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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2014 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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start connecting the dots early open you're not doing the ones and twos as an isolated incident and having the prosecutors have the arms and tools to have the understanding this is not only on a isolated incident this may be a way to funnel money into other criminal activities that's what we do in manhattan and hope to do here. >> i can tell you from manhattan that because we're the intel driver with the seminar ada person has spoken i gave you examples of violent crime but we have a huge count fiat ticketing problem we have the times square
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issues that has low-level crimes but not nice to tourist we know what the issues are and track the patterns the same people over and over that are doing it we can bring the right people to the table and we do to figure out pro-active strategies that might include new legislation of legislation or making it inhospitalityal so they'll go somewhere else. >> thanks colleagues questions or comments. okay. thank you for taking the time from new york to come. mr. district attorney our next one >> the next one is mental health especially there's an area you have taken a
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professional leadership and some of your other colleagues, we from many years have been u custodial aware the challenges in our community that have mental health problems whether getting them the right level of service or getting them off the streets to live a more humane life some of the people we deal with die in the streets because the lack of care. we also have other activities that we, you know, we're seeing an increase in the workload starting in julia significant workload and perhaps if the law is to pass another piece. i'd like to introduce you to katie miller she's the one that works in this area and much like my other colleague she'll walk
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you through the concerns if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> great thanks. >> good afternoon. katie and the chief of the program in that roll over see our collaborative neighborhood prosecutors and our juvenile unit when we put the programs together under one piece three and four the da charged me with looking at how we do and our challenges and gaps and how to bring our process into awe alignment how we work with individuals suffering from mentally illness we intersect with the city's health care the system should be a robust came national system and a range of access points and that ideally
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folks get involved with the services and i but there are two different ways to intersect with the system it really is unsustainable for us to do the work we're mandated so currently in our office we have one full-time assistant district attorney and a part time person with her that he rely on two other lawyers we beg and borrow if other unit and it isn't that she can't handle the case the caseload is extreme. there 20 are two different ways to do mental health work one is civil in and a half in california it's the district attorney's office that represent
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the public conservative so it's the district attorney's office that's the lawyer for our public office of conservative our. so our office maintenance an ongoing caseload even if seven hundred and 50 conservative our cases once they're past their petition oftentimes cabaret in custody and others things like change of medication or change of placement and our lawyers staff all those folks. to date in the calendar year 6 hundred and 80 cases she's acted on as well as looking at seven hundred and 50 other cases for their court date. the other thing is criminal work
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obviously we have a number of cases because someone has violated the law but suffering from serious mental illness there's several board cases of those cases load under the tammy same attorney the person's economy of standing trial my folks that are insane folks that maybe finishing their insensitive - sentencing. she has 4 hundred and 20 cases and you can imagine those are cases involving serious crimes and with others who have mental
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illness they're coming to see where they're with their cases. currently our office didn't staff the 5350 and san francisco generally, i want to bring that out we should be doing under the state law the district attorney's office should be in the hearing and we're not there there's no legal council for the city presently because we don't have the ability to do it. individuals have a lawyer so san francisco gentle and the 7 other hospitals across the city that do the hearing there's private council but we're not in the room right now. there's an average of 50 across the city in the hospitals. in addition to the current work there's a few important changes
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on the horizon that will be on our plate. the first thing is the beginning in july the san francisco superior court is actually seeing a role it's placed for many years the preparation and filing of the papers related to the hearing. so currently when a con conservative brings a can say forward to the superior court but in july will be our office so we will be doing the paperwork the civil court cases today it would have been 6 hundred and 50 just in january that's ate entirely new function for the district attorney's office it requires us to assembly all the flying paperwork and have an investigator and serving on the
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opposing council all the steps we don't currently do in conservatively for cases. so in addition right now before the board of supervisors there's legislation to for san francisco to adapt welfare and institution code 16th century 70 velocity e scheduled as a neighborhood committee the purpose of the law to extend psych holds after they've been 5150ed having the ability to keep folks an center thirty days at hospitals we won't have to do as many conservative active cases here in san francisco were we agree there are many folks who have been 5150s and maybe need nor
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time to get stabilized but this is an important yaegs edition to our toolbox we need to be at the hearings of the 8 hospitals so if the board is passing those we don't have the capacity to either do the investigative work or be present at the hearings. those changes don't envision anything by the lawrence law we're supportive of lauren u laura's law and glad to be part of that i envision we'll be in the hearings if that happens we're managing a tremendous
