought that in and sort it and gave it
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to you it's primitive to be able to give something some basically to someone else. >> now serving number to 49 come on down. >> we have the capability of producing this food and in san francisco you can grow food all year round so the idea we're capable of prougdz food in our own backyards we're here to demonstrate an bans of food and i think that giving it away for free we show individuals it in have to be a comedy. >> we build time together and it's the strength of any ideas of the connections we'll turn that connection and the more
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connections you make no mistake about it the more you can have a stronger power and not have to rely on money that's the people power. >> in this episode we've seen the urban farms and gardens provide more in fruits and vegetation people can have the special produce available it can be a place to give back by donating food to others and teach our children the connection to the earth and environment it's truly
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