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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> december second rkts my name is brian tan and welcome to the every other week meeting of the entertainment commission. before i actually start with roll call, and us to do a few housekeeping items. first of all mres turn off your cell phones or put them on
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vibrate. just to not disturb our meeting. if you have public comment to make on any item on our agenda we have speaker cards right up front and please fill one out so that we can accurately document who you are, and thank you to sfgotv tv and media services for broadcasting our meeting live to the public and we are going to go ahead and start with the roll call. >> good evening, commissioner frost? >> present. >> commissioner moshoyannis? >> present. >> commissioner hyde. >> here. >> president tan. >> here. >> quorum. >> commissioner lee indicated that he was on his way, but just a little bit late and commissioner-perez and joseph are absent >> okay, no one going to the bathroom. >> the first item is the public comment and this is for the public comment on any items not
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currently agendaized, is there any public comment that anyone would like to make. >> seeing none, public comment is closed we will move on toit em 2, the review and approval of the minutes of september 16, november 18, 2014, commissioners i don't know if you have any thoughts on these minutes or any changes to make. otherwise i am happy to entertain a motion. >> i move to approve november 18th. >> okay. >> all right. and so there a motion for november 18th. >> i second. >> any discussion on this? if not, is there any public comment on this? i don't see any public comment. and you can go ahead and take a vote. >> commissioner frost? >> aye. >> commissioner moshoyannis?
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>> aye. >> commissioner hyde. >> aye. >> and president tan. >> aye. >> approved. >> and that is approved, september 16th, i think that we do probably have to wait for commissioner lee, in order to do that. i have one change and a name is spelled incorrectly in a column. >> so just as a procedural issue, do we have to table that until later in the meeting? do we have to vote on that? or could i just move that around? >> either way, that is fine. >> okay, so i will postpone the discussion and the vote until commissioner lee arrives. and we will just move on to item number three. >> just a quick point. >> yeah. >> i am listed as present but not in the roll call. >> so did you hear that?
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>> sorry. >> commissioner moshoyannis? you are listed as present. >> but not in the roll call. >> not in the roll call. on... >> no, on november or september? >> november 18th? >> november 18th. >> here comes commissioner lee. >> and i think is everyone fine with change having already voted on that motion? >> yeah. >> yes. >> all right. >> so then for the record, commissioner lee has now arrived. >> welcome. >> we are just on item number two, we are just approving the minutes and waiting on a vote for september 16th. >> do you want to take a minute? >> you missed it.
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push >> all right know that everyone is here i am happy to entertain a motion to approve. >> i make a motion to approve for september 16th. >> is there a second? >> i second. >> all right. any further discussion? any public comment? i don't see any, let's take a vote. >> commissioner hyde? >> aye. >> commissioner lee? >> yes. >> commissioner moshoyannis, are you... >> abstained. >> commissioner frost. >> aye. >> president tan. >> aye. >> all right. >> so thanks for those action and we are going to move on to item three which is the report from the staff and executive
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director, director king. >> good evening, commissioners i am going to be short and sweet. i wanted to update you on the late night/early morning transportation test work that i always forget to put that in. as you know we have been meeting since i don't know, i guess this summer, or late or early fall on basically trying to come up with a road map for integrated plan and president tan has been present for most of those meetings to move this city into a more efficient and late night transportation and we are ininclusive of the early morning and the workforce issues as well as for the folks who are in the industry after closing time and so we are having another meeting on the tenth of december, we are really excited about kind of coming to a close and coming
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forward with the recommendations that we will bring to this commission. it will probably be early january and then to the board of supervisors as well and hopefully we will ask for sort of a continuation of the task force and i mean pursue some of the specific items that there is a lot of stuff that came out of the work that we did and it is some of it has already happening and some of it has some cost attachments and so again, we will come forward with a real presentation, probably mid, early mid january, depending on how it comes out. we in the office, as you know, are always ready for big events like new year's eve and so, along with the stations, we are working hard to get all of the permit applications in as early as possible for new year's. there are events that happened in regular place of entertainment and there are
