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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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>> good morning. welcome to the board of supervisors land use commission percentage i'm scott wiener the chairman of the committee to my right is supervisor kim and supervisor cowen will not be joining us today and supervisor kim can i have a motion to excuse without objection supervisor cohen is included our clerk is andrea ashbury and i want to thank sfgovtv for broadcasting today is hearing jessie larson and jonathan madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes.
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cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the december 9, 2014, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> mr. clerk, call item one. >> the obligation of the priority for the conservation area and supervisor mar is the author of item one and planning department is here for item number one. >> good afternoon, supervisors matt with the planning staff it is authorizing the nullification of the conservatism designation allowing the planning department
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to study the topic and remit applications for designation first i'd like to go over what a pc a a locally identified location in urgent needs of pretzel by the government the purpose of this is to protect the key land in the san francisco bay area through purchase or easements with willing pertains currently san francisco has 4 pc a as you can see on the map the sutter tower and oats taking place site and bay area radio property san francisco's current pc a were nominated without communication from the you city of san francisco it's been notified weight need to take action if we wish to consider new pc a in the future therefore
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the land use commission is looking to study the topic further nullification from the board will be needed prior to december 10th this will allow the city to appropriate new areas to work collaborating with the appropriate city properties for the new pc a those factors will be used to determine whether or not to renominate the selection of all new ones it's permanently vetted new documents such general plan updates and the agreement and the draft urban forestry plan the benefits of the proprietor conservation revolve around funding their ministered by the excessive one bay area grant the
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funds can be used to improve the areas for trails and the habitat and activity with the surrounding areas and e-cigarette stoerment issues or purchasing land not owned by the city opportunities to select now areas for designation again will allow the planning department to coordinate to go into the selection with the timeline on the screen they maybe chosen as the agriculture land or because there's an opportunity for urban greening that concludes my presentation. if you have questions department staff is available. >> thank you, supervisor kim has a question. >> thank you for the presentation also i support this resolution guarantee i don't have issues what is the background behind how the sites
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were selected by the a bag. >> i believe there were nominated by the native plants society. >> do you expect e expect that our recommends will be previously to the ones recommend. >> i think we're going to do a holistic approach and look to see if there's properties the existing ones maybe involved but we'll have it nullified for a city process. >> okay. thank you. >> great so we'll now up item one up for public comment any public comment on item one. >> good afternoon, supervisors eric brooks brooks i take it the sustainability chair for the green parties it is important with we move forward pieces of legislation like this we're not
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telling me rec and park and the planning department they've got cart blank to cut down trees with the climate crisis we need to stop that policy we can't just keep cutting down large trees like the eucalyptus 80 that gaths gather carbon monoxide 0 more than any tree i'm not saying which wyoming way to vote but not to allow the clear cutting of the trees if our parks system. >> thanks. >> is there any additional public comment on item one seeing none, public comment is closed and supervisor kim would i have a motion to forward to the full board we'll take that without objection. without observation that will be the order. >> item 2 is a approving of an
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easement with the surface project on 923 fulsome street. >> we have the department of real estate. >> this authorizes the grant of a sub surface tieback and surface access to fulsome which is where fire station number one is located the just a minute property owner on fulsome, llc next to the fire station it desires to have a mixed use development which includes the demolition of the existing improvements to perpetrate the cave in during the excavation a shoring system need to be implemented which we built and drilled through the wall and anchored 0 into the city's
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property they ask for an easement for the sub surface and the minor aspects a value of the easement is $1,500 we've requested 51 hundreds for the reimbursement for the review of the easement all the time and planning found the agreement to be in xhoefrment and consistent with the planning code as and so forth in their resolution letter. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> is the project sponsor here as well. >> i'm sorry. >> is the project sponsor here as well as or the real estate. >> yes. the project sponsor is here. >> actually, i support this easement it's actually, i want to make feedback and comments much of this has been discussed with the negotiation with the city and the fire department but
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the contradiction we're definitely thinking about sound and being right next to the busiest fire station in the country we want to make sure we're thinking in advance to take care of the fire and enjoys the families and search and seizures they move in and the first thing the office and the fire department is complaining about the noise and the project itself so i'd like to have that conversation with you as the project moves forward thank you for the easement. >> we'll open item 2 up for public comment thobt any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> supervisor kim can have i have a motion to full board we'll take that without objection. that's the order. >> madam clerk call item 3.
