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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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bayshore of saudi arabia rabbi he dealt with tether attacks so problems he slisz right through and today hesitate cutting through barriers and baloney and bs in those times of increasing fuel costs and higher e meditations he's leading our nation reel in energy reform that's correct to his vision we're using bio fuel and have energy saving systems like the one that drives uss america and harvesting the wind to generate energy he's solving complex problems as our nation rebalances to the inasia patrick for the challenges in the
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mideast while our nation's military we meet our obligations around the world hesitate unwilling to do less instead he's fined a way to do more and more and if there's a modern day it's our acquisition process we have the right leaders at the helm like our admirals their upgrading technology and developing and growing our fleet to meet our global commitments we have 65 ship under contracts so expect to see a lot more ship knicks like this one ladies and gentlemen, to the no dedication our team is good because of our
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secretaries built to find innovative solutions to difficult problems so ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming a true visionary secretary ray magnifying us (clapping.) thank you harry harris for the most unanimously good introductions i've ever had i only wish two people were here my mom and dad my fabricate would have been proud and my moma mother would have acknowledged every word of it (laughter) mr. mayor this great city and captain of the ice american to
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our distinguished platform guests i want to take a moment of personal privilege to recognition secretary and mrs. george schultz and former head of protocol of san francisco (clapping) and maybe most importantly marine george shuttering and also that 80 want to recognize more people one is the former deputy of defense mr. carterer thank you for being here today (clapping) and my family my wife lynn our daughters annie and kate today is my birthday
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(clapping) and i want to thank you all for coming to celebrate with me my only question is what do we do next year to top this? i couldn't be more honored more pleased to be here with the magnificent sponsor of this magnificent ship lynn pace coverage man rogers and with the people of san francisco with the ship builders of the uss america and the ship builders of uss america with all of you this city this area has been great friends long time supporters of our navy and marine corp we have a long end story history
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and to lynn pace we have so few opportunity to recognize the deep contributions our military families make so thank you for all you've done with our husband general pete pace over a very long career that we labored to more decades of service as our sponsor of america now lynn pace lynn may i have vice is here to pick up tips because she's the sponsor of the next big the triple e and
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(clapping) and pete pace i'm here to pick up tips on how to be a supportive spouse in those ceremonies you e the united states navy and united states marine corp are so closely joined with this great nation our founder in shined the relationship in the constitution our decision requires congress to provide and maintain a navy then as now our navy and our marine corp uniquely provide presence around the world we - their joined by tens of thousands of our sailors in the worlds oceans they're
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there far from home far from families standing to watch doing everything gnat operations special operations living the humanitarian assistance and their performing magnificently if you ever become concerned about america do talk to a young sailor or marine you'll not be concerned anymore (clapping) something i'm reminded of that was reinforced in me everyday i serve as secretary is that although our technology gives us an edge the heart of our navy and marine corp and accident thing that
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gives us the greatest advantage is the skills and also faithful united states sailors the united states marines today as i look around in this crowding crowd you'll see did veterans that have served our nation in far places from the veteran of world war ii greatest generation to our current great generation they join us here to honor this ship and all she stands for you'll also see sailors and marines in uniform today, you'll see them today but most of the time you don't see them when their doing their job their usual a long, long way from home today uss america joins our team it is fitting and proper that when the sailors and marines are
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home when they're with us when they're here to remember them and to thank them to thank them for giving us that preponderance to thank them for the sacrifice they've and their families make everyday day and to thank them for keeping us safe everyday of the year now, now it's time to commission this great new ship to carry the name of our nation and to represent our values so the ship can defend this nation as their predecessors have done for 2 hundred and 39 years we as the marine corp motto says semi if i
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also faithful and courageous thank you. (clapping.) thank you, mr. secretary i would be honored, sir if you have the ship in commission >> will the guests please rise ships company attend hut the president of the united states i hereby place the united states ship america in commission may god bless and guide this warship and all who shall sail in her
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(clapping). >> thank you, mr. secretary executive officer place the ships - >> ladies and gentlemen, e ladies and gentlemen, i direct your attention to the ships hosting for the ships pen ants. >> ii, sir (drum roll). (clapping.) will the guests please be seated captain the colors and pen ants are flying over the united states ship america. >> i'll read my orders from the personnel expand to robert hall
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junior subject first order of the 20 february 2014 were directed by the senior and detached from the present duty to report to the duty as commanding officer on xhebs of the uss america report for duty as the commanding officer and the ship is in commission and i'm in command. (clapping.) executive officer sets the first watch. >> ii captain officer of the deck set the watch. >> ii, sir officer of the deck is the commanding officers direct representative for the safe operation of the ship and crew
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is an symptom we're pleased to have rear admiral the last commanding officer of the u.s. america he will pass the long jimbo bob duty to our first officer of the deck the petty officer the identification courtney powell and the first class nancy of los angeles, california and the merger 1/3 grace calories of flint michi n michigan. >> (whistle blowing).
