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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the san francisco police commission occurring december 3, 2014, will begin shortly. >>
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>> could you please rise for the pledge of allegiance?
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madam president i would like to call the roll. >> please do inspector. >> president loftus? >> here. >> vice president turman? >> here. >> commissioner marshal. >> here. >> mazzucco. >> present. >> dejesus. >> present. >> hwang. >> present. >> melara. >> present. >> also with us this evening is the chief of police, gregory p. suhr and the director of the office of citizen's complaints, welcome everyone who is here and at home to the police
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commission on december third. we are going to have a change to at again da, item five is going to be put over the discuss and possible action to adopt revised departmental general order, 8.08 bomb threat, laboratory and destructive devises and explosion and fireworks call the first line. >> adoption of minutes, for the meetings august, 6, september, 24, october, 1, 8, 22, and november 5th, 2014. >> colleagues in your packet you have the minutes from these meetings, are there any edits, changes or corrections? >> can i have a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> all of those in favor? >> aye. >> motion passes, inspector call the next line item.
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>> two, consent calendar, receive and file action, base line sworn staffing report for the sfpd airport bureau. for years 14-15, and fy 15-16. >> colleagues, you do have in your packet a report from the chief that is in accordance with the administrative code that requires a report to us on base line sworn staffing at the airport and i don't know if you want to add anything chief or if i can see if there are any questions. >> no i don't. >> any questions on this. >> do i have a motion? >> so moved. >> second? >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> okay, motion passes could you call the next line item. >> general public comment. the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department or occ personnel. under police commission rules of order, during public comment, neither police or occ
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personnel, nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public but, may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and occ personnel should refrain, however, from entering into any debates or discussion with speakers during public comment. >> okay. ladies and gentlemen, public comment. come on up. >> as you know my name is maria bailey and i am sorry that i have seen you all in the last several months, i am working with somebody on a federal level a very important situation so you all are in my hearts and i stopped by today to wish you all a very merry christmas and happy new year, and so i will see you next year, keep up the good work and i am really sad to hear about the police officers that got hurt recently as well. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> any further public comment?
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>> good evening, madam president, and members of the commission, my name is jackie bryson for the people who are new to the planet. i am here because i'm a very happy to report that things are going better in the tenderloin, and they have taken a personal interest in our safety, and that includes going out on parole, working, long hours, and working on friday, and so, i want to commend him for that. and to thank his wife for being so patient. and his children for being so gracious to allow daddy and husband to come and protect me. and i really do appreciate that. i have seen him and i go to the captain's community meetings as
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those are the last tuesday of every month and sometimes i missed the board of supervisor's meetings because being on time to his meeting is paramount and if he is late he hears from me, i also want to commend him on the captain weekly newsletter, and what i am really pleased about is that there is ai little basket that is in the lobby on the wall. and it was, he listened when i said you know i am not the only person who fails to have e-mail on the computer. and we would like to have these in hard copy and i am not the only one who needs a hard copy, so put them out there and put free above the basket i guarantee you people will come in and take them. so i go in and i will see some of what you might consider to be the most unlikely people staggering in to the tender loinstation, going to the
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basket and getting their copy and going out and i think that is absolutely wonderful and so i want to thank him for listening. and i am full of a lot of good ideas and that he has acted appropriately on that. i am also looking forward to us having a, we hope, peaceful and quiet holiday season. we are not very far from union square. and i'm already noticing that our local guys are being more assertive, is that a nice way to put it in trying to get money and sandwiches out of people and so any officers who can be spared would be great and i understand that we have more on board in january and i thank the chief in advance for that one. i love my jacket. >> your jacket is amazing. >> any further public comment? >> okay, hearing none, call the
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next line item. >> 4 a, chief's report and discussion, review of recent activities. >> good evening, commissioners i hope that everybody had a good thanksgiving as well, i will tray to keep it brief because i know that you have a presentation, and we had a tough week with regard to homicide and although we closed out in november with 41 homicides for the year, which is a low for many, many years. we did have three homicides during last week, we had two on monday, one occurred in the park district. three young men were exiting the park when they were confronted by the group of suspects to do a robbery. and there was a discussion that took place, and one of the suspects shot one of the younger gentleman 22 years old and he did not survive, his injuries, we are seeking the
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public's help anybody that can help us with that one we would appreciate that. >> later that morning, we found, we were alerted that there was a person deceased at the 100 block of sutter at 7:30 in the morning and had been sleeping in the doorway and originally it was from exposure but later the officers were able to develop video evidence that clearly demonstrated that he died from a vicious assault and we have a good picture of the suspect and hopefully we will have him in custody quickly. and then, very sadly on thanksgiving day, at about 3:30 in the afb, on the 700 block of missouri, there was a video pulled up shots were fired, 23-year-old victim was hit, he did not survive his injuries, we do have good video and an id of the suspect and the driver. that same pair is still in san
