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tv   [untitled]    February 28, 2015 9:30pm-10:01pm PST

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14 please. commissioner driscoll. >> you want to call the item. >> this was what two year i show is this was a two year budgeted this year is a continuation so we made no significant changes and affirmed the last items were yet to be filled and the budget hirings there are still online do we call him chief executive officer he made a positive report about the management the audit letter in glijdz glitches a positive report and the review on the captured commitment that was reviewed and the numbers were there more and more
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merchandise are trying to stay awe from the soft issues. >> any questions commissioners. >> seeing none i'll corp 15. >> the comment decision item only thank you very much item 16. >> discussion item update on the economic interests and other filing requirements. >> it's that time again those are die by april 21st and yourselves must be filed electronically we've provide you all the information related to getting those filed trop by april 1st and do a followup reminder as also the city attorney staff we're available to help folks if you have
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questions on our forms seven hundred. >> great any questions seeing none open up for public comment on item 16 seeing none, public comment is closed thank you jay can you call item 17. >> item 17 an action item approve the interpretation of the term shortage in the sf plan sir. >> actually, this is a proposal where we've been asked to look at the definition of shortage which is not defined in the charter or the administrative code we talk about the property laws and form spouses and domestic patrons are eligible to receive monthly benefits when the member becomes eligible to retire for service regardless in the employee continues to work
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this was a recommendation a they've add to pick up the payment on behalf of the members the gilmore case basically said the member had been responsible for making sure those payment are made if they choose to continue to work and the retirement system mind we'll make an those payments on our on behalf there's an accomodation of a debt if it's unpaid at the time the member retires a reduction in the members earned benefits and it is very similar to the shortages we normally talk about where folks may reduce contributions and at retirement they must pay those back in order to get a full benefit otherwise they have a reduction based on the missed contribution we'll request the
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board approve that if approved will allow telephone pole people to use their 468 plans to pay off the debt prior to retirement and we'll be bringing back to you more research to potentially on this up for monthly pretax agreements where they can pay it back to prepayroll discussions to allow tour transfers and role offers i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> again questions for the executive director. >> i have a couple of questions. >> first i recognize karen i've been working on this for acquit some. thank you for your time and effort and jay and katie as well i think this is an important benefit adjustment that will
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certainly benefit a lot of members that want the chance to return their retirement back to full states in terms of timeline for someone actually being able to take advantage of is it ready to go tomorrow or when do you expect. >> once the board praufdz that it will be in effective tomorrow. >> okay. >> and we will figure out how to announce it folks that have gilmore building department this year's three or four hundred we don't know what state they're close to retirement but do a targeted mailing to the folks there's a new option you you mention on the repayment of the gilmore debt. >> thank you you thank you very much commissioner driscoll. >> you write that letter or
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have that educational piece in the letter for those how who have come down it has to be written in simple english the gilmore act and the time to pay it off or not pay it off it's not well understood at all and the motion i'm confused about is that a continental co-change to require or not require a pretax i couldn'tful understand that. >> the qualified plan to qualified the transfer automatically i mean you're from the 457 rolling into to the qualified plan it automatically is pretax dollars and so the way
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it is becoming a non-taxable event the nature of the funds don't change the remaining issue whether we have pretax deductions into into pca this off. >> it's an advantage but we allow them to do this. >> actually there's a growing debt if i want to start pca paying that off we have to freeze it at this point but continue there's going to be a tennessee debt at the end of someone's career when they can know the exact dollar this is unusually what people wish they had the phone money and more likely to have a 457 plan so we feel it's important this go
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forward we'll continue with the pretax issues as to relates to this since we've adapted those rules you can buy certain parental service and other types of concerns not included that the pretax service. >> as we said you'll precede without the pretax. >> i understand the motion. >> i think it's a great benefit say you indicated someone brought it to us rather than us coming up with that on our own who asked us to look at it. >> actually a number of employees like i said they know it could be a couple of thousand dollars gee would you look at the possibility it been in the works for over a year. >> great now, when we advance