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events that happen everywhere in every corner. and as far as you know i put some of them on, and so, typically they will come to you and we will report to you after it has new year's went and we are getting prepared for that as commissioners if you run into things that you might want us to know about the earlier the better, so that we can make sure that the places that are having the events in the garages and libraries anywhere that anyone can find a corner has a permit like it is supposed to and we are aware tf as well as the police. because it is a big night here. cami has been working hard and i know commissioner perez as well on the annual report. >> the annual report is 99.9 percent done and we should be going to press at the end of this week and hopefully, we will have it for you at the next meeting on december 16th. >> the ink will still be wet
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but we will have it. >> and we have over the years been sort of inconsistent about the timing of our annual report, and so, i don't know that it really matters necessarily that we have it out on the exact date, but it is going to look good and hopefully we will bring it to you as she said. you know, the close of the year, so it is relevant to what you have been doing. yeah. the only other thing that i had on here was to inform the commission that there are a couple of projects that we wanted, and we have been pursuing and we have not had the ability to do it and so i have acted and there is a program called the city hall fellows program and it is basically like using outside small teams that come in and are paid through the mayor's office to i think that it is the mayor's office to help the
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departments do projects but they don't have the staff for it and so i put in to see if we could get the help with our outdoor amplification guidelines over the years and you have seen us struggle in some pages and sometimes you have not seen in the office and we struggle with having to deal with the different kinds of outdoor amplified sound and different kinds of spaces whether it is jones and the roof deck or outside of the phoenix hotel or even in the streets or, whatever, and complaints around amplified sound in front of macy's whatever, we don't have good consistent guidelines in my mind of how to manage it across the board, that is one thing that i hope to get some assistant on and we would like in the coming year to update that best practices manual that you all have seen and hopefully used and it is what now? three years old and so i have
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asked to get the city hall fellow to work on a revision of that and so it is like smart people for free, let's see what happens. and i think that i hear hopefully i will hear soon, and end of the year? i am not sure, and i had to submit my proposal, oh,, actually here, by december the 12th it says, department informed. i think that is really it. and i wanted to pick it over to to my inspectors and i was going to take questions. >> thank you director. >> good evening, commissioners. and we spoke earlier and both came to the conclusion that these past two weeks were very light in the streets which is why you don't want nights from
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us in your packets at this particular meeting. there is one thing that i wanted to bring up and we were made aware of an incident outside at closing at the brick and mortar music hall, this past tuesday evening, we were able to go by and speak with manager and security there on friday evening and trying to get a hold of more of story of what happened that night and we will be meeting with the operator and sfpd tomorrow, and i hope to have a bunch of additional details for you at the next meeting. so that was the big major thing that happened this past two weeks. if there is any other questions, about previous notes, or about that incident, please do let me know. >> all right. that was easy. >> are there any questions for the staff? >> commissioner hyde? >> yeah. i was just wondering, i know that during the big holidays you are trying to get the
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parties to come in earlier. and start registering earlier, and i just wondering how that was working going into now that we are in the full holiday season. >> and have the people been applying earlier? >> well, you know, i don't know what i don't know, so i guess that i can't say. >> okay. >> but, i am trying to clear that out and the longer you wait the harder it is and the meaner i got. >> because it over whems the staff that everyone came in the day before. >> right and it does not imply very good party planning, and permit planning. is the day before. >> right. >> either. just saying. >> applications are up? or down? >> no, they are pretty much in the same place. and again, like we don't have to process places that have
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fixed coe or that type of thing and typically we see the folks who want to go an extra hour or two on new year's eve and we get those and we get these random, events in places that don't typically have entertainment because the people figure, amateur night, everyone comes. >> so, we did the best that we can. >> on the good fellow's program is that something that the people can volunteer for? >> the city hall fellows? i wish that i was better equipped to explain this to you. they are a small group from what i understand, 12 to 15 fresh faces. >> and most of them are placement in, you know,... >> some industry people that want to volunteer and help out but don't know how. >> i don't think that this is the way. but, i am sure that we can
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investigate if there is some this is like policies, sort of work. i am not sure, this is not clear. >> they are usually right out of college or switching what career and looking at policy work, and that is good that you are looking at them as a resource. >> i can take anything that i can get. >> all right, is there any public comment on the staff report and the director's report? >> all right, seeing none, public comment is closed. and this is not an action item and so we will move on to the next item which is police department comments and questions. good evening, president tan,
