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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ the first 7, 8, 9 being on stage and being embarrassed and doing random things >> unlike my anothers twinkling stars are an unforcible memory ♪ ♪ ♪ admission to camp mather is through a lottery it includes meals and camp programs remember all applicant registration on line into a lottery and have a rec and park department family account to register registration typically begins the first week of january and ends the first week in february this hey sierra oasis is a great
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place to enjoy lifeiest outside of the hustle and bustle and kickback and enjoy and a half >> everything is so huge and beautiful. >> the children grew up her playing around and riding their bites e bicycles it's a great place to let the children see what's outside of the city common experience is a this unique camp when you get lost in the high sierra wilderness camp mather is waiting and we look forward to city manager's office
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you here soon ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> director borden director heinecke is expected
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supervisor wiener commissioner rosales dromz we have quorum the prohibition of sound you producing dies all electronic devises are prohibited anyone maybe asked to leave the room please be aware that the cell phones set on vibrate interfere communication mr. chairman, i have nothing and unfinished business by the board of directors. >> no one. >> all right. item 7 director's report. >> explicit good afternoon director reiskin i forgot the approval of the minutes. >> a motion to approve. >> second
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all in favor, say i. opposed? >> director's report. >> director reports good afternoon director reiskin i have a lengthy report today good afternoon board and members of the public and staff first of all, i'm very excited and want to introduce our new director of the sustainable streets of the sfmta tom ma i didn't really that joined us a week this is thomas taking the position that of held previously by a person that retired earlier this year and jerry robin's who was filling in and tom was before coming here on assistant commissioner for the new york city director of transportation and during the mind he oversaw bus rapid transit and parking
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and alternative fuels program and has been working on road and street pricing since a number of years ago to look at the pricing in manhattan in 2007 he led the agencies program for a technology program to approve traffic safety and the strategy plan i know from talking to the former commissioner of transportation she really credits a lot of the great things that happened in new york and in transportation with the planning process and started with mayor bloomberg's program for the double plan to excellent background and he developed a
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resiliency strategy a plan to rebuild after hurricane sandy exactly two years ago and also found ways to use innovative sources for transportation and economic liveable streets before joining here he worked at a large jerry firm and although he has been here a full week he hearsay previous roots and he including holding a degree from berkley in city planning please join me in welcoming mr. ma inquiry. >> i'll give a short speech thank you, ed for the author introduction you know where i'm coming from and what i will talk about today, i want to go with all of you and the mta direction
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delivering more projects more quickly and really reilly a vision vision zero with the mta board and the city of san francisco has looked at the street efforts and excited to take on this policy for managing the parking in san francisco just as in new york it is a sensitive issue but important to get right i've already been impressed that the sfmta some i knew before and some i met in the last week and yet i know we'll do great work and i'm excited i mean, i'll be talking about the process in two weeks and the feedback that so thank you. >> look forward to working with you edward reiskin. >> i want to acknowledge and
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special thank jerry robin's for most of this year has served as the interim foyer sustainable streets a large task in the division moving doing a job and to transition act out of bond and that's correct jerry for his great leadership. >> thanks on behalf of the board appreciate that. >> next up the weekend after next november 1st and second we'll be celebrating muni's contribution to the muni heritage weekend this is something we rekindled a couple of years ago for the centennial we'll be bringing out historic be cable cars and buses and putting them in into operation starting on friday the 31st and those will include muni's for
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streetcar number one we pit boo back into service after a fabulous rehabilitation the oldest streetcar and in the active fleet in the country that dates back to 1895 the booted cars of liverpool and the marcus dominated two to us that there will be in service a cable car from 906 and providing rides on a short trip in partnership with the marcus railway they've been a great partner and have a number of exhibits packed at the museum at 77 stewart street on the plazas anti in front by the
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ferry building we'll have vehicles on display to take a ride on live music and life poetry a conductor before people's 3 she went on to other things and gift bags if noon to two november 1st and second the exhibits and the rides from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. more information at and the sponsors the museum and legion of honor and others it should be a great event we'll come off our world series celebration we hope