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amount of work. the last thing we recognize we have many cases where mentally illness is an flying concern for the crime but really cases that come across our desks from the chronic offenders to other kinds of cases and participating part of this is to come up with alternative sentences to incarceration that helps people to get the help they need and religious recidivism if we have more resources in our mental health department those l.v.n.s can help in that other ways. the budget cycle i want to talk about is the alternative nens
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planner we have one social worker it was a position we created in the as a realignment was coming down from state law to be able to make better sentencing determinations in cases. in many, many cases that individual works on with lawyers we came up with the positions for those cases that get individuals to the services they need. it's my feeling we've asked for one additional person and some place that has the civic training can work with our lawyers across the office on a case by case outgoing. i hope you'll consider that. in my work i've been talking with national experts on the prosecution of mental health and do our work and what we
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consistently hear from the during the course and others departments the way we can best do the work is identifying the case that have mental health as a factor and everyone in the office is able to come up with the best resolution for those cases if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> thank you very much colleagues, any questions. much appreciated. mr. district attorney any further thoughts >> as you can see by the very eloquent equip person this is an area we're not properly staffed to do the work the fact the work is going to be increasing at the beginning of the new fiscal year this is a work that the city
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that prides itself in bag a progressive city we shouldn't be creating people that have mental health issues csa as if they if and prosecuting people with mental health conditions is not the answer sea having the ability to access what the conditions of the individuals early on and being able to do the right level of the work and at the same time, we're keeping the community safe is going a long way it's not only socially responsible but economically 0 responsibly. i'm holy hoping as we moved the board and mayor's office can look at closely. it is so much more economically effective to had had right thing >> colleagues, any other
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further questions or comments. >> okay. thank you very much. and we'll open this up for public comment anyone wish to comment on items five or six >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed. again, i want to thank our district attorney and all the speakers safe flight back to new york. colleagues a motion to file items five and six we'll take that without objection. and madam clerk call item 7 >> item 7 ordinance african-american the administrative code and payment of the prevailing was this on property owned by the city. >> thank you chair farrell. i'm looking for mr. winn he's
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the deputy city attorney. colleagues this legislation is frail many years in the making because it is overall on amendment to the local hiring ordinance that was passed in december even if 2010. that ordinance was applying the local hire principle percentages rising every year we're in the year of a pause to do an assessment for workers to get hired for publicly you funded public works projects. this new amendment to the ordinance is actually adding in 2 parts that we will extend local hiring to public and private land for language for prevailing wages as well it follows the same process we had in place for the local hire
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ordinance and mr. flynn is coming now. it's pretty straightforward the approach but there's many departments that have coverage and we're concerned about how the policy will fit the work they're doing and i wanted to be flexible to make sure we can maximum local resident getting hired but understand the complexities that the departments had to go through. there's 3 well, actually now 2 main projects that large practice writing these promotions that are going to be moving forward over the next few years if not decades the project on the south side of the giants ownership and one by forest city
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by pier 70 they've got an agreement that was made early on before the term sheet was approved by the board of supervisors they've apply the local hiring to the projects in their myth that was done before this ordinance came forward this ordinance would if we were to not make amendments that will allow the entities the giants to meet the standards rising every year for the local residents but they've come forward with the previous commitment we're going to have an amendment that mr. flynn will explain that be kind of grandfather them in. i want to thank them going from
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the original 25 percent local hiring rate to a thirty percent local hiring rate. this was a big decision they had to go back to our sponsors to accept that i think i need to acknowledge that was done. so mr. flynn if you want to share with us some of the main amendments that we had today wore 40 are the ordinance and if my colleagues have questions >> thank you, supervisor. so package you have before you on page 6 in subsection 3 b adds 3 new exemptions for which the local hire policy requires it is exempting the tenant improvements estimated to cost less than $750,000 for the
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building permit where it is contracted by tenant >> that's effectively the projects at the port that's where the request are for the amendment. >> that's correct. the request came from the port it was a multi department meeting headed up by oewd and the mayors task force and they discussed this exemption and 3 others 2 of which are in the packet but the port was the one that was put that forgot and there was a concern that is smaller tenants on port property would have a little bit more trouble matching the needs around the local hiring and prevailing wage and about local hire >> okay. >> the second exemption for projects for special events where the special event is 3
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days or few consequent or no one consequent things like 2 day events in the park or where the event is lessons e.r. less than that 3 days. the third exemption is for construction projects where it's fund by a donors agent where the gift agreement didn't require the city funds to be used for construction and the workers be paid the same prevailing wages. those are in the package you have before you >> and this last project in particular evading the work on the playground; is that correct? >> yes. rec and park described a project there's a potential donor to give out that entire project to the city.