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and vice president hyde and commissioners lieutenant dave falson, alu unit, i want to follow up briefly, president tan and vice president hyde had the jd of the department coming on a a basis and i don't know if this is something that you want to have an ad hoc discussion or if you want the department just to come up with something on our own? >> i think that what ininstructed the commissioners last time to do was to actually think of questions that we might want you to answer on a regular basis, and certainly, ad hoc is fine and there is are things that are popping up in the different districts and those are things that we want to be aware of. but, i guess that this is an opportunity to actually ask our commissioners if there is anything standard that they want to hear about, either week to week or each month? >> and just to give you an example i was not sure if you were looking for a consistent
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presentation from each district? >> so, for me i was out on polk street one night and i met the officers there and i inquired how their night was going and how polk street. and they were like who are you and i showed them the badge and they were like you can get that anywhere and that signify to me and i am not saying that in a negative way, what that signifies that there needs to be more communication and i would like to know who these people are on these streets, so that if i go over and say, how are things going, i know that i am a little bit of a gay punk rocker and that is not usually who you get on a commission, but at the same time what it signified is that better communication, and understanding what they are going through on the streets and what i would, and what i hear here. and sometimes there is a
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disconnect, so i was thinking maybe people who work on those streets, maybe once in a while one of them will come by and maybe a permit officer, and who would like to or who is just starting out. i just people who are connected to us, through our work. and so that we can have better communication, and better understanding. it was really where i was coming in instead of setting a certain thing, i just thought that it would be a great way to open the door to a more cohesive understanding of what is going on in both of ours. >> i am glad that i came up tonight then, you raised issues that i was not prepared and i don't think that we would be going down the path that the people didn't know who the commission was. >> why should they know me, i didn't know who they were until i met them on the street. >> was it positive or so so. >> sure, again, they were out there working, and i just walked up to them and
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introduced myself. you know, i don't know if that is positive or negative. i think what they were is busy. and so therefore i thought, well maybe this is not the place to engage them, maybe at the commission. would be a better place to have that kind of engagement. >> okay. so what i am getting at is you are not just interested in seeing our permit officers you would like to see some of the beat officers sector car officers, >> yeah. you know, why... >> i agree. i see what you are saying. >> that is just broader scope than i was anticipating but i am happy to bring it back. >> i think that we all work together and that is why. >> sure. >> and i think that another way to build the relationships and i know that the inspectors go out and relay with the officers on the beat and that could be the way rather than having them here and we go out as commissioners and i know that the staff is paid to do that but we are commissioners too to represent the voice of the community too. >> commissioner lee? >> to be more focused maybe? and that is good to hear,
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sometimes a night officers are new, you know and then the swing and the standard, but i think that for the commission, it would be nice to know what is happening in the sunset, what is happening in the richmond and things that we don't hear, because we don't hear about them until they are in trouble or they have some issues and so it is kind of nice to hear from the permit officer like if there is any good responses, or maybe there is some possible trouble spots that we have to think about, or you know, just some information. and because we don't hear from the sunset very often and we don't hear in the commission very often. >> i think that commissioner lee that is where i was heading and that is where i was wondering if you guys were interested, and we are very good at making presentations and we can do it ourselves and i was not sure if you guys had like i said originally kind of a specific format of questions so that those would run through all of the districts or do you want, we are happy just to like you said give a state of the union of the district so to speak. >> i think that even that and we could have our set and obviously we could decide on
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the set questions, but, in general, we want to know the state of the district as they say and there is a lot of things that we don't know. and i stay in the north and north beach, or cal hallow but i don't go to the sunset often but it is nice to hear what shaping. >> being, i can tell you what we don't want is a listing of all of the calls to service and that sort of fell like what it was before. and i think that we are looking for how our staff says, hey, this particular street had you know, saint patrick's day and this is on you we dealt with it and i think that it is a highlight and if there is no highlight for that particular week and in that month, then you can just come up and say, hey, it has been really calm and that is great, and i think that is something that we would prefer to hear that our businesses are running sxwel that our partiers are reveling in a peaceful and a respectful
