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tv   [untitled]    May 18, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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party and raised funds for the lukemia and lymphoma society which john is very active in. john and his family are native san franciscoans so congratulations to high dive. also going from best dive bar to the nation's best restaurant, just la last week the john berd awards were announced for restaurants nationwide, the john beard awards -- sorry, james -- are the authors for restaurants in all kinds of categories and slanted door won for the nation's most outstanding restaurant, which according to the james beard foundation, means that they serve as a national standard bearer for consistent quality and excellence in food, atmosphere and service and they have to qualify to be eligible tough to have operated for at least 10 years or more, consecutive years. we're really very proud of the slanted door and owner
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for winning the best prize through the james beard award for his business right here in the ferry building. so congratulations to chef fan and hopefully he has 10 more great years coming down the pike. also making the james beard foundation list is coqueta, which earned one of the five very coveted slots for best new restaurant, which is a gray coup for them. they were in company with estella of new york and peche seafood grill of new orleans, so they were the obl west code restaurant to make the list. you may recall just last year chef michael tuarello made the list and now they've moved even higher into the top 5, so we're very proud of their efforts as well. congratulations to chef is turello and everyone else at
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coqueta as we have been mentioning, we are looking forward to issuing a new set of port revenue bonds. we've been working for several years to create that capacity to be able to borrow funds through our revenue bound program to do needed improvements at the port of san francisco. we recently met with the three rating agencies that rate the ports bonds, moody, standard and poors and fitch ratings. they rated our last series of bonds, 2010 bonds, and now have rated our new series of bonds which will be known as the 2014 bonds. moody's gave us a-1 which is the equivalent of a plus, standard and poors gave us an a minus rating with a positive rating so they changed from 20 to 10 from stable to positive. traditionally what positive
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means is it signals over the next 3 years they are looking to make a rating change so when you are positive they are looking to see if they can bring your rating up and of course when you are negative you are probably looking to be downgraded. but we are very excited about the potentiality of bringing our rating up to a solid rate and fitch rated us a solid a with a positive outlook. the presentation to the agencies were made by elaine forbes, our cfo, myself, many of our financial analysts through the organization and some of our deputy directors. we thought, too, that the surveillance reports that they issued this year were more positive than we've seen in the past. they still remained concerned with the immense capital needs of the port but they feel that the port commission in particular by
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setting the designated capital policy is taking affirmative actions to address that and they like what they are seeing. so we're very excited about our new rating. if all goes well we will be entering the market this thursday to sell the 2013 bonds with an anticipated closing date two weeks later on may the 29th. so so far, the mashet place is moving in the right direction for borrowers and we're very xietdd for that and we want to lock in and have the market place move up so we can earn money on our other investment holdings. wish us luck and i'm sure we will be reporting back on how the sale goes. you may have caught -- may recall the lease extension to the southern waterfront advisory committee. we apologize for not doing that earlier but we made the
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presentation on april 30. they were supportive of the lease option, they don't actually vote up or down, they give feedback and comments. they commented that rickology is a well-operated facility and it provides benefits to the city and community and they particularly like the community benefits rickology has brought along with beautification but most importantly the use of local businesses, local hiring, so commissioner brandon, thank you for pointing out that oversight. at the same meeting they also heard an item that's on today's calendar which is an mou with the san francisco municipal transportation agency and we'll be reporting on that later in our agenda. so we had a very good meeting with the southern waterfront advisory committee. >> thank you. apologies for the oversight. two saturdays from now -- actually, i'm sorry, this
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saturday, may 17 at 1:00 pm marks the 9th annual uncorked wine festival. the wine festival benefits save the bay, will be held from 1:00 to 6:00 pm at ghirardelli square and includes unlimited tasting and a souvenir wine glass. they will be presenting 50 top tier wineries and so if anyone is free on saturday head to ghirardelli square. on memorial day the san francisco maritime park association, the crew of the uss pump pumino will be hosting their annual lost boat ceremony. this is a ceremony where they honor their comrades and submarines lost at sea. the ceremony features 52 bell tolls lost at sea and on eternal patrol. the ceremony is. on the public and will take
