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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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hours arrest i'm going to ask for public comment to continue this to the call of the chair. >> so before we do that i'll open this up for any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed can you have a motion to the call of the chair we'll take that without objection. >> mr. clerk call item 3. >> item 3 a resolution resident 86 for the public library to spend an grant up to $125,000 in kind and for the library for a variety of the public services in the fiscal years 2014-2015 and we have more and more reign from our public library. >> good morning we're excited to be here today so request our approval to accept and spend you
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up to $720,000 for the friends of public library an in kind cash money for provision for a variety of expenditures at the library for the fiscal year 2015. this is an unanimous grant to the friends of the library and supports the programs one city one book and youth arts and literary programs throughout the system and san francisco heritage celebration events like the latino heritage and black history month and chinese in lieu of is is for volunteer and staff recognition and liar purchases and marketing effort and so much more. a quick information on one of the events for summer read 7014
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we have unique participants in the summer reader and for 2 hundred thousand hours we look forward to retroactively spend up to $100,200,000 for the friends of the public library for fiscal year 15 with me today includes directors deputy city librarian and scott from the friends of the library if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them >> thank so much seeing no comments anybody to comment on item 3. >> members of the budget committee ray heart for san francisco open governments i'd like to show you a couple of slides the first from the fair political practices conditions findings jose herrera his
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statement of interest where we received thousands of dollars from this group and filed a false statement under penalty of perjury what was he fined for the year of goodies i knew we was supposed to getty was founded $200 a year if you look at the documents one of the documents they gave you if you look at the bottom donor designated funds 3 hundred thousand plus those are restricted fund those are not from the friends to the total donation is $410,000 out of the million dollars dollars every year he here's from a report they know called the charity navigate our and if you look at the 5 stairs they get one.
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and if you look at their expenditures over the 2010 and 11 and 13 they have in some cases more than doubted spent money more than twice the money they've raised every year so we have a group it's getting millions of dollars a year to raise less than that what does the library get $410,000 out of $6 million and where in the hell is the other 5 point something million dollars going every year in the pockets of the people that work for the friends they used to have 2 6g employees an executive director that makes a big salary $800,000 a year and the library gets no one. is there any additional public comment >> yes. i'd like to ask if we
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get 3 minutes. >> we're getting two minutes that's wrong the ordinance says 3 minutes. the executive director of library users association we're opposed to the approval of this because it's another blank check allowing the friends and the san francisco public lib to e avoid the other for what is going on first of all, nothing has been brought about this to the library commission for decision or action that's the policy body. there's been no question asked and no information provide about the actual amount donated to the france their using the good name - they're using the good name felt library to raise funds from the research presented to the bravrz in the past this o is
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scaping since 2000 approximately 90 percent or more they're keeping and the library gets less than 10 percent. other things the friends are doing for example, the libraries focus statement free and equal assess they boost with their 5 series they used the library members only parties the series is call in vibe and in last month's newsletter is said there description was in people breaking every library rule at once liquor for members of the public if they came would be spent for long times and they misrepresented this needs more
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research and questions from you thank you thank you very much. is there any additional public comment on item 3 >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed. >> okay chair farrell i actually was having conversation with our deputy controller about, you know, they can provide the information about friends coming down i have actually, you know, very strong feelings that things are are okay with friends i want to get the information from the controller that assessed the books in the past and if you have a comment to make. >> yes. mr. chairman supervisor avalos monique from the krovlgz we've looked the past spur and i'll be happy to present it to the committee.
