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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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off our personal that devices and phones and thank sfgovtv for bringing us live over the airwaves time for order and roll call. >> commissioner frost commissioner moshoyannis i'm going to get good at saying that commissioner joseph you did a gastrogreat job. >> commissioner hyde we have quorum president tan indicated he'll be absent this evening and have not heard in commissioner perez but for the record he's absent. >> moving on to item one public
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comment commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests do we have any public comment? >> good afternoon, commissioners i just want to say thank you because the entertainment commission office is great people that work in there they return phone calls and e-mails so i just wanted to say thank you for keeping a very good office. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> that's excellent our staff never gets accolades. >> do we have any other public
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comment seeing none, public comment is closed. we're moving on to to item 2 which is reviewing and approving the minutes do we have minutes from august 1st that must be continued and september 5th but we can talk about october twig all i move to bifurcate the minutes from august 5th and september 16th. >> i second commissioner frost commissioner moshoyannis abstain. >> commissioner joseph commissioner lee commissioner hyde i move to approve the minutes of october 21st. >> and i second that. >> i am going to go same house, same call? because our abstaining done deal. >> is there any public comment
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on the review and approval of our minutes seeing none, this is closed already we'll to have our report from the executive order. >> commissioners it seems like i was just here i don't have a wholly whole lot to tell you but we have an addition to the commission maybe a face you recognize we want to recognize demetri admonishing that was sworn in on it's and is taking the seat the balance of the term from commissioner akers so welcome and help him along if you can i'm sure he's going to do great i was hoping to have a victim of crime control study but the
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controller said we should have in the next two to three weeks oh, i got a timer but it turns out that things got in the way hopefully, maybe the next meeting the 18th if not definitely the meeting after that if i can get something in the controller's office to do a presentation their apt to do for the board then i'll have them do that for you guys we should have an interesting outcome again, i don't have much to say go giants oh, you want to talk about this we had an event full halloween over the entire weekend some people started thursday and lastly i think maybe i mentioned this before but you want to hand those out just add music is our
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november 17th sorry workshop for l lp and permit he holders and the performance permit holders and frankly anyone that is interested in objecting on llp i know in the office we've heard the people that remain the permit don't this what to do next they want to book music but don't on how so on 17th of november on mason from 10:00 to 3:00 if you want to come and we're going to go over the basics about how to book entertainment what is a public pa system the basic stuff and invited people that do it
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currently if there's a way to spread the word we'll send you a link if you know someone that owns a bar or restaurant and can benefit from music we'll hope to do it again, if we have a good turnout we'll send it to your e-mail that's all i'm going to say i'm going to turn it over to shawn you want to start? >> thank you director cane commissioners good afternoon jordan and i will speak about our weekend i spent the majority on the polk street corridor it's the most crowded but in the last 9 months i've been seeing it busier and buzzer and the most
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pleased i was experienced where macy's and the other streets rests i think there were a few cop cars one police van and maybe 8 officers this is probably the most presence i've seen out there ever bar had a line of streets themselves were pretty clear as far as the traffic and the mission seemed was another district that jordan and i patrolled i think based on the fact it is more spread out was like polk i gave you a quick be run down the hotel had a mild event the ballroom straightforward everything else on the allows included in my report if you have questions feel free to ask
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but jordan will handle the sum from broadway. >> thank you and inspector burke hello commissioners i'll talk about several inspections i did inspections to the marriott and in the w hotel over the halloween weekend and basically, they were will managed and staffed the security no problems broadway was really busy a significant police presence on broadway and a lot of patrons on broadway in front of the atmosphere in the line they were really busy on halloween i did a wake through inspection to get an idea of the state of affairs inside the building it
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looked like it was fine inside while i was there and the only other thing the line could have been murdering better there was a lot of patrons i'm not sure they ended up expelled as many patrons that was an incident that happened but nevertheless, as far as the inspection goes everything was fine everything else if you have a question. >> i have one question and yes. >> k ts how do you know it's under new ownership. >> yes. i think they had a hearing did they come in. >> that's shocking that's been in the family oh, it was there tonight. >> jackson oh. >> well, anyway, they had minor
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noise issues we talked to security it should be fine. >> okay. great. >> if there's no other questions that will be it thank you. >> is there any public comment on the executive director report and our inspectors report all right. seeing none, this item is also closed now on to police department questions or comments do we have any oh, yeah. questions or comments from the police department? seeing none, do we have any public comment on no please no? all right. so now we're moving on to to number 5 hearing and possible action regarding the permit under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission before we get started i'd like to request to move item c
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montagno to our regular calendar please. all right. so we have a consent calendar two items on the consent calendar they're limited live performance application one the bizarre cafe and the other one in pa to him on this consent calendar any motion to - >> do we have public comment on our consent calendar all right. seeing none, the matter is with the commission. >> so i move to approve the consent calendar items 2 aba. >> on that motion our commissioner frost commissioner moshoyannis commissioner joseph commissioner lee commissioner hyde all right. both of those permits have been approved
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you're good to go. >> congratulations. >> all right. the next one we moved is the gentleman and this is also a limited live performance permit i think the reason you've decided to remove this from the consent calendar was because there's issues with the police conditions so i can tell you right now that is in the utter mission near to club male and female but they've had musicians a long time may be one guy they're coming into compliance and want the musicians to compliment their cuisine is anyone here from that place? well, mr. serious is not here should we go ahead or do you want to and i move to continue >> we'll continue.