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>> item 3 is an ordinance for the city to provide the electrical power for the new development. >> i'm the author of item 3 and any co-sponsor supervisor breed and thank to the sierra club and the conservation voters this legislation provides the san francisco public utilities commission the power enterprise with the first right of refuse for the hydro hetch hetchy power to the san francisco this provides the puc to be the power provider to projects when it makes asterisk sense for nearly a century the commission has provided clean power and other electric services to the departments including the muni
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and the san francisco international airport and the san francisco general hospital our fire stations and employing police stations and city hall and other municipal function the power produced by hetch hetchy is one hundred green house gases free in an era where the fire change is impacting our environment we have to move towards a free energy power we have to walk the walk many benefits awe cross crew from local control and lower rates and commitment to local communities and promotion of renewalable energy and accountability expanding the retail customer basis i sigh
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retail as opposed to ohio do power will provide revenue for the infrastructure investment rail power is sold at 2 or 3 more than retail versus 3 to $0.05 as wholesale the puc estimates 10 megawatts of service it obtains it's net revenue will increase by had million dollars annually in other words, in the puc were to take one hundred megawatts of hiding electric power and sell is to rail customers that will generate $4 million that can be put into the system including our street light system to put that in context the transbay
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terminal that has the terminal provider will purchase between 4 and 8 megawatts a year san francisco puc power faftsdz have capital needs totally hundreds of millions of dollars like hetch hetchy and other parts of the system and locally a and most visibly in our san francisco puc ownerships owns more than 20 thousand street lights and those street lights are in a state of disrepair they have significant deferred maintenance and until recently the puc wasv. $250,000 to main 2 hundred plus strltsz the agency thas has increased that autumn it is quite inadequate and the lack of investment in our street
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light has table everyday impacts but the point of interest enterprise lacks the resources bogging because it is starved of arouses not a retail provider and this legislation will help it be to a reilly provider in you want to keep this amazing power seat the puc ms. have no more customers it will provide the puc with the first time right of yours for the public and private services it will not compel the puc to be the provide but give them the first right of the refusal it will have the authority to first conduct a study then in appropriate provide power if it makes economic and environmental sense this can be for the sports arena
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and the large housing projects, etc. go in addition the interesting being sold it private power to augment their green house gases portfolio if more hetch hetchy power is used locally for retail customers they'll have to provide or found alternatives for g h free energy and we'll see an increase in terms of providing this energy thank you statewide level and using the clean energy will help us to meet the climate goals in 2008, the board of supervisors adapted a policy that has a system one hundred percent g h c freebie 2030 it's important to understand the magnitude it is an average water year hopefully,
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we'll get back to that hetch hetchy produces one-hundred 44 mel megawatt what the hours we've heard concerns this prevent choice like the end users the developers will not be able to choose between the puc or pg&e and but that's important to keep in mind today they're there are is no choice for the private property owners they only have one choice pg&e they know that the puc provides a less expensive power than pentagon in most situations in addition we've heard censures about reliability but no facts to bear that out the puc has been a power provide for more than one hundred years for municipal purposes you don't hear about the lights combout in
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the airport or the applications or city hall or muni muni habitation many issues but the power going out is not one of them so this is an agency that provides power that is a water and sewer provide and understands how to operate a reliable utility system this will support many goals a as a city and an important step forward i'll be offering two amendments one is a clarifying amendment offered by the puc which i have copies of here and the second is addressing language to state that should a community choice ago gas station committee join here in san francisco hetch hetchy will support that program so again,
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we're notably to dictate to the puc under the charter how to use and distribute the charter prohibits us from micromanaging that and probable causes us they receive preferential treatment but to make clear we support the clean power sf program and so i have copies of those amendments here and so i also want to end by thanking the power in my office for his help and puc staff for working with us with that, supervisor kim if no noticeable questions or comments i'll invite barbara hail from the sf puc to come up and speak to us been on behalf of the
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agency. >> thank you, supervisors barbara hail assistant with the public utilities commission i'm going to e abolishment supervisor wiener the sf puc and the entrepreneurs is the provider of the electric services to the city and county of san francisco and their hunters point shipyard phase one and treasure island we're the little power provider we serve one hundred and 50 megawatts and outside of san francisco so inside of san francisco those customers are for example, our wastewater and city hall this building and ferry this and the police and fire the public utilities outside of san francisco we serve the facilities like much of our water facilities some in milling ray and the san francisco i want in san mateo county and alameda
