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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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i don't think they're really in the interest of safety and the fire department they have dropped their objections it drops traffic to a single lane. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon as well arrest cab driver over 20 years. >> cue tell me our first name. >> marianne you're supposed to regulate find a big fat couey mingled it i think 5 thousand dollars a year this was but now regulating it the city is losing the money and fortunes are
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changing hands payroll so the only thing i can say the fish smells from the head and this one sucks it is bad as it can get it is unbelievable for a world-class city to make decisions of this sortie think this is the beginning for as people said other progressions by deregulating the way you're doing and fortunes are changing hands if that's the new order of things expect trouble. >> thank >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon mrs. florence. >> ladies and gentlemen, of the audience and commissioners good
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afternoon generally i've stopped coming to those meetings for the last four to five years i've spoken about various taxi problems you haven't initiated or started one program for one reason there's not one taxi driver on this commission not one working within the sfmta to promote taxi benefits for drivers your crushing us there our management right now how would you like our income to drop 50 or 60 percent when the commissions looking at you like you're on drugs only to find out we've pumped $267 million a year into our pocket and get exactly nothing in return we'll have no pensions no retirement system
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zero and then there's uber and lift only to find out you sit onion the side rails looking at like it's not happening they're showing up everyone you've got teenager that are driving for lift thursday and friday and saturday nights saturating the city while you sit back as to we're sick or crazy because we're exclaiming yes complaining while you stare at us that's what you've done for the past 4 years particularly the placing last 2 and a half years they've disguised themselves as limousines i have 7 or 8 copies
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of the lastly efforts of uber at the airport (clapping) and. >> good afternoon. i'm doreen maxwell since 1999 has been a terrorist organization against the taxpayers of the united states of america i have two meetings one with the department of justice to investigate the business practices of the sfmta second, i have another appointment at one be federal transit commission in washington, d.c. to talk about the working conditions that the transit has another thing in 2007 there was a initiative
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passed prop a that gave him the city this board power to float bonds revenue bonds now there is another initiative on the ballot prop a that was supposed to be approved in november that will end up costa mesa the homeowners and taxpayers of the city and county of san francisco a billion dollars now we need to get wise about pitting those bond measures on the ballot until there is a criminal investigation on how the mta g does business practices it shouldn't approve nothing until that time comes third let's talk about the
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workplace bullying at the divisions you've got those superintendents playing super man trumpeting up charges and trumpeting up things at will and the last speaker card. >> howard with save muni the official no on prop a opponent and the pamphlet handbook we oppose it because we've read the ordinance and were stunned that this ordinance has no legal binding commitment to my muni project we also look at the transportation task force report and were surprised at in its funding only 49 percent of the funding is dedicated to muni projects we've then been
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concerned perhaps this bond abatement was to cover the cost overruns like the central subway yesterday's at the spurs lecturer a well-known urban planner stressed the importance of bus rapid network over light rail and train projects that suck fund away from the entire system over the last few years we've been following the project management oversight management reports on the central subway the po c was changed and the new one david evans and society are being honest in its assessments of the project the past reports that was a sugary blowing over
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the new pmc report it late in coming clearly states that projected overruns at this point it 11 percent overrun but we've known that for years the cost contingencies for the project is 4 percent for the last 2 months i made as the project manager i know 4 percent is insufficient way over budget thank you. >> is there any additional public comment. >> i'd like to ask director reiskin for mr. low about the pedestrian report i'd like to report back to that some time soon okay. >> moving on to our consent calendar
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calendar if discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be considered separately. 10.2 and 5 have been severed at the request of the members of the board. >> a motion on the remaining items on the calendar. >> all in favor, say i. opposed? let's go to 10.2. >> director 10.2 approves the traffic modifications i will refrain from reading their numerous but there are a number of speakers who wish to address we'll start with john (calling names). >> sir. >> good afternoon again calory nolan of the sfmta board of
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directors i endorse the motion 10.2 what we call day lighting in the tenderloin neighborhood it inspires the creation of a resolution on day lighting to recommend day lighting be implemented on any intersection in san francisco particularly those in 6 percent that are leading the 60 percent of the collisions so, please critically exclaim the resolution for the director and then to you and seek our advisement on further forms off how it a can be implemented and the board of supervisors i thoroughly endorse the day lighting in the tenderloin district. >> thank you next speech.
