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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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for our two special p.m. i know we've called the first could you please announce the results of ballots. >> yes. mr. president, for the lower polk was 68.23 percent and the return ballots voting against was that 1 percent 77 percent further indicating there was no majority protest. >> it's been described i want to thank the community for all their work and no majority profits we can precede with the vote to adapt the resolution to establish the lower polk benefit district roll call vote. >> item 46. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee.
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supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. there are 11 i's. the resolution to establish the lower polk benefits district it adapted (clapping) and with that, colleagues why not going to temples 46 to 48 for violation could you summarize our conversations >> president chiu the following items have been removed from the delinquent charges for cerritos and 96 howard street and 5976 clement street and 25, 13th avenue and 35th avenue.
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the report report ca can i have a motion to increase lie the report oar supervisor mar the underlying report obey amended. at this time i will declare that is heard and on the underlying resolution can we take that without objection? same house, same call? without objection this resolution it adapted. with that, why not proceeded to roll call vote for introductions >> supervisor mar your first up to introduce new business. >> thank you madam clerk i have several items today. the first item is i will be introducing our retail workers births today with the strong
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support of president chiu also supervisor avalos and supervisor campos and i'm proud to be here with coalition of labor organizations that have westbound organize for several years for our retailer workers bill of rights. this issue in san francisco of raising the minimum wage is so important to our communities it's not enough and addressing the issues ever ours and they're scheduling and job security and retention for many of our part time workers t is important i'm proud we have a coalition jobs for justice and a number of organizations that are part of our eshgsz that are advocating for our bill of rights many are retail workers thank you for being here with us.
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jobs for justice is a coalition of labor organizations in the bay area that works with my office and supervisor chiu to develop the enar equality gap in our city a wealthy gap and inequality gap it squeeze low income workers and raising the minimum wage we have to promote full-time employment and stable employment for part time workers and retail and other workers are not just living paycheck to paycheck but hour to hour and suffer from erratic schedule many of our close friends are part of this workforce that don't know when it they should be coming in or on call and not getting the number of hours she
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should get also the bill of rights will increase economic security for tens of thousands ever low wage workers. i want to acknowledge not only job for justice but other organizations that are part of this the alliance for community the south of market community network and youngest workers yoourntd and example s c w and service employees inspirational union and unit here and the san francisco labor council and many others. president chiu will give remarks but this 4 part workers bill of rights is a package of initiative policy this will make sure that the employers offer
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more hours before hiring more part time workers or temp workers it discourages bad policies that requires the workers be paid 4 hours if the employer requires them to be on call for a shift or 3 if a shift is cancelled within twenty-four hours and the equal treatment for part time workers this will prohibit the discrimination bans their part time status or i think ability to maintain open available with their rate of pay and paid time off and promotion opportunity so it's about equal treat and fair treatment for
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part time workers and the worker retention and job security. this policy will protect the workers from louis jobs when their company is bought by another company and hair to be kept he 90 days. had retail workers withers bill of rights is important for people to live in our ever increasing hard to live in city. those provisions of those four provisions of the bill of rights will be applied to all large retail establishments considered to be formula retail for changes that have 11 or more stores in this country there are over 12 hundred and 50 chain retailers including target and lowe's and fashion like the gap and h
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aeshgs and m for over 21 and radio shack and tape recorder joe's and safeway it covered starbucks to olive garden and bank of america or wells fargo pr this is part of a national campaign that's been led by organizations george miller has raised this international and this is raised for working conditions that at least the part time workers with instability in their lives and also those policies can have a huge positive impact on tens of thousands of retail workers in
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our city and the national impact will lead to many cities following suit to look at ways to prove the low was this for accountability workers. earlier today, i stood with a number of retailer works from safeway security businesses from the gap and from starbucks and other companies and they raised the issue this will make their lives and staying in the city easier and they stressed that this is really an urgent matter of staying in the city or being pushed out like so many others are because of our economic and wealth gap in the city. lastly i want to say i authorized along with the coworkers this is an issue where workers are not only living paycheck to paycheck but hour to
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hour and this measure the worker bill of rights will help with the stability of low wage and part time workers in the city. the last point i want to make in my introduction before president chiu gives comments this is extremely good for listing the low wage workers out of poverty but many workers are offered high employment, however, the overall trend in the growing san francisco service sector is employers are looking at to cut costs and that's the low road type of employers we're trying
