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tv   [untitled]    March 3, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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been asking asking for justice his case is a cold kinds i have no justice there are 6 perpetrators that shot my a sonny bring outline i you'll the sons i know wag a thompson hannibal and at this moment i don't recall the other names i don't have a place to put this poster except in my home we need a place instead of hanging them on the pole and somebody tearing them do you think i'm tried of someone tearing my sons picture down if we can put our sons or children's pictures and a venue to solve the homicides there are too many unsolved homicides i
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used to have this poster on the bus but how long will the picture be p there i always show my picture people ask why i do this because i have a son laying on the gesture new dead that i don't have he was my only son so mind you how i feel i have two daughters left stefs my only son i want to people to see what i go through i want to people see i can talk about all day please help us solve those murders. >> thank you, mr. brown for people that are watching increase awning unanimous tipline in you know anything about the murder of aubrey the
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4455754444 thank you, mr. brown. >> >> next speaker, please. >> and the chief wanted to say something excuse me. sorry. >> that tipline is for any on homicide we had a homicide 4 young men were killed in the car we know the passenger is here in the audience jill lane was on a lunch break he was not affiliated with the gang i promised his mom at the first opportunity in public setting i'll set that straight some people suggested that everybody in the involved was in the gang
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jerry iron was on a break a lunch break and payroll no criminal record so we're sorry for your loss ma'am if anybody has my information the homicide for the four young men that took place on laguna or a any 5755544 thank you, thank you chief. >> next public speaker. >> how much time. >> 2 minutes. >> two minutes sorry two minutes. >> good evening, commissioners. >> good evening since my presentation is 3 minutes i'll to ad lib i want to appreciate the chiefs comments about the young men not gang
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affiliated i want to ask to me there's a lot of talk about whether someone was gang affiliated or not to me it's tragic either way we choose to be many in dpang when a when their born their comboesz exposed to the situations that makes that regrettable choose one teenager i would killed on the streets of san francisco is one teenager for many i don't care what that person i'm the director the bayview opera house no boyfriend we are the epidemic center we experience violence everyday there's killings and numerous shootings sometimes, i don't hear them i'm told we run
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youth programs our main focus to bring the children out at the bayview opera house to enjoy the community and get into the buildings built in the 88 eight hundred and so many times kids can't come the parents are afraid to send them out in the streets in the schools for instance in the elementary school i talked to them they've been on lockdown everyday this week because of shoots it is unfair it have the children imposed e exposes to that level of violence. >> thank you, ma'am i'm sorry your time is up. >> so, anyway for the sake of the children that are experiencing and ma'am i'm sorry. >> we need more help in the
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bayview. >> thank you. next speaker. >> waiting for the council and audience glad to see so many citizens i'm from the san francisco a bay area and affiliated that the black and brown organization alliance on the other hand and the community foundation me small business know me within our san francisco bay area me, i'm a causation based person i think that dr. marshall when i was privileged to be in one of the member the original about his club member that acknowledge i designed gave me the ability
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to bounce back from the wronz i wrongs i committed those kids don't choose the lifestyle they have if we're serious about the solving of issues of the violence very is the models of the way programs in the responding and models such as the more magic program that needs to be wider spread i worked as a tutor at mira loma middle school and worked one-on-one with the kids at a younger age we need programs more consistently this will put a large dent in the violence that we're experiencing i certainly want to put that point out there we have a lot of soul and pain and my hearts go out to the moms and dads who has lost
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loved ones i feel the home zone type model and the models more consistently talking about 10 or 15 years that will help our community thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker >> welcome. >> first give honor to god and to the commissioners and everyone this is present my name is madding i didn't scott with the nation mothers in charge campaign for san francisco i'm here on behalf of what's happening in our city and the homicides such those are interrupted our souls i lost my son 9 years ago 19 years ago when there was 96
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homicides his case remains unsolved i feel like right now we are the critical stage in san francisco on every thing when w it comes to african-american and latino males in our community i feel like the redistricting can't say that word we needed to be before i draw them make sure we have the community input on that we're left out a lot of times but we're looking things differently we have multiple multiple post tragic stress we're dealing with and my son as i say that was years ago and things have not gotten better in my prospective because we lost 4 young men i know we can do
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better the police training we needed cultural sensitivity training and police officers that represent united states in the neighborhood we need it balanced across the country we have a little bit of that we can do better and the community police needs to step and have no more dial with our young people and understand what we go i was representing the black and brown with a meeting on the 23rd at the gym and 23rd at the african-american cultural center we're in this would win that and want to win it together. >> thank you, ms. scouting. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> welcome good evening.
