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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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gridlock way more than anyone one of us erupted modern 14 years ago what we've seen south of market is credible and the few nights i make it to my home on a rush hour on fulsome street i'm astonished it is intimately we see cars at the sidewalk u crosswalk and they're tired and impatient so their constantly moving every inch i've seen criminalists and kids you maneuvering their way to get out of the ways of cars it is scary for me as well i had two or three questions i wanted to ask to get comments and this was specific to sfmta either to peter or aaron i guess
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now we've compiled the data and the effectiveness of having a pco enforcement either the hand signaling what's the next steps for sfmta to make the pilot permanent? or - poor cameron whoever wants to come up i think our residents wants to know this work is great we're excited about the pilot we want to see that permanent and the next steps >> peter albert from the mta i work with aaron there were recommendations that came out of the pilot but i want to go back to the assessment a lot of what liz has shown it is one piece of the puzzle but they all
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interlock when we look at the recommendation of making it a permanent project how do we take that point and look at the future those waves of development and the abstraction multiple modal incentives i have a lot of confidence if we talked about the 3 workers the transportations demand management is brown where you make headway we work with carlly right now trying to codify regular transportation management measures that help people understand what is laws are and the benefits of using easiest modes and behaving in a civil way i will refer to cameron but i want to make a plug for transportation demand management we reach to the
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giants and the warriors if they have fans coming into the area that's a great opportunity to pitch education and awareness. >> mr. albert i don't want to take away from the larger network don't block the intersection it is only one thing that's education we i support of the longer study and support the commemorating management pricing and in the downtown area and i'd love to do work with the major employers to pilot that but in the meantime i don't want to have no more work but while we continue to do
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all the another amazing work to make selma flow better. >> hi again, i want to start with my presentation is additionally provide 6 pcos up to 6 pcos going to first identifying which locates and agreeing to which locations we want to tackle first, i building that education again, the 3 workers we've talked about that i want to start with education some outreach to make sure that everybody understands what the rules are and after that do another assessment with engineering to make sure that we have the proper signage, striping whatever it takes and then bring on the enforcement i'm proposing we do that on december 1st especially okay. we'll start off again with the
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intersections we've identified and gun to make different sweeps of different intersection whether it's two pcos at an intersection or 3 intersections doing various active enforcement that includes citation issuance yeah. >> supervisor cohen. >> i have a quick question i take a 6 pcos and cover the south of market that leaves a funnel someplace else. >> true we're also struggling to prioritize pcos staff and during those times i've looked at those and done an exhaust look at what i'll be taking away sort of taking it back a step we're actually going through a step from an jill
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audit for the pco beats and staffing and rather than saying i need more pcos i the want to say i want to utilize them whether street cleaning or driveway claiming and or double parking and and double parking and just to go on that point i actually created a saturation team oh, about 6 months now we've done pretty good in areas but what takes away is something else is a shuttle program i think that we are going to and will continue will have a better assessment of what our resources are our resources needs and how
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we allocate them among the various details. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you i know this is an impression that many residents have but it seems like sfmta doesn't have trouble citing parking tickets in the city and it's hard for a lot of the residents to accept the fact this is a real capacity issue investigating the pcos giving out ticket in the south of market area we immediately get a parking tickets the moments our meters go out but have the responsiveness around the issue and pcos will be more importantly giving out those tickets that being said i want to see that december is not too late how to do more education
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and . >> signage of stickers or subsidy enforcement changed a lot of enforcement we often don't do things in a orderly fashion. >> i have one more question and then one last question for mta you had mentioned that the counterpart stilt u shuttle took
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away the - the one there's per stop was going to fulfill cover the costs so we shouldn't be using the pcos it should be funded on its own. >> i did not let me correct that we're not pulling those people away it is fully funded through the process it takes a lot of time to do any of those types it changes what we do and adds for resources 0 or to a daily we explicit anticipate so to shift the existing one we did the 10 pcos to do the detail they're only doing that daily the a.m. and p.m. peak so it splits their time and only to fill in the afternoon it is on this that filling in the afternoon that leaves a gap we
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have to fill if everything was equal across the board you, you know meter time it would be easier to move people around but when we start splitting things up it adds holes in our ability to manager the people that's all i meant to say. >> i have one final question not sure to you cameron or another member of sfmta i have been talking to edward reiskin to augment the work that the pcos do for tickets for people that run red lights it makes sense that the same cameras can catch people that are 0 blocking boxes stuck in the intersection be able to photograph their license plate and send them a
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tinting to augment the limited human resources we have in the agencies i know we made a request to attorney general go harris i was wondering where we're at i know when we hope to get a message back but where we're at i will give you the best an answer eave not been involved in the work kate has been watching over that all we know at this point, we're waiting for a decision from the attorney general and if the decision comes in favor of the inform being able to allow don't block the box enforcement or red light enforcement we'll get the red light cameras but if it is not in favor we'll have to initiate another process i don't know what that is.
