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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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neighbor across the street, you know, not unsupportive i also support the project and i will wait to make a motion - and >> oh, there are a number the commissioners so i'll wait for other people to speak. >> commissioner hillis. >> i'm also supportive the scale is okay. i think it works well. and i like the design i like what out of done with the sedentary facade but i like to see the design continue but i agree with commissioner borden most troubling that the eastern
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facade the 1634 piney have a problem the building is not set back and appropriate not to be set back so you don't get any sense of the volume i say we get rid of the 1634 facade so at least we know the building is set back it appears less like a facade >> is that the corner building. >> no next to the gas station. >> that's my comes overall. >> commissioner moore. >> i think this project has come a long long way it challenges our expression to look at the eir it fast tracks one of the questions but also
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adjusting the design the design has been adjusted it used to be basically a strangely mafgd building now we have a building that lets us you walk around the block of a building that looks different on the four side i was interested if the food side but to the building when you look at it together it has come responsible i personally like the maintenance of the maintaining of the historic facades but i agree with commissioner johnck that dropping the third one at the gas station is a good move i'm interested in a modern building meeting the intersection of van ness and pine as riptd so the
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rightly of the elements are in the mid block of pine across the street that's citizenly down an important thing for me in seeing how this developer worked the community but simultaneously on the corner of clay and vaep that project is a great project i couldn't be happier so if this developer works with the same architect and labor crew this is going to be a win-win. encourage all commissioners so those two things coming together i'm in strong support and move
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to approve that the - we have 3 portion to the approval >> there are 3 portions the first should be taken separately for the environmental impact report and sequa to adapting is. >> i'll take the first service the eir and most to the other two approve the project. >> commissioner sugaya. >> yes. i'm in sympathy with commissioner hillis's attitude i've never found a facade to be a successful solution if you go
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to tell the truth and folsom there's the facade of a former industrial building didn't work. other examples downtown near my opening technologist on sacramento street there's a corner building lopped off in the back it's not new anymore but the high-rise in the back of that and even a worse one on montgomery which retains portions you have to go down into the retail this is more sensitively done a couple on salt lake i'm not going to - i'm
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not to vote because i'm in favor of removing the one on the corner to the gas station returning that to an urban design so the gentleman may have comments with respect to that option and similar discussions were brought to staff levels commissioners and the project sponsor is willing to eliminate that one building they have an image to present but handled at the administrative level just to speak for the facade with regards to sequa the eir review goes for is demolition and not the preservation effort so it will be provide to reference the past but you once they've
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removed or retained it's credit card a demolition >> one last thing adrian you brought oath union people and the union reps were kind enough to keep the testimony short but can you give us a testimony of support here and (clapping.) thanks. >> good to see the supported i want to ask the project sponsor to show the image this has been flushed out to some extent. >> this is the building on the right it is incorporated with the white enclosure this is the
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entrance to the garage some kind of detail separating the white volume that denies the entrance to the garage and the green wall such they're separate from one another. >> thank you. i'm also supportive of the project i feel challenged although though the routinely pipeline has been updated for 2014 above moderate housing or housing people with above moderate income i think that individual developers can optional do what they can do so put the b m r those think site those challenges are better addressed in the mayors working groups but wanted to make note of that. commissioner antonini >> yeah. i could go either way
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on the suggestion i think that's down well seeping e keeping the 1634 facade every one will be fine with me at the pleasure of the commission i like they've incorporated a little bit of the stronger corner to mirror the level of those retained facades to make it a lot a little bit more uniform on pine street there and the setbacks are very well appreciated so wherever they can blended the two together they've done more precastn. almost everything else as one speaker said is many older victorian building but the towers have a lot of precast and