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to see everyone. >> a couple of really exciting transit improvements that i want to bring to your attention those are improvements that you had approved previously but restraining order now going or have gone into service the first is is the hate street conversion and red lines as you recall this came before the board last year and the year before an enhancement that took the jimbo bob jog in balance of 64 i had to make over the page street and back to market and the shop down hate in an out bound direction aided by a red transit on lane we made changes to the hate golf intersection and the
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improvements and the pedestrian safety improvement signal upgrades and a lot of things that went into that realignment and great work between the division within the mta and well our partnerships in public works and this went into that effect on october 8th and got a lot of positive unsolicited feedback from our be vice chair so it's been extremely well received and it is just a small example of you know in the big squeamish of things taking a jog out of a bus route makes a difference and 29 sunset coming northbound we had to jog down to a street that was a similar adjustment that shaved time to get back to our riders so some great improvements
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there. >> and in terms of service increase katrero hill is a neighborhood we've heard from the approval process it's grown and changed significantly over a number of years the 10 townsend is a route that doesn't operate past midnight and now starting i think this weekend we are expending our week day service to run every thirty minutes until manipulated it is a huge improvement in potrero hill so you'll have to catch townsend at 8:00 p.m. or find an alternative now to go to midnight to match the alignment coming through downtown and chinatown this is something you approved as part of t e p back in april and just
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very exciting service increases that will be meaningful for people living on the hill some great transit expansions we're excited about the light rail vehicles you approved the contract in which it was approved by the board of supervisors and the mayor has sense been executed for the next generation of muni light rail vehicles and extremely exciting as i said this is the most significant action this board will take at least for a few years in terms of improving muni service now we're underway we are beginning outreach from riders and operators and from other stakeholders regarding features that are important to them the public input will guide
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the decisions and we're doing the outreach in a few ways this online way to assess muni slash new trains or call 311 and take the survey over the phone we're doing in person surveys at train station and going out to make speeches to stakeholders to access online tools and doing surveys in spanish and chinese trying to reach people really two features that were feedback one is feeding and configuration with really the two options being traditional kind of front and back facing feeding or forward seating two options forward opens things up but fewer seats those are some of the tradition
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offices we're looking for feedback on and then it's called the front mass or the nose of the vehicle it is an aesthetic issue in terms of the vehicle how the vehicle looks at as it is traveling around we're seeking feedback on it is a pretty tight timeline you may recall the first vehicle is scheduled to be here between 2 years at the end of 2016 to get it commissioners during (2) 017-2018 so kind of backtracking it puts us on 0 tight schedule to get the feedback to lock down the design to get the car builders up to go so the surveyblast will be open until october 24th so it is this week to get the information out
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that front mask or nose is a critical path to get the interiors and just so you know we'll be working closely with our operators and union i saw president williams here earlier to make sure we get the feedback from the operators in terms of of the office their home for many, many hours of the day new cab will be a significant enhancement in terms of the operator experience from egging anonymous anonymous and want the operators voice to be really driving the decisions so exciting is l l r v design is moving forward to get the feedback from the public and finally a couple of awards that our passion has received 3 we're proud of first of all, the sustainable
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liveable streets division that encompasses our bike and pedestrian and traffic calming and school safety 3r578 was awards the best public program for the polk street a few blocks from here by san francisco beauty think it was last week but this is the lane that was a key connectimarket street reall eloquent and indicative design that made a significant differences for cyclists trying to make the connection for the bike strategy you've approved that is meant to do for contestant great work by our partners at public works on the final design and the prelims as
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they do on many of the street projects but a great planning effort from the folks and mike and darby watson and their staff i want to commend them for great work and great recognition and the second one i was at the recent annual american public transportation at the recent meeting and x 0 to we were recognized for and annual report and tom nolan accepted the award on our on behalf of we were for many years not producing an adequate engaged report it was something on our conjectures that susan was tasked with rectifying she pulled together a team and in short order has come
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up with an award-winning product that serves the public and helping them to understand what we do congratulations for the award for everybody that worked on it that concludes my presentation. >> questions or comments. >> i want to say i rode the new 71 last week or this year last week and quite an improvement i used to take that bus quite a bit and unless i take one of the bus routes and the turns it is really a huge impact on the riders especially at rush hour when people are standing to make those extra turns to make it more comfortable i say the left turn pocket in action and i was waiting for a bus and it's