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advancing money to one it's entitled to it what trick or treat when they pay back what's the trick or treat and the planned interest is at 4 percent. >> is that a impounded rate or on the sum at the end. >> impounded. >> great. >> chair will entertain a motion. >> i'll move we adapt staffs recommendation. >> open up for public comment on item 17 seeing none, public is closed all in favor, say i. >> i. >> passed unanimously item number 18 please. >> i have two things to report one was lecturer the commission advert went to a sunshine
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ordinance to defend the retirement board and myself against anchors we violated the shons at your december meeting by not having sufficiently described the action item the allocation items and not having copies of a because of a motion that was a memo dated depress third i'll say that the person that brought the complaint was mr. patrick shaw and i'm pleased to say that of i don't think how many departments that actually folks that came down the task force found no violation either the lack of notice or the availability of the materials so that was again, we're not going to - we might break the record
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of how long we were there but historic news i want to make sure that in particular commissioner driscoll is going to hear this i've worked here for 6 years and started a website with with a calculator when i say soft launched we soft launched to today, we intend to do some more soft testing but sending nos out to the retired employees that, in fact, how they can log on it is will be a secure portal people see their balances and service credits and use those to model our retirement benefits for dates spot future i'll say that i feel
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confident it is a good circulate it was built and maintained by our actuary it will continue for retirees it is 1099 r season for those of you the tax reporting of their pensions we want to roll it out in time for folks that says they never got it is online and it is in construction they'll be able to see a direct deposit notice or revised notice for every pension payment with the daily of taxes and building a history that is obama and for active employees you'll see the last statement mailed out in august and building a history of
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those reporting for folks going forward 0 he's good evening to be a tester we'll get him linked in to make sure he's been, you know on this - yeah. right after it comes up as well surgery is tomorrow for his sister but i'm very pleased i want to recognize that jeanette obviously had a lot to do with the cooperation of the circulate but helped out with alison you are communication manager and greg lee our it manager to get this to a point we're confident it will be a significant improvement and availability twenty-four hour access to data and secure portal for our employees. >> questions?
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commissioner driscoll >> i've bat to tested it will this be tested in any way, shape, or form. >> it will not import a calculation you do on the website not import it but it will allow you to key it in not an actual link. >> right which moved the apprehension that value over to the district of columbia and rite aid to help with the gold maker and everything. >> it's a great step it's taken more than a few months. >> any other questions open up for public comment on item 8 seeing none, public is closed thank you jake item 19. >> discussion item retirement
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board reports and comments. >> open up for public comment on item 19 seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners any - great, thank you norm could you call our closed session items please. great i'll open up for public comment on the commission going into closed >> closed sessions with nothing to report opening it up for public comment seeing none, public comment is closed no other business before the commission we'll adjourn. >> wait, wait. >> you've got to report in.
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>> all in favor, say i. >> i passes unanimously seeing no other business before the commission. >> i have a question the investment staff is very good about excluding into the agenda the results of those commitments when the contractors are done and the reference a couple of sentence the question is what piece of document what about released to the public to present it into a simple formula. >> the chief executive officer reports on page 2 all the investments that were closed out. >> i understand it by the way, that's a photograph as opposed to the packages so when it is ready for the public. >> commissioner the closed session data can't be disclosed
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the closed session memo is protected from disclosure. >> i an part of that passes the other test as well that's what i'm trying to get at. >> so staff this is more than what perceive been galileo today how about through the executive director i could give us example of the reports out commissioners so we can have the sample obviously there will be more detail engineering. >> one the objectives be communicating to people what we're trying to do having to do with the trust issue to show the
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public the information we can show them without messing up our investments that's what.
