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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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different, different times and in fact, in october, our traffic safety month and especially with halloween being present and it getting darker earlier out. and during our peak hours and our drop offs for school and in the afternoons. and so, we have our traffic enforcement plan and we have an op order for this month and that we have been running for traffic and the patrolee operations and i want to highlight something that the under cover do, there are fliers that go out, and there was a child molester that was put out yesterday, about 5:00, and i looked at it and i was going to bring it down to the 35 car when i came down from the office, the person was on the bulletin was sitting in my jail, within six minutes, they had gone out and saw this and grabbed this guy and he was in and so these are our parolee operations that we run and we take them seriously and we send the under covers out immediately after these offenders and grab them as soon as we can. and our auto booth operation as i talked about we had a
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highlight across the district and it is city wide, actually and we do run the decoy operations with the under cover units and we are trying to get more to that as the holidays pick up and that is when the safe shoppers things and that is when the robberies go on an uptick in the christmas holidays because the people are carrying cash and have gifts and leave stuff in their cars and we also have the decoy operations and the robbery abatement team and that is run by my 35 car. so, in our resources i talk about some of the people that we have, so our crisis intervention, trained officers, we currently have 65 of those officers at ingle side out of 100 and we are doing good and i would like to see more of them as we get the officers in and it is important to have that at a station and that is the huge amount for the district station and we have a lot of great officers, and plain clothed unit we have six officers, and we have 7 housing unit officers, and seven foot beat
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officers and two traffic motorcycle officers that tend to all of the different problem areas around the schools and some of these thorough fairs and san jose, and mission and geneva, and these are just some of the spots where i send my traffic units and they are great. and our homeless out reach team we have two very diligent officers that are how assigned to our homeless out reach team and they are working with the hot teams and going to some of the hot spots, and down in the lower mission and underneath the freeway and places like that, that we have, all right. community partnerships here is a big one 16 different groups and i am going home every night, and there is a meeting with these different groups and they all need attention and they are great and but joelle who ones the cpad group is almost, she is unbelievable and she keeps me in line more than anybody about what is going on in the district and what group needs some attention and sarah, rogers next to her in her
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pretty blue is always helping out with the gun buy back and one things that we are work og that we have going forward and that we have a gun buy back program that is on november first from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and it is run up at glen eagle golf course in sunmy dale and so we are going to pay for the guns to company back and because it ising an effective way right before the holidays to get the dangerous guns off of the street and last time, we had 188 and we are trying to try to break that record and so that is if anybody is interested, and i want to get the word out to the community and we have posters and pamphlets and literatures, and the gun buy back, november first, glen eagle golf course, between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and so i am trying to advertise that and these community groups are very diverse and all of their areas but you can see that there are so many groups in this district. that everyone has different
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problems, but we have been able to come together, and try to address some, if not one by one, then all at once and we are doing very well. and here is some of staoet agency and resources that we are using, and i have constantly in contact with these and the board of supervisors most of the time and the dph that governors the pot clubs that we have out here and some of another ones, we have the cpad group is the strongest of any district in the city and this is where some of the agencies we use. and, i have any questions from you. >> please? >> the community board? >> yes. >> so, we have, how many members are currently on the board right now? they change. >> 13. >> so we currently have 13. and we take those from each different district, from each different area of the district. you know, whether it is glen park area, or lower mission or
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outer mission, and visitation valley and the such. >> how are they chosen? >> well, captain. >> i don't mean to interrupt. >> we can't record the questions from the audience, when they do that, they can come up and ask the questions in the public comment. >> thank you, i am sorry. >> thank you. >> we do have officer biard is it? from the patrol specialists here, thank you for coming and welcome. [ applause ] >> okay, inspector, sergeant call the next line item? >> line item 3, public comment. the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda.