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>> good evening madam chair and members of the commission. >> good evening reverend. >> let me say it's a good beginning to redraw the lines however, ought not we be more concerned about more important things the relationship that are fostered by the personnel wherever the lines are drawn therefore i must ask the commission to respectfully
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request of the our chief to when is he going to do implement the comprehensive program we requested him to do offer a i don't know on the african-american faith community nation for the association of colored people and all the things you see this this audience this evening i'm a member of black and latino alliance and all people who are concerned about justice december citizen sky and fairness in this town that's also for black people are underserved and many times disrespected most recently is this document i passed out hot off the press
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from our san francisco unified school district your department arrested 37 students since september up until now of the 37, 26 african-americans, 7 latinoss 3 whites, one asian something that rotten with that picture we say it's time for us to put the brakes on and run to the rescue and give the emergency treatment and mr. chief we're asking you for sensitivity training more inclusive force for people that look like us community-based policing if you can do it in other areas of that town where the money is
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you can do it in our part of the town. >> (clapping.) thank you reverend brown. >> thank you reverend brown. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners. >> good evening. >> i'm carr let i'm the executive director of the foster family agency and also a member of the black and brown organizations alliance as well as mothers in charge i'd like to say that i think this is a very powerful step to move forward around the redistricting and those opportunities for more police officers to be able to respond quickly is definitely needed i'd like to state that i think this should be an opportunity for for the police department to combine the public health as
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well as san francisco unified school district and the district attorney's office to deal dribble with the cross over for example, a lot of the youth that are in the situations where they center to have a gun on them they have a higher x public department of transportation rate in the san francisco unified school district african-american girls have a high x pulltion rate higher than the latino so the education factor has been able to have positive experiences around their future and ended up in different situations that led to crime i'd like to state that the violence services are really needed for the mothers and survivors of gun violence due to the fact they need to understand their rights and in terms of the
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crimes scene as well as being able to have police officers who have a sensitivity around those mothers and just an opportunity for the department to unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests educate the community as well as the community to educate the department and finally, i'd like to say we spelling need money for rewards in the past the city has had rewards and want to know where those dollars are to pit forward the faces of those children and let people know their lives matter thank you thank you very much >> next speaker. >> good evening my name is felicia joni represent the 1021 wealth and disparities in the black
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community i stand before you out of concern that is african-americans is probably he less than 6 percent of the population once you look at every incident and tlornls preservation we're at the highest my issue with the city and county of san francisco and many of the department heads is that why is it over the last 3, 4, 5 years there has been 3 documents that has been researched on black people in the city and county of san francisco at the same time, we have been disrespected and can't get a phone call from any heads of the departments including chooefr department we reach out to have you in dialog for solutions and nothing happens here we're again, today meeting i'd like to know when are we really going to
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begin to develop and really work on hard solutions we've met but with you guys will two or three weeks ago i said you were going to contact us nothing has happened so here we have in a different part of town begging for the same thing and beyond why we can't be replaced i don't know why we are not deserving of getting a phone call back and beyond why we're not deserving to the da to sit at the table with the chief we say black lives matter it does and we as a people i'm speaking to my people right now we have to stand up and we have to stop being so silent around this whole thing of how you treat us the thing of it is we have been talking for
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45 years 45 years research is on the table research are in our offices the research is that the mayor's office the research is at board of supervisors research is here so why is it we have to continue to talk. >> i'm tired of talking and tired of seeing my people dying no one in this city with a $8.6 billion budget $8.6 billion with $220 million that is also extra in reserve and nothing can be done. >> it's a shame it's really a shame (clapping). >> i really want to say i think