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>> kevin stall and nicole schneider a madeline. >> good afternoon. i'm kevin i'm a pedestrian safety organizer at the city collaborative i work with tenants who live in the tenderloin in signal hotels and they're one of the most vulnerable people in the city they're seniors and disabled and low income and people that have families because of that they're in this part of the city they're having the most dangerous intersections and corridors with the highest collisions and fatalities because of this we support the day lighting project to remove the parking spaces around the corner so the visibility of vehicles coming into the intersection will be able to see the people cross the street and the pedestrians can keep eye contract with the
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vehicles because the removal of parking is i mean, i'm not against parking but a precious human life can't be replaced we totally support the work you are doing and make sure that zero fatalities in 10 years. >> colleagues your supporting him thank you very much. >> nicole schneider. >> others. >> good afternoon again board members with walk san francisco i'm here to support of the day lighting project that is a perfect example to achieve vision zero it is a comprehensive look at the
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disprospering burdened by high speed vehicles and am proud of the work of the engineering department and mta for taking a holistic approach and supporting justice on our streets and as you may know every single street in the tenderloin is a high injury corridor so when people you know many people in the tenderloin you heard from kevin who works at an sro the front living room or their street is their living room it's to the fair they have to be burdened but they have to be risking their life every time they step up to the plate o step out their front door i want to address the condominium by the woman one death and 4 serious injuries on columbus and while these and
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that speaks to the fact those are invisible acts of violence we don't think about violence but they're taking lives and their disruptively families and more than that they're targeting people like seniors who are 5 times more likely to die in a crash seniors are 50 percent of pedestrian fatalities in our cities and we have to do something about this we know about the measures thank you to all but community members that are here as well to support this >> next speaker please. (calling names) those are the last two people. >> hi madeline folks for polk i want to also support the mta in the approval did day lighting happening in the tenderloin and actually has gone elsewhere in
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the city a first step of a civil listed streetscape and hope it will be in polk street and wanted to share something that was said yesterday he in talking about okay sometimes horrible injustices are in front of our nose we shouldn't be afraid in our city we're front yard of being killed sfmta is seen as a beacon to the world and alternate thinking i hope we take up the mantel to lead the way in vision 0 and the road to state i think that's it he did as i said he was almost impeached for
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widening the situations leadership is difficult i hope that everyone here will understand the beginning of day lighting the intersections benefits drivers and helps to see the road we need to be strong and move forward thank you. >> thank you. >> the last person that turned in a speaker card. >> hi, i'm with the san francisco bicycle coalition good afternoon chairman and directors the san francisco bicyclist coalitions is exciting see this by day lighting the tenderloin you'll be helping the availability of the intersections that's mraukd by the corridors that month people walk and take transit and bike to get around it's a simple and effective way to eliminate
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traffic fatalities over the next 10 years we hope to see similar improvements throughout the city we know that ma many people walking appreciate those and it's a cheap and effective way of improving our city you thank you very much. >> any other speakers in not a motion to approve. >> second all in favor, say i. opposed? you i's have it thank you for your participation. >> all right. mr. chairman item 5 is approving a various temporary park modification in the shuttled program. >> we have to motion for the director to recuse himself. >> motion to recuse. >> all in favor, say i. opposed? the i's have it okay. on 10.5 a motion. >> actually, we have a members of the public that wishes to address you richard.