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francisco as they committed an armed burglary in the marina and a pursuit with the collision with a car and they were able to make the escape and so we are actively seeking them. >> and there is also news on what we heard on the day after thanksgiving. on black friday, and in the union square, and there was a well attended event. annually we have some issues with demonstraters for this or that and sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. all of the demonstrations were peaceful that day until about 6:30 when the group came up and it seemed determined to get in and disrupt the lighting and the officers went on-line and there was some unpleasantness but it did not get violent other than the pushing and shoving and then at fifth and market the two officers were attacked and there is you tube video of one of the lieutenants
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getting hit with an aframe and another sergeant was tripped and she was injured and the group valved in the mission later on that night and an officer was seriously cut under his nose and received four stitches. and the night ended with us making arrests on liberty treat, 79 and taken into custody, 6 of whom were juveniles, and 70 percent of whom do not live in san francisco. 15 percent of them don't even live in the state of california. so, we have been having demonstrations all week long and we have figured that we will continue that demonstrations for those, profoundly disappoint in the decision that came out of ferguson, missouri but by and large the san francisco folks that have been demonstrating we have been working together so their voices were heard and peaceful and there is difficult commentary that the officers have received but again, we are
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understanding that the folks can say what they want to say as long as it does effect anybody else. >> we have a officer involved shooting, not by definition, this officer was actually off duty and he was a victim within his residence, and a robbery suspect had committed a robbery on the 1100 block of pine street. where with a chair leg he had and fist he had beaten a gentleman who he relieved of some property and yet he was and he stayed at the location in a coffee shop, the victim returned to the scene some time later, saw the suspect and the suspect then through some coffee on someone else in the coffee shop and somehow, gained entry into this officer's apartment building which is gated, locked and secured and he was in the down stairs lobby when the officer left his apartment, at about 6:00 in the
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morning, with his week's garbage and his pack back and he was confronted by the suspect with the chair leg and who demanded his property, and the officer drew his weapon, and identified himself as a police officer, and the suspect said that he was going to have to shoot him. this particular officer happens to be our premier defensive tactic's instructer at the police academy and so he decided at that point in time that he did not have to use deadly force, so he chose to holster his weapon and engage the suspect in a physical confrontation and they went to the ground and the officer suffered bites, scratch, bruises, and at some point in time the suspect went for his weapon and came out of his hol sfr and fought over the weapon and a round was discharged. the officer doesn't know if he pulled the trigger or if the suspect pulled the trigger and during the fight he didn't know if he had down shot or the suspect had been shot or if the round hit anybody, but the
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fight continued and the other officers came to the apartment couldn't get in because it is locked and this officer had enough presence to call out the code to let the officers in and conflict. so the other victim's property was strewn about the lobby and the suspect was conscious when he we want to the hospital and he is out of surgery and he is expected to survive his injuries. the officer also went to the hospital he is expected to make a full recovery as well. it is a fortunate situation, when a suspect is cleared he will be charged with the one count of robbery and the second count of attempted robbery as well as probably attempted murder on a police officer. so, scary situation. so that will, and that will be, the bad news and the good news is everybody is interested on saturday, the benefit make a wish just like we did last
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year, with the little miles, and bat kid and we will be braving the day and going into the water at aquatic park on saturday morning and there will be other events and all of the officers participating and trying to raise money for make a wish which is a charity that grants wishes for seriously ill or terminal children. and we did celebrate little minor reunion with bat kid on the day, november 15th from last year, miles had celebrated a birthday and he is 100 percent and his little brother clayton who was robin that day is a lot big and her so happening ending to a great story. that concludes my portion of the report and i will defer now to inspector monroe to read the next line item. >> yeah i think that it is still the same? >> presentation of the quarterly... >> no excuse me. >> commissioner marshal? >> yes, i just want to say that
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i do see you tube video and pretty ugly stuff and i am just curious how all of the stuff that the officers had to take what exactly, what do you tell them? you know? because those are, you know... >> so, we are not ferguson, missouri. and but we do understand that when we all wear the same uniforms sometimes we get painted with a broad stroke and we will facilitate painstakingly as long as it is peaceful but i think that it is really important that the officers know that nobody has to endure anything that would harm them physically and i think that the officers on the ground showed great restraint and you have to you know, recognize your opportunity to make an arrest safely without making it and you don't want to do any harm or make the situation worse and we don't want to become the object of the decent and then have more demonstrations for more people are put at risk.
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so i think that they did a great job and i think that the leadership that was on the street that night did a good job. and choosing how and when to make the arrest and i think that when the arrests were finally made on liberty, and it is not easy to arrest 80 people without incident and i think that that happened and i am very glad that although the officers that were hurt were hurt. and that nobody got hurt any worse. and we will keep working at it and we appreciate it again. and the citizens and the people in san francisco that although, some of the commentary is not something that is, or just something that the officers would like to hear, we get that there is and that it is real raw right now, and we are just trying to get through this time. >> thank you. >> commissioner turman? >> vice president turman? >> thank you for your report. >> the incident on missouri, do you recall what block that was on?