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do we have a second >> i'll second that. >> on that motion since the applicant is not. >> is there a public comment on continuing this item? seeing none, and do you want to give us a date? >> the next meeting. >> all right. so that will be on november 18th a motion to continue this until november 18th commissioner frost commissioner moshoyannis commissioner joseph commissioner lee commissioner hyde cool okay moving right along to our regular agenda golden gate mad even kim has a place their applying for a entertainment permit commissioners they've applied for and been granted a
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musical device permit and want a full place of entertainment permit they've done outreach you'll find a letter of support from the union square and central station approvals of it they've recommended some conditions they've spoken with the applicant we'll let mr. kim explain the rest to you. >> good evening commissioner aim mr. xhoifrnt to 449 powell street at the corner of powell and sutter today, we have our entire basketball team with the san francisco manager been with them from 17 years and we have the i p.s. security profile
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security company doing other venues in the union square area we have mr. paul kim that handles the any of us active for the internal 0 fairs and bryan the barry at the end and julia the operator for the venue just to give you a little bit of a background it is four levels the first level is a lobby that is shared with weeks ago and stair wall leading up to the second floor the second floor is a bar with amazement games and a associate area then the third floor is a restaurant also a bar food is served continuously and both to the third and second floor but the third floor closes
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at 11 o'clock and if people 7, 8, 9 to stay they go to another floor we're here to talk about the c-3 area this is a business friendly area month businesses are there are it's a cash checking business the fourth floor which used to be a gal rethey want to make it a constrict space they'll have doors on the spaces but windows so their transparent and visible and security personnel will room that area and surveillance cameras throughout the venue we're putting surveillance cameras on the exterior we've filled our our permit and in
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addition, we have anybody that knows has a security or operation question go we'll be open to and we'll have our people. >> do we have questions for the applicant from the commission. >> i do so this address mr. kim owns a restaurant right there remind me of the name. >> laura's diner. >> no fears fine foods. >> yes. this is not the same address but the next door. >> on the same side. >> ups yes. >> i just wanted to know and is there something been there prior to this occupying that space out of curiosity. >> this space 3 floor has been vacant for almost 10 years
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and we tried to build a business there is a center and san francisco history museum but didn't workout it out so we had to support our employees and also pay the rent so this is not the process so we changed the business and seems to be doing okay. right now thank you. >> so where this this space entertainment on all the floors. >> yes, ma'am. >> so constrict on the top floor and what else. >> the second floor is tab room a bar and also game and third floor would be a restaurant which has been restaurant and a few games but the fourth floor the tape floor we plan to have a
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few constriction games and we want to keep that open we get corporate and may want to have music or something so we want to keep that open the space is rather large so it's conducive. >> if i remember a hotel across the street and couple of residents attached to that building are they all been contacted and okay. >> through the suggestion of the permit officer who give us some good sound advise to talk to the neighbors we've contacted the services and mailed out 3
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hundred and 54 letters to the residents not the property owners but the residents who live there and obviously did community meetings. >> any negative feedback. >> we only got one call back from a lady that minded more information we invited her over. >> mrs. garcia called you frankly but thank you very much. >> just one question from me what is a combined capacity for all floors. >> the breakdown obviously the first floor is an assess no capacity the second floor is 3 hundred and 15 persons and the third floor is 215. >> 232 and the fourth floor has not been evaluated yet by the fire department it's $0.40 not
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active yet. >> i ask only because somewhere in our application our proposing 3 security 3 additional security folks. >> we're going to have one per one hundred so traditionally five or six. >> yeah. great i wanted to make sure it was in compliance with the one hundred ratio thanks. >> are there other questions for the applicant. >> i have one the restaurant is going to be open throughout the time the entertainment is going on. >> the food will be served continually, however, the shut down open the 3rd floor is 11:00 p.m. so it gets shut down and in but future. >> possibly with this entertainment more conducive to have people stay longer with adjustments right now not in demand. >> you're not skiing us to
