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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2014 1:00am-1:31am PST

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again we're asking your authorization to modify the non-profitgants that we have under the daas portfolio for a cost of doing increase -- a cost of doing business increase of 1.5% granted by the mayor's office in the budget process. traditionally, the board of supervisors usually matches this every year. this year, the board of supervisors did not. so our contractors had an expectation of getting one around 3%. but daas was again very fortunate to get other add-backs and allows to us modify grants by 1.5% that carries forward into the future. this process we're in the process now, we have notified the contracts. they have to go in and allocate 1.5% throughout the existing budgets. so the total amount this year
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is $393,993 in an aggregate amount spread between probably 150 different daas grants. >> i heard 50. >> there abouts. >> our general policy of how we allocate the cost of doing business adjustments an salaries, benefits, et cetera, hard costs we generally only apply these to county general fundss and we never allow the cost of doing business to apply to a brand-new program that we're starting up or something that was a result of an rfp or even an add-back funding because the contractors gets an opportunity to negotiate the first-year budget and will
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forward costs that they anticipate. so it kicks in during the second year of operation. any questions that i can answer? >> i was wondering how many organizations that you distributed and you said approximately 150. okay. >> commissioner sims. >> one, was there any rationale with the board of supervisors this year for their resistance to match the mayors? >> i think they had other targets items that they had taken a higher priority over matching the cost of doing business. i know it was discussed at the open budget hearings and non-profit partners expressed dismay at not getting the add-backs as was done many times in the past. it was a different set of priorities coming from the board of supervisors this year. >> okay. any questions? hearing nonely call for the
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vote. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? ayes have it and so the motion is carried. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. >> next we have public comment. do we have any public comment on this? hearing none, announcements? public comment? we have already done that. can i have a motion to adjourn. >> so moved. >> second. >> it's been moved and seconded that we adjourned the meeting. thank you. [ gavel ]
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. >> good morning, everyone, and welcome to the board of supervisors naipbd services and safety committee. this is our regular meeting of thursday, november 6. my name is david campos, chair of the committee, supervisor eric mar is en route. clerk of the committee is derrick evans and we want to thank jessie larson and jim smith. mr. clerk, do we have any announcements. >> thank you, mr. chair. please make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices. (inaudible) board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> great, thank you. the first item is a liquor license and i'd like to begin by asking the applicant on this
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item, if you can call the first item. >> no. 1 is a hearing to consider issuance of a type 64 general theater license to matt shelton of the shelton theater. >> if i can ask the applicant to come up and make a brief statement. >> thank you, supervisor, my name is matt shelton, i run a small family arts organization, we've been here in the community since 1961, we've provided extraordinary training and theater productions, native sons, directly responsible for training are danny glover, francis ford cop mra my recent student was vernon davis of the
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san francisco 49ers. we put on productions since i have steadily been producing theatrical productions since 1993. that area we established, 533 sutter street has become a cultural icon for the city of san francisco and i currently hold a beer and wine license and i wasn't aware i could hold a general theater license because i was misinformed when i originally applied for my type 42 license about 10 years ago. i'd like to be able to provide professional concessions to my customers because we have dignitaries and cultural people from all over the world coming to the productions and i'd like to give them world class professional service that represents our fine city. >> great, thank you very much. if you can just briefly say a little about any outreach that you've done in terms of this specific application.
