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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PST

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to random members of the public that the that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind please silence all electronic devices. and and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to take roll at this point commissioner president wu commissioner fong commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson is here commissioner moore and commissioner richards that present as well commissioners first on our agenda is consideration for items promoted for continuance there are several so bear with
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me item one the 2013 nexus study proposed for december 4th, 2014, not november 13th and case two the reasonable modification academies to the planning code to for continuance and the next at 36 hundred geary conditional use authorization is for december 30th, 2014, and item four zoning math amendment on portland avenue is proposed until december you figure out 2014 and items for case 2014567 b and c at moigs e mission street discretionary review
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authorization and our proposed for indefinitely continuance and item 6 at 1805 mason street discretionary review authorization conditional use authorization has been withdrawn and further item 1799 d on delores street a molester discretionary review we've asked to continue this matter indefinitely i have no speaker cards. >> thank you any public comment on that item on items proposed for continuance seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner moore. >> move to continue as noted including items 17 which has been proposed for indefinite continuance thank you commissioners to continue.
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>> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner richards commissioner fong and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places you under your consent calendar are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 7 case no. 2014.13 q at 1041 condominium conversion intengs subdivision 3 thousand 8 on geary the condominium conversion and item 9 for the next case on jones street
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conditional use authorization on item 9 please note after hearing and closing public comment the planning commission adapted a motion to continue this matter until december 6, 2014, commissioner moore we were on and on absent on october 23rd you'll have to say you've acknowledged the video. >> i have. >> i have no speaker cards any public comment on that item on the consent calendar. >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed. >> wait. >> you'd like to remove item 9 off of content that is well, sir if you want to make a condemning comment we'll have to remove it off the consent calendar very
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well. >> commissioner antonini in this case move to approval 7 and 8. >> do i hear and second and on that motion to approve items 7 and 8 under content excuse me. commissioner antonini commissioner johnck commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner fong and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes amazing 7 to zero and places you under commission matters the definite minutes for october 16th. >> any public comment on draft minutes. >> i presented a statistic two weeks ago that over 70 percent of our public space was for single occupancy traffic and this is on the draft minutes.
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>> on the draft minutes two weeks ago we didn't mislead anyone but thought this was of interest the infrastructure senior citizen vs. our green open space thank you. >> any additional public comment? okay public comment is closed >> is there a motion? >> move to approve the minutes. >> second on that motion to adapt the minutes of october 16th commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner fong and president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places you on item 11 commissioner questions or comments. >> commissioner antonini we can't let even though day go before making positive remarks
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about the giant not only they won the world series it was giant together it was appropriate if you loan to the parade and the speakers had many of the players not only thanked want fan base and the san franciscans specifically at the typify a group as part of the community i'm sure you're aware of many of the players live in the city as do does some folks you see them they're an active part of san francisco so that's really griffin to see it and i think that part it's the relationship between the fans and the people and when i have that kind of relationship an wonderful event and certainly very well done on the part of the team and all concerned.
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>> commissioners, if there's nothing further we'll move into department matter directors announcements. >> one brief announcement and that is that the departments new tracking system on october 20th we're two weeks ago into it is working and director ram will give us a report at the next meeting and year in the making and it's nice to see it's up and running building department will come on the first part after the first of the year. >> thank you commissioners item 13 review of the past events of board of supervisors the historic preservation. >> you take public comment after that report. >> we'll take public comment on item e. >> wisconsin we could if someone wants to speak. >> i can talk now. >> you may to the directors announcement i wanted to point out that
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despite efforts on my part to find out under the new permit project and permanent tracking system the admission of the sunshine ordinance every software must be assessable by the public and i'm having trouble establishing this i've been working on this since july and can't get an answer it maybe up and running in two morris months or a month and a half but that's got to be a virtual part. >> thank you commissioners commissioners, if there's nothing further we'll move on to item 13 review of the past event of the board of supervisors and the historic preservation commission the board of appeals met but the zoning chair has nothing's to