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limit your third floor to 11:00 p.m. >> we're not going to keep the staff up there with no business but at the same time grow into it. >> i got is. >> any other questions from the commission you can have a seat. >> thank you very much and we would like to hear from the police. >> hello commissioners steve from central station prior to tonight's being i met with mr. cain and the other gentleman we looked at the area at first, i of apprehensive with our kiesare
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with several successful businesses harder my problems whatsoever i looked at the taproom he think may be one last month one of the employees was hit over the head after they were trying to eject somebody but other establishments there was nothing there we're asking for 4 conditions one of the things we're i've talked with mr. kim or actually with the staff as far as the number action 99 there's system they have there i they have
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approximately 50 cameras so they were asking to change the days for 50 to 50 thirty central station is okay with that it's up 0 the commission 20 or thirty days would be a better choice and t and t and the kieks room not have the run of the place and the taproom didn't want that either and the third one the applicant shall not allow alcohol in the kiearae
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room he don't want the booze mixed in the karaoke room have a dark look with the rooms and window our feeling we'd rather have if adults want to have alcoholic beverages they're great but no reason to mix the kids the 18 or 19 years old it is too much of a teams if they've got a a cocktail if you have an open area where the security can look at people there is less likely to sneak a drink in such things as a karaoke room and the last one the applicant insures the staff is trained any questions. >> all right. thank you we're now opening it up for
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public comment i have two cards karen flood and kevin carol others line up behind them two minutes to make our public comment. >> good evening commissioner hyde and commissioners and staff i'm karen flood the executive director of the union square district i'm here to speak in support of the golden gate applications for the permit you should have a letter in our packet you've received and, yes, we're supportive mr. kim is a long time board member of the union square and prior to that the union square board he runs good businesses and invites us out to lunch and holds meetings we have a team of ambassadors and cleaners he's also honoring them and recognizing them and he
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started off as a street cleaner and proud of 3 he's taking great pride in the neighborhood and each of his 5 businesses he's done an extensive outreach to the neighborhoods as mentioned we think this is a wonderful edition to the neighborhood. >> good evening. i'm kevin carol the executive director of the hotel council mr. kim and the golden gate grill reached it out work with our hotels and we immediately succeed them to mr. padilla to see if there's questions that process and the way he reached out speaks to his business and happy to work with on on a couple of boards we're supportive of this permit he's a great example how he works for
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and with the community and we recommend you approve this permit for him as well thank you for your time thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening, commissioners i'm asking you approve this golden gate taproom because i am part of the edition 6 i had a chance to hear they're about their project it is wonderful venue especially for 3 area so thank you. >> do we have any other public comment all right. seeing none, public comment is closed the matter is with the commission. >> so i'm family are mr. kim he owns a lot of well-managed successful businesses along that
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roaming run clurgz laura stein his place will not be a problem because of the way he operates his other businesses so as the motion put forth i'm going to vote for this. >> a second. >> i second that. >> i'd like to add the amendment to change sf pd condition one to 20 days as requested by the applicant and okayed by accident police. >> accepted. >> great. >> on the motion to approve that with a police condition changing condition one. >> commissioner frost commissioner moshoyannis commissioner joseph commissioner lee commissioner hyde all right. so move forward
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congratulations. >> all right. so our next one is for we were talking earlier about the k p for jackson doing business as as jackson for an entertainment permit on the bermuda triangle and the new operators want to continue to operate entertainment and northern station approved that with a condition in our binder i want to mention crystal has a maid our conditions on a color paper their ears to find thank you crystal so sam is here and he can talk about jackson. >> do i want those letters from the community now. >> sure. >> we got a lot of them today. >> great, thank you arrest my name is sam