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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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would have. 10 percent isn't really the threshold of damage. when you triple it you cross that line. it's much more damage in earthquake. >> i want to thank you, harvey, thanks pat for welcome to the meeting and if you would keep your cell phones on vibrate and if you are a speaker, we have the speaker cards up front and make sure to fill one out and please state your name, when you are called.
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>> we are going to start with a roll call. >> hello. commissioner... >> here. >> lee. >> here. >> hyde. >> here. >> per es. >> here. >> president tan. >> here. >> and commissioner joseph is still recuperated and so she is excused. >> so, we are going to go ahead and start with the first item on the agenda which is the public comment, on any items, related to the business of the entertainment commission, but is not currently agendaized. is there any public comment at this time? >> we will move on item two approving the minutes from the
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fourth. >> i move to approve. >> there say motion and a second? >> second. >> wait, one. >> the motion and a second. >> perez. >> abstain. >> lee, aye. >> frost. >> aye. >> tan. >> abstain. >> moshoyannis. >> aye. >> we are going to move to item three which is the report from the sound inspector. >> it has been a couple of weeks since we have been here and so i was out of town and so i really did not have anything, and i spend a lot of time on, and so i will go on to the inspector and you guys have a preference to speak first? >> okay. >> and good evening, commissioners. a few short notes. and i see a couple of sections,
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one is the weekend and it was a routine inspection and i went by to pull the permit and they did not have the permit and so i will follow with them. ei did a layout, inspection, at the seller and they have been receiving the complaints and i talked to a couple of beat officers and it was getting messy over there again and during the day out and so observed it and it was, and it was busy but, they were able to disperse the crowd by 2:05. >> the parking lot across the street is often an issue, the security guards can manage that, but i think that the parking lot management needs to get a security guard because that is the issue that i am seeing there. to perform the sound inspection and i don't want to say the name and you have it in the
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notes and i don't want to say the name of the venue, because i don't want to give it away, and that is the process of being completed and i will report the findings at a later date. >> i had a compliance issue at (inaudible) and the door man took care of it and one notice of violation was written to taverna evertine for the private dj that they had with his own private speakers and really noisy and i got the two complaints and the first one i came and turn it down and i had to come down a half hour later and so i wrote the notice and so they are getting the situation in order. >> and that is all of that, and if you have any questions, i will be happy to answer them. >> commissioner hyde? >> yeah. >> i have a question about this seller, and and the fact that they are having an issue in the
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parking lot what does the parking lot legislation say, it has to be lit and they have to have security on staff, if that is not happening there is an issue with them. >> well the thing is that the chief has to order them to do it. >> and so, they get so many times, the permit officer, i guess will have to bring it up,, because the way that the legislation is written is that the chief gets the final say of whether they get to say tha, the security lighting and all that have and they have an actual security guard and that has to be the police, and the police to force that issue. it is not an automatic thing. >> right. >>is there anyone from the
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police that could speak to that, officer? >> as far as the legislation, i don't remember the feet, and it is anything in a nightclub within a certain amount of feet and it can regulate a safety plan, such as lighting that we have increased the lighting and we had them install the security cameras and they have a security guard there as well and i will check for sure and i believe that there is a security guard there, and on the main nights, and either thursday or friday and the saturday nights and as i said i will check on that one for sure. >> thank you. >> does the security guard help out? >> there is a garage next door, but we don't receive too many complaints regarding that particular place, it is mainly across the street when there have been issues because it is easier to flow from a sidewalk
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into the street and into a open parking lot, rather than a garage where you have to go up a floor or two. >> do you think that it is the problems is the garage related or is it because the people in the parking lot. >> i mean, and... >> is it just clear that we are talking about the parking lot. >> yeah, there have been issues from the patrons at closing time, and sometimes difficult to get the people out of the area both on suter street and taylor and on the block and on the alley and the security and we have talked to them and they have tried to get the people to disperse and sometimes they go up to the taylor street and then over to the parking lot on kos mow as well. >> but they are making an effort. >> i know that we had the
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police and one of the officers that you were speaking of and he paroles that area, quite a bit and so, sometimes it is a matter of really putting the police car out in front and putting the lights on and getting the people to get going and that seems to help quite a bit. >> and it souns like you went on a sunday, and i went on a saturday night and a sunday morning, and it was early sunday morning >> they have an attendant and not necessarily a security guard, and he does not do anything and usually the fastest times and now the times when the people leave the quick et is when the officer is outside with the lights on but the agent there is not security, and it is not acting as security and so it sounds like normally, there might have been and i don't know if they are on a break or not. and actually i am not sure
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either way, and i don't want to say yes or no, and by next time, i will have an answer for you. >> thank you, for coming up here. >> thank you. >> any other comments or report, or if not, we will move on to the inspector. >> and good, evening commissioners i just one piece of information for you, this past, saturday, late saturday and early sunday there was an incident at 2801 leven worth and i was informed about the situation from the police officers on broad way. and at closing who it just come from the parlor. and they let me know that there was an incident that occurred earlier and i stopped by after the broad way cleared out to chat with the management at the club and they told me that there was a large fight that
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happened inside that actually necessitated the closure or the stoppage of music of the shutting down of the event. at this point, we have made contact with the management and we have had the meeting schedule for tomorrow in the office and i know that we are going to discuss some of the procedures and what went on that night. and how to prevent that from happening in the future. and see if anybody, something could have been handled differently in the way that it was closed down to prevent that number of people spilling out on to the street all at once and so it is a lot of information to get, but, at first glance it sounds like there are things that can be improved. >> other than that, pretty status quo a couple of new complaints all of which occurred in regard to the venues that we do not permit. and should not permit.