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>> we don't see that many projects currently in the pipeline that matches that exemption. >> i believe rec and park is here they can talk about the scope of the projects i don't see those types of project this is not exempting the project and the city issued a construction project that's covered as currently by the local hiring principle. >> thank you and explain some of the deliberations we've had around the prevailing wage and so the next section of the ordinance that's in our package rather than having a new class of construction projects that would be covered by the payment of prevailing wage on projects owned by the city and county the supervisor and the folks took
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did opportunity opportunity to align this prevailing wage with state law. if we add this payment in the subcommittee where in november of 2013, the california leg all right. passed the requirement to the chapter city pay the prevailing wages as denied by the state as of january fixture 2015 or they're not entitled to seek construction fund. this adds any category of projects covered by state to our requirements it didn't take away any of the prevailing wage requirements but any loopholes or gaps that project is brought brought into it by this
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amendment. there's one other amendment an amendment dealing with an issue not in our package that was discussed with our office i'll have to read it read into the record >> so this is a fourth exemption to the local hiring policy to add to subsection 662 subsection 4 the following sentence projects that as of the effective date of this subsection have a term sheet endorsed by the board of supervisors and have finding fiscal feasibility and agriculture to be community investment & infrastructure commission the projects to made sure hiring per exorbitantly by oewd pr that's a fourth
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exemption to the newly expanded code. >> thank you very much. >> there's an enforcement section and it has two provisions in one section. >> please read that this is what i was river to the giant in forest city to make sure that the decisions they voluntarily made and the language you're going to present right now. >> given the agreement of going up to thirty this fits spots exemption this roadways a new subsection a to say that oewd shall issue rules and
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regulations for enforcement of the policy where the construction contract is issued but an entity or individual other than the city so would give oewd enforcement over the class and at the end of that section the following sentence would be added for projects i'm sorry for projects where the construction is issued by an individual other than the city oewd is authorized to grant conditional waivers on the basis that a finds the contractor has participated to the extent feasible in the mechanisms available and has undertaken all corrective actions by oewd and little 3 considering all referral sources and the best estimates of the workers there will be an insufficient
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available local residents and disengaged workers to enable contractor and subcontractors to satisfy the local requirement. >> very good i motion to accept it as a whole and also the language that you have presented to us right now. the language you described that you shared right now about the percentage the thirty percent i want to make sure that that is a percentage that applies to all individual trades as that's correct within the sentence it applies to each trade >> very good. so colleagues this is an amendment as a whole correct mr. flynn so colleagues i'd like to motion to accept this amendment as a whole as well as the language that mr. flynn described for the record
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>> supervisor avalos made a motion we'll entertain the motion after. is there any other comments from our supervisors or district attorney >> let's discuss about the local hire ordinance in general. i'm really grateful for the work of the mayor's office and the office of economic workforce development and the flexibility of our developers and contractors the building trades for their work we've actually, you know, seen we've come very far in terms of how we're doing the program and we've created a sea change in san francisco it was a difficult change for many organizations to accept. but i think we've moved past that and now we're at a phrase we're going looking at to the future to make sure we're
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getting rid of the problems that exist and making sure we have a good fit between our contractor and building trades and between the city build program we have a ways to go i suspect i'll be coming back back to look at how the system works right now we have a pause in the yearly rising percentage to actually collect data to understand how well, the system it functioning we've agreed to that it's helpful to get support but also to make sure we do things right and delay the concerns whether or not it program is effective. we're in the middle of the pause i appreciate the flexibility we've had great success in getting people to work and that's all we can do as we see
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the economy grow we have to make sure we're going to make sure the great outreach organization and encouraging residents to get jobs in the growing city so i want to thank everyone who's been part of the effort and thanks to the mayors task force and construction committee where a lot of the recommendations have coverage including the ideas of the owners itself. with that, we can go on to public comment or colleagues, any questions about this owners we can entertain those right now >> colleagues, any questions or comments. any city departments that are here wish to comment on this. all right. open this up for public comment oh, we h