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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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droeft a numerous amount of time show me one successful corridor this departments take credit for 1140 fulsome is a project coming before you in a couple of weeks the neighbors had curling meeting are supervisor kim and i hope they can reach a reasonable decision but on fulsome street this is going to have to exit it's cars into sumner alley and then that will be at 9th and howard street where natoma with the senior citizens housing and pedestrian risks will be next up then 1228 fulsome and on and on
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mr. ram can't start one project after project that are in complete defines of the western selma plan this commission depraved the plan and almost every commissioner at the time has something kind to say about something we handled the alley. >> is there any additional public comment okay public comment is closed. >> commissioners moving along to our regular calendar we will take up 9 that was pulled off of content at 255 c an jones street conditional use authorization this was continued from our october 23rd and commissioner moore has acknowledged reviewing the video to take part. >> carly this is for
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conditional use authorization to talk about a business doorknob as john this was for a disapproval on october 23rd the following discussion was continued to allow staff to draft a motion the privileged the operation are limited to 2:00 a.m. on friday and saturday and new year's eve and sunday the outside activity is permitted to operate until midnight and the life outdoor activity is not limited to twice a month and the noise level massachusetts must be permitted by the entertainment commission since that the department has received two containments those individual were included in the
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public comment and has called to express their doimentd with the commission the staff has revised the intent to approve with conditions and building the project is desirable for the following reasons the department recognizes that the project sponsor has performed adequate due diligence and relied on incomplete information in making such a decision the property modification reflect the current operating hours and will serve the hours and the operator of jones have contributed to the success of community and have been open to address the concerns the project meet all applicable conditions surrounding the property it is come to our attention there may be a need for the conditions
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listed in the current motion in front of you, we recommend additionally e-cigarette a stated element in design of the space that concludes my presentation. i'm happy to answer questions. >> are we taking comment from project sponsor. >> and certainly should afford him the opportunity. >> okay. thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm jordan i'll try to keep this quick we were here two wookdz and went through the nuts and bolts in the answer to mrs. gross previous thing she said regarding the noise abatement we've taken a positive step we tore out our shrubs to have a noise test done and putting in
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new shrubs and bushes this was before we knew we were off the docket today and making sure we're good neighbors to excuse me. to continue in that process i don't want to reopen what we talked about but i'm happy to answer questions if anyone has anything for me. >> if the commission has questioned we'll bring you back up opening it up for public comm t comment. >> hi i introduced myself already i live across the street from the club and we met with the owners when they started the club and made certain agreements with us about time it was expressed to us they'll not extend the time beyond hours
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they promd promised awe us in addition, we don't want geary to become the intersection where you have lines of people coming down the side of the walk there are a large number of pan handled who have see housing and active dealers in the neighborhood a lot of things you see in our neighborhoods are not a liveable situation we've had other incidents where the noise exams from jones i've expressed that passionately i felt the abatement was being ab gaited but i'd like to say i oppose this and perhaps if we could delay it and have additional
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decisions between the neighboring parties instead of just approving that again, it would be nice to go to bed at least by 2:00 a.m. on saturday it is really indemnify to live where we're living we're resident we pay the taxes that support a lot of the services in the neighborhood we have to deal directly with the around the people that live there that are at risk because of the disability or substance abuse of homelessness in-laws in general it's a difficult place to live i don't want to make it anymore difficult. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment okay public comment is closed. >> commissioner fong. >> thank you i had a chance to walk by this location i don't know if you
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commissioners are familiar with this a couple of things i don't want to unreal we've asked for conditions to be met i'm not quite insure what conditions we'll be reminded of what we're doing and the changes we're making it's unusual it is this light shaft and assigned shaft in this cavern they're all hard as far as i love the greenery it is great i can see how noise echoes in this chamber on the rear building i count viii 8 windows above this from the one and hotel california that has only a few windows but it's a tourist hotels and it is to the east again, a tourist hot hotel i'm sure you're aware of i have no problems are the late
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night a activity but i feel if you're going to stay open with amplified music take the parties inside this is a rare one outdoor activity where you're allowing amplified activity i understand your subject to the entertainment commission and all the rules that apply to that they can revoke or continue to enforce that but i'm a little bit concerned i know we're only allowing operations that go to an friday and saturday and couple different holidays that maybe too much given the physical perimeters but can you remind me of the conditions we've added and what changed it from a disapproval to an approval. >> we added the conditions that the set back former conditions of approval the operation of the
