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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> buns dies. >> my name is 89 i can't i'm the preferential of betsy car michael filipino education center (clapping.) we want to welcome we want okay. we want to testing can everybody hear me we want to welcome everyone to walk and roll today day and on behalf of the betsy car michael community i want to give a warm welcome to the honorable mayor
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ed lee supervisor supervisor jane kim (clapping (clapping.) superintendent carranza chief suhr (clapping.) and all of city and transportation leaders that who are here this morning. >> (clapping) >> we have very happy to be here today to highlight that walking to school can be fun and healthy for our students betsy car michael is a very special school because of the exists people and the families who work for a one purpose to make this school a great place to learn for the children of san francisco and a we love that our school it in the heart of this great city
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of san francisco and unfortunately student families and staff are put in danger of traffic too often our parents and school community have worked to win the safety improvement we have a leading cerebral on 7th street and fulsome and new school zone signage i want to thank you commissioner lee e mayor ed lee for his leadership and making our streets safe for children at betsy and across the city. >> i'd like to thank supervisor jane kim so far supporting the children and families here in the south of market and working to implement those safety measures i i would to thank superintendent carranza for his leadership and violation 2025 lastly i want to give a shout out to ms. washington who has
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cooperated a all this together (clapping) i also want to thank the many leaders and staff here from sf t partnering including sf dpw and sf environment and mta sfpd and the community of is transportation authority for providing the resources for this program we look forward to working with everyone to address the safety censures our chblg children can walk and roll to school it is our privilege so welcome the honorable mayor, mayor ed lee welcome. >> thank you principle good morning, everyone. >> good morning
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what a happy giants day we have yeah. >> yeah. (clapping.) well, i'm very thankful that you allowed me to walk with you to participate in walk and roll here with the school here in the great school of betsy carmichael one the best schools in san francisco; right? >> yeah. >> well, it's the best school because you will all the students are doing really, really well, we he want to make sure you're safe guess what we're working together our municipal railroad our public health and everyone is working together to make sure not only you are safe but everyone child and family is safe in san francisco all over the city how about safe in the entire city
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yeah. (clapping.) we've done complochlts around this school and that's correct to supervisor jane kim she's been a bin champion of making sure this school is safe we're we're going to do the same thing at see west portal and james weldon johnson how about every school is safe like this one yeah. (clapping.) we're going to work hard to do that we want every school, in fact, some kids have to take the bus and ride to school some kids take hair priekz e bikes and ride to school and many, many kids walk to go school we want to make sure our entire experience whether on the sidewalks or crossings the streets is also guarantee go back to be safe that's work working with hard to pass a bond to get more money to fix those
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streets and make them safer working class to make sure 3 vision zero everybody knows vision zero that that means no fatalities or accidents that means our city will be safe we want zero accidents that hurt people because of cars or because of crosswalks that are not safe vision zero is the way we want to make sure we fund that well ink say vision zero all vision zero. >> we have a big advocate today call walk sf they're helping us organ all the volunteers throughout san francisco to make sure that we get to this policy in the city so i have everyone working together for your safety let's make sure our city is not only safe it's successful and we'll make sure that our school
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board keeps working with us i have a member of the school board that works with me she's hydra mendosa working real hard to support our schools so let's have it for safe schools safe schools. >> safe schools. >> vision zero. >> vision zero. >> walk and roll. >> walk and roll go giant. >> go giants. >> all right. (clapping). >> wow. thank you so much may i we're so pleased to have the mayor's leadership on traffic safety and vision zero and making our schools safer to that everyday when you walk and roll or bus to school i can get that safely i also want to thank the betsy career mistake school sea community and principle for
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letting us highlight how amazing our school is to you guys are one of the all stars your fighting inform getting up get to school safely because you have bobby washington and the principle and parents and the community all working together along with our city leaders so the safe route to school walk and roll today are in order to show all our communities that walking to school and rolling and bicycling to school is possible and feasible and it's fun how many of you had dunn fun today wow. it's fun to walk to school; right? so we're doing that in many, many schools so today, we did that in 84 schools across the city 84 school of kids walking today that's an
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all-time record so the safe routes to school works with the sfmta we have the director of sfmta edward reiskin with us to may i make our streets safer we work with the department of public health who runs the program and the director to help and the director is here he's a medical doctor got to listen to him and sf environmentalist and bob anhidone working on clean transportation and the bicycle coalition and leah the director of bicycle coalition who's a partner and their staff working with our staff of walk santa fe san francisco that is the gentleman in the back who helped on the other hand, helped to organize this to say hello to jen restraining order and the partnership wouldn't you been successful without our cities leadership i'm going to turn it over to to one of our biggest
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leaders on traffic and community here today and that's supervisor jane kim and supervisor kim doesn't stop unless the community depreciates what we need and she's a wonderful example of a great community partner and leader in selma (clapping.) >> thank you. good morning betsy so i live in the neighborhood i live a block away from betsy and i walked to school today but even in that short wake i got to see the difference that this neighborhood has made for the south of market first, i got to walk through the crosswalk floovent park this community penalty is penn 10 years fighting for and walk across the bike lane the green 1
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on fulsome street this community has fighting fought for and to my right and i saw the crowing guard that many of the parents fought to make sure we had on 7th street to be safe and finally when we got to the park i got to see the park that this community fought for that and finally build in 2006 so what's itself lesson what d did you learn from the story? don't giving give up to fighting but more and more importantly we make our neighborhood and can make pa difference i want everyone to repeat that we make this neighborhood >> (repeated.) and we can make a difference. >> (repeated.)