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but that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of commission, and the speakers should address the remarks as a whole is not to individual commissioners or department or occ personnel. >> under police commission rules of order, during public comment, neither the police or the occ personnel, nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public. but, may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and occ personnel, should refrain, however, from entering into debates or discussion with speakers during public comment. due to the large turn out this evening and a desire to hear everyone's important comments, please limit your comments to two minutes. >> welcome to engleside, i am a
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native san francisco and i have been living in the mayalona park and it is nice to see you in the community and it is a nice turn out given the fact that there is a thing called the world series going on somewhere. and i know that i have two minutes, i just wanted to actually came here to welcome the newest member of your, (inaudible) melara and she knew that i was come and didn't show up. and i am here because i have dealt with the last three, commanding officers at, ingleside and i understand pretty well what the department has to deal with and we have the greatest police chief that you could ever want, i know that he does not want me saying that. but that is a fact. and i dealt with him, and i watched him both in the black and the brown community and i know how much respect he has given us and i have asked the things that i thought that
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nobody is going to respond to something like that and he has always responded in a positive way and i want to say that first of all. and so again, i have a decent grasp of what this department, and the rank and file officers have to deal with, and so i am kind of hesitant to say this, but i have to. so the last three of your predecessors i don't know where the captain mcfadden is, but they have had to had calls from me regarding the situation up in the park given the fact that people think that (inaudible) boulevard is a thorough fair, or a freeway and they travel at speeds up towards of 45 to 60 miles an hour and i have had three near misses as i crossed the corners. and the people for some reason, thaifrng they have got to get home, despite who is walking in the crosswalk. and i know that there are radio cars up there from time-to-time. and it is slowed down, whenever
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there are a couple of citations and you can actually put a couple of solo motors there and get a dozen citations inside of 45 minutes, and the reason for bringing this up, is that i have always felt that i am aguile and i am young and if i see a car coming in i can get out of the way, but we have a lot of seniors, and a lot of elderly people up there commissioners. and they are not so aguile and so they have to go down the (inaudible) because unlike myself i have a couple of cars, i can get in the car and hop down. but, the elderly do not. and so what i am going to ask is, i know that this chief is doing a great job and i know that you are on top of it, but we are under staffed in the city and we have got to do everything, possible. >> thank you. >> to put officers on in the department. >> so, thank you very much. >> for being here. >> commissioners. >> thank you. >> and folks, can form a line, too. feel free to do that. right over there.
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>> and if you have the difficulty standing or need to take a seat, you can just sort of let the person know, and hold your spot in line. one person at a time. >> my name is (inaudible) and i am accompanied by (inaudible), the parents of (inaudible). and yesterday, was alex's 7 month anniversary of homicide by officers and, we are here because we believe that it is important to address this police commission on the implications of the autopsy report released by the medical examiner last month. we have created a diagram of the shots that you are welcome to review here or on the website supporters website, justice for alex, and the forward trajectory wounds and correspond to the shots fired uphill at alex it indicates that he had his hands raised,
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surrendering or raising for recovery and not pointing downward at officers as stated by chief suhr there is also a shot to his right leg, this wound would expand a count that he fell to the ground after the initial shots fire. >> alive, but wounded and on the ground, officers subsequently fired a series of 11 down word shots, 7 in a direct, head to toe trajectory and these to his back, chest and head and, they can only be explained by alex being shot from behind and once on his back, continuing to receive shots from behind. alex is shot while overnys knees and either way, he was in a vulnerable, and non-threatening position when he was killed. and all downward shots, and i should say that he was also shot straight into the mouth. and all downward shots, when
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alex is on the ground can imply, criminal intent and murder and we believe that a crime was committed. alex's story puts into question, the legitimacy of the city government that the defends, and lethal and unwarranted violence from the police force, and in the spirit of the full transparency and serious accountability, we demand that this police, commission release the names of the officers involved and where they are working. >> these report and the original 911 call. >> unedited. >> thank you. >> we demand justice for alex (inaudible). >> thank you. [ applause ] >> good evening, commissioner, chief. so, first off, to recap on what mcfadden said, about the station being the best station
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in the city, why are the officers not properly trained on when to engage in a situation like alex situation? over 15 rounds were fired into his body. from the top from the front, he was already on the ground, why shoot they made him suffer, right? and so, also, a captain, you also mentioned that you have stickers in your pocket and the children, and when i was a kid i loved that, you know, that is why, all of my life i was training to be a cop but after what happened with alex there is no way, no way in hell i could be a cop now. i also with that, (inaudible) to the kids and why are you killing our youth? why are you killing our black, and brown brothers... (inaudible) day by day, that is not fair and also, you just talk about right now about rape