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>> yes, i am pretty well known in the neighborhood and have reached out to every neighbor on the block on both sides and have received their endorsement from the hotel rex across the street, hotel cartwright, the ups store, the union square wine and spirits liquor stores, just about every merchant on the block. >> great, thank you very much. the district supervisors, this is in district 3, supervisor chu's district and he is supportive of this application. why don't we hear now from our police department. >> good morning, supervisors, roberto duarte with the liaison unit. this is in records to 533 sutter street, the shelton
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theater. matt shelton has filed an application seeking a type 64 license for thee terse. this particular application will take over the kurblt application which is a type 42 for which the board passed a resolution back on september 22, 2009. the change in the type will allow the shelton theater to serve distilled spirits aside from beer and wine and none of the conditions originally placed back in 2009 will change. it should be noted that during the application process there was a notification of 500 foot mailer was done on august 20, 2014 and there was also a notice posted on august 14, 2014 and for the purpose of this hearing the california department of alcoholic bef rage control seeks notification by the board of supervisors as to this license. police reports zero was port
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of posted for 533 shelton street. the san francisco information listed as follows, this premises sits on plot 1 which is a high crime area. it sits in tract 121, a population for that tract is 3,833 people and of those tract population, the on sale authorized however there are 60 on sale active licenses. for the off sale licenses authorized by the census tract are only 3, however there are 10 that are listed. basically, the property sits on an undue concentrated location. there were no protests filed with the abc, neither were any letters of support. the department recommends or the alu recommends approval with the
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current existing conditions that were placed on the premise back in september 22nd, 2009. thank you. >> thank you, lieutenant duarte we have, by the way, been joined by committee supervisor eric mar. do we have any questions of the applicant or alu seeing no questions why don't we open it up for public comment? any member of the public who would like to speak
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on this item? (inaudible) recommendation and if we can take that without objection. thank you very much, congratulations. mr. clerk, do we want to take items 2 and 3 together? if we can call items 2 and 3 together, thank you. >> item no. 2 is a resolution authorizing the fire department to dough naitd obsolete ambulance to the emergency medical services academy of the cilt college of san francisco. item no. 3 is resolution authorizing the fire department to donate 30 obsolete self-contained breathing apparatus to the city college of san francisco. >> great, thank you very much and we have mike corso >> good morning, mr. chair, fellow supervisors, mike corso, fire department, here to present the next two items which are donations of obsolete fire department equipment to the city college. the
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department works closely with them on a variety of training topics. this legislation would allow the department to donate obsolete equipment to their training curriculum, self-contained breathing packs and an ambulance. these objects have no use for the department any longer, the department updated its breathing apparatus with a federal grant last year and the ambulance has been retired by the city and the department due to its age and usage is no longer operational on city streetds. all the equipment donated will be used by ccsf strictly by training props and not in any emergency situation and any liebltd will be covered by city college. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you very much. supervisor yee. >> thank you very much. of course i'll be happy to support working with the city college in terms of partner ship. i
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guess if the equipment is obsolete and they are going to train students using this equipment, are they training them on obsolete methods also? >> not necessarily. for example for the breathing packs it's more to get used to the weight and have that as an operational impact. what that actually feels like, what it has -- there's air bottles they are going to be doing the replacement of it. it's not obsolete in the sense that no departments use it nationwide, but from the department's perspective we have upgraded to the latest compliance of equipment and no longer need it in our operations. for the ambulance it will be kind of stationed and will get the students familiar with how things are laid out in the ambulance, it's not in actual driving capacity. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. colleagues, any other comments or questions? seeing none, thank you, mr. corso, why don't we open it up to public comment on this item. is there any
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public comment on this item? go ahead. >> just two days, city central (inaudible) very simple. sky working free for all without. >> thank you, sir. seeing no other public comment we will close public comment. colleagues, may we have a motion to move these two items forward? >> so moved. >> motion by supervisor mar if we can take that without objection. >> without objection. >> thank you very much. now, mr. clerk, if you can please call our fourth and final item. >> item no. 4 is a resolution urging the successful urge between the united supervisor to avoid a strike and an interruption of the education of san francisco students. >> great. this is an item that was introduced by