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way and i think that we have homework and i don't know if anyone sat down and says that these are the three things that we want to hear about, and i am happy to discuss it more, but the next time around we can. >> and obviously, director cain has my e-mail and i welcome any specific and if you want to throw together the outline of the ideas and i think that president tan what you are saying is conist ent with some of our earlier meetings. and the document does not want to be reader, we want to thing the substance to the meetings and bring the value to your decision making. >> sure. >> great. >> okay. >> i think with you back at the helm it is different and what we want to hear is that the meetings that you are having with the permit officers so that they are on the same page and don't come up here and kind
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of making the same mistakes, and that we hear, you know, it is some stuff that they are putting in on their restrictions. plus, we want to cheat. we want to hear what one good permit officer did and in one district to deal with the problem, so that if it comes up in another district we have heard it and i know that is going to happen. >> absolutely. >> what you have in your meetings and it probably will not be so crucial for us but i think that it will help because there is no need to reenvent something when someone has come up with a fix for a problem and that is going to happen and if it happens one time it is going to happen somewhere else. >> i know with sean and jordan in there are, and we want to feel the pulse as well. >> well, commissioner frost i think that you raised a valid point and just to be specific to that, we will be kicking off again and they kind of have been in recess for a while but getting all of the permit officers together and having director cain staff there and as well, when they are
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available and the next phase is going to be start meeting again with the city enforcement and putting that team back together and you hit the nail on the head and there is no reason to reenvept the wheel and if we have a solution, it is effective and reasonable, and it is consistent with city practices. why try to reenvent it and possibly go down a wrong path and so it is that kiebd of dialogue that we need to get on track with and that will be happening right after the holidays. >> thank you. >> excellent. >> thank you. >> great, thank you so much. >> it there any public comment on this conversation that we just had with the police. >> i don't see any, the public comment is closed. and we will move right on to item five which is a discussion about the limited live performance permits in the western soma and i don't know if it was commissioner hyde or director james if you want to kick it off. >> well, right back to mr. hyde, but we are here to his
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request to basically, you know, bring to some of the new commissionerers, and bring back around to you guys the restrictions that ended up in the western soma area. regarding the limited life performance and so we asked the planning department, and tea ge is here to give us some data points, and i don't know if you want to come in and throw the map up there? if you feel like it? >> and then i know that we have supervisor kim's office here. hello. >> and to listen to this, and since this is her area and it is something that you wanted to make sure that you could pursue, even after you... >> so, take it away, if you have a particular order that you would like to hear it from? >> no, i just wanted to have this conversation again, because i was on the western
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soma task force and i remember that when the plans were going through, limited live was a brand new excess sorry permit that came out right at the end and the fear was that it would turn neighborhoods into party central. and so, what a year and a half later, we then had a hearing here in september, and just to discuss what the issues have been that have arisen, and has been accelerated problems in other neighborhood and has it actually worked as an accessory permit and if so, what can we do to help the several small businesses from western soma, that have approached us as well as other people who have looked at opening a small business in soma but without the limited live accessory permit have decided not to do so?
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and i think that you know, we found out that there is not a lot of complaints. and there is not a lot of noise complaints, and i believe in the 40 or so permits that we have three or four complaints which did not really have that much to do with the use of the permits. and i think that this is a healthy discussion to have for a neighborhood that is expanding and having the people come in and also for a city that is really helping or hoping to help small businesses, and that is why i wanted to continue this conversation here. >> great. >> do we want... >> sure. >> good evening commissioners corey with the planning department and thanks for having me and i am happy to come out and chat about the
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soma. >> and so, i am going to try to give you and i was asked to come to provide a little background about the western soma plan and specifically kind of how llps fit into that and how the plan was adopted and how they considered the llp and i will apologize in advance, a lot of here and it is not a geography, but you can see that we have a bow tie, and just try to bear with me. in the net shell in the western soma plan, started in 2004 and a lot of planning through 2008 and the eir happened through 2011, and another three years and a lot of code writing happened to implement the plan happened, and 2011 and 2012 and