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fabulous it's nice to see the small improvements that make a huge impact on our riders and i imagine on the operators going straight congratulations on those i look forward to more. >> thank you tom nolan the late michael anglo was the first african-american streetcar operator that says something i want to compliment staff and all the things you've been doing this bus only lane for the city and county it is more to be experienced i encourage everyone to take a ride and see what we can do when we get our priorities is straight in moving the most amateur of people i
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encourage everyone to checkout it out and lastly with the survey a that's been going around i wonder if there's a way to decrease it a little bit to give a description of the benefits of the two different car latino lay outs more people are going to choose more seating but if you get more people sitting down it would be good if people think about that. >> you know i appreciate that i think that's good feedback i've gotten other feedback we'll incorporate that and get a revised version by the end of the day. >> thank you members of the public here to speak on the director's report. >> for items mention finding by director reiskin only. >> seeing none, moving on the
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advisory committee report no report and item 9 public comment roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items your first speakers are john and then (calling names). >> good afternoon mr. criticism. >> good afternoon directors i'm a big fan of edward reiskin those awards are well deserved but having said that in terms of the taxi industry the mta has ultimately failed this industry the in fact, you have now opened the door the city and state for
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any amateur to do the same service as the taxis without the same rules and regulations that makes a mouky hive e they've opened up uber and sidecars it is one of the last privileges it is now gone to unregulated services the only thing that separates between being a taxi driver or company is now e high on a hill it calls to me is eroding and getting into the business i can tell you our waste time is lens 5 minutes from the older we've intrigued fly wheel and we're under 7 minutes i can tell you right now i have to really reconsider paying for the use medallion the
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only use is doing street hills this aspect of opening up the airport to uber lift and fly wheel is not only going to devastate the taxi business i'll telling you as a business person and someone that's dedicated to the taxi industry i've tried to make it work as a business this is devastating for the industry and you'll see in the next if i months if we survive you (clapping.) (calling names). >> good afternoon and good afternoon to you all thank you very much for having the hearing i come to the pedestrian safety committee for people who are
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seniors and have disabled the decision by the california traffic control committee in district 4 in consulate has specified that the timing of pedestrian devises is recognized to be changed from municipality from 3.5 to 2.8 per second a citizens advisory committee report to the state and then to organization such a sfmta to implement this we have determined in studies that 2.8 per seconds a better with myself as a person with disabilities and please critically examine this how it could be effective
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to vision zero in california. >> thank you (calling names). >> good afternoon mr. sing. >> yeah. this morning we had a meeting for the april commission we totally lost everything we lost business 60 percent in the city we tried to go to the airport now t nc took over the airport i can't make the medallion payment of 12 hundreds dollars a month they working without any shushes to taxis we can - so i'm not able to make the payment the 5 hundred
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medallion it is defunct loan we're going to sue the city you sell us medallion for 2. or hundred and $50,000 i opened up the airport now we're going to sue you. >> thank you, mr. sing (clapping) and (calling names). >> good afternoon, sir and good afternoon. i'm from san francisco taxi workers alliance and also a taxi driver for 26 years i don't know why mta failed to protect us i mean you guys are selling medallions for $250,000 there's over 5 hundred medallions sold you're looking for a loan defatality those medallion owners are not going to be able to afford payment and they got insurance $10,000 a year and workers' compensation
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and all the color schemes and junctions regulations they're not following any regulations in order to survive you have to just remove all the regulations as we know them we need to bring the gate lower to 60 conflict of interests and get rid of color scheme give us free color scheme or else make them do everything (clapping.) (calling names). >> good afternoon tom nolan and directors and edward reiskin let me start off with this weekend we have had to attend one of our brothers untimely funerals operator jimmy chu 31 years with
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the city and agency i would first ask if there's a go possibility that sfmta board can offer up some type of regulars r resolution he was not thinking about retiring he was here to provide service to the city the residents so i don't know if i can speak on that aspect or it would be very fitting for the family to receive something from this board and the city okay. >> thank you. >> secondly, restrooms as we speak finally with the help of whoever, of course, ed and ms. mary and her team are very passionately got into this and finally, we're putting a