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tv   [untitled]    May 20, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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think is a good process and i think it's a very important process that really makes sure there is as much accountability as possible. >> any further discussion, colleagues, on supervisor avalos's motion to re-refer these recommendations back to the rules committee? roll call vote. >> supervisor yee. yee no. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed no. supervisor campos. campos aye. supervisor chiu. chiu no. supervisor cohen? cohen no. supervisor farrell? farrell no. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang no. supervisor wiener? wiener no. there are four ayeses and 7 no's. >> motion to refer back to committee fails. [gavel] >> and unless there are any other motions, why don't we have a roll call vote on the motion in front of us on the three candidates that have been recommended out of the rules
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committee. madam clerk, roll call. >> on item 32, supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos no. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. there are 10 ayes and one no. >> motion is approved. [gavel] >> and item 33, madam clerk. >> item 33 was considered by the land use and economic development committee at a regular meeting on monday, may 1, and forwarded to the board as a committee report amended with the same title. the resolution establishing the calle 24, [speaker not understood] district in san francisco. >> roll call vote. ~ 19 >> on item 33? >> i'm sorry, i didn't see your name on the roster.
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supervisor campos. thank you. >> thank you very much, mr. president. and i want to begin by thanking mayor lee for co-sponsoring this very important item. and we actually had a meeting, a budget meeting today in the mission community and a number of members of the community including individuals who have been working on this item came out. as far as the establishment of [speaker not understood] latino cultural corridor is something that is a long-time coming. it is an effort that recognizes the cultural historical contributions of the latino community to this part of the mission and to san francisco, and it really is a proactive step by the city in protecting the character of this very special neighborhood.
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calle "veinticuatro" is a part of the mission. it is that richness of culture and history that brings not only members of the latino community, but non-latinos to the mission, including many residents who are there because of that richness of the culture. and this ensureses that we take proactive steps to protect that culture, that history before we lose it. and the objective is that once we establish the latino cultural corridor on calle "veinticuatro", we will proceed to have a formal process through the planning department that will be inclusive through the entire community so that whatever choices are made in term of codifying changes to the planning code truly reflect the will and the views of the community. i also know that there's a number of other parts of the city, other neighborhoods that
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are interested in pursuing something similar. and i know that the members of the calle "veinticuatro" community like my office are also very open and look forward to working with anyone else, any other neighborhood that would like to take a similar approach. so, it's a very exciting time for us and i encourage the support of all of my colleagues. thank you very much. and again, thank you to laura lane and to all the members of the community who have worked to make this possible. >> thank you. any other comments? roll call vote on the resolution. >> on item 33, supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye.
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supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. there are 11 ayes. >> the resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> colleagues, roll call. madam clerk. >> supervisor yee, you are first up to introduce new business. >> thank you, madam clerk. colleague, today i am introducing a resolution to support the passage of an important bill i'm moving through to state assembly. both supervisor avalos and myself were at a luncheon hosted by the san francisco child care providers association last week on friday, i think. and as many of you know, early care in education is critical to the development of children especially before the age of 5. however, our early care and education programs have been devastated by several years of massive state budget cuts. state reimbursement rates for providers were established to
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provide equal access to quality urban care and education services for low-income children. the rising cost of operation and the declining amount of state support make it less and less feasible for providers to accept families eligible for subsidies. the rate is currently at $34.38 per child per food day. this is less than half of the current market rate in san francisco. as you see, it's an organization, could easily just accept market rate children rather than serving the low-income because of the amount of money they get reimbursed. our current state law is outdated. while the cost of living adjustments are offered yearlyedth reimbursement rates have not kept up with the rising costs of child care. in fact, they haven't changed
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since 2007. assembly bill 21 25 proposes that the standard reimbursement rate reflects the actual cost of child care facility. in san francisco we consistently hear that the affordability crisis is driving our families out. now we have an opportunity to support our families by ensuring more access. i urge the california state assembly to pass assembly bill 21 25 to avoid the consequences of having more children being turned away from early care in education programs ~. currently ab 21 25 is being held at the assembly budget committee suspense file which is really unfortunate. they have until friday to remove the bill. i hope that our state representative will move this bill off suspense so it can be considered this budget year. we have so many families that are counting on our subdiesed early care and education programs. colleagues, i hope you will
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join me and supervisor avalos who are co-ah thoring this, in supporting this important piece of legislation. the other thing i wanted to just mention is that as you know, supervisors kim and avalos and myself are deeply involved with implementing vision zero he and one of the pieces of the three is education piece. so, on monday and today, actually i have been able to bring together so you can actually see it themselves, two programs that can, can really enhance our ability to educate our children about pedestrian safety ~. and one of them actually was a video game developed by dr.