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supervisor mar and i was glad to be a co-sponsor. i was also co-sponsored by supervisors cohen and avalos. >> i would also like to thank our board president but also ken from united i had kators san francisco for joining us today. this is a resolution that urges a resolution to the potential labor negotiation going on with the teachers and parents within the district. i also twoopbt say as a former school board president like supervisor yee, i definitely respect the autonomy of the school district and know that the city does not make decisions for the school district if the elected board of education and the superintendent and his staff that make decisions. but when there are issues of such importance with an impact on the city's economy, families and hard-working teachers and parents in the district i think it's really important to weigh
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in to make sure our voice is heard as a board of supervisors. i also know as a parent and as a former teacher that it's critical when there's difficult negotiations and a potential strike that entities like the board should do everything we can to urge common ground to come to a fair negotiated settlement. also i know and the resolution states how important it is for the public to realize how few resources we get from the state and the federal government and that our under-funded and unfunded school system needs much more support so teachers and parents can be paid a fair wage with good benefits and that programs in our benefit can flourish and be expanded as well. the state government really has hampered our san francisco unified school district but things like the
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possible enrichment like prop h which i helped write with former supervisor ammiano, soon to be former assembly man ammiano really was the champion that put it on the ballot with a lot of us within the school district in a grass roots coalition to pass prop h10 years ago in 2004 with many of our education coalition there. so the overwhelming support on tuesday is critical and i'm very happy about that. but it's not enough and i know that negotiations between the teachers and paras in the san francisco unified school district have been a challenge because of the lack of funding and the challenge faced by our board president, commissioner huer and commissioner yee for balancing the school budget. my goal for this is that we
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can find common ground and not have a school system hampered by conflict as is currently going on. with that, i know supervisor yee has some important modifications. >> thank you, supervisor mar, for bringing this resolution to our attention. i think it's important because all three of us had --. >> yeah, former legal counsel sitting right here. >> so it's appropriate that this resolution came to this committee. since we had relationships and other board members have had relationships with the school district we wanted to weigh in on this and part of the weighing in, as supervisor mar mentioned, the city government, the board of supervisors really do care about our kids and their public schools and that's
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why we have supported things like the p fund and so forth and overwhelmingly the city supported the continuation of the fund to support our public schools knowing that the funding that we get from the state is so inadequate. and what's important to me in this resolution really is about showing the city that we're not just going to be on the sidelines here and that we do care about our public schools. it's a statement to say that we do care, we are going to step it up, we're concerned about what's going on and we're urging that this be a final resolution of the negotiation at some point and so the amendments i am recommending really are just a tweak to language and it doesn't really change the essence of supervisor mar's resolution. the last piece of it is really
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to say that we want to urge a resolution of the negotiation so that our, whatever comes out of it is best for our children and our youth. so while reading, i crossed out everything, i don't think it's necessary because i don't think it changes much. so those are my amendments. >> so we have a motion by supervisor yee to change along the lines of the draft that's provided. we won't vote on it until public comment is provided. i want to thank supervisor mar for bringing this forward and i see we have the teacher's union, we have the president of the board of education and we have the deputy superintendent who are here and i hopi convenient tuelly next time they come that they can come to city hall but they can come sitting together to announce a resolution of this issue. but let me just make a couple points because i know that there has been a lot
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of pushback from the school district administration on this resolution and i understand that. you know, i have friends on both sides of this issue and i have been general council and have come to this body, to this building, to talk about how the board of supervisors and the city don't have ultimate say on what happens at the board of education. so i understand that. but this is a resolution, it is a non-binding resolution, and the thing about autonomy, respecting the autonomy that the board of education and the school district has necessarily requires respecting the autonomy of city government to step in and to speak out when they see what's happening in our school system. and the fact that we are speaking out and saying that we are concerned, that we want a resolution, is in no way a challenge to the autonomy of the school district. to the contrary, it's actually a recognition of that autonomy, a
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respect for that autonomy. but nevertheless we have an obligation to make sure that our constituents and we have, you know, 75,000 constituents, each one of us, as members of the board of supervisors, that their interests are taken care of and that is why this resolution is important. i hope that the board of education and the administration take this resolution in that light and that spirit because i think that's exactly what's happening. the other thing, the second point that i want to make and, you know, i'm glad that the president of the board of education is here, the challenges that san francisco unified is facing when it comes to funding and budgeting are challenges that go beyond decisions that are being made in san francisco. it's because of decisions that are being made in sacramento and at the federal level. that said, the only way that those challenges are going to be addressed is if the school district community, and that