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place may 26 at 10:00 am on pier 45. it's a wonderful event and if any of you can go i highly recommend it. now for some sad news, as i think everybody knows we lost another colleague, a gentleman named john legnitto, john was vice president and group manager of reckology and uftdly he passed away in late april and left behind his wife of 33 years and three amazing loving children. there was a funeral mass held for him approximately a week ago, which was really quite touching. his children did the eulology and was quite touching. there was a lot of discussion about food, john loved his food, and he also in
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addition to working for reckology he chaired the san francisco chamber of commerce and served on the board of clinic by the bay and he just has been a big friend for all of us that have worked in city government for a very long time. the first thing you always noticed about john was his laugh and smile and no day was a bad day for him, even in the midst of his battle with cancer. we have unfortunately lost yet another stalwart of our era and he will be missed so with your permission, commissioners, i would recommend adjournment in memory of john legnitto in possible. that concludes my report. >> thank you. >> public comment? >> good afternoon, commissioners, i just wanted to add to monique's words about
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john legnitto. he was someone i had the pleasure of working with before coming to the port. john was an amazing guy. he had incredible ethics, he led reckology to be the environmental leader that it is. we have had a couple of big negotiations with him, he always treated the port as a he public agency partner with great respect. he viewed business as not business but as a part of community and really, if you take a look at what recology did at pier 96 and the sustainable crushing site, they used those business opportunities as a chance to train people from the local neighborhood and john was everywhere in san francisco from the chamber and other organizations that he was active with. so we will miss him greatly. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon, susan reynolds, deputy director for real estate. i'd also like to express my condolences on the loss of john. he's leaving a big hole in the community and it always seemed like wherever i went, john had either been there, was there, or he was going to be there. and always with a laugh, a smile, he was a great community benefactor. i've never heard him complain. from leadership san francisco to the chamber of commerce to fisherman's wharf events, he gave generously of his time and finances. we will miss his
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generous spirit and my sympathies to his family and the recolology family. >> further public comment? >> 9b, commissioner's report. >> i've got one. as was mentioned earlier, the high dive celebrated its 10 year anniversary but that's not actually the only one around celebrating 10 years. so i wanted to point out we are now celebrating the 10th anniversary of our executive director being here with the port. >> thank you. >> not that people are going to be jumping off of diving boards in honor of that this time, but i just wanted to take just a moment to really thank you for all that you have done during your tenure here. you have -- ready for a bad pun -- righted the ship and you have led with a steady hand at the helm you are beloved by your
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staff, you have brought a tremendous amount of expertise to the position, you have been, always had such a calm steady demeanor with the staff, with the community, with the public and the commissioners and you have overseen a tremendous number of projects and changes and activities that have gone on along the waterfront during your time. i want to take a moment to highlight just a few, the heron's head park and ecocenter, the prom nod at pier 43, the brandon street wharf, certainly the exploatorium, an incredible project. our pier 27 cruise terminal which we'll have our ribbon cutting for that in september, but it's
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near final. the jeffer street improvements that have gone along and so many other improvements down at fisherman's wharf, the pier 70 project we'll hear more about today, personal favorite of my, bayview rise, the art mural at pier 92 and of course the blue greenway that's been planned and had some ground breaking at different sites that i also think will be spectacular but i also want to take time to thank you for being, of always being there with whatever crazy questions i might have and i'm sure my colleagues probably similarly about what's going on, always responding to whatever issue's coming up and just being such a tremendous leader for the port. so i want to congratulate you and thank you for your 10 years of service here and as part of that we have -- you are always
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giving everyone else plaques and awards -- so we now have one for monique moyer, executive director, in recognition of your exemplary stewardship and service, 10 years at the helm (applause). . >> since i'm supposed to know the drill by now, shall the drill by now, shall pars3
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i rise? it was kept secret from from
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me and i want to thank the staff and renee martin in particular for getting the plaque. >> since i've been here through your whole 10 years, i've seen a lot more than everyone else and i want to thank you for your leadership. i mean, despite all the projects that commissioner katz just mentioned, you have done an amazing job. you have hired great staff and been able to retain most of them and you have just made such tremendous changes here at the port, so i just want to thank you for your leadership, your friendship and just for being a wonderful person. >> thank you. that means a lot. >> monique, i think it was 11 years ago that i first came here from seattle and i'd met you. managers are appellant but you are a true leader. you are firm but you are fair. one