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the la afasina popped up again and went by and i let them know that if they have a dj or any kind of a band they need to have the door closed and if their music and then a curtain will suffice and so we have not heard from them in a while. and i think that about wraps it up. >> for atmosphere, are you including the police in that meeting? or is it just with the management? >> and so, for the incident that we have a meeting about is right in the parlor. >> and oh, it is a parlor. >> and i am sorry, so that is, that will be the director and i, and two management and two people from management at the parlor. >> okay. >> just further to clarify on that. were you, when you talked to management, was this a regularly ly , event and i am
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trying to figure out who needs to be at the table. >> we don't know, and if this is something that they have been working with and there are some new players involved and the operation of the venue, and so we are going to try to get to the bottom of that tomorrow and figure out if this is something that we need to head off. >> okay. >> i do know, that there seems to have a better relationship of the people that were involved, and but either a performer or a dj. >> commissioner hyde? >> so, they were kind of not using theirs because they were waiting to have everything signed off. >> is that so, so the things were then signed off and they passed that
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>> we are waiting for their electrical and at this time they should not be having anything. >> okay, great. >> and i will be sure to contact them, and keep that in mind, and the next time that they visit. any other comments to the secretary reports? >> open up to the public comment, is there any public comment on the staff reports and i didn't see any, and so the public comment is close $and move on to item four, police department and questions, i know that we have not had any over the past few meetings, it does not look like there is anything, so we will move on. >> before we do, i would like to reiterate that it would be nice to hear from various parts of the police department, and i had mentioned this before, that it would be great that if once a month we could hear from a different permit officer, or a patrol officer or someone that could give us a little more
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text of what they go through to kind of open the communications, and i know that there has been some switch around and so i just thought that i would reannounce that i think that will be helpful for us. >> okay. >> good evening, commissioners, president tan, vice president and commissioners, and lieutenant from the san francisco police department and we have not met before but i have recently been reassigned to the liaison unit and part of my role dealing with the alcohol beverage control and liaisoning with the director and her staff and because we know so much of this enter twines, and i think that vice president's hyde suggestion is a fabulous one, and i would be willing to accommodate that and i would like to take it back to the command staff and have a discussion on it, generally i thought that that was kind of
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happening just the nature of that is great feedback for us and if your permit officers are not attending and you feel like you are missing details, the only way that it is going to work is if we are communicating, and that is why i am back in the unit not that there were problems in the past per se, just really kind of bolster things and get us back to where we once were as far as a comfort level, between the department and the commission, that when we see a problem, we are candid and moving quickly on it verses a lot of posturing. >> yeah, and thank you very much. and it is not necessarily that necessarily that i see the issues arising, and in the large amounts i just feel that my time here, is definitely has been something around better communication, and i think hearing from beat officers and it gives me a better understanding, what it is that they face and the places that
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they are coming from. and i think that is very helpful when making decisions here. so that is why i suggest it. >> absolutely. and i will add that i really have only physically been in the office the last two weeks and it is something that i hope to bring to the entire commission and certainly, starting the first of the year at least when i am here to come up and kind of speak to what we are working on. and because like i already stated so much of what happens at abc is either happening a month before here or vice versa, and so i think that it is great that we are all communicating and hopefully we can solve the community's problems. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and just, one thing, commissioner? >> you know, like you brought up this issue that happened in the part of 2001, leven worth and it is great that this task is going to meet with them and try to rectify that, and i know that their point of view of what happened that night will probably be different than the police officers than who were actually on the scene that night, i know that they can't
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come in because they are normally working the midnight shift, but if the permit officer can get briefed by them or one of the bosses out here and, then brief they get at least the police department's point of view, of what happened and it might help them better handle and help that situation from happening again. >> commissioner frost, i think that you raised a great point and i will be candid with all of you, i think that when the things don't go our way, is because we failed to communicate something and i think that is what the commissioner is referring to what we are supposed to be doing is give you a sense of the reality as it was happening and when we missed that boat and because i have seen it happen, many times and no fault of anyone, and it was not an intention, but the point is that i think that so much of our subject matter expertise is so important when we bring an officer from the station, who has that at least, secondhand if not fifth and sixth and 8th hand knowledge to