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patio to midnight and when developing the property the current operators were not aware of it they were incorrectly posts so the conditions you've imposed the permitted you hours of outdoor are 2:00 a.m. on friday and saturday and new year's eve and gay pride sunday and the outdoor area will be limited to the hours of midnight and the former conditions of approval had a condition that limited outdoor live be entertainment commission until 7:00 p.m. twice monthly and the commission removed the twice monthly caveat and that the noise levels must be limited to the decimal levels by the commission i want to clarify that the live music is limited until 7:00 p.m. so it will be monthly ambient noise that is
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the primary concern late into the evening the patrons noise and that bar noise sort of thing. >> all right. >> thank you thanks for clarifying do you have any comments. >> yes, thank you we don't do amplified music outside so all the sound is inside there's no amplified music outdoor except for gay pride sunday how do you treat the doors coming from the inside out the patio doors. >> they're on weather on a nice day the door is open their pitiful doors and one of them is generally also open if we have a noisy event we close the door. >> i appreciate the landscaping
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have you studied my physical improvements beyond the shrubbery landscaping whether their panels. >> maybe a roof but maybe a structure. >> so we've tried a number of different things one factor that is very it's a 8 thousand square feet space so the cost of doing sound attending like curtains so secondly, aesthetics it is important i don't know how many commissioners have been to jones it's a nice space we have a number of corporate events and do a good business for dinner putting occurrence or some kind of canopy defeats the oirtdz activities we did a study to look at what sort of i know it
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sound like odd but slushes what absorbs nor sound so we're going to put in a number of palm trees in process for next week. >> thank you question for staff do you know what the entertainment commission does their decimal study san francisco do they only do it on the ground. >> i'm not sure and i'm skurts what the sound is from the 11th apartment above and the speakers. >> i'm not sure where they take their reading but black stone the sound limitations is do not on ambient noise and the intersection of geary and jones the noise is elevated from another neighborhood or area of the staying city because of traffic and generosity noise
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so their limitation is 58 decimals based on the limited live permit that jones has i'm not sure if they took the sound measurement. >> i'm curious to hear the other commissioners comments that was a one-time theater district i understand it is night life i love the idea we're increasing the life but it is also a neighborhood there's been a number of bars dive bars that have been taking over and have done a good job of clean up. >> commissioner richards a couple of points i think we went along the trail of intent to approve because of the actually complaints we thought were not excessive and had a concentration on a certain day from that gay pride sunday i
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think we learned our lesson but the other thing dealing with the taefks in upper market there's an issue with the enjoys the entertainment commission will go into an individual home to do the sound tests so it could be from a situation where the sound is reprobating that is a possibility too. >> commissioner antonini and yeah. thank you i agree and think that many of the problems for which the speakers spoke the nearby resident predate the existence of jones and still remain he talked about people that was in earlier comments but applies not aware of their surrounding bus of their conditions and running wildly in the street and because of traffic and drug dealers i
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know soliciting people in line i think it would be helpful in the good neighbor policy jones agreed to keep the order for patrons waiting in line to go to jones there's as much as. >> police the activity keep order out on the street and cut down open the kind of activity which the speaker spoke you are encourage you but supportive of what we proposed a couple weeks ago looks like they mitigate the sounds as quickly as possible and noise open the patio not anything beyond 7:00 p.m. there so as far as music so it sounds like i'm still supportive of plans we accident last time. >> commissioner johnck. >> just a followup question for
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staff can you remind we we put in in condition that basically repeats the conditions does that allow us if theirs complaints about sound to deny and bring the cu back in. >> thank you. >> commissioner richards i think perhaps a good idea to come back with a written report from august 2nd before the last report left off six months or 12 months to make sure we're back in the regular situation and i'll supportive this. >> commissioner johnson. >> i believe six months was one - thank you correct me if i am wrong i believe that the 6 look back was a condition of our approval i believe it was suggested not actually a condition of approval
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it was definitely added to the motion if i'm not mistaken. >> yeah. i think for me, i would be supportive but i suggest that we both add more sting gent language around the sound proofing and 6 month look back. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i make a motion to approve with the language announced by commissioner president wu and more stringent approval a 6 months to look back to make sure things are being done. >> commissioner moore. >> not having participated in the oriental discussion i found all of you supportive particularly no large or pending complaints against this operator the only thing i'll add or