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1 thing that i like about you, you are not afraid to make a decision. you don't care if you piss people off. you have a moral compass and it's tough being an executive director, you look around the country i think they have six openings for port directors that they are looking for good people. the average life of a port director is usually about three years. you have been here 10 and you have the confidence of this community, the mayor, and even this commission. you know your caring for the staff, you are engaged and from a person who came, with your background in economics and stuff like that, you have transformed your whole way of thinking and the renaissance we have on this waterfront, he especially the cruise terminal, you appointed me to the advisory committee and we never thought we would
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have a cruise terminal. it feels like it took 20 years but it happened. i want to thank you like i said. also i consider you a friend and a person, like i say, when you say something you are very honest. you give people your word, you are up front, you don't talk behind people's back, people always know where they stand with you and i respect that. that's principles of people and you do have the courage. i think president obama could use some of your courage, step up, because you make the tough decisions. anyway, thank you. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> monique, great job. >> thank you. >> can't add very much more than has just been said. you have always been great for your response, telephone, text, whatever it is, any questions, you have been really great. you are probably one of the most hard-working people i know. your husband, kids, you
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manage all of that and always seem to show up everywhere. it's just incredible. so here's to the next 10 years. >> thank you. >> it's hard to be last. everything's been said. i guess besides commissioner murphy i probably have had the shortest tenure in working with you, but i had a very intense two years when i was president of the commission and we worked very very closely together. i won't say it was easy at the beginning and i think that we learned a lot from each other. we worked very hard and i think that we have seen a lot of results, both in terms of from your leadership and from the staff and also it was just a huge period of so much going on at the port and there was such a balancing act between what we do with the open space, with responding to the community, having to deal with america's cup, having all the development projects and i have to say that every time we did talk you always handled it with a lot of
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finesse and a lot of calm and i think over time you have grown as a leader. as you know, i have told you directly and personally and i have had the great satisfaction in seeing you grow in your leadership during this period of time because the port has required ever more over the 10 years -- i can't say over the entire 10 years but at least the last few years it's required a tremendous amount of leadership to balance everything from the people to the projects to the unxebted which we get every single day here in terms of change. you haverned to roll with the punches and work with each of us on the commission. we all have different personalities and we bring different things to the table in terms of how we want to direct you and the staff. i have seen the change in you during this time and you commented on some of the things i did at the january commission
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so i guess it's my turn to commend back to you on things we have done together. this is not to take away from what anybody has said so far but to add on to it. i think as commissioner murphy mentioned the runway ahead of you is enormous. we're looking for more transformation and renaissance at the waterfront. the challenges never seem to go away, in some cases they get more but i think we're all going to see more coming and we'll work within the constraints that we're given and we will make this a great city in terms of the waterfront and you are a tremendous part of that to make that happen and we are proud to have you as our executive director. >> you've heard all of our sentiments, i think we are all in agreement that we feel very lucky and privileged to be working with you at this time. and i think i've actually known you longer than any of my
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colleagues, when we were at city hall together and again just want to thank you for everything you do, for the commission, for all the staff, for the port and for the city of san francisco. we are really all so lucky to have you here and i hope you see that's the sentiment we want to express to you. thank you. >> thank you. this is unprecedented as far as i know. i can't remember a department head being recognized on an anniversary, usually on an exit. i'm not sure yet what to make of that. >> we're trying to avoid an exit so we figured it would be better. >> thank you for that reassurance. i would have loved to have had a little knowledge so i could have prepared my remarks but it's been a very long journey. i think commissioner ruho said it best, when i was appointed into the position loves this 3 4 f1p
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the job did not come with a manual, i'd love to have one, but it came with the best staff in the city which i'd love to keep a secret but commissioner katz keeps outing them which usually means they get lured away to some of our bigger departments. the port has become very near and dear to my heart because of the community it represents and because of