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>> set the watch on deck section one. >> syria the watch is set. >> very well captain the watch is set. >> very well we're dlld to have our sponsor mrs. lynn and mississippi on october 30th, 2012, lynn it will be our honor to have you man the ship and bring her to light. >> before i do i want to acknowledge the families who are here in support of all those two serve on the ship and represent you all i want to bring my daughter to stand beside me to
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do this, pleas (clapping.) and i'd like the men and women who serve on this ship to take my heart area love with you as you sail ready officers and crew of the uss america man our ship and bring her to life (clapping) ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ in (clapping) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (clapping.)
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(ship blowing horn) (clapping) ladies and gentlemen,
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please be seated we thank the marines the first camp pendleton as uss america came to life let me uss america salutes you we're proud to serve there our navy and marine corp team ready 2 captain the ship is a manned and ready >> very well admiral uss is manned and ready and reports for duty to the fleet. (clapping.) mr. secretary requests permission to raise our flag, sir and executive officer break
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the flag as the secretary of secretary of navy. >> break the flag of the secretary of the navy. >> ii, sir (drums rolling) captain the flag of the secretary of the navy is fleeing over the ice america. >> very well ladies and gentlemen, captain robert commanding officer of the united states ship america. >> (clapping) >> our workforce sponsor and former secretary skrulz and
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mayor ed lee and to admirals and distinguished or distinguished guests and ladies and gentlemen, and friends welcome abroad you may think commanding a warship is tough but talking in front of that crowd is more challenging thank you, very much id more like harris for making my job is easy so all i have to do is thank everyone thank god for the many blessing whatever i do i hope to keep doing it thank you to mayor ed lee of san francisco for welcoming us which is richli stampede in navy tradition thank you, sir and especially mayor tom brown and
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the commissions worker over one year that the entire week the crew will remedy and tutor the dedication and tireless effort you've put into making this a wonderful week thank you, captain brown (clapping.) of course, thank the united states navy a first class organization i've been fortunate to be part of and thank you for signing me in commands of this warship you know there's no great opportunity to be destined as johnny cash i'm a flag waving nephew of my usage sam although it's the navy's birthday on monday happy birthday many secretary i'm the one getting
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the present this is a great day. (clapping.) red, white, and blue awesome thank you. the navy and thank you to the united states mayor core they're great partners and it is part of our nation as well south america if any, to our credible sponsors ms. lynn pace you set the example for selves service to our country and our presence will guide the ship if the right direction thank you to the america veterans carries association thank you for your getting our ship named captain america and all the 66 people have left me and my crew we're
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looked forward to the challenges of fitting into the shoes thank you uss sailors (clapping.) and our navy partners captains and the many outstanding men and women your dedication plus flexibility and dedication insures the navy will get a ship ready for tasking thank you to our history partners on the ship there should be a stamp saying made in america thank you to george jones and you'll see folks he el he lives. the years of dedication for blood, sweat, and tears making sure this ship meant something thank you you personally i want to thank in my hometown friends for making the trip i was revised raised in a
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great neighborhood outside of boston and you're from my home downey town many of my neighbors are here thank you all for coming particularly joking jack who lovely wife and mom thank you so moved so much for being here i've been blessed to come from a big family my dad is not here he loved the navy and told great stories and told me to give my best efforts thank you dad and my mom raised 7 children she taught us the value of family and taught out to be compassionate and competitive i think she's the same myself thank you mom for being here i love i my brothers and sisters my best
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friends incredible human beings thank you all and in my nephews and notifies for being here for my entire life and my youngest brother ted who i lost to cancer thank you to my kids although their adults andrew and rebecca you add leave to my life you thinking about you makes me smile i thank god everyday for being there for me even though when i couldn't be there for you (clapping.) to my beautiful wife second greatest decision whether i listened to you when you suggested i join the navy the
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greatest decision when i decided it ask you to mayor me throughout my career you've been my rock and brought me down to earth when i needed that you've been a wonderful caring motto my children and a great advisors and my best friend since we married 26-year-old i'll miss another anniversary i'm indefinitely looking at looking forward to the next 26 years thank you (clapping.) and to the crew of uss america we've been grafrntd the great responsibility you've worked extremely hard to get us to this point professionalism on voyages and i thank you for your incredible effort it's just the beginning as the ship of line america will be called upon to
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protect our nation i know your honored to be given this amazing opportunity and as it was put you have the professionalism and the passion to psyche at whatever mission your assigned to and i'm proud thank you (clapping.) finally we in the military get thanked frequent sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us, will i it's a great thing to be appreciated so the crew and i want to personally thank you for what you do in the nations this ship ice america was named over the greatest country on architecture only bus of everyone's contributions the doctors and small business owners the sail man and the teachers and the computer programmers and police working together dedicating ourselves to serving the ideals of freedom
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and democracy that makehis country great that's why we thank you for making america strong everyday so thank you (clapping) as alma burke said we're not sole for randal unaware war but the means for controlling peace translates to prepared in war or peace carrying the late marine corp america will have the capacity to strike admittedly in wartime but perhaps more importantly the capacity to be a significant derent in peace times the great times for medical examiner those are wonderful times my crew and i are incredibly blessed god blas bless ameca