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newsome who is a trauma doctor for ucsf that practices at general hospital for the last 25 years, and she developed this game so that kids could actually learn about pedestrian safety issues. and in conjunction with that, she worked with the china hospital in los angeles and they developed this assimilated street scene called l.a., l.a. safe streets, named richy's neighborhood and the kid get to learn a lot of traditional safety issues in this simulated street scene. i brought it up from l.a.. we don't have one in san francisco, unfortunately, to show the school district, show parents, show other public what
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a great program this could be if we had it in san francisco. and it's really hard to explain unless you see it firsthand. and even though i saw it on the video which was exciting, it was even more exciting to see it firsthand with the superintendent there and other school members. so, i was really happy that we had this opportunity. hopefully in the future my colleague here and other people in san francisco can support developing or finding the resource to develop these to activities that can really enhance our ability to educate our children. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. >> rerefer. >> supervisor breed. supervisor campos. >> rerefer. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you. thank you, okay.
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two things today, colleagues. first i'm introducing a hearing request on the safety conditions and practices practices at san francisco general hospital. we all know of the great and amazing work that surgeons, nurses and doctors, technicians and all other staff at the hospital are doing every day to save lives and the quality of life. but because these individuals work so hard every day to save our lives it is our duty to ensure that we are providing a safe and clean work environment. i want to make sure workers are protected and the safe working conditions possible paying particular attention to the staffing ratio. i have recently fielded many phone calls and heard from staff in general about some of the working conditions and how they can be improved. and after the tragic incident with lynn spalding we know that there is room for improvement. so, colleagues, today i'm
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introducing a hearing request to shed some light on how we can continue to make san francisco general hospital the best hospital around or continue -- that it will continue to be the best hobble around. also, i have a resolution urging resolution from this board, asking the state to go further by requesting that commercial property be reassessed regularly between one and five years just like in every other state in the country. this is a resolution in support of assembly member tom ammiano's bill that he introduced dealing with the reassessing of commercial property taxes at the change of ownership for commercial property. this is addressing prop 13. i have circulated a copy for your review and, madam clerk, the rest i submit.
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>> thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. >> thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, today i am introducing two pieces of legislation to implement laura's law here in san francisco. each year millions of individuals slip through the cracks of our mental health system, across our country, and many right here in our great city of san francisco. they makeup a significant part of the homeless population and cause indescribable pain and suffering for their family members who have cared for them so deeply. i believe we need more effective tools locally to help those individuals and laurel's law is one of those options. similar laws enacted across our country have produced dramatic results and i believe it's time for san francisco to move forward. so, today i am introducing legislation for consideration here at the board of supervisors to implement laura's law as well as an initiative for the november 2014 ballot for the voters of san francisco to implement laura's law as well if we cannot do it here at the board
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of supervisors in these chambers. i want to take a moment to thank my co-sponsors of the legislation and the initiative, supervisor wiener, supervisor tang and supervisor breed as well as the support of mayor ed lee and the countless individuals that are supporting this initiative at the national, statewide, and local level. today when we announced this initiative, i shared a story of a mother that i have gotten to know here in san francisco who is dealing with the pain and suffering of not knowing where her son is, a son that was mentally diagnosed as mentally ill years ago as a teenager who while upped her care as a teenager at home was able to get his illness under control. but once he turned 18 decided not to seek treatment any more, became abusive to himself, to his parents, locked himself in
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his room all day long, stopped going to school, and now has left home and the parents have no idea where he is. i think to me what is even more compelling is the story of laura herself, and i had the opportunity to meet laura's parents today who came down from nevada county to share their story, nick and amanda wilcox, their daughter laura who did not suffer from mental illness but was a bright 19 year old rising is junior in college back east who lived on the coast of the nevada boarder here in california who was tragically shot and killed by someone who did suffer from mental illness and someone whose parents were seeking help and someone who simply, there were no options in their county. and it doesn't have to be this way. parents, families and friends shouldn't feel helpless at a time they are in need. they should feel supported by their city and community and
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the mental health services offered by the city and their county that meets those needs. if laura's law were in place in nevada county at the time and if it is in place here in san francisco, the tragedies that belie those families don't need to take place any more. now across our country there is a mental health crisis. there was a report last week that came out in a national publication that over 43 million individuals in the united states suffer from mental illness. over 9-1/2 million adults experience conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression and over 3-1/2 million people across our country do not receive treatment. laura's law itself as has been discussed at many different times here in san francisco provide community based assistance to individual who as a result of their illness are unable to access mental health services on their own. adopting laura's law in san francisco will help toes who need it the most and improve
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their quality of life and those around them. while i argue our mental health services system here in the city is one of the best across the country, it is true that there are individuals slipping through the cracks. laura's law focuses on those individuals and it is important that as we talk about laura's law it is a focus on the individuals in getting them the help they need and cannot seek themselves. of the 44 of other 50 states that enacted similar laws there have been dramatic results. [speaker not understood] law in new york state called kendra's law. 74% of folk experience fewer homeless necessary. [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood] 87% fewer experience incarceration. it is also a cost saver relieving the burden not only on our public safety personnel, but on our public safety infrastructure of emergency rooms and hospital beds.