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really articulate what happened, but i think that is an accident point, thank you. >> right. >> thank you. >> commissioner, lee? >> you know it would be great, if i back down. >> real, simple. maybe when joslyn have a permit officer from the different districts speak us and alternate and because i know that a lot of the commissioners don't know what is happening in certain districts because we are not there. >> right. >> that would be great. if you can get a permit officer, of different districts to rotate. >> you know, i think that the direction that we are all heading in this is very premature and i am sure that the director will hate me bringing this up and we have a lot of ideas that we want to bring back and bring before you guys you know one of the things that fell to the way side within the department is that we had the monthly training sessions where we brought in all of the permit officers, and we all shared, and i mean that commissioner frost knows from his time years ago, that that was a staple of our business and because so much of what happened in one district happens in another, and there is a tendency in the department
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for the people, because they so much want to solve things to reenvent and there may be a solution that has been very effective and most pleasing to the city government and so why go down a path that might not be so comfortable and we are bringing that back, and we are hoping that the director can show up, and certainly her inspectors and when we get this back in play and it may happen in december and it will be in january in the latest. and but, not only do we need to be in front of you as a commission but the staff as well. and that is another thing that has changed and i did this job for 14 years and i spent another 14 years in assignments and now i am back and we lost that continuity and he wants that back and we are having the problem with the permit officers, and there was a time in the past that we will have
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the guys that did it for 30 years and had constitutional knowledge and it was phenomenal and now we get the permit officers that rotate out every year, and that just might be the way things are, but we need to adjust to that, and keep that dialogue and that learning curve moving forward. >> from all of history of what we have heard of the entertainment commission, we are trying to build a stronger relationship and we do appreciate that you are back and we have the different commissioners here than when you were last year. >> believe it or not, a lot of them have been here for quite a while and obviously if the commissioner joseph was here, we were here from the beginning, and of that whole project of creating this commission. >> right. >> thank you. >> the point is that, it is on
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both ends. >> excellent and that is great to hear and i will pass that on to the chief. >> thank you. >> commissioners, too, i think we can discuss how we want the parade of permit officers to look but i think that it would be helpful to have the topics that you like them to cover because i know in the past it was sort of incident reports and i don't know how useful the people felt that way and we can do that again and i know that a lot of the discussions were really more of the things that they were seeing along the certain corridor and things like that and that will be helpful to them, rather than just show up and talk about what you talk about in your district and we don't have to get into the details at this point. is there any public comment on the police report. >> item five is hearing and possible action, for our permit applications and i will pass it over to the deputy director. >> okay.
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>> the last name. >> thank you, and good evening, commission. and i just want to add something really quick, and i know that at birthday girl, our executive director, did not have a report tonight and i want to mention that yesterday we did have a limited live performance workshop to called just add music, and it was not, or did not great attendance, but it was really good information, and we are thankful to sfgtv for video taping it and we will put it up on the website and it is an hour long discussion about how to add entertainment to a small business, you know, some of the basics like booking acts and how to find music and the basics of sound system and that kind of thing and so we will let you know when that is posted. >> and then the other thing that i wanted to mention is that usually we have been putting limited live performance applications on a consent agenda, but for tonight, each one has a certain circumstance that i wanted to make sure that you are aware of and that is why they are not at
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this time. so kicking it all off, we do have the basement which we had last meeting, at 222 hyde, this is actually a place of entertainment permit that they the applicant has asked to continue and this item to december second to allow for the more community out reach. and so we need a motion to continue this item. >> is there... >> i am sorry they are not here tonight? >> no, they... >> they have asked to continue because they are going to have a community meeting so they sent us an e-mail regarding that they have met with supervisor kim's office and the police and they determined that they would do some more out reach. >> i move to to continue to the next. >> okay. >> and move to the next basement. >> to the next. >> a second? >> i will second. >> same house same call. >> thank you.