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and domestic violence, and i also said, why isn't there anything for march about homicides? alex murder was a homicide. why not talk about murder of cops and why not talk about better training? why not talk about things that actually give a damn about and not this stupid lies about all that you know he is a cookie and some, chips, i don't care about that. i care about justice for alex (inaudible). my brother. my friend, my mentor. and no white person in this room knows how it feels to be brown, but you know what? i am proud to be brown, this is my in, i come from (inaudible), and we will take back our land. [ applause ] >> good evening, i was thinking maybe it was a good commission meeting item, if you guys have the courage to mention every meeting any police involved
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incident. just to put yourself out there, if there is a police complaint, when you show statistics, i think that it is important to show the police-involved shootings. and i know that maybe it is hard because you don't want to ignite the audience, alex was my friend too. and i mean, it is hard to come to these things, i think that it is important that you put that up there. you know, there is police involved shootings too, so it is not just about you guys are protecting us but you are not. so, i think that is a good item, to put on for the meetings, i hope that you guys can do that. and secondly, i want to say that i am really appalled by the way the flow of information happened after alex died. i don't know if there is this automatic gut reaction in the entire structure of the police force to protect itself, so you don't lose your positions or whatever. i am trying to think about how alex would approach this. and he was a lot warmer than i was. so i think that if it is possible, you know, you guys
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reviewed the case. and so makes me really question, you know, with some of the factses that are coming out, what in the heck are you guys doing? like, really? some of the facts are kind of incredible. and i don't know if it is just, just information, and if the police chief gets something that he has to respond immediately and then is just spirals out of control? that spiral is just hurting and it hurts a lot for us to jump out and saying that he had some kind of a mental issue or something and a 51/50 there was no point of mentioning that in the meeting and we know that for sure and that is just a manipulation and i am not saying that it was on purpose and if feels like a complete manipulation of the events and i used to struggle with learning so alex encouraged me not to get manipulated by information or the lack of information and so i want to know how did you come to this conclusion that no one was at fault at all? >> so i just want to clarify, thank you for your comments. and we can provide a brief
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response, there are three ongoing investigations into this shooting of alex neto and there is one that is conducted by the office of citizen complaints which we did hear a number of statistics about how we track complaints about police from director hicks, and there is that investigation and the district attorney office is doing an independent investigation and the police department. not us, want me to make sure to say that, there are three separate investigations that are ongoing and so i think to assume that conclusions have been made, i think that is premature, the investigations continue. >> good evening, commissioners, (inaudible) from the (inaudible), and i am here out of respect for the alex family. and who has been waiting for answers, and questions that need to be answered since march 21st, and i am here out of
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respect for the mother of mr. polanco. and who has beaten by the police, and they broke his neck and he was... (inaudible) attended the funeral last week and was from (inaudible) in his cell two weeks ago and there were defensive wounds on him and it was a suspicious death and it looks like he might have been hung postmortem and i am here of course because i just came from the funeral of (inaudible) evans more than 100 people (inaudible) came to the funeral in oakland crying out for answers as well. as he did not have a rap sheet or a past and he was described as a very loving, gentle soul who (inaudible). again, (inaudible) foundation is not against the police.
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okay? they are people that we respect in the department who have a productive and relationship with the officers for justice. but we want transparency and accountability? okay? stop lying, and manipulating the public and stop insulting and adding insult to injury for those grieving families. answers, please. yeah, thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> mr. miller? >> good evening, commission. i want to echo what my partner (inaudible) said and we stand here in solidary and memory of those lost to police violence to alex nato and we stand in solidary with evans. and killed by san francisco
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police on october 7th, with... and i received information just on the way over to this meeting from a new victim, so with antonio we will find out who his name was, he was beaten and kicked in the head by the san francisco police and so just when you don't see us, we are constantly working because the sfpd is constantly beating people and most of all i am here with the mother of (inaudible) who was on tonight's agenda, for possible closed session meeting, who was found mysteriously dead in his cell on october 4th, of this year in sfsheriff's department custody and this was after being beaten on february 19, page number 800, 651, 1002, and number, 2396 who beat him so badly they broke his right
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shoulder and a existing condition that essentially broke his neck and he was innocent of all that he he was accused of, and we demand justice and demand to know why? why is it okay to schedule such a vital discussion and, then just, casually toss it off, the calendar for tonight? and when the victim's mother has struggled to find the courage to find her way here? to fight for justice for her son and why is it okay to toss that off of the agenda, why is it open for closed session, the people have the right to know about what happened to him, just as they have the right to know what happened to alex as the right to know what happened to evans and the right to know what happens when police are violent and criminal. [ applause ]