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to alter their ability to do that. when they do this that pits the pressure on the good employers to encourage in the same allowing low road cost cutting this drives down a motivation so that's why our workers should be offended full-time hours. i want to say this matter is urgent for our city s it will help us to lift many of the part time and low wage earners out of poverty. so with that, i'd like to ask if supervisor chiu would like to comment >> thank you supervisor mar. today, i'm pleased to stand with our coalition to announce the san francisco employees bill of rights you remember i proposed
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the family friendly work ordinance our city became the first in the country to create the rights of parents and kaefrz to ask for flexible work arrangement and president obama issued an executive director providing this same right to over 2 million federal workers. as part of the first draft of the legislation we included provisions to address predicable scalds but the topic was complicated so i asks the working laborser and others to address this topic. during those discussions we've learned how precinct - how unpredictable and abuse i have policies can undermine health and we've heard from excellent
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employers that figured out how to management the predictable schedule for the lives off our workers when supervisor mar and i learned we had two coalitions to address many of the ideas we've considered overlap we decided to join forces to table those and i'm pleased to serve as supervisor mar co-sponsoring that addresses two elements of the workers bill of rights i'mably with the task force to address the remaining policies to make no mistake about it work places for precinct for workers in our city we have too many residents and families jordanian multiple jobs juggling that has unreasonable on call practices.
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with our combined practice we look forward to have san francisco lead the way and thank you, again those of you who have worked with us. thank you, mr. president and commissioner mar back to finishing >> thank you president chiu and mrs. supervisor campos and supervisor avalos for coworker i want to shout out to jobs for justice michelle and the coalition we've been working with we'll be telling many of the stories of the part time workers and in september we look forward to a lively dialog how we can list up the part time and low wage earners to joy the fruits of the city this is about fairness and equal treatment for many part time workers. the next item i'm introducing with supervisor avalos is part of this effort to make sure that
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we protect the soul of the city and as a growing gap how many people are being pushed out the city by speculators so along with the alliance of california or ace i'm introducing a registry of splarlts or a registry those are properties being bought up by the speculators and transcribing to the foreclosures or through real estate sales become the sites of evictions i'm calling this a speculator registry since 2008 many families have lost their
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homes to foreclosures approximately 4 thousand families have lost their homes in san francisco a fraction were sold through a public auction that ours at the backside of city hall san francisco falls behind i a fraction of o foreclosures will go to auction according the price water house the calm before the storm we can expect another wave of the foreclosures in the next year that end up in the auctioned behind city hall the city has an interest in helping residential and commercial owners and speculators evictions insuring that if a foreclosure can't be pretend all fees and foreclosure
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fees are paid to the city and county of san francisco and in monitoring distress to make sure their well maiden and not cause blight in the community those properties in default and r e o properties effectively help with the processes because of the adequacy of the data on all properties that there will monitor residential properties that are subject to foreclosure by requiring lender who foreclosure on a residential property to register the property and provide contact information for the people responsible for the foreclosure process and require the purchaser to update the registration about the subject
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sales or any dwelling unit at a foreclosure sale to allow the city to monitor speculation and including the withdrawal of affordable housing. and finally the spectacular register authorizes the fee to offset the registry and provide a fee for failure to update the information >> this is the first 31st night out and the community policy partnering in the richmond district at our richmond district on 6 and geary we'll be having the crime dog and the sf safe the firefighters will be
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there with their barbecueing and we urge you to coming up come out the parks station last a wonderful night out on page street from 5 to 9:00 p.m. we urge you to join us in into police station we have a music concert with musicians coming to golden gate park on august 8th through the tenant incredible line up there are another entertainment has organized raising $14 million since it's inception in 2007 and continues to support of the rec and park department programs throughout our city but especially in golden gate park. there's a community hotline anyone was call if you have a complaint or and that's phone call 4153902737 and the hotline
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number opens up on the festival days from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. from august 8th through sunday's august 10th and the mta and other city agencies have convenient phone calls to call if someone blocks our derivative there's several toe trucks that driver around the park and will be able to remove them. the phone call is 5531237 and my understanding is resident have the violate to block their own drivers but non-residents don't. also park access there's a number of a places to go to