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add. >> good afternoon. welcome back from our break there are no items considering the land use hearing this week, however, several weeks at the last week's supervisor mar ended up sponsoring the planning commission ordinance with several amendments tabling his amendments he included measurement including the department that is so reduce the eruptcy in the planning code this is remaining the threshold number of 11 and cod if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them first degree the calculation for all cruz and deleting the impact study to permanent employment in the area this is on the advice of an
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economic consultant and require the environmental review for over 20 thousand square feet as the cu application and require a thirty day public notice for cruz supervisor wiener made alleged requirements including the codifying to the applications when the concentration is over 20 percent in the open market this is a policy not codified and remove the professional services to furldz and the limited financial services in the upper market and 24th street no mcd at a grandfather clause all applicants before this year to be under the old control and duplicate the file and added two amendments to 9 duplicate file this file b will come back to
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the commission for your review and consideration those two amendments making supervisor wiener's interim controls permanent those controls require a cu you when a business alters one or more to be exempted after the department has been deemed that a formula retail use and pencil services for the formula retail if they're related to on the upper floors with that, that was sent to the full board with recommendations also the northeast ordinance this ordinance made a johann sebastian bach number of changes to the parking use and signage on the northeast area of the city portions of the ordinance have been adapted and integrated into the ordinance such as sign controls and issuance of prompt have not been to the land use committee the ordinance was before the committee this week dealt with the following issues
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facilitating the historic buildings and non-conformance to itself comprehensive assessor use in the residential district and rationalizing the use of commercial districts and making packing spashz consistent in city areas and divulging both ground parking in the c districts and modified the streetscape improvements and modifying the code and removing provisions this committee heard and put up that 5 hundred and 50 page ordinance heard the ordinance is and made 2012 as part of phases two and three and made recommendation all the recommendation and mischievous were included in the revised ordinance this monday at that
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hearing no public comment and no questions or concerns from the committee must be the committee recommended the item to the full board last week at the full board of supervisors in the hate street was heard to are allow the arcades it passed its second reading and is now awaiting signature the selling el is fillmore street got their first reading at the board and interim ground controls for the has controls for conditional use authorization for businesses phasing king street that interim control lasts for 18 months this ordinance will not come to you for review or recommendation this resolution was adapted by the board and will remain effect
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for 18 months also and the full board was 181 fremont that passed it first reading and this week the visitor and the development 5er789d for fillmore received their first reading and second reading reading the northeast passed its first reading and the formula retail controls received their first reading and an additional amendment was added by supervisor wiener to clarify the grandfathering clause for the completely applications this is the non-substantive change and it was passed on its first reading the ccii appeal for the avenue was continued be until november 25th and 86 avenue was approved and the balboa street
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was heard this 30i8 was brought by the residents for is making restraining order facilities the residents raised concerns during the public comment for potential health effects and the rfp emissions and itself aesthetic effects of the screening measures resident and it is supervisor mar who's district is proposed further violations for rfp effects of our emissions on neighborhood restaurant and childcare in the area and also concerns about the notification process supervisor wiener the project sponsor what sort of alternates they could deploy to which this provided examples or scenarios like a carrier to
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lower the height or alternative pursuing equipment boxes within the public right-of-way were imposed but the city has limited jurisdiction over design they indicated 31 they will have litigation and supervisor wiener denied the cu but it g did not get a super majority with 5 votes not required a subsequent motion by supervisor farrell approved by the board and they were no instructions this week i'm acting as tim frye today they approved the retail structures within the recessed arcadia it is ferry building and they approved an horizontal in the landmark district and provided
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examine for the draft eir that concludes my presentation. i'll hear to answer questions. >> commissioner antonini sorry i have a question just in general terms particle men try question rewarding the of conditional use at the board of supervisors 115 telegraph hill and another i remember both of those to overturn our position they need a 2/3rd's or three-quarters and, yes. >> or something like that to do that and unlike the situation with sequa approval okay. thank you and commissioners commissioners, if there's nothing further we'll move on to to general public comment pagers and similar
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sound-producing electronic devices that are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room members of the public may address the commission up to 3 minutes i have one speaker card. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon going to read from victor rubbing benefit the policy person he has advanced degrees from berkley a book known as greener and has us raided an 82 the city is portland others 45 i believe the urban greening 340e6789 the collective effort by resident to improve the neighborhood has evolved into a difference set of
