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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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>> sorry for the late start but parking prevented us from having a quorum on time. yes we need more parking commissioner bustos says. this is the regular meeting on community investment and infrastructure the success or agency commission to the san francisco redevelopment agency for tuesday december december 16, 2014. madam secretary please call the first item. >> the first is item one roll call. please call your name. all members of the commission are present. the next order of
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business is item 2 announcements. the next commission meeting will be held on tuesday, january 6th , 2015, and announcement of sound devices during the meeting. please be advised that electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. and any person responsible for the ringing of for use of cell phone or pager or electronic device. please be advised a member of the public has up to to 3 minutes on each agenda item. it is strongly recommended that members of the public that wish to address the commission fill out a speaker card and submit the completelied card to the commission secretary. the next order of the business is item 3. actions on a previous
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actions taken. there are no matters of un finished business. item five matters of new business consisting of consent. first the the consent agenda. >> 5-a approval of minutes on the regular meeting november 18th. >> to notify certain provisions related to the tax credit investor of 107 very low and low income rental units and middle point and west point road bay view redevelopment area and item 5 c authorizing a second amendment to the legal
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services contract with renne sloan holtzman & sakai to increase the contract amount by fifty $50,000 not to exceed one hundred thousand $100,000 and to obtain legal services. madam chair? >> thank you do we have any speaker cards on the consent calendar? >> yes, i have one speaker card. ace washington. >> good afternoon mr. washington. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> this is almost like dejavo u.s. for me. >> we're in a new era. i know -- this is the same ace i'm just out here but what looks so
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déjà vu i seen this before. here we are now with a new era -- anyway, so what i'm here to stress is my purpose in this whole arena from this point on out is simply -- i want to know bottom line. i'm putting together a mechanism that we all could have a win-win situation historically. now, i've been videotaping these types of events for over 20 something years. many didn't think i kept records many thought i didn't have no film in the camera here i am now, i'm i'm 60 years old. i got kids and they got kids so that makes me a great great grandfather and i'm a little emotional right now i see the same old scenario and it's
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it's no one's fault here it was put together years before we were here and it's still going on. now, i don't know how to express other than i'm heartened after 20 years of seeing all that of urban renewal in the fillmore and how they removed the negro in that phase. here we are 20 years later i'm here to say don't you repeat what they have done to the fillmore street. now as as far as all of these new projects that you are getting ready to sign, you are going to hear oppositions like it's always should be and i'm not coming up here moaning and growning basically just a
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mechanism to record it, document it and assimilate to the generations after the process that we have to endure and the ones ourself will be the generations to come if there's no mechanism to reassure that we're here. we're talking about thousands of units thousands of jobs and we're talking about the population and they are going to participate in any of this so there must be a mechanism for my kids kids. >> thank you. thank you. any other speaker cards. >> i have no other speaker cards. >> okay. i'm sorry ? this is a consent calendar. ful this is the consent calendar.
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>> good afternoon. you know when people get to talking at my age now you know i get a little lost but the only thing i want to request of you today is that you listen very carefully to every word that is being spoken today and that you make your decisions on those things that you hear and understand and if you don't understand, i'm going to ask you -- don't vote on something that you don't know anything about unless you have not seen. thank you. >> thank you. any other member of the public would like to address the commission on the consent calendar? seeing none, public comment is closed. we're going to take these items separately. does the commission have any questions -- first of all any questions on either item of the consent
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calendars? which is the approval of the minutes, the second amendment to the to the disbursement agreement or the legal contract with renne sloan holtzman & sakai -- any questions or comments? well, we can take them -- i think we can take them separately or together. i only have one comment on the minutes. on page 10 of the minutes at the top line, the first full paragraph, these are my comments starting with the word she -- she suggested -- i'd ask that we strike that and have so it reads she suggested a discussion etc. >> okay? with that modification i think we can
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take the 3 items on the consent calendar together. do i have a motion? >> i move. >> thank you. commissioner singh has moved and i think commissioner bustos has adopted the motion to accept the consent calendar. >> commission mondejar, commissioner singh -- >> the vote madam chair is 4 ayes. >> thank you please call the next item. >> regular agenda 5 b and 5 f, 5 d permit loan agreement and a modified source of funds for a 93-unit hope development of the arelious housing site as well as other affordable housing