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understand what parts of park will be closed off i urge you to call that community hotline or call my office we monitor it for the 3 days of the festival thank you, colleagues the rest i'll submit >> supervisor mar. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you mr. clerk. so first colleagues i'm introducing a request for a hearing in september about water conservation in the city to provide our city departments participate recreation and parks department with an opportunity to talk about the steps their taxing there's confusion why some water is turned off and plant watering is not happening. the second to explore with various departments whether or
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not legislation is appropriate to require that probably new construction and multi unit buildings have water meters for each invented unit right away right now you can build a multi unit building that's not mediations for water there's no incentive to conservation water or know how much water so use for older buildings it's infeasible to shift over to individual meters but at a minimum we should look at this for new construction i was surprised to learn that's not a requirement we will receive a status on increasing the number of watering circling and water use the puc has a number of
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plans but i think we're behind in terms of where we should be. i'll be joining supervisor breed p who will be speaking and sponsoring the approval the mta contracted to pretty much the next generation of light rail vehicles. this is incredibly exist we don't have enough light rail vehicles they breakdown and have defects and riders see the results everyday in the subway on the sunset at the t at balboa station i'm excited about this next generation in terms of having more l rb and having the ability to link and delink to have three and four tyrone's in
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the subway it i'm very excited about this and also that undermines the importance of transit for the funding we're going to have to recomment to funding our transportation and the rest i'll submit >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. >> commissioner white. >> supervisor yee will commissioner white. >> supervisor avalos >> thank you. i have 3 items for introduction. i'm continuing the saga around the mortgage reduction my office has been gleaned i have legislation for the resolution that was before us earlier this month. actually, the legislation will be creating or directing the city attorney to negotiate with the city of richmond w the
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creation and will lead us to voting an ordinance i'll have the terms in place for the joint powers authority the resolution also creates terms for the negotiations we want to make sure that the questions people have had so far can get built into how we perform to joint powers authority while indemnify and cover the costs through the j pa foshgs for the eminent domain for are mortgages they'll not have the power to use eminent domain on private property only eminent domain in mortgages with consent from the homeowner it's the hope that negotiating this will affiliate many of the concerns people have expressed we're looking at to the future where most of san
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francisco is not experiencing the foreclosure and underwater homes like altercating other communities around the bay area there's the potential of it happening again and neighborhoods in san francisco especially on the southeast and southern part of san francisco hair many homes under a water that needs support from the city. so this resolution would direct the city attorney to negotiate the terms also working in under the awe that his the mayor's office of housing we want to make sure that the program that is supporting households against foreclosures and underwater homes has the support of mayor's office of housing. i have a couple of other items i have a letter of inquirey about the intent of the san francisco employee retirement system to
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televise their meetings here in the city hall. earlier this year there was a commitment experienced by the retirement board yet not seen progress made spitting despite there's money in the budget for this to happen we want to make sure we move forward as we deliberate on the respecter fund this have been done under the scrutiny of television and under the eyes and transparency so i'm hoping that will be responded to before we could be on september 2nd. the last item for introduction is i'm excited about in the excelsior district we have our native son jerry garcia our famous son his birthday is
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august 1st he was born in 1942 we'll be celebrating the jerry day at the jerry garcia amphitheater. what's unique we've actually finally moving forward on creating plaques in the homes of jerry gary's in the excelsior district on amazon in the excelsior and 87 herself ton in the excelsior. he grew up there and went to school and the balboa high school. we want to show what the excelsior has been able to create often over looked in many parts of san francisco and the plaques will help to showcase the talent. and we're hoping the plaques will be installed by next year's
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the 50th anniversary of the graet grateful full dead he was one of the founding members of the grateful full dead >> thank you supervisor breed. >> colleagues, i have one item i'm excelling excited by introducing legislation that will allow many to expand its expire fleet of trains. it this is a one billion dollars investment the contract is up to two hundred and 60 new light rail cars for the enable one hundred and 51 to replace our entire fleet and an additional 81. the trains will be built and the evidence locally in sacramento and more reliable and more efficient and safer and cheaper to operate and more flexible and projected to run over ten times longer than 59 thousand miles
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instead of four or five thousand miles before repair their come in below purchase price this is a product of years of work it's badly needed and i'm happy to see it come to fruition i've been speaking about this since i became supervisor i went out into the upper and lower hate almost in every instance the biggest concern of my constituents was the constantly can you fix the injudged now bear in mind over 40 thousand people it carries over day it is the single busiest line and it's consistently detailed and overcrowded i'll tell people have faith so for the