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good evening, commissioners, my name is janet planel and mother of (inaudible) morinto, (inaudible) journmy ended october the third, 2014. two and a half weeks ago, in custody, in the san francisco county jail, however, it began on february the 19th, 2014. he had just purchased a car, he was given the keys and he was given the pink slip to the car. however, he drove away with the car, and he went and stopped off at smart and final to get a few things for the car and at orielies and he found himself all of a sudden surrounded by under cover cops. did notify themselves, drew their guns, and he thought that he was being hijacked. he felt his life was in danger and he tried to fight for his
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life. they claimed that he resisted arrest. they broke his shoulder, they broke his neck, he had a concussion, he was thrown in the patty wagon and taken to the bay view station and from there he was picked up by ambulance. when he was there, at bay view, he told me later on, that they said that the most disgusting vile, horrible things to him like he was a dog. then, i filed a complaint with the occ. naming all of the things that had happened step by step, it was a, long report, the letter that i received back from miss joys hiks, the allegation for the police officers of using
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unnecessary force is not sustained, allegation of neglect of duty against the police officers for failing to identify themselves as police officers, is unfounded. and the allegation of neglect of duty against a police officer for writing an inaccurate incident report, they lied. unfounded. the allegation of conduct, reflecting discredit on the department against an unknown police officer for making an inappropriate comment, not sustained. the allegation of discourtesy against a police officer for using profanity not sustained. the allegation of discursecy... >> thank you, ma'am. >> for making rude comments. >> my son is dead. >> and i am living as his voice. and i am going to turn your department upside down even if it means i go down. but i am not giving up on my son. >> thank you, ma'am. >> you try losing a son. and you see how you are going
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to feel. [ applause ] >> president and commissioners my name was david hooper and i was raised in town in the mission and i have lived in the neighborhood for 28 years and i also work and my working career was with muni and until i was 44 i was an operator and i have worked on the streets, and and i am familiar with the streets and i appreciate this neighborhood, and what i would like to make a couple of points but i would like to say first off that i appreciate the job, that the captain did here in his two years at the station, and we are always sorry to see someone effective, and responsive, go on to another challenge. and we appreciate the fact that captain mcfadden has been
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appointed and i want to say that the effort on his part to make it for the community and to engage with them, is a paramount value, and this really is the point where every officer needs to especially when they are young, they need to get a chance to work with the public, and to become effective to build, the relationships that they need to build as they mature in their careers. and i would also like to put in one more item, i would like to say, that every effort made, to address the ad at risk youth and to help them avoid having any kind of relationship with the criminal justice system is valuable and i know that you realize this and i appreciate the fact that all of you and your experience that you have put all of this effort into it and this is not an easy task. and thank you. >> good evening, first of all i
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have mixed emotions right now, because when you hear these kind of testimonies it makes you i worked for the city for 36 years and my name is adrian and i worked for the department of public health as an investigator for 36 years and i did it with the police department at times and i have have to tell you honestly, my respect to the family, and the family, and there is not only the case and there have been many cases but what i did not think that it needs to be, and to be conscious about the fact that in every family, the police department, families your family and my family, and everywhere. and you go every country that you go, there is problems. and there is some people that are better in it and in the
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infrastructure of that family and some peoples are not and i happen to have a beautiful family and i have problems, and some of my brothers who are great and some of my brothers are really bad. and so again, my heart goes out to you, to the family, and i want to say that, i am welcoming the new chief of police, of the station, and he sounded like a very nice guy and i applaud... i am a human rights activist too and i have been out there in the trenches as well as representing the city and i have to tell you that i have seen dysfunctionalty in every corner of it. and starting with my own family. and the community and we the people and, people, sometimes big things and sometimes, (inaudible) (inaudible). >> no i am saying that we have good people and we have bad
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people. in this case, alex is the victim and the other case and several members of my family are the aggress soars and they are the ones that screw up, i think that justice needs to come down to earth soon. and that the best way to do that is to stream line the process. and i noticed some of the resources that the captain was... >> thank you, sir. >> i am sorry. >> thank you for your comments. >> we need to work hard. in checking everything around because the nation is... >> thank you, sir. >> and i want to remind the audience, everybody gets their two minutes. everybody gets their two minutes so let's be respectful. >> thank you, sir. >> next. >> >> good evening, commissioners, and ladies and gentlemen, and i respect to the family and i am
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here about three years ago, and it seems to me that there is some organized effort to destroy me okay? and i think that i am talking about including the (inaudible) police department in for the (inaudible) also. and they finally, (inaudible) when i was heading to work at 4:00 a.m., you know, on the highway, and i survived. and i mean, i know that the $3,000 in america (inaudible) because i think that this was prearranged. my car was hit, and like three times, you know, and three different incidents. and people that have a questionable. you know? and in two