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>> i'll be okay o to approve this today, i know there's been board meetings about friends over the years and the library people feel strong employee about the library i'm a big users yourself of the library and people with looking out for the best interests of the library but i'm ready to move forward with recommendations. >> there's a motion we'll take that without objection. and we can work on scheduling the materials back at budget & finance committee when you can put oversight together. okay motion approved >> mr. clerk call item 4. >> item 4 is a resolution approving the amendment before the department of building inspection to provide regulatory
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frochlt improvement not to exceed $4 million plus for an additional 3 and a half years from april 5th, 2014, through march 30th 2008. >> i understand we have an amendment as well correct. >> the department of health is requesting a contract amendment so they can continue to provide regulatory reporting reimbursement and revenue opposition for medicaid and medicare programs it will expire in 2018. >> why not move into our budget analyst report. >> mr. rose. >> yes. supervisor avalos and mr. chairman on page 10 we note that the contractors work is estimated to result in the
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general hospital estimated $4 million for the reimbursement for medicare and medicaid for the period ending in 2018 that compares over the course of contract to provide dpw with $2 million plus in revenues from crossist from medi-cal and medicare we recommend you correctly state the existing contract expires on march 18 a one-day amendment and recommend you approve the resolution. >> i appreciate our thoroughness. >> thank you, supervisor. >> okay. thank you very much mr. rose any questions we'll open this up for public comment
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is there any public comment? >> obama said health care president obama dental care. >> okay. thank you is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. okay i'd like to motion to accept the amendments the whole and to approve the underlying ordinances with approved recommendation >> okay we'll take that without objection.. mr. clerk call item 5 >> item 5 is an ordinance waving the competitive solicitation and 30 years the parks department so enter into a contract not to exceed $2 million. >> welcome back we're back in the harrows. >> mary hobson from the rec and
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park the item before i is a request for waiver the bidding requirement for the professional business contract to enter into a contract for sentiment thelt with lading dozen for the san francisco aaron project since 2007 and we're about to embark on the design and the construction phase for the renovation for the east harbor they have a unique understanding of the conditions in the mar and have performed well in the program development if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them or boo about our work with lading dozen. >> thank you quickly summarize the amendments in front of us. >> the amendments were made by the city attorney's office their
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non-successful and meant to clarify and define the request we have. >> all right. thanks very much mr. rose your report please. yes mr. chairman supervisor avalos on page 15 of our report you note the proposed contract budget totals $1 million plus with $30,000 less than not to exceed the contract $2 million that's shown in table 3 on page 15. we also note that pg&e will pay up to $950,000 of the contract under a cautionary agreement under the rec and park and the marina yacht fund we recommend you reduce not to exceed by $30,000 from $2 million to $1 million plus and recommend you approve that as acknowledged
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>> thank you supervisor avalos. >> mr. rose a question perhaps for the department as well your recommendation is to reduce the not to exceed by thirty told us and an amendment as a whole as offered amendments today that doesn't include the $30,000 are you in agreement with the not to exceed amount. >> it is our recommendation to reduce the not to exceed amount from $2 million to $190,000 i assume they agree they give us a budget for the $1 million plus. >> probably a question and yes, that's agreeable. >> we'll open this up to public comment are there any members of the public who wish to speak on this item. >> please step forward. >> the trouble is this sunday
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september 7th next monday is the discard day to be the chinese festival by that some thinking see for thousands of years accident political structure people paid half-moon we were half-moon meaning having shadow of the ultimate principle of holyness and this is to make up something of habitual assignment and signs for the philosophical and apply the fashion on the businesses. like how noble and how wealthy doesn't mean that the john
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business doesn't mean the progress see. also for the people's like computers now see computers if not for the next level to match the holyness in things i don't see any better use of the computers if that computer is for the use of online to watch the japanese on line there's no sense. >> thank you very much. is there any additional public comment item 57. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. so happy to you approve this item i want to say you look forward to working on this one we went to west harbor together and look forward to getting a briefing and starting the outreach to have a smooth position >> approve to take the amendments as well as the budget
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analyst report. >> both from mr. rose and the department and approve it we'll take that without objection. and mr. clerk item 6. >> item 6 is a resolution retroactively authorized a grant fund in the amount of $478,000. >> sir. >> glen eagle we're asking to accept and spend this grant from the san francisco was one of the few city's to expand the summer job opportunity for young people and research the financial empowerment so it has paid work experience for young people from 8 to 024 and we're partnering with the office of the tax and treasurer and to research the financial literacy and financial
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awareness among young people and try to have savings opportunity for young people. >> thank you very much if no questions we have no budget analyst report any public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> move forward. >> mr. clerk item 7. >> item 7 is a resolution authorizing accident police department to accept the gift from mr. john valued at $16,000 for the tenderloin station. >> captain thanks for being here. >> i'm captain jason from the police station john the owner of john's grill located in the tenderloin police district in i was 3 investment $15,000.10
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awkward fibrillators be placed in the patrol cars. >> in case of the an emergency it is necessary the waste time will you you been lessons and the chance the survival will be greater because of the dies by the frordz i want to see thank the carson family for they're ongoing support and the tenderloin community and ask this committee to grant the departments request to accept this gift. >> thank you captain in no questions open 0 feel up anybody wish to comment please step forward. >> free check and balances that's the purpose of an individual to go beyond the level of having a plan because