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suggest that the operator stays in touch with the neighborhood and if there are indeed issues or concerns to work with the neighbors our sneftsdz towards noise from one person to another are greatly different i don't believe that the speaker who spoke today has any ax to grind but his sensitivity maybe larger than others but staying in the discussion with the operation as sustaining power i suggest you continue to do that. >> commissioner president wu. >> i'm e i'll second the commissioners, on the motion motion but do the best to keep the sound down in other restaurants and bars we have suggestion for curtains before the actually door to keep the sound down heavy thick curtains
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were used before i'm not trying to design our space. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you i'm supportive as i was i have a question about the motion i think that more stringent requirement around noise control is seems unclear to me in our previous motion we basically approved the requirement of entertainment commission has for noise control so more stringent is a term that doesn't mean anything i want to clarity from other commissioners what we mean by that if it means something more than the commission. >> thank you commissioner johnson i was going to do ask that what that meant. >> i think it's not about the decimal level but the specific condition to require the operators to research sound
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proving he misdemeanor dissolution and looking at the staff i know we can't force implementation but some effort. >> a condition that says the plan permit should incorporate awe costly measures to control the noise and taxing the design of the space we don't have a building permit but needs to demonstrate they have taken sound like proofing into design considerations. >> commissioner richards. >> would it be possible to ask the project sponsors to maybe gave me charles to write a report to talk about where the noise is and how it hits other buildings things like that and maybe evaluate it for your business will that work for you?
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in short yes we have define that and worked with k g sound another group to work on those things and the placement the concern is not sound its people and where the entertainment commission has a hard time enforcing is people where we have a hard time is people we have ample he will amount of staff we have birthdays and please not sing so loud there's a hard way to get a zeal reading on that because its people and it spikes and goes down it is not base it's not music anything we can for better lack of the controls so we're trying and when we had our sound like engineers one way it was busy and one day slow so trying
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to solve for a moving target >> one day it's there one day it's not and a bad situation. >> what we've done for some of our neighbors and i've very, very open and very clear with the neighborhoods sbe they have my personal cell phone number i have a lady in the building for 25 years and text me can you schizophrenia the group to calm down a little bit we've spent a lot of money on double pain windows in the neighborhood and condition to insure we're acting a good neighbor and have another venues in san francisco so it's important fuss financially to be known as good neighbors to maintain jones along with our other spaces. >> thank you commissioner johnson. >> thank you
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i think that commentary to have more requirements i think that a good move to look at the 6 month look back and have a calendar on the approval date and see where we are with complaints from the neighbors and actually the 7 of us take random days and cover at least one of the holiday like new years eve we're looking to paragraph in the cu we have a crow the season and cross the month of how they're actually operating i'm not sure what we can do for a party of 20 but equip if he get to a 6 month lock back with complaint and say
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you cannot have groups of more than 10 but this seems arbitrary and unenforceable i'm supportive of our motion without the noise control and let's calendar our six months lock back not only as a report but to the commission if you're concerned about it. >> commissioner antonini. >> so my motion includes the specification by staff for the higher acoustic standards and also it includes the specific look back date that can be arrived upon by staff. >> may 7. >> we've got a date for the lock back may 7 that covers all the ground that gives us an idea whether it's being successful or not we certainly can look for a comment from neighbors and
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others in the interim period to give us an idea of how things are going. >> commissioner richards. >> it's a procedural question if we have a look back and it's not working a can we make changes or - >> i believe it needs to be calendar. >> if they're in violation of one of our conditions of approval we can consider revocation proceedings. >> that's extraordinary. >> this is extraordinary we'll recommend that you consider and get advise from the city attorney's office. >> are the changes to the motion amenable to the motioner and yes. >> thank you so on that motion to approve this matter with conditions adding a condition for more sound proofing research
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for improved misdemeanor dissolution of noise and a 6 month update on may 7th. >> on that motion commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner fong and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero expirations that place you on item 14 earth heritage asset report an informational
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presentation. >> sorry. >> okay i think we're ready sorry about that the delay i'm mike the executive director of san francisco heritage i'll i'd like
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to thank commissioner president wu and the members of the commission and commissioner richards to present this report to you today report sustaining san francisco living history is our response as a historic preservation organization to increase the displacement of long-standing local businesses and nonprofit and arts organizations in san francisco which, of course, is a very timely issue this past weekend the san francisco chronicle had a lead editorial engrossed the city to do more to help the assets in facing displacement in san francisco for those of you not familiar with san francisco heritage we're 4 that-year-old historic preservation organization our initial focus


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