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>> it was at right about mid block, 750ish, odd side of the street. >> all right. >> commissioner dejesus? >> i just want to thank you for your report, and you know, and i am really glad and at least the police department here is used to the crowd control and demonstrations and has done a great job on that and we understand that ferguson, incident there is a voice that needs to be heard and there is, you know, civil protests and marches. but from what i understand is that some people in this crowd had sledge hammers and were trying to break out the windows and i think that the officers did a good job in trying to corral that and keeping it under control and we are sorry about the officers that got hurt and it is also come mendable with all of the demonstrations that we have, we don't have the violence, from the officers to the people that they are, and they do conduct themselves and they do recognize the first amendment
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rights and the people's right to protest. and so we are proud of the partners for that i am sorry to hear that two or three officers were seriously hurt but i just want to tell you good job on that. thank you. >> and again, i can't tell the credit. they are the ones that are in the street. and they did a good job. >> how about the ones that were hurt. >> how they are doing? >> i have talked to all of the officers except for the officer who had his nose that got sometimes the officers numbers are not fresh enough, because other officers have tried to call and check on him as well. but nigh pdsing from the people that have talked to him that he is doing okay and his partner and he actually they got stitched up wanted to go back out.
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>> thanks chief. so safe streets for all presentation. >> presentation of the quarterly statistical report per come mission resolution, 14-26, safe streets for all adopted may 7, 2014. >> colleagues, by way of context what we are here to do is get the quarterly report on the progress and the data that has been since we adopted. we are following that we continue to have a number of tragic indinses and lives lost on the streets but we did have it in may to schedule the quarterly updates to track where we are at. and as a reminder what the resolution did in many ways was change the way that we talk about these, and we went from talking about accidents to collisions. we laids out our support for vision zero, and vision zero is ten years and no serious injury or death on our streets. and we also laid out of the
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specific five focus on the five, factors that are most likely to cause a collision based on the data that has been collected and laid out our goal, and you know for a lot of you, there is two key pieces that we are looking at here, which is the number seeuftations that we are giving and how that is increasing and what we are giving the citations for and whether what we are giving citations for is actually in line with what the data tell us is most likely results in a collision. >> the other piece that we will hear about is the collisions happened where there was serious injury or death. because again we are in a phase where we are trying to use the data to drive enforcement and everybody is on the same page that these are the types of deaths that are prevent able. and so we are in the middle of all of that and i want to thank commander and so to defer to you to give you an update. >> good evening, commissioners and the good public here, and those at home, who are watching. and a year ago, this month, our
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city had once of the worse months regarding the loss of lives and traffic collisions and it was during that time that our mayor remembers that the board of supervisors recommends the city partners like walk san francisco and the san francisco bike coalition and began to champion the philosophy of practice and the practices of vision zero and chief suhr and the commission were one of the first to adopt it and put it into practice, and the goal is to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024, engineering, education, and enforcement have always been the foundation, for safe streets, however, the coordination of these areas have not always been in an alignment. >> and now, with the passage of proposition e, our city will be able to aggressively address the engineering issues. however, in the interim, there is a great effort to continue our education enforcement effort, and in terms of
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alignment of those resources, the police department has worked very, and much in tune with the members of the san francisco, transportation agency. and as well as the organizations like san francisco walk san francisco, and san francisco bicycle coalition as well as our advisories to the board of supervisors and in particular, and the pedestrian safety advisory committee. just last month, a delegation of city leaders actually went off to new york for the first annual business zero simp osimu., we had supervisor jane kim and supervisor norman yee were actually in attendance and the representatives from dph and the pedestrian safety advisory committee and in addition as always, our friends with the walk san francisco and bicycle coalition. and i believe that veed the largest period and it was, very, and it was very
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interesting and enlightning and one of the things that we saw in yours was the roll out of the 25 mile an hour default speed limit. we have had a 25 mile an hour default speed limit for decades and we actually go further in terms of a basic paoed law which says that even if the default speed limit, if the conditions do not support any of those speed limits you have to drive slower than that, but not to compare shs but i believe that not only are we doing incredibly well in terms of the alignment and resources and being engaged with the philosophy and the practices of the vision zero and we are seeing that. and i did, i did take away one personal observation in new york that was an incredible use
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of space. as it relate to daylighting, making the intersections more visible, this particular intersection in new york, the space that would basically eliminate obstructions is being used to house bikes, just a way to utilize the space i suspect with our passes of our proposition, we will be adopting some of these things as well. but let me just write into a presentation, this is a high and overview of the documents that you have already. and that is available to the public which is more comprehensive and provides for the data. our department has written, 95275, a far cry from the 61,000, but an incredible task, last year, of a 61974 citations.
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54 increase in the third quarter comparison from 13 to 14. three months of travel and the passengers and the corrections. and the drivers and pedestrians, and bicyclists is 93 percent, and 93.92 percent, to the drivers, and 4.84 to pedestrians and 1.24 to, and the citations. and we are seeing the focus on the five. the focus on the five. and the first three quarters of 2013, and we