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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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have pictures and you are getting a picture and also the program. where is esther >> right here. no, no i gave them to her so this year we recognize one hundred and 23 filipino filipino-american students who made it to say honor roll and one hundred and 23. we also recognize them by putting their names on the program but they didn't have time to respond to the application 23 responded and all of them got money awarded to them. so i think stand up if you're here. anyone oh, there's my son he made it (clapping) i would recognize the 23 from balboa high school and ask the
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others to help me from balboa high school and marvin and claire and jane. elsie ray he is. i want to ask some teachers you. my friend lisa guzman to help me nouns phillip we have julian and other. from glal low high school julian and abraham lincoln we have patricia. and other. jeffrey and maria and other. i want to ask maria lisa guzman
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to announce the recipients from joining jordan and that's it >> from jordan high school maria and lowell high school kimberly chang and other missing jell and dave more and more let me see and other. (clapping.) >> hello, everyone. hi hello. all right. so my name is miss mr. guzman a high school senior at balboa
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high school attending uc davis next year so thank you. (clapping.) i see a lot of familiar a faces in the crowd my teacher my environmental science teacher and my al gastrobra teacher and history teacher those are very good people, you know. my teacher i had her for two years and i am in this program to go camping with my class and basically, i - yes walk so, yes. she shows a lot of empathy towards her students she's wonderful in many ways and mr.
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go on do he's a very cool math teacher. he takes time out of his life to, you know, play this game called legal legions on the computer it's online you fight other people with swords and stuff. so anyways they're good people and teachers are good and all right. okay. now we have the
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latin-american teachers association (clapping) and please also tell us about your organization >> good evening board members and everyone i'm a fifth grade teacher at the bryant elementary we had kick ball so i apologize for my clothes i'm the latin-american teacher association not this year that touches my heart about the filipino association they came to our association where we award scholarships.
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basically, the latin-american association gives scholarships to students. this year we gave 5 thousand scloop and normally we give $3,000 and 15 hundred. this year we awarded just a minute i want to say that the latin-american teachers association is an association who's mission so to promote bilingual educational education for teachers in san francisco and students students who wouldn't get scholarships because of their undocumented status so we target those so we have homegrown students this year who we also recognize (clapping) and unfortunately, we didn't invite my of our students we
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knew they were busy but we have 16 students and i have their names but not where they're going the 5 optional ion. the $5,000 recipient itself first time ever to receive the highest score by his application is mr. sanchez who received $5,000 and attended international high school. (clapping.) the following names are students that received a $3,000 scholarship that are going to 4 year universities the first from admission high school and jacqueline attended o'connell and cleveland and m e.c.
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xavier menus is attended the international high school and we have a recipient between 15 hundred scloop she attended jordan high school and went to dpw e director heinecke man and long fell. lewis chavez will receive $3,000 he and then a local high school. and many mendez went to mission and everest and steve you didn't many went to longfellow elementary and we had another student attended balboa she'll
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he gets 3 thousand. 2 year scholarships will go to the following students john received $1,500 will remember to lick and chavez and marshall high school and rose academy of arts and science went to e.r. reiterate and finally, there's the last student attended hill toup top and will be receiving $1,500 and that's the list of our students. i apologize them for not being here (clapping) thank you very much. >> the next group san francisco achieveers. (clapping.)
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henry would you mind introducing user and talk about your program, please. and gentlemen this is testify advised to make sure your sort of in the camera range. front and center here. >> thank you sandra i'm henry i'm here with san francisco achieveers tonight we've given awards to african-american students for the past 6 years and grown from a first year class of 9 students to 26 students this year (clapping) we give scholarships that are
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evaluated at the 9 to $12,000 and spread over 4 years. (clapping.) and instead of me introducing each student i want each student to introduce themselves and start right now (clapping.) henry henry. henry. and could you tell us about your program about the support and what you do and i think a call for volunteers also >> all right. how much time do we have i'm kidding. we have a couple of programs in john o'connell and other high schools we're working with the same population african-american males we actively recruit in all the high schools in the city and in fact, this year our 26
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scholars come from 12 different high schools. i'd like to recognize hoover lift ev'ry voice and sing dell first (clappin (clapping) hoover and i go out to the hoiltz in the fall and meet the students and recruit the students and obviously i couldn't do that without hoover. (clapping.) once our students are collected our scholars are selected we match them that mentors and we provide field trips, educational culture experience for them through the years. it's nothing but a pleasure for me and our organization to work
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with those wonderful young men. so let's (clapping) (laughter) i can't get my of them to start >> too yourselves where you're going what school. >> i'm jordan wilson i attend george washington high school (clapping) and i'm attending loyola university in new orleans (clapping.) i'm jeri go to abraham lincoln high school (clapping) i'll be attending college in san mateo and major in business administration (clapping). >> my name is king i can't do i
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go to san mateo high school and will be attending san mateo college. >> my name is london dell o on n dell like the computer i attend balboa high school and going to sf state in the fall (clapping). >> my name is gabriel. i attend mission how right now and will be going to san francisco city college in the fall (clapping) >> my name is mark mick henry and going to mission high school and sf state next year. >> i go to office of the city
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administrator by a wells and plan to go to uc berkley and get my masters in busy. >> i go to washington high school and next year i'll be attending carlos san mateo (clapping). >> good evening. i'm going to ab loing high school and go to monterey college. >> hi. (laughter) hello, everybody i'm ricky johnson i attend george washington high school (clapping) shout out to all the teachers that attend george washington high school they need a raise thank you
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(clapping) (yelling). >> and where will you be attending and where will this young gentleman be attending. >> i'll will be attending college of san mateo. congratulations. (clapping.) henry did we get everyone. is there one or two more great >> that's good i'm carel i was raised by my grandfather and i give it up for himself him, i want to thank the sf program for
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giving me this opportunity to get out of the graffiti and not be a stereotype thank you, everyone and i plan on attending sacramento state university that (clapping) one more thing i - if you want austin graph get it now for the olympic team. >> i'm derrick law officer did care i'll be attending city college next year. >> (clapping). >> there are so many of you gentlemen why don't you come in here. >> they need a raise
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(clapping) hey hover.