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county and the towns in the surrounding area we provide the bundled service like pg&e and fund the efficiency like the improved lighting in the customer facilities and distribute enter projects like rooftop in chinatown the health and the moscone center we're building solar on this roof of this building we have rates less than or equal to the rates that pg&e charges the customers like the utility we rely on infrastructure that is aging and in need of capital improvements our steno year capital improvement plan we'll be spending $760 million on power
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to 2023 those improvements are funded by the revenues from the sale of electricity on an annual basis we bring in $115 million about 85 percent of those revenues come from revenue customers and 15 percent in wholesale customers supervisor wiener we have available power to sell to additional customers for every he 10 megawatts we can avoid about a penny kilowatt hour in general fund that's one felt benefits we bring low rates for our general fund department currently, we work with the preserve customers to determine if including them makes
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financial sense to us for example, recently sat down with the transbay center they're our new customer we sat down together with them we ran the numbers and found it maturing arbitrarily with the transbay joint powers authority to develop our relationship this effort minimum ice cream the feasibility that is described in the legislation in sections 99.2 and in section 99.3 the legislation identified the puc as the electrical provider for all tenants on city property that's a practice that is currently performed by us admittedly unevenly we find this addition to the administrative code helpful and directing the city departments on the
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electrical infrastructure should help us plan to serve the departments need with the affordability and reliability on the forefront we see this legislation as one of the tools in our toolbox to help with our improvement of the hetch hetchy system and provide the types of services we've provided for san franciscan and before any questions or comments i'm available. >> thank you very much ms. hail. >> okay. so at this point, i saw mr. johnson from supervisor breed office mr. true could i see if - >> sure. >> mr. johnson so as i mentioned supervisor breed is the co-sponsor. >> thank you, supervisor wiener
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i'll be brief here this is a very common sense legislation to reaffirm the board and city's commitment for the green house gases power and leveraging the amazing rows we have with the hetch hetchy system. >> thank you again supervisor wiener and supervisor kim we'll ask for your support too. >> thank you very much okay. at this point, we'll opening it up for public comment do we have public comment cards? okay. i'll call the cards i have arrest john from the sierra club and ken and dee dee workman from the chamber of commerce and the leg conservation voters and hang from the green party >> thank you, supervisor this is john with the sierra club we're in favor of this legislation and we thank you for
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putting 2 forward i think you mentioned really the reasons in our statement as to why we supported the reduction of green house gases and more funding for the public utilities commission department can't comment on the amendments because we haven't laboratory them they seem to be in line what we asked for a the ability of the clean power sf should it come to be to buy power from that so thank you again and we hope the supervisors approve it. >> thank you, sir. >> mr. cleveland. >> good afternoon, supervisors as you know i represent the building inspections and private property owners and developers
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we understand why you're putting forth this legislation but we have some serious heart burn with the mandate and specifically you know we talked about mature consent we worked with sf puc and the sf puc staff and are shthsd ousted language he said those agreements will be by mature consent so beyond the city bids out it's serviced why not allow pg&e and the puc to bid for the contract, if you will, to supply the power we don't understand why you feel it is necessary for the city to simply mandate you'll take power from the city if we find it to do so we have serious problems with it supervisor and we have problems
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with the fact if you're going to go into a building that is a one hundred square feet we we have a city tenant that's 10 thousand one square feet it allows the sfpuc to do a power spilling that to the building we that as mature consent and agreement we don't understand why the city feels it has to take over thirty this situation and mandate if you will, and mandate a private developer and private property owner must take hetch hetchy power we object. >> thank you, ms. workman. >> good afternoon dee dee workman from the chamber of commerce we appreciate the opportunity we
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were given to meet with the puc staff to discuss the tint legislation, however, we continued to have concerns had or over the legislation the charming charm is supporting the consumer choice but we obituary those only from a municipal sour or source we understand it gives the city the right to provide the legislation but we disagree the city may compel citizens on private and public property to buy city power we believe that utility customers whether a tenant on public or private property can president obama in and out and to dictate when no price and serve guarantee is wrong we urge the puc to work
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collaboratively on a mature agreement to allow the plan that serves the puc and private sector to move forward thank you. >> thank you, ms. workman sir. >> good afternoon, supervisors and supervisor kim i'm president of the san francisco lying league of conservatism voters thank you and sxheedz office for moving that forward we are excited about this with with all receptionist for the speakers while this seems like a choice of where private ownership could choice the power source none of that in true in the age of global warming not true when we
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discuss the public good and the environment this is a simple issue of expanding the roll of clean air but whether this is commercial or eventually residential and nothing it more critical in the global warning so we applaud many we hope it passes we're interested, of course, in the issues raised by the clean power 70 group we are big fans of power but this legislation needs to move forward and we're they've you're bringing it forward. >> thank you very much mr. wolf. >> thank you, supervisors bryce wolf hate ashbury would you be able i stand