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>> make sure that the police department, and and be advised that the supervisors have been notified. >> and i know that he told you that they have been notified, but the list department and the supervisor kim's office. >> yeah, so, this was a group effort. >> oh, good. this has all been coordinated. >> so this is more, a nice discussion to have him do this. >> exactly. and he was heart he hadly encouraged by the police department to have a community meeting and continue his item. >> okay. >> and i can't do the same house same call. >> commissioner frost. >> aye. >> lee. >> yes. >> moshoyannis. >> aye. >> hyde. >> aye. >> perez. >> aye. >> tan. >> aye. >> yeah, okay. >> i hope that this gentleman is here, the nekd one will be
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edward sirias from oye managua. >> we have representative and this is a little restaurant at 3385 mission and they are applying for a limited live performance permit and they have had traditionally, and historically had some musicians come occasionally, to accompany the diners, and the music from that region. and they are now coming in to compliance and the reason that i did not put this on the consent agenda is because engle side station sent the conditions and if you look at your police conditions, item two, or condition number two, we really can't do, so we couldn't just vote yes or no. >> calling that out. >> >> all right. do you want to just go ahead and tell us a little bit about your business, and why you are applying for this permit? >> well, it is just a little, and it is a little... >> go to the microphone. >> it is a little restaurant and what we do is that we try to get the people that want to
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place, you know, like their music and it is just not really that much and so we just let them play at the restaurant and they do the little thing just for them to get you know a little like i don't know, recognition, something like that. so, but they also play at the restaurant and that is pret where much what we do. >> all right. any questions for the applicant? >> commissioner frost? >> so, what days of the week is this just kind of drop in or how is this set up? >> it is on the weekends mostly, that is the only time that we really do it. like around two hours, let's say from 6:00 to 7:00 or something like that and it is whenever like they can make it and sometimes they don't make it and sometimes they get, and yeah are yeah. >> is the music ap amplified. >> he has a speaker and he plays, there is not a microphone. >> do you have a monthly
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calendar of events that you can put out? >> like i said, you know, sometimes they show up and sometimes they don't. >> okay. >> so we really don't know, but, if there is a calendar, we would say on the weekends it depends, you know? >> i think that... >> one of the police conditions, is that you send them a monthly calendar to engle side station at the first of the month if you have more of an informal, you know, entertainment, that happens, we could strike that but if you do plan ahead too, you know, that? your interest, to tell the station. >> all right. >> okay. >> well... >> sorry. >> you said to, if we wanted to like, make it like... >> well if your interest to let the police station know that you are having events in advance. >> yeah. >> but if you, you know, if there is coming, next weekend and you are not going to be able to have that advanced notice, that is just something to think about. >> okay. >> commissioner hyde and then
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commissioner perez. >> it is just littles, and it has a tiny space and a microphone like this. >> yes. >> by club malibu and so it is not really even like an entertainment spot and it is very, yeah. >> yeah. so, i just want to say that, and then, did you do out reach to like the neighbors? and stuff like that? and telling them that you were coming into compliance? >> yes. >> yeah. >> can you explain just sort of how that went and what kind of out reach you did? >> he has been..., (inaudible) i do not speak the well english, (inaudible). >> we can understand you. >> okay. >> she said that she spoke to the neighbors around and that they were okay with the music, and they actually you know,
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some of the neighbors surround the restaurant and they go to eat this. yeah. and so they are okay with it. you know? mostly. but we don't know about everyone. >> who will be responsible for managing the artists if they are out of control or too loud who is responsible for that? >> you will be tr the entire time. >> yes. >> they are responsible for the restaurant in general. so they will be responsible for that as well. okay? >> and what will be your policy if there are any or still not following the rules?
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>> communication and just talking to them. >> you are going to talk to them. >> and i don't know, what kind of like what do you mean? what kind of issues. >> all right, let's say that you are performing too loud, or a nuisance to the neighbor or if you cannot control for whatever reason, yeah. >> what is the policy? >> there are people eating at the restaurant so we always try to keep the volume, you know, like not too loud, so that you know, it does not hurt the ear or something like that. and so it is, and there is, and it is never really like, loud, to the point where you can't stand it. >> if that answers your question. >> all right, thank you. >> and no problem. >> and a question to our staff and so i know that they are coming into compliance and so was there a