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of the check and balance in the paramount. >> sir, do you have any public comment for the fibrillators. >> anyone else seeing none, public comment is closed. motion to approve this item >> so moved. >> mr. clerk item 8. >> item 8 approving an contract with citizens inc. up to 6 light rail special tools and documentation in an amount not to exceed $1 billion plus. >> okay. for this minor contract we we have mr. haley from the mta to speak on the item >> good morning mr. chairman supervisor avalos, supervisor breed. >> i'm john haley the director
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of transcript with the sfmta. and the item we have before you this morning constitutes we believe the single biggest thing we can do to improve the transportation network here in the city both in the short term and in the long-term to meet our strategic goals we've tried to do with the procurement is to take a long view in terms of what we've addressing here not only the immediate problems but of krourd and congestion on the subway but what we need to do to meet the demands of the future and learn the lessons from the procurement of 15 years ago that number one we again buy enough cars and see what is going on now and number 2 that we wanted to look at the complete costs of
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the car including the life cycle i number 3 is to partner with someone who is a proven leader in delivering cars on time and high quality and fourth really to leave the design of the cars to the experts to the manufactures so after a process of some 18 months we're pleased to say that the item that we're putting in front of you today will ask our approval to procure up to two hundred and 60 cars for the next generation in terms of technology that the price both the unit and overall contract price is well below our engineers estimate and also, we have a very aggressive skilled
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and a partner with a proven track record the car will be here in 24 months from today and finally, there's this is awhile there is no real car manufacturers in the united states those are the designed i mustered locally entirely in sacramento and it is in the spirit of this aggressive schedule to begin to solve our problems that i want to acknowledge the support and coordination and the quick turn around the office of the budget analyst particularly chris and southern campbell that worked with us on a complicated deal to sty on schedule. again, the important thing we've said this car hit all our objectives that arrangement hits our objective the singled biggest thing the next one
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please to improve it you have up to two hundred and 60 cars we ask our approval this year that is a snapshot this is to ask for alternative approaches what you will see in here is some of the models that the manufacturers offered one of the 3 different versions particularly changing the front of the design we have unique operating characters that limit us but within that we have gone forward i think in firemen's t terms of the technical standpoint it's the next generation of the cars from where we are today. i'll calling your attention to one of the items the wealthy requirement i'm sure you're aware of from our own
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experiences and the experience of your constituents that one, the things is issues with noise and vibration and pounding on the streets because of the wealthy of the car because of the technology improvement it car is 78 thousand cars less in wealthy and have less wear and tier on the system and world-class features and after generation accessibility that will help to improve the service i our maintenance costs. one item that you've heard as i've addressed to you on a number of occasions regarding the current performs of the stem you know that the doors in the current l l v fleet they represent nearly 50 percent of
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the mechanical delay the door was to a great degree proscribed is weeks ago over 2 hundred pound some 8 hundred moving parts complicated use of equipment to maintain all the time so what we've done throughout process reach out to the industry we have 19 moving parts that's subsequentially less and all electric this is rigging a lot of stops high and low we'll perform much better and overall right now gru just to give you a frame of reference on reliability our l l.b. fleet goes some 5 thousand miles improving 12 thousand miles
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between breakdowns and mechanical failure or what we refer to as mean distance. in our requirements we specified the vehicle new vehicles need to go 25 thousand before failing. the vehicles we have will go 58 thousand before failing forego mechanical reasons we're going to have quality? vehicle. one of the things we asked for alternative approaches one the things the board has expressed an interest ♪ ways to improve the services excuse me. is the interior design of the cars. what you see is a version that is manufacturers has offered that is essentially a clean sheet of paper in the redesign of the interior of the car our
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proposal over the next two to three months to socialize this action that we a gather input from a wide of audience as we can about the design of the interior or will have a choice between this design and a more traditional design. vision zero the importance of citywide everyone looking to reduce the pedestrian accidents and oneself obviously in our system we run on the street this new operate cab from the safety pro peck will be a great buena benefit 3 will provide operators with dig analysts to guide them to the trouble spots there's a quick snapshot of the potential color schemes and the what the
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car looks like. so from a car standpoint we think we're getting a top quality car and made 13 hundred light rail in north america like san diego and sacramento and salt lake city and st. louis and houston we took a long-term strategic approach we're trying to deal with all 3 the need for expansion, the need to meet the central subway and the need to replace our existing fleet a long term my time generational start date allowing us to bring 24 cars excuse me for the central subway followed by the 40 cars to meet the expansion
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then the replacement of the hundred and vicars with the greater fleet that will begin in 20021 that's when the cars become retirement age under the guidelines this is a long term structure approach i'll say in the year approximately 20027 a need for additional 45 vehicles that's unfunded the budget analyst has made recommendation we support but again, this is a picture for long term and one of the advantages of this deal is the price came in far below what we estimated we have worked closely with the manufacturers and the price is


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