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>> good morning, everyone. mr. gary good afternoon director reiskin i'm richard the administrator of the castro merchants association i bring you greeting if a our elected 15 members and we represent about 2 hundred and 75 members in the castro we're not a small merchant association we want to talk about ac and e it relates to you commuter shipment busy gave those remarks on september 18th and october 3rd i want to share the same thoughts the castro merchants didn't take a position respectfully it was last minute because of the dysfunctional community outreach
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where there are visible merchant associations our community benefit district will know at least two large long term membership organizations in the neighborhood it didn't know anything about the proposals until they went to hearing not good folks once we found out we drilled through the staff at mta great cooperation from carli and her society at the staff and we really appreciate that we hope that one of the proposals will be better but the outreach is terrible it's inexcusable respectfully and look forward to mr. ma inquiggiore this
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way it's been handled you you've not take advantage of that we look forward to changing that. >> members of the board questions or comments. >> i have a question about the outreach there's areas in the city where merchant groups were not contracted we've made strives but director reiskin you can talk about the outreach process. >> yeah. we in the last year have been trying to from kind of from scratch redevelop our whole public outreach strategy it is a process we've larger completed this last summer as mr. maggiore said the way we're going about outreach now the minimum legal
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requirements was not the adequate we're not capturing all the voices of the merchant i totally agree it can be helpful to you not agreeing in everything but helping us shape what we're proposing and working with us to find solutions it's something we're very much aware of and will be part of many a maggiores task one of the issues under the streets distribution to get the now public outreach and engagement strategy to capture outline stakeholder voices for all issues like these that can be made better >> there the website you can search when you are looking at the geographic area i encourage the department to work with the planning department to make sure
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- and we did this in developing our public outreach one of the first places was to the planning department they've got a lot of experience and done it this well, we started by modeling our process after theirs. >> i'm wondering in the castro area has gone through so much would it be a problem in postponing ac and d to get it out put. >> we have the support i don't know if you want mary to speak to that. >> i can't speak for every merchant but it's been solved you've got those big buses running through unfortunately, a fact of life we particularly found a better solutions
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individual merchants that are effected and have an opportunity to talk to with the staff one case they choose not to oppose but during the 18 most pilot project let's see what input come out of it and the bike sharing do the same thing to take the street parking spaces. >> do you want to speak. >> okay. okay. so then it was 10.5 is there a motion? >> motion to approve. >> all in favor, say i. opposed? one abstain. >> that concludes our consent calendar and approving the magnifying in the revenue bonds
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to make improvements to public safety and transit signals and the capital improvements transit and guide way and light rail approving the bond purchase certificate and authorizing the expenditure precedes from the bond. >> good afternoon thank you very much so about a year ago we were before you approving $150 million bonldz we issued $75 million the same list of projects i won't go through them their highlighted on page 3 of the staff report their significantly dollars for you pedestrian safety under the procurement as well as our facilitated improvements just to reiterate we're trying to save our revenue bonds for other funding that's for infrastructure facilities and
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fleet a whole bunch of folks helped me and the district attorney's office wants to make comments the market is once again looking good for us we got rating increases we're expected to have a successful result i do want to thank the staff from the public financial advisors i won't go into the details but i'll give to mark. >> good afternoon, sir. >> i'll just read off any comments i'm mark the district attorney my area the expertise is the disclosure my purpose to provide a brief overview of the
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official statement among other things the many documents you're being skgd asked to approve it the glory statement that prepares the bond terms and operational sfmta description and summary a snapshot of sfmta's current financial position for your information the official page is 16 through 62 that contains the official operations the official statement carries significance it will be distributed to stakeholders the official statements are subject to federal security laws so make sure the statements are accurate and not misleading so while municipal a leaders are not
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subject to the laws but to the security reilly rule 105 is our general gray fraud it provides the statements or omissions so as members of the board the sfmta has indicated you have a role in making sure not approving without conditions when is the purpose of the bodies what is the repayment and list for the bonds will be insufficient if our capacity as brown paper baggies know of red flags that should be brought to the attention of the management and then do you as a members of the board have knowledge of events that could affect the events now the board is entitled to rely on staff this is reasonable and in preparing this statement the sfmta has been
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assisted by a leading public finance law firm in the country and the sfmta is to provide and level of control for document review the document has been reviewed by sfmta staff and the city attorney's office and the bond chounl 0 urgent care council and the sfmta financial advisors and will be subject to additional scrutiny before it's distributed to investors so it currently envisions going to market december 2014 show s should you have questions about the official document we'll ask you contact myself and we'll discuss it whether or not it's been dloeshd in the official statement. >> members of the board any
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questions any speakers. >> yes. mr. chairman lance and folding by howard wong. >> sir. >> hello, again in the agenda for this meeting the wording of the $89 million bond resolution that you're about to consider is indicated it is a craft of that and the prop a the $89 million in the resolution you're about to consider to has allocated funds whereas prop a the measure did not there or lots of
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possibilities where expenses occur but importing and exporting nothing two specific a question why is it sfmta duplicating a lot of the expenditures from prop a in a separate bonds passage adding another $89 million on the backs of taxpayers i have appeared before this board on you numerous occasions in opposition to the central subway, however, in general, i rely on muni for transportation within the city and look forward to it being a serviceable system in recent conversations with director reiskin the director of mta i asked why prop a doesn't talk about the expenditures he said the lawyers wrote me it that way prop a will not insure