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so as and grew up here remember all the things that our patent and people have fought for let's continue to make that a safer community for everyone but it's important to be great deal of so a big thank you to our parent and also the city behind us that wants to make the city safer so thank you thank you. >> thank you. >> and thank you a couple of months ago many of you were on 7th and harrison street putting up signs telling drivers to make this neighborhood safer so thank you for your for your work and i have a accomodation on behalf of the entire board of supervisors to recognize walk and roll today at bettingcy car michael to our
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principle and superintendent carranza and hydra mendosa our school board member. >> thank you, everyone thank you, supervisor kim next up i want to highlight one gentleman who helped to make sure you're learning our eating healthy and walking and getting the physical activity you need everyday not only an walk and roll day that's superintendent carranza we're pleased to have him here to talk about what he's thinking and wants to do around walk and roll and how important this is for your health (clapping.) so good morning boys and girls what a what a we can be louder than good morning boys and
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girls. >> (repeated.) and very briefly thank you for participating in walk and roll today do you realize that right now at san francisco international airport there are people coming to san francisco from arena or around the world doing what we get to do for free walk the beautiful streets of san francisco so i'm going to encourage you not to make this the only day you walk or get out and enclosure the city i want the city to be your classroom because of the efforts of people standing behind me and your paraprofessionals we're creating the city to explore as their classroom get out and enclosure and bike and run and breath fresh air and eat good food
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don't eat junk food eat good food to get out and run and bike and enjoy the fresh air so betsy have a great year congratulations on bike walk and roll bike and roll day and make everyday bike walk and roll and rock-and-roll too have a great day (clapping.) all right. thank you strthd next up i want to highlight some of the folks in the community that are getting walking and rolling and bilking to school 0 on a daily basis how many of you walk to school on a regular basis this is incredible so i know that supervisor kim talked about this and at bettingcy i carmichael the community has worked for several years to get
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the signs; right? and to get the improvement to 7 the and fulsome when you cross the major streets they're safer i want to talk about betsy carmichael we're locked on fast moving xhemgd streets in the city the community fought hard to get the improvements to to this area betsy carmichael is the only wounding one that doesn't get even though 15 per mile-per-hour if you go faster that 15 mile-per-hour some of the parents are here to talk about their experiences walking to school everyday i i'm going to turn it over to adrian lawrence and tiffany brown to talk about walking to school (clapping.) >> good morning boys and girls.
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>> good morning boys and girls. >> good morning. >> today is a perfect day to talk about the safety of our kids as a parent that walks their child to school to and from school i believe there's a lack of caron the drivers part i witness reckless driving near the schools and crosswalks i wait and watch children nail they get across the street being a resident i urge us all to be a part and on board with supporting the walk and roll thank you betsy carmichael staff for caring about the love of our children (clapping) >> good morning betsy carmichael parents good morning betsy car michael
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that's what i love to hear the voices of children each morning thank you to you all the parents and guarded f that led our children to school who walk to school or walk make sure you looking for the safety of users and others and look at it for the drivers it on the street that you see going by fast when you walk across the street also look both ways what expires me to anybody an environment and let him know he's save one thing we have to make sure we looking at for our surnld and make sure you're aware of your surrounding thank you to all the apartment that guide their children to school and make sure they get to school save everyday thank you betsy carmichael and staff and
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students thank you (clapping.) >> thank you so much parent last thing i want to do is highlight the community partners that are here and that so many cam has been working to make our streets safe and i know so many cam has fought for the signs that were recently put up two weeks ago around the schools and improving stop signs around the area a raised crosswalk here that acts like a speed bump and i i know that supervisor kim's and the community and betsy carmichael school are working with mta for the middle school safety you can be safety then to at bettingcy we're going to keep working for the improvements in the ground and
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make sure it's one hundred safe fewer and not going to stop and i want to in keeping to encourage you to walk and roll to school everyday and now you probably should go to school have a great recalling school day thank you everyone (clapping.) so while hang on one second not going to school for one second i'm going to turn it over to principle to start our morning circle. >> every morning we'll have one led us in the pledge good morning. >> good morning girls. >> hold on. >> please stand good morning boys and girls. >> good morning put our right hand over the
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heart my name is romell and i'm in the class 212 put your right hand over your heart i pledge stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> (repeated.) >> okay. if he can have our comboiftsz stand still teachers get them readies for what there college
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