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>> i appreciate the answer i appreciate we're successful i believe that supervisor wiener worked on this prohibiting the right turn on octavia we were able to get emily harris to look at that i encourage you to write her office to make sure we get it competed. >> that will help us too. >> thank you. >> great supervisor kim and thank you for calling for this hearing i'm really glad to hear a pro-active approach moving forward and i'll say that in terms of double parking and the saturation we'll be recohen that hearing early in the next year so we will compare assaults from what we received a year ago for
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the progress so i'll await that data and also want to reiterate what supervisor kim said about comparing to damn having going through it as we did for many different areas housing and traffic and other areas we thought it can't possibly get worse like in 1999, or 2000 in terms of evicts and pedestrian and low and behold this is not like a pet stop doouchl whatever happens are the the ups and downs economy we're on a different trajectory in san francisco as are a lot of cities in terms of everyone understanding the city is an amazing place in san francisco first and foremost so we're going to continue to grow by
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another one hundred and 50 thousand people between now and 200 and 40 and now is the time whether improving muni or getting our heads around this kind of improvement for traffic management we need to be making those decisions and implementing those fixed now and the gridlock we see south of market and south of market is definitely the most extreme in so many ways i look forward to try to slow down the traffic it is going to spread in supervisor cohen's district tens of thousands of units coming online like 07 thousand more units and stuff happening south of market and in the planning commission mission we're growing in the transportation system all the kinds of enforcement techniques have to do that this
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is a can do type of city if no additional comments. >> i forgot to thank our residents with our city agrees and sfmta and ta for your work i look forward to marking this a permanent program and thank you to the gentleman in sacramento who wrote a letter to our deputy attorney general to make it quickly to allowing san francisco to not block the box we'll share the lowers so thank you committee and thank you to everyone that's been involved. >> thank you, supervisor kim would you like to file this hearing or continue it to the to the call of the chair. >> supervisor kim has made a motions to file item number 2
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madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> there's no further business. >> then we're adjourned .
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>> good morning, everyone much better i'm edward reiskin the transportation director in san francisco great to see so many people out here for an important reason thank you, mayor ed lee and supervisor kim on their steadfast and consistent leadership in working with all of us to make our city safer the reason its important we're proud of our city we have a problem here the problem too many people getting seriously injured or killed trying to make their way around the city that shouldn't be for that reason as a city we've adapted the goal of vision zero to eliminate traffic fatalities in san francisco in the next 10 years good news if you call it that we've been working with the police department and the
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department of public health and many on the county which transportation authority to analyze the information associated with each one of the tragedies we've told have a good since of where they're happening and why and what interventions we can make to significantly reduce the likelihood of them happening with people getting seriously injured or killed the traffic signal are one intervention and many others all over the city in order to do that we'll need public support and leadership without further ado we have an rations finding lard i'm proud so ask you to join me in welcoming the mayor of the city of san francisco mayor ed lee. >> thank you, ed good morning, everyone. welcome to the post world series of the giants in san francisco i know this
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community is slbl but ed is right we've got serious business to construction this particular street on significance and menu to say 24 projects we've identified we're going to get to vision zero this is the night of the 24 projects we're dedicated since april wife identified those vision zero projects they're serious effort here with the translate today to quell the number number of injuries and death navigate this intersection that supervisor jane kim help we've got counsel a number of the injuries in the city those one has 50 accidents here resulting in two fatalities so i'm so glad to see residents here and community-based
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organizations whether it's united players or the so cam are the residents like ms. jones to join the city agency and the opportunity transportation authority and mta and the mayor's office our vision zero director and the supervisor staff agencies like walk sf and others we really have to come together literally on everyone every one of the intersection if we don't do something different more accidents will occur if anything we have to slow down traffic and make all people from all sides aware whether in their walkers or bicyclists or industrial folks everybody that is using our street have to be that much more aware and watch out for each other i myself these device when crossing the street i don't cross because i've got the green light i try
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to make eye contract and look both ways especially, when you've got families members that are looking at the wonderful sites in our city we've golden got to be careful with our growing population if the city we've got to do more we're absolutely going to do more we're building the basis with our mta and hopefully tomorrow our public will bless us with a strong vote of prop a that will allow us to do that much more (clapping.) $500 million the bulk of which goes to vision zero and pedestrian safety projects just like this one we need more things to slow down traffic we need better signage and education we need enforcement i wanted to thank our police department that's here a good number they're walking the beats and louth for the siefrt issues 4r0ug9 for people that may not