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less glazing so to be more authentic to having the precast in there is going to make it blend in a little bit better otherwise i'm fine with the project i think it's going to add to the housing stock and quite a demand for that people that are looking for housing at all income levels this addresses the market rate housing and that's a great project. >> o'connor we still he will have the motion. >> there is another motion on the floor i didn't hear a second. >> second (laughter). >> commissioner moore. >> i wanted to brief talked about the comment definitely not how to do that and as also the
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devil is in the details a much, much used phrase i'm confident with the prior detail this can be done to make it an asset not like the inconvenienter the facades on pine is powerful and they have a recall i regret the things that are no there anywhere the housing how they join the setback is very respectful i think that's where the skill will be. >> lisa gibson i want to note for the record the proposed
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modification of the project or is modifications being discussed will not need an additional eir review it will relative in an impact due to the fact of the don't guess if you were to fully demolish 1634 pine street it wouldn't result in a more severe environmental impact. >> thank you. commissioner antonini >> yeah. and defense of what's been done keeping the facades i heard something today, i think we agree with the neighborhoods that are is most vibrant are the ones that have the older buildings and have smaller discrete store front or discrete facades this might help on the retail aspect or the general feeling of being part of the
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neighborhood. i know that the developers can do that but it's more of a challenge to make it feel like discrete unit the way this is done gives the feeling especially with the setback and it is pedestrian friendly through pine street s isn't there yet. it's done as well as it could be with the facades being maintained >> please call the question. >> commissioners on the motion for the environmental report. >> commissioner antonini and commissioner borden. >> commissioner hillis. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero >> commissioner borden.
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>> i recommend we approve the project for facade 1634 at the corner we recommend approval with the modified version of not maintaining the second of that. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> procedural question it it looks like we've got 3 separate things the adaptation of the sequa finding. >> i should say adaptation of the sequa findings and the adaptation with approval. >> so commissioners on that motion to adapt the sequa finding and approval the conditional use authorization with the alternative design commissioner antonini. commissioner borden commissioner hillis. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong >> commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 duo
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to zero. commissioners that places you on item 15 for 55 c at the 2048 carville street request for conditional use authorization members of the audience please leave the chambers quietly. we'd appreciate it. >> commissioners, i want to introduce you to a new staff member marseille as a current planner since november over 5 years of planning experience
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she's worked in the preservation planning in la as a city planner in glendale and holds a graduate degree from ucla. >> good afternoon commissioner president wu and commissioners marseille from the department staff the case is a request for conditional use authorization to advert a one thousand plus commercial space that was to a limited restaurant use. the project is located in the ground floor commercial space in the carville commercial district and within the carville sub district not needing any interior or exterior alternatives the operation hours
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are permitted within the carville strict it's recommended to addresses the issues of trash roefrm removal to make sure the restaurant didn't impact the character of the neighborhood the department has received no communication in support or objection and the department recommends the approval as the restaurant meets the applicable requirements is requires the chufgs e conditional use authorization it's being under taken by the business owner to correct a notice of violation the business owner changed the use and began to work without the change of use conditional
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use authorization pursuant to the planning code and the planning commission shall consider the concentration of the drinking and food served in the area. including the current operating kingdom of dumpinging the current section 303 is 25 percent therefore this edition is below the threshold. the project is a small owned business. this restaurant didn't displace an existing tenant as a tenant the tenant vacated the space for one month the detail operation hours are in inclines with the
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neighborhood and it is close to the metro line and meets all the applicable planning code and not formula retail use and serves the neighborhood if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them >> thank you. is there a presentation from project sponsor? >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm the project sponsor at that point increase no opposition we haven't heard from anyone we have no comment actually >> thank you. do i still open for public comment >> you can ask but i think we know the results. >> there's no one in the room. >> commissioner sugaya. >> i approve. on that commissioner antonini. commissioner borden arrest commissioner hillis. commissioner sugaya.