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units 26 hundred 00 arelious walker drive pursuant to the california environmental quality act. bay view hunter's point area item 5 e authorizing a first amendment to to a permanent loan agreement phase 2 of the hope redevelopment as well as other affordable housing units 2700 arelious walker drive pursuant to the california environmental quality act. discussion and action resolution 103-2014 and the schematic design part of phase 3 of the housing development pursuant to the candlestick point and hunter's
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point redevelopment and 2-unit adjacent to block and pursuant to the california environmental quality act. discussion and action. resolution 104 madam director. >> thank you and good afternoon commissioners and good afternoon to the members of the of the public. thank you very much. you have taken a series of actions relating to the alice griffith public housing development and part of the hunter's point project the items before you today a modification to existing loans previously approved for phases 1 and 1 and 2 and the next stage the schematic design phase so with that i'd like to ask anabelle anabelle the assistant project manager and
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she will be joined by elizabeth colemelo and jeff white our oci housing program manager. >> thank you bohee good afternoon. >> today we're presenting 3 items for your consideration. loan agreements for alice griffith phase one and and two and the third item before you today block one schematic design phase 3 of the alice griffith development. >> behind me in the first row the development and architecture team i want to acknowledge. they will be introduced in more detail by our development partners. i also want to point out that the
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model that you see to my right doesn't have to do with this current presentation it's here for for a later item so please disregard the model. the existing alice griffith development located within the candlestick portion of the candlestick point areas and it's an important community development of the redevelopment project and captured on the phase 2 development below market rate housing plan the over all plan for rebuilding the project is to provide 504 units replacement of all existing public housing units in an integrated development complimented by an additional 248 new affordable units and those housing units for families
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and as a result of the project financing it's being developed in phases and design approvals granted earlier this year and predevelopment funding was also approved in in april 2014. >> the first phase is a few homes built on vacant land adjacent to the project site so existing residents will have the opportunity to move into new homes without leaving their community or risking displacement. on this slide you can see the current land
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ownership overlaid over the future site plan and is shown in purple will also become part of the alice griffith development and the housing authority will own the land and the the 50 percent oci affordable units and the remainder of the alice griffith site. this slide is an overview about the various affordability levels built on site. there there will be a total of a little over 12 00 units and 256 will be public housing replacement units and 248 will be affordable housing units these two types of units will be developed by the developer on future housing authority land and the remaining units will be developed and there there will
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be 382 market rate units and ami levels between eighty and 120 percent and and 120 percent. all the obligations pertaining to the alice griffith development are captured in the master development agreement including all of the financing provisions further described by jeff white the program manager. >> good afternoon commissioners and director bohee. so i'm going to give you a little bit more background that's more specific to the dd a. before the redevelopment agency and some of this you are probably already familiar with but i i wanted to run through it pretty quickly again the former agency
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entered in a disposition and development agreement dda or with cpdefco an cpdefco an affiliate of lenare the below market rate housing plan is an attachment to the to the dda we call it the housing plan and specifically describes the roles and responsibilities related to the redevelopment of alice griffith and as you know that's that's that's that's that's that's that's that's a negotiation community development and for each phase partners with a local nonprofit so far phases 1 and 2 partnered with tabe rna cle
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community development organization and on track to start the construction next month of 184 units. in addition to ocii and their nonprofit partners, the key alice griffith team members include the san francisco housing authority, which is the current owner and operator of alice griffith. for for the dva, the financing of the affordable components of alice will include traditional affordable housing finance sources such as as low income tax credit bond financing as well as subsubsidy and based on a formula in the housing plan of the ddalenare's vertical subcity is approximately 40
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million $40 million and however the additional sources beyond traditional sources that i mentioned are subtracted from oci's base contribution. >> since the alice griffith budget was created in in 2010 and the team at that time understood there would cost increases due to inflation to inflation from 2010 to the start date which is now 2015 the housing plan included instructions on how the inflated costs would be shared and the dba calls that inflation increase cost over runs not a favorite term but that's what it's defined as. so lenare must cover the increases attributable and oci must
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cover the tax credit units. as has been described before alice griffith was awarded a choice neighborhood's initiative with 21.35 million of that going to construction of the new units and the remainder is for community improvements. >> and i know that you have heard this before the grant comes with some strict funding deadlines and deliverables and most important of which units delivered by september of 2016 and a portion by by 2017 and the funds being used on the first 3 phases. there's five phases in all. >> on on july on july 15th,