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hover. >> and . >> yeah. and okay board members (clapping) board members i'd like to open it up for comments that my board members would like to say to
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those recipients of scholarships so if you want to say congratulations >> okay great on behalf of the board of education we would like to congratulate every recipient and student. good job. (clapping.) okay. and they can all the organizations you're right commissioner wynns even though you wanted me to say that congratulations to all the organizations that awarded those scholarships and recognizing those young scholars thank you very much. and thank you for the drums. and deputy superintendent i believe you have something to present to us >> so as many of you know, san francisco unified school
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district was given a waiver this past year implementing our school improvement system and part of that system includes acknowledging the hard work of community here to talk about that is our executive director jill. >> good evening, commissioners yes deputy germany restraining order stayed the waiver that we received transmissions us into an accountability system we have the opportunity to recognize schools that are making growth and progress merely than identifying schools in another way. the schools are the award schools and being identified as either high progress or high performing schools. the high progress award schools are in the top 10 for the core
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waiver. we have two schools receiving the award and your high performing are in the top 10 percent among all title one schools in the district for the factors outlined in the schools quality improvement system. so deputy germany restraining order you've got the plaques. i'm going to call each of our award he schools by names we have a couple of principles to accept the plaques and say a few words on behalf of the their school communities. recognizing the school program is the high progress school for this is paul rivera
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>> the clerk will take the roll >> we'd like to commend as a title one awards school for 2013-2014 u repel school (clapping). >> thank you for this award it is a title one school we're known as the forgotten title one school because we've gotten blue ribbon and federal blue ribbon and eight times over an achievement award but sometimes, people overlook us as a title one we have 60 percent of kids on free or reduced lunches and 50 percent don't speak english. so it would be very
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disrespectful to not acknowledge the people that transform institutional leadership so i want to bring forgot to acknowledge the teachers and we know (clapping) we know the common ports sets the standards but the instructional leadership that transforms the they're the same staff that stand in front of the kids everyday and yet they're the same staff standing next to me it takes a team so we're proud of having a wonderful, wonderful team of staff. i'm going to accept it t this award on behalf of all the folks at the elementary school
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(clapping) >> thanks for your hard work. congratulations. >> thank you principle carl fong from u low a (clapping). >> we have our next school being recognized as a title one high performance john yee tall haul chin if the principle is present. congratulations to john yee haul school community
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(clapping) >> get additional praise. yeah. >> we're recognizing that evening rosa parks elementary school with joseph parks (clapping). >> oh, could you press the bottom b button please. as i thought about this award a couple of things one, of course, it recognizes a lot of hard work and dedication from our staff and from our staffers here stand up and take a bow and the parents from the community partners, like parents for public school in san francisco we're in the audience together. besides the recognition the
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award a says we have something important to share with others we take that roll seriously we know we have a lot of great ideas and doing a lot of wonderful thing for children and excited to share those ideas so thank you, again, for the recognition (clapping) >> our next school is a garfield elementary school principle jean high performance title one congratulations to garfield (clapping) and our final award this evening at the school title one high progress is buena vista hero
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race man principle steiner (clapping). >> thank you for the award i want to accept the award on on behalf of the hardworking educators that come to school super earlier and stay very, very late over 75 permeation of them will be working in the summer school program and their dedications to the children and family is expiring and a lot of them with here. i see frank and so many of them that work day to day in and out so thank you (clapping) >> and now we'll have the
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student delegates report i want to congratulate our seniors that have served to represent all the students of the san francisco unified school district tell us where you're going and we'll on behalf of the board thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. i'm logan going to do ucla next year (clapping) >> thank you. i'm angeleno a i'll be going to ucla next year. >> okay sf c business of order student leadership election they've ended their campaign and is