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commissioner fong and commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you on public comment there are no speaker cards >> is there any general public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. meeting
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>> the renovation of balboa park, the oldest in the city of san francisco, and now it is the newest part in the city of san francisco. through our partnership, and because of public investment from the two thousand eight fund, we are celebrating a renewal and an awakening of this park. we have it safer, happier, more joyous. >> 3, 2, 1, [laughter] =--[applause] >> it is a great resource for families, to have fun in the city, recreation. >> this is an amazing park.
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we have not revitalized it without public and private investment. the critical piece of the process of this renovation was that it was all about the community. we reached out to everyone in this community. we love this park dearly and they all had thoughts and ideas and they wanted to bring their own creativity and their personality to bear on the design. what you see is what the community wanted. these ideas all came from the residents of this community. as a result, there is a sense of ownership, pride and responsibility that goes along with what is going to be an exciting park.
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>> here we are at the embarcadero. we are standing at one of locations for the street artists. can you tell me about this particular location, the program? >> this location is very significant. this was the very first and only location granted by the board of supervisors for the street artist when the program began in 1972. how does a person become a street artist? there are two major tenants. you must make the work yourself
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and you must sell the work yourself. a street artist, the license, then submitting the work to a committee of artists. this committee actually watches them make the work in front of them so that we can verify that it is all their own work. >> what happened during the holiday to make this an exciting location? >> this would be a magic time of year. you would probably see this place is jammed with street artists. as the no, there is a lottery held at 6 in the morning. that is how sought after the spaces are. you might get as many as 150 street artists to show up for 50 spaces. >> what other areas can a licensed street artist go to? >> they can go to the fisherman's wharf area. they can go in and around union square.
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we have space is now up in the castro, in fact. >> how many are there? >> we have about 420. >> are they here all year round? >> out of the 420, i know 150 to sell all year round. i mean like five-seven days a week. >> are they making their living of of this? >> this is their sole source of income for many. >> how long have you been with this program. how much has it changed? >> i have been with the program since it began 37 and a half years ago but i have seen changes in the trend. fashion comes and goes. >> i think that you can still find plenty of titis perhaps. >> this is because the 60's is retro for a lot of people.
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i have seen that come back, yes. >> people still think of this city as the birth of that movement. great, thank you for talking about the background of the program. i'm excited to go shopping. >> i would like you to meet two street artists. this is linda and jeremy. >> night said to me to print them -- nice to meet you. >> can you talk to me about a variety of products that use cell? >> we have these lovely constructed platters. we make these wonderful powder bowls. they can have a lot of color.
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>> york also using your license. -- you are also using your license. >> this means that i can register with the city. this makes sure that our family participated in making all of these. >> this comes by licensed artists. the person selling it is the person that made it. there is nothing better than the people that made it. >> i would like you to meet michael johnson. he has been in the program for over 8 years. >> nice to me you. what inspired your photography? >> i am inspired everything that i see. the greatest thing about being a
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photographer is being able to show other people what i see. i have mostly worked in cuba and work that i shot here in san francisco. >> what is it about being a street artist that you particularly like? >> i liked it to the first day that i did it. i like talking to mentum people. talking about art or anything that comes to our minds. there is more visibility than i would see in any store front. this would cost us relatively very little. >> i am so happy to meet you. i wish you all of the best. >> you are the wonderful artist that makes these color coding. >> nice to me to. >> i have been a street artist
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since 1976. >> how did you decide to be a street artist? >> i was working on union square. on lunch hours, i would be there visiting the artist. it was interesting, exciting, and i have a creative streak in me. it ranges from t-shirts, jackets, hats. what is the day of the life of a street artist? >> they have their 2536 in the morning. by the end of the day, the last people to pack the vehicle probably get on their own at 7:30 at night. >> nice to me to condemn the -- nice to meet you. >> it was a pleasure to share this with you. i hope that the bay area will
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descend upon the plaza and go through these arts and crafts and by some holiday gifts. >> that would be amazing. thank you so much for the hard work that you do. [gavel] good morning, everyone welcome to the san francisco supervisors budget and finance committee,