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be uss the street properly we have to use our streets smarter n this is why it's important to place that vision zero and there are month activities in our streets we're encouraging walking in the streets when i get through with this job i'm going to walk more and i want to feel safer and join with all the people that want to join me in walking the streets to be safer we won't ghetto there without vision zero by january 2016 all 24 projects that ben is in favor which to cooperate throughout the city have to be done and spend down this $300 million of the $500 million that will not raise property tax in the city and spend that down because we
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not all of those improvements whether their signal consortiums traffic improvements pedestrian safety bulb outs or signage sloan traffic making people more aware and big thrust in education because everybody has to be more aware so i will want to say this we have to move together on this and noted pointing out the fingers it's not just infrastructure or education it's not just one or the other all i have those things have to work in concert with each other and we have to talk what the bicyclists and the car drivers and talk with people that are moving supplies in and out for all of those crosswalks projects and talk with people that walk our streets in multiple different languages we have a lot of visitors from all over the world they're not use to the
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intense use of our streets as we grow as a city we have to center the conversation with all our partners and kids and look out for each other in addition to louth four users so vision zero is our goal and fraying will help get us there we're not going to wait we're beginning the projects we'll be you announcing them as time goes on as and a we get the projects done and need everybody's help the biggest advocate not only in the neighborhood is our supervisor jane kim she's brown on this (clapping) walking and talking and making sure that we incite the fund for this to happen and i time to say again, thank you supervisor for your leadership and thank you to you all the different allocations public works and the police departments to all of the infrastructure groups and to the
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advocates you know we don't want to be crying over the next accident but slshlt we saved for lives so each one of the traffic signal are these is important to the community thank you for being here (clapping). >> thank you, mr. mayor this is the kind of leadership we need to make our streets safer i want to thank the mayor for van prop a $500 million in education bonds for $300 million will be invested in advancing vision zero making our streets safer and it's not not only coming from the executive branch but the elective supervisor kim and all the 11 members of the board of supervisors unanimously supported prop a on the ballot and with that kind of unanimous support if city hall that we'll
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need in order to get even though 2/3rd's vote for the high threshold for the unif i had city hall and community to the chamber of commerce this is an investment that san franciscans will understand and being willing to make but it's not just with the bond as supervisor kim experienced her leadership which winner running for office she made pedestrian safety one of the top issues and this is a top issue her district is the most challenging foyer pedestrian safety and that's why laugh of the folks are here please welcome supervisor kim (clapping.) >> good morning many of us in the community that have been working on this for many, many years this morning is
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so existing this signal an sixth street is something the community has been fighting for about i was in office and to be here today on a community driven process to see our residents that fought for this is rewarding i want to recognize the south of market action network (clapping) who represents many of our families in the neighborhood the united players and city crossroads that rounding u run our youth programs across the street and walk sf has been a strong partner in making sure we advocate for this and, of course, any entire office is here ivy and sunny it took a lot of folks to make this a realty 4 years ago our residents actually organized a walk on significantly street that
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included edward reiskin and is ta and dpw and we started on significantly and market and walked to ross and to fulsome to talk about the needs that the community needs to make sixth street a safer place for the youth and seniors and mother jones and the collaborative to talk how the intersection was unsafe and we even crossed the crosswalks at significantly to see whether cars would stop for crossing when we walked across the street from that experience the following year the mayor's office actually worked with our office to fund a pilot we knew it would take a look at to get the prong we the first bulb out on significantly and howard number one and 3 on the top
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collision intersection in the city to shorten the walking distance for our pedestrians before you to remind drivers that those curb outs are an important place of safety for our walkers and finally opened the signal an ross for many families that walk across the street to go to betsy carmichael and now we're here today to open this signal (clapping) is it so exciting that improvements that we've been able to make on the last 4 years to make this neighborhood a safer place for you'll have us and remind the people 3 walk and commute through the districts that seniors and kids live here on isle on fulsome and howard and significantly again, this wouldn't have been possible without our residents that took
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the leadership to make it a realty want to thank our city agencies for working hard to put this on the ground as quickly as possible tilly chang the prop a dollars that helped to fund this today and, of course, edward reiskin but also with an night the engineer that put this on n place an significantly street the sf pd side commander is here oh, my god oar commander ali and commander and i will i is the traffic commander to make sure you're increasing the enforcement in the tenderloin and the south of market and the city to make sure we're telling the chiropractors and pedestrians what how we can