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2014, in the slide you saw at that time the commission approved 2 loans one for phase one and one for phase 2 to cover the base subsubsidy and a portion to cover the cost over runs and also lenare funds to cover their portion of the cost over runs. while the dda require that all the subsubsidy doesn't explicitly state when it be delivered. in the cases of phases 1 and 2 won't be needed until construction is complete, lenare requested they provide the funds provided closer to the time they are needed and as a substitute for
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that cash a letter of credit from a bank. so at this time staff is recommending the commission approve to allow the cost over run portion of lenare's contribution as long as we're in receipt of an an irrevocable letter of credit and we are recommending that so long as phases 1 and 2 maintain their current schedule to meet the funding deadlines and there's no additional cost to phases 1 and 2 for acquiring the letter of credit and it minimizes risk toal to alice grifth griffith and ocii and maintain consistent see with the development agreement and you approved that in october of this year so with that i'm going to turn it back
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over to annabell e. thank you. >> thank you. >> so we have an additional slide that i skipped over. so as as far as history of what the commission approved the commission approved in april of 20144.9 million for predevelopment expenses and for phase 3 we're expecting to bring the permanent loan request back to the commission in the spring of 2015. and these are consistent with the dda requirements related to the alice griffith financing requirements. >> thanks, jeff. so with the
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approved predevelopment funds for phase 3 which consist of block one the developer and the architect worked on the schematic design application submitted in october. those designs build upon a master plan with community input and the surrounding infrastructure work was also begun in january of this year already in progress and anticipated to break ground next january the block one schematic design included alice griffith tenant meetings and we have representatives from the tenant association here today and i want to have them stand up for a second. we have the president and the
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parliamentarian. thank you. . you have a cc support letter in your packet. staff has reviewed the application and has determined it's complete and consistent with the dda the bay view hunter's point redevelopment and guidelines allowing for variances under certain conditions and we recommend that the schematic design with approved and now discuss those conditions of approval in more detail with the project manager presenting the design. >> >> good afternoon. my name is.
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before i begin i'd like to introduce the other members of the design team that are here today. the architect. for the associate architect for phase 3 we have dug davis the principal with ae ae 3 and our landscape architect is miller company and we have jeff miller and jason wood. so this is the third phase of alice griffith that we're bringing before you today. phases one and two actually came before you earlier in the year, in january, for the vertical approval for those two phases and so what this slide represents is the location of
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the phase 3-block one that we're presenting today and as you can see, it's highlighted in red. it's on the corner of arelious walker drive and carol avenue so this particular block and phase are very critical in terms of the location for the entire site, it's the main block that people see coming from carol avenue and also from the shipyards. and annabelle kind of globally talked about the number of units that we have to provide for alice griffith. this slide shows the various phases of development for alice griffith and phases one and two that came before you in january are actually the middle 2 blocks in this plan they are in yellow and red respectively and as you can see
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they are the main entry way way into the entire new development and block one, phase 3, is at the p to at the top of this slide in blue and that's the first block that people coming into the site will see off of carol avenue. >> here is the master site plan that was developed for the entire alice griffith redevelopment project. there are 7 blocks with 504 total units, 256 of those units are replacement public housing units and 248 are affordable units. block 1 will have 122 units and in another slide i'll present the breakdown a little bit more but as you can see there's a total of 7 blocks and they are blocks 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9 and 14. this slide shows a
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breakdown of the units that will be in block 1. the chart to the left shows the number of replacement public housing units and the number of affordable units that will be in be in block 1. there are a combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms both flats and some town homes there there will be 76 replacement public housing units and 46 affordable units for that 122 total. and then you can see in another unit tab tab at the top, a more refind breakdown of the types of loans whether it be a 1 bedroom flat or 2 or 3 or 4 bedroom flat. the chart shows the number of
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accessible units. there's a total of 10 percent of all of the units will be accessible. there there will be 15 of those and then there is another 4 percent of units so approximately 7 or actually there there will be 7, that are for the hearing-impaired so total there there will be 22 accessible for visual and hearing-impaired and on on the accessible the balance of the units not accessible will be adaptable. >> here's a ground floor layout of block 1 and it shows the parking spaces so for the 122 units there there will be 61 parking spaces available. and then if you noted, off of arelious walker you turn