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means the administration, the board of education, and labor, can work together to advocate for more funding in sacramento, to advocate for more funding at the federal level. but that working together requires a mutual respect and understanding that in fact the school district is doing everything it can within the money that it has to give teachers a fair contract. and, yes, it is true that you have limited funds. but i don't know that we know for sure that given the funds that you have gone as far enough as you can go to give these teachers the pay that they deserve. and until and unless you do that you are actually going to be digging a deeper hole for yourself because not only will you, you know, not be able to work with your teachers but because of that failure to be able to work with teachers you
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are not going to be as effective at the state level. once there is a mutual understanding that you can doing the best you can, and i think that you can get there, then people can work together and go to the state level, go to the federal level. you know, and i've been in negotiations myself and i can tell you, you know, you know that people who know the numbers better than i do, the numbers are what they are but you can also work with numbers and make them look in a lot of different ways. what we want is an understanding and commitment that being fiscally responsible the school district will do what it can to do right by its teachers and it's paraprofessionals. that's what we want. and if you do that you are going to have not only an ally in the labor movement but you are going to have an ally in city hall. but if there is a sense that you are not doing that then i think that you are going to continue to hear from the city, from
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some members of the city family, myself included, saying you need to do more. and so that's what this is about, you know? it is a recognition of mutual respect but it's also a recognition that we need to work together but working together means making sure that we do right by the people who make the system work and those are the teachers and paraprofessionals who are in the classroom every single day. so i just want to note that and with that, why don't i, unless there are any other comments -- supervisor mar? >> really quickly i want to acknowledge how valuable the time of mr. trey, supervisor yee, i'm glad it's not an hours and hours wait like sometimes it is for you guys but i wanted to give the privilege to the president of the school board, sandy huer, to speak first. >> supervisors, thank you very much. i really want to thank
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you for bringing this forward to your chambers today. i think that we are in agreement, we also are urging both sides to have a successful resolution and i take responsibility for the san francisco unified school district and i think it means that we all have to work together. but i would like to remind you that it is not like we are not negotiating. it is not like we have not negotiated in good faith and put real offers on the table. we are seeking an equitable solution to this. it is not like we have not urged, i have not urged my fellow board members to look at it in a different light, to open up new ideas about this. it is not like we haven't negotiated in good faith and i think the thing that i resent the most is about the good faith because we
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really are. and i want to tell you something personally as the board president, i am unwilling to use funds that are earmarked specifically for low income english learners, faus ster youth which also includes many of our youth that are children of incarcerated parents for salaries. this is earmarked specifically for the state, for these high need students, and i personally as the president of the board, am unwilling to go there because this precious money, i don't know if you have -- i mean since you have all been on the board i know you know that we are a high performing school district in california, one of the highest. but we have the largest gap. this is money to help us close that gap. when i talk about our foster youth, when i talk about students of incarcerated
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parents, i am talking about a lot of our african american students and that is where our big gap is. our english learners, i don't know if you've seen the numbers on that, this is going to, this is, i think, an issue and you are right, supervisor campos, this is larger than what is happening in city government because we are 50th in the nation for per pupil spending. i'm going to tell you, you all know me very well and you know i'm pretty honest about stuff and i'm pretty transparent. my daughter is a labor organizer. she spent how many years fighting kaiser and she's still doing that now in hawaii. so we are not antilabor here. but it is my job as the president of the board of education to protect the education of these students and i am unwilling to use that money that has been specifically, again, earmarked for low income english learners
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and foster care youth. having said that, i am glad that i have the opportunity to come here today because respectfully correcting what i just heard is that it isn't all about what's happening in sacramento. it is about what's happening here in san francisco and the last time i checked, that's your jurisdiction. because every time i hear testimony at the board of education it is about how our teachers can't live here, how our paraprofessionals can't live here, how the cost of living is too high, they can't find housing here and they have to leave. we lose 50 percent of our teachers within the first 5 years. every time we lose a teacher it's 10 to 20 thousand dollars. we now have 19,000 vacancies in our school district and it is largely because they can't afford the cost of living here. we wis