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>> hi, i'm frank jorge golden go up a utility supervisor for the distribution system i offer seizing see the personnel that install water maidens and water carbon monoxides i've personal
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proud to work with city and distribution place whether a fire or main break those folks come on scene and get the job done 3450r7b9 what time they're here to take care of each other and make it so a safe and secure way i was encouraged to learn to deal with the services and breaks and i wanted to move into understanding how to do main connections one the great things that the sfpuc to move to different sections in if you're tdr in learning a different job you have the ability to move up i courage anyone to step out of their comfortable zone and work on a system as large as a our water system we started from one end and keep on going it's a
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fascinating job and i'm going to stay here because i'll never learn everything to learn about this system >> ladies and gentlemen, the chair has called the meeting to order. can we please rise for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you. madam president, can i call roll? >> please do, inspector. >> president loftus, vice-president turman in route, commissioner marshall in route, commissioner
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dejesus, present, commissioner mazzucco is excused. commissioner hwang and commissioner melara. also with us is chief of police gregory peace. >> we have someone from the office of complaints. steve from occ. welcome. everyone to the southern redistricting special meeting. my name is suzy loftus. i appreciate everyone coming out tonight. we are here out of the commission coming out into the community to talk specifically in this meeting about the proposed new lines for the southern police district and the city as a whole. we will hear from the folks who have taken data and looked at what the new map should look like and then really what tonight is about hearing from all of you and many
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people have already sent us letters and there is a great deal of thought that have gone into some various positions as to whether or not these lines are right or not. really this process is designed for us to hear from you and factor that in. we appreciate you taking the time, carefully looking at how this will impact your neighborhood and we are here to listen and i appreciate everyone. since this is a community meeting. i will take a moment to introduce ourselves. this is not a full time job. we have day jobs. i will ask my colleagues to introduce themselves. commissioner dejesus? >> i'm petra dejesus, i have been on the commission for 6 years now. i look forward to this redistricting, we have never done this before. it's knew to all of us. they have these proposed boundaries and it's not set in stone so we are here to get your input. we are looking forward to
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hearing from you. i do have another meeting tonight, if i leave a little bit earlier, it's no in insult to you because i have to leave earlier. >> vice-president turman? >> good evening, everyone. i'm sorry, i just got off the plane and just got back. i am thrilled to be here tonight. i have read the e-mails and letters that have come in from the southern district and i appreciate that. my name is julius turman, vice-president of the commission and i'm at the lawfirm of employment practices. as commissioner dejesus said, this redistricting mandate is certainly my first time doing it. i think probably everyone else as well. so your comments are not only important for us to hear but we really want folks to understand that there is nothing set in stone as of this moment. we want to hear
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what you think of the proposals and we certainly want to incorporate your thoughts into this process. thank you for having us here tonight. there are other issues other than redistricting. the police commission is here to hear those as well. >> thank you, commissioner melara. >> hi, i'm sonya melara, the executive director of the services at san francisco state hospital. i was on the redistricting task force for this city so i'm looking forward to hearing your input for this particular process because it's really important to us. thank you. >> commissioner hwang? >> good evening, time deputy director of legal outreach, a non-profit legal services agency. we are the
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largest provider of free legal service in the areas of domestic violence, human trafficking, civil rights and i -- immigrant rights. >> to tell you what i do during the day, i work at the california department of justice. before that i was a prosecutor here? -- in san francisco and i'm raising my family in the outer sunset. we are going to get started. the process after this is we are really here to listen and take your input. we have another meeting next week in the bayview and then there is another meeting after that i think it's park station and then we'll have a few meetings and we'll talk about and we'll share decisions after that. please call the next line item. >> i would like to introduce the chief of police.
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>> the commissioner, representative of the public. the reason we are here tonight this is the third meeting to get public input which is prescribed in the charter as part of the 10-year requirement that we look at police district and account for many things that will be spoken to buy the consultant. changes in population, new neighborhood and the head quarter that starts off in the district and on and on. 30,000 foot foot of how some of them affect the southern police district. the new police headquarters building, public safety building down from china to third street would currently reside in the bayview district. obviously you
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can't have a police station station in a district that they are not policing. for immediate mandate, this talk probably won't go into effect until closer to the summer once all parties will be heard. we will be annexing the building so when it opens sometime in april and because under every circumstance, that same parcelling would be in the new southern district. that said, some of the proposals that are in play, we've had very robust meetings in the tenderloin district and the northern district. a lot of discussion and good crowd like tonight. the tenderloin district would come across market street and down to mission street, but not take mission street. so the streets that run north and south currently