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its long history and impact with san francisco and what san francisco is defined by and the opportunity to continue to define san francisco for the future for my children's future. i'm learning on the job every day, it prepares me well for being a parent, now that i have a child that's driving, i'm using a lot of my skills as port director to maintain my equilibrium. >> thanks to the piers. >> i'm thinking we need fenders on the car beyond what's already there. all seriousness, i'm touched beyond words. i couldn't be more grateful to the team i have and the new team i have and i consider my pal karen back there and stewart and so many others in the room to be part of the port family as we'll. we're very, very lucky and i look forward to many more years to keeping us failing in the right direction. so thank you all very much and thank you
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for this tremendous honor. cynthia, have you ever seen such a thing for a department head? thank you right back at you. it's also nadia's 10 year anniversary running the department of public finance, so very happy for her in that role as well. thank you. >> other commissioner's report? >> i just have one item. yesterday in the mail i received a flyer and it said more parking losses for us. our neighborhood between evans and arthur west of third street has been growing with new public and private jobs. we also have been losing parking to the bike path on cargo way and the creation of the t line on third street. now the san francisco port commission and the fine arts commission are planning to eliminate the 25 parking spaces adjacent to the pumping station at arthur and quint and third street to expand the parking to expand
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the gateway park project. please call or write to let them know we appreciate this but are desperate to preserve the parking we have in the area. oh, wow, i'm designated to sdig -- honored to be the designated commissioner but we need to do more outreach because i learned about this movement of the gateway project because i'm on the panel for the new arts project. but prior to that i didn't even know that we were eliminating the 25 spaces and attempting to move the gateway project to the other side of the street. so i just want to make sure that we're doing the right outreach and that we are taking the community into consideration when we're making these decisions. but i was really shocked to see my name on the flyer. >> i'm going to ask david and steven but just the reason i
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think, the primary reason that this comes as a surprise is that there's one parking space being impacted so the rest of it has been a surprise to us as well. we've been trying to outreach with the author of that, i think i just got it a day or two ago as well, and thought that we had convinced him not to move forward with it. so apologies that it went forward. david, do you want to set the record straight as to what we are. >> david duprey with planning and development. he has an industrial condominium at third and bay park, monique described the project eliminates one parking space and earlier today during the industrial condominium meeting i went down and met with about 20 of the owners and shared with them the plans for the bayview gateway and talked to them about the port and the port operations
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and shared with them that indeed there is only one parking space lost but also shared with them the benefits of the project overall, including pedestrian safety, clear sight lines for both pedestrians, vehicles and locomotives and as a part of that outreach i did contact mr. sheridan, offered to meet with him on several occasions, shared with him which parking space is going to be impacted and the entire reach of the project. did attend the last several meetings, sat down and shared with him there are not 27 spaces removed. the invitation is open to meet with him but for the most part the community understands there was some misinformation out there and hopefully that he hasn't widely distributed this letter. >> to your request, commissioner, we will bend over
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backwards maybe through renee martin try to get some better information out more broadly. >> and we may want to contact supervisor cohen, make her aware of this also. >> we can do that. one of the other things i presented to this group of condominium owner association was how to be added to our swak mailing list so they can be copied on meeting agendas, and how to be copied on the port mailing list. they were appreciative. >> thanks for raising it, though. i didn't realize it had gone out in the mail. any other commissioners' reports? seeing none, is there any public comment? next item. >> items on the consent calendar, 10a request approval of a resolution urging the
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board of supervisors to amend the san francisco public works code to authorize the port to impose penalties to enforce the port's construction site sfoerpl water runoff control program, port building code section sun whoa 6a.3.2.5. b, request approval of a memorandum of understanding between the port of san francisco and the san francisco board of appeals to facilitate the transfer of permit appeal-related duties for port entertainment permits. c, request authorization to execute an amendment to the construction manager/general contractor contact with turner construction company to increase the total authorized contract amount from $100,107,601 to an amount not to exceed $101,250,601 to fund additional construction scope for