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strategies based in at least 4 distinct but overlapping policy changes those domains provide motivation and conceptual over pinning for campaigns and programs the creation and revival of parks and garden and street trees and creeks and waterfronts are table and dick especially, when compared to many of the long term economic strategies that you must also think undertaken in our urban neighborhoods the solicitation of local cultures through public art and street festivals and food is colorful and life moifrm and enjoyable and context in the associate and educational programs that must be part of the community building strategy effective upper be greening projects are invaluable in the
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heath of a community but intrinsic will i important month green grow out of the special and single issue advocates those 20 who promote the community gardens like the tree people visible all over the and their allies with the managerial talent for murals and other public art and an entrepreneurial to find the initials in their community without those kinds of single-minded focus most of the greening initiate and projects would not be released at the same time those specific projects fit within some broad categories of community action those broad categories of framing on urban issues show the
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greening movement is a wider basis of community sport and the affordable domains considered are advocacy foyer inspirational justice and promotes of community development and focus on community factors vance entity and upper structure thank you is there additional public comment i believe you want to speak on the next item. >> this is general public comment. >> i wanted to speak about an item i'm anastasia i want to speak about natural areas problem and the natural resorts area management plan, which will come to you for your approval soon and i want to say that this plan
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is awful and the program is totally unnatural and i brought over what it does it cuts trees and actually this management plan is for the next 20 years but the program had cut so many trees during the 15 or 17 years that wasn't in existence and uses herbicides something they consider bad i brought to you this command to the report by distinguished professor of the reviewer or revolutionary college i'll read part of this comment and it says at the time when
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public funds and prioritization is may or may not and polled the san franciscans for the restoration ecology it is unbeknownst him in for a kind of gardening for the culture generation and the a.d. honors of natural life it is invasive i'll be clear the consideration in the case of restoration the college the what is believed to be present essentially a point in the past almost always no studies of what was there from a fungial standpoint usually none beyond that but desiring to create a similar acronym it must
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be recognizes it is a home garden and sustaining without constraint maintaining it is not a self regeneration those are not obtained when the context has changed the environment as changed and the species has changed often dramatically attempts to restore it in the european they've not been an exception so the recreation of small management it was supposed sorry thank you - >> next speaker >> hi, i'm jimmy live on geary at the intersection of jones street i'm here for another item i'll speak to looter but generally speaking i live in
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downtown which was renamed from the tenderloin when they extended the real estate borders we have inform parklets open jones street and we get a lot of noise there are a lot of people after hours sitting out and smoking because it's in front of that bar we have to live with this i agree with the intent of packing parking let's and specialized the comments but it is counter productive i was not able to oppose the park let you work for a living and can't come all the time i was compelled i went to bed and a at 4:00 a.m. and have to deal with a lot of noise and businesses there instead of bums we deal with a lot of people in housing clinics
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that are off their meds or something i don't know in addition i'm a ride share urges and the parking spaces on the street were approved it's not a wise decision we need as much space to improve the traffic flow downtown we we have a red line you down geary street that does nothing to help the traffic or pedestrian safety a lot of people that walk into the street are not aware and it's their fault so i think we blame drivers a lot i don't oppose a car i haven't owned a car i take pride in walking to work and approve of the green initiatives where we are the public comments should be general and not specialized
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thank you. >> thank you additional general public comment? own knowledge seeing none, general public comment is closed. oh, sure >> good afternoon, commissioners almost 8 years i served as chair of the western selma planning process now the department seems to be in the midst of adapting a new facility for parking garages to be in the alleys this is counter within the western selma plan and the board of supervisors resolution 731 dash 4 requires we quote provide a buffer between the residential on and on calculated district
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and areas where the camp development might be the planning department and discouraging automobiles into our alleys because of conflicting priorities within the some plan one in pales in comparison with paul wrote the western community plan this is non-since the plan begins with a commitment to preserve the quality of life in the residential enclave district of alley and everything that follows it in respect to the quality of life if the planning department that is confused in their understanding of the streetscape network included in the plan they seem unable to wrap their heads around the streets fulsome is our neighborhood corridor we
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droeft a numerous amount of time show me one successful corridor this departments take credit for 1140 fulsome is a project coming before you in a couple of weeks the neighbors had curling meeting are supervisor kim and i hope they can reach a reasonable decision but on fulsome street this is going to have to exit it's cars into sumner alley and then that will be at 9th and howard street where natoma with the senior citizens housing and pedestrian risks will be next up then


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