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and also a positive resource, again, for those families surrounding them. again, i want to thank all of my co-sponsors, supervisor wiener, breed and tang, mayor ed lee, i want to thank barbara garcia for her support during this process and the numerous people that came out to discuss their support for laura's law today. i also want to make sure to note that as we talk about this and certainly in the context of homelessness here in san francisco, this isn't a panacea, this is one tool in the tool box to make sure individuals and families get the help that they need. there is no solution, but i believe this is an important step for the city and county of san francisco to implement. i rook forward to having a robust discussion here at the board of supervisors. i hope it gets to the board of supervisors, but if not, also with the voters of san francisco. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. ~ >> thank you. a few weeks ago i had expressed
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frustration with actually the department of health contracts with [speaker not understood] s-r-o buildings that we rent to homeless on our streets and we use taxpayer dollars to house folks. and also noting that a number of those buildings have numerous building violations and health violations that aren't a trust yet we continue to contract with those buildings. last week on may 12 the city did file a lawsuit against one of the families that owns a number of these hotels, 15-s r.o.s, over 880 room. the families have a history of health safety and building code violationses and unlawful conduct over the past couple of years. the city continues to pay the family using taxpayer dollars for providing housing even though they have outstanding violations and continue to deny residents health, safety and tenancy rights, including participating in on a legal policy of rotating tenants out
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of their room so they cannot achieve their tenancy and therefore the eligible rights to that unit. i am introducing a resolution today to urge dph to divest all city resources, investments, and financial contracts related to the substandard s-r-o hotel owned or operated by the family and to also catalog all the s-r-o hotels that have a history of health, safety and building code violations and to establish a plan to similarly divest city resources and to develop and implement a plan to relocate all tenants who are still living in these substandard residential rooms in s-r-o hotels named in the city attorney's civil action. i look forward to working with the department of public health on this issue. i think it's incredibly important that when we fund housing, particularly for our most vulnerable residents that we are providing them safe and adequate housing here in san francisco and rewarding property owners who are accountable and responsible to our residents. second, i'm also introducing a charter amendment today which i
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hope will finally culminate or consolidate with three he other charter amendments regarding our children and our youth. that is the children's fund, the public education enrichment fund and our children on city council. this is a proposal to voters to amend what supervisor tom ammiano, then supervisor tom ammiano worked to create the city rainy day reserve. this would bifurcate those fund so there would be one for the city and one for our public schools and would actually change the discretion in terms of how those dollars could be approved for the school district. just wanted to thank our controller's office and also young lee, our deputy superintendent who worked on crafting this compromise and look forward to our continued conversation at rules committee and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor mar. >> thank you. colleagues, today i'm proud to
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be carrying legislation championed by our san francisco youth commission, the youth commission has asked our help as the board of supervisors to achieve their charter mandate, especially promoting a stronger youth base in our board of supervisors meetings and committee hearings. but with so much of our business happening during the middle of the day, youth who are required to be in school are effectively barred from regularly participating. what i am proposing today along with my co-sponsor supervisor david campos is a simple and very practical change to the board rules. the rule simply allows the youth commission to submit a formal request for a hearing on an item that has been referred to them to be held at a youth friendly time and that just means the time when they're not barred from at least paying attention and coming to speak before us. and this requires the committee chair to reply to the commission prior to calendaring the matter. and i know my office and i have
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to coordinate closely with our clerk and our clerk's office as well, but we think that this common sense measure simply formalizes a process that has been an occasional challenge in the past. while many supervisors worked well with the youth commission, this hasn't always been the case. in the commission's nearly two decades of operation, hearings about the city budget, juvenile hall residents -- juvenile hall rebuild, youth services and muni cares have occurred with hardly any youth attendance. this is simply a question whether we honor young people and whether we can better facilitate their engagement in our work and deliberations. i'm also introducing a sister resolution that urges other youth serving boards and commissions to also develop their own policy to encourage youth participation. i look forward to passing this relatively simple measure and urge my colleagues to accommodate young people and youth voice as often as possible and i will consider -- and i will consider an even stronger measure in the future
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if we are as a body unable to create this space for our young people. also tomorrow i'll be hosting a transportation town hall meeting in the richmond district, it's part of the mta's efforts around the city to promote our transportation or t-2030 recommendation. and over the past year in the richmond district, i'm proud that we've implemented a transit first agenda from establishing a 5 fulton limited line to advancing the geary rapid timeline from 2020 to 2018. more info is available at go new painted lanes for the 38 geary line and the events improve arguello boulevard, one of the vast corridors that can [speaker not understood] with golden gate park. it's also one of the key bicycle corridors in our city. t-2030 is really important and for all this work to continue i think supporting transportation 2030 recommendation are critical.
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and i urge all of us and the mayor not to back down from restoring the vehicle license fee or vlf to pre-governor schwarzenegger level. we have too much work to do and we need the funding to accomplish it. i'm prepared to go to bat this november like i know many of us are for this funding. and our town hall in the richmond district will also begin on wednesday, from 6:00 to 7:30 on 18th avenue and clement. it's also supported by a group of transit riders in the richmond district called go geary and they're providing food and drinks at the meeting. so, please come and join us. i think the food is from angelina's. i hope everyone will attend the meeting and join the conversation. thank you and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor tang. >> thank you. today i have an in memoriam for someone who was a huge member of our sunset community and was
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really respected and well loved by all of her fellow animal lovers. jennifer jamison is someone who has served on our animal welfare commission and actually as the, i believe the vice-chair in this past year. and, so, ashley from my office sfgov-tv will allow me, we do have a few photos showing jennifer. she did pass away unexpectedly and we are just so devastated to hear about her loss. she started a [speaker not understood] rescue in 2010. they are dedicated to rescue and re-homing black and dark coated companion animals from shelters. believe it or not, they are actually disproportionately euthanized for their color. black cats are often associated with superstition while black dogses are the last to be adopted from shelters and are often the first to be euthanized for their color. so jennifer was actually dedicated to making sure those animals found their forever home. lou guru rescue partnered with many shelters and agencies
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including animal care and control here in san francisco. our spca, san jose animal shelter, sacramento, contra costa, kern county, merced and many others. in addition to running lou guru, jennifer was an active volunteer with many other rescue groups. is like we said she worked with spca with [speaker not understood]. shelter cat rescue and housed and cared for foster cats until they found a permanent placement. she organized volunteers for walk a dog regular queue where she grew the workforce and coordinated staff adoption events. and she was very, very engaged with our office and many of the community efforts that he we had. she was often seen in the community such as our movies and the coffee free movie nights where she would work with us and animal care control to share various animal with the community. and, so, again we're just so shocked by her passing and really want to wish her family all the best as they deal with
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this difficult time. and would like to ask that we adjourn in her memory today. >> thank you, supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam clerk. today i am introducing a charter amendment that ties the mta's baseline to population grove so that a population increase he he in our city, mta funding increases, the additional funding would be dedicated to primarily to improving muni's frequency capacity, reliability and state of good repair with the smaller amount being dedicated to street safety improvements. colleague, i'll be honest that i did not want to introduce this amendment. i would prefer that we proceed with the vehicle license fee and i agree with supervisor mar in that respect. i believe that would provide long-term dedicated sustainable funding for road resurfacing, for cap pal improvementses to
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make muni run better and improve the safety of our streets. and i'm hoping that we will be able to move the vlf forward. however, if the vlf doesn't move forward, then i would intend to ask the board to place this charter amendment on the ballot which will help us keep our commitment to having a great public transportation system for our city. we know that the population of san francisco is growing and will continue to grow. our population has grown by 85,000 people since 2003. we're project today grow by another 150,000 by 20 40. we cannot have a situation in san francisco where people feel that they need to drive in term of the new population coming here, we cannot have another 50 or 100,000 cars on our streets. it doesn't work. it will lead to perpetual gridlock. it's bad for drivers. it's bad for pedestrians. it's bad for muni. it's bad for [speaker not understood]. it's bad for everyone. what we need to do is make sure
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we're providing world class public transportation. the mayor convened transportation task force in which i served as well as supervisor avalos and supervisor chiu. it was an excellent task force, did great work and has made multiple high-quality solid recommendations to the mayor and to this board of supervisors and we need to move forward with those recommendation and i hope we'll do that and they'll be in a position to draw the charter amendment. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor avalos. >> thank you, madam clerk. a couple items for introduction. first i have an in memoriam for john [speaker not understood]. john [speaker not understood] was incredibly long-lived excelsior district resident, known as the mayor -- mr. excelsior. i've known john for at