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that this is very, very sad to be so quick to tell a person that is speaking from their heart that the time is up (clapping.) i mean you know this is not a game and i'm not here to play a pit full game and not here to come to the meetings and not get anything done i'm ms. chandler the mother of a child that was murdered on january '49 and i'll call dr. marshall when it comes to the memorial service did you make it no you do not he participate a furious, however he was working at the ben had an japan's restaurant and called me the 945 everyone knows the story he walked on a half hour lunch
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break and saw a young friend who he was with in childhood and asked him to getting give him a ride baking back to work my son survived from sincerely rose of the spine but told that it wasn't safe anywhere in the community we talk about public safety we talk the children they don't have the resources but all the buildings are being developed and the prisons and the distribution of the finances is not going directly to the children now i've called the police department to request the fbi be on the investigation this has a to do with an execution with the fbi responsible for coming in when it's an organized
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gangs we were told by the police department the fbi was not needed that's the question i feel we as a right as mothers to request if all those cases are not being solved you need help you know and have the fbi come in and other task force to come in to be able to assist i think this should be mandatory abused u because we're playing games all the murders and homicides unsolved when you say black lives matter i guarantee you when the - >> ma'am the time. >> doors were broken down when the combermz was murdered two weeks later you found the killer even when peterson case did he need a reward poster for my kid
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to go up i need to talk to someone those are my sons picture. >> ma'am your time is up. >> ma'am, i think the 0 police can help you with the poster. >> i want the fbi to step in two that's very important (clapping.) i'm very sorry for the loss of your son welcome. >> good afternoon. >> good evening. >> i'm par for the new pastor at the baptist church on golden gate avenue and thank you for allowing this forum i imemphasis with the members and family that are grieving for the loss of
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their loved wronz i've been a pass for for a year and in contract with the chief about some of the disparities that exist in our community one of the disparities is that we found our patchers are getting tickets for double parking we thought there was a resolution we think the meter maids and police officers have not gotten that information we wanted that addressed i want to speak to the redistricting objectives you have preserved the integrity of neighborhoods and other construction on the natural boundary on the corner of golden gate and fillmore if you drive through there you'll see 25 or thirty people loitering and doing drugs and
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engaging that in their public occupation in the evening and broad daylight it is opt the corner of the northern station i've been talking about with the police officers and the commission i understand there is a shortage of manpower, however we ask you death police officers i'm been trying for thirty years i understand the whole attitude of the police and government we have pit bulls and other dogs running off leashes we have seniors and children they feel intimidate i'm a big advocate of public safety i'll request we get some assistance from the police department thank you very much. >> thank you pastor
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(clapping.) i understand the mta has a role in those citations i don't know how to address that i'm sure the captain will follow-up with the discussion two issues double parking and mta tickets and pit bulls and double parking. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening my name is gloria i'm with the development with a powerful lady tonight during the decision of the district lines two top brass police officers memorized the housing youth is part of the problem uneducated officers that don't know us get sent a megs
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message our youth are all a problem my daughter that looks at exactly like me who is congratulating from state and ann nation this year was on her way from the job she taught people how to give tours police stopped are her held a gun to her head made her lay on the ground and handcuffed her to the police station for 5 hours and do a gun you poured test on her hand i was not allowed to get involved she was 18 the next day, i went to the police station they didn't tell my daughter why they herald a suspect shot off a gun who was a male with dreadlocks my plea the
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department hold some training to the officers on gender what a male from a female looks like and hair and black cultural hair and unused o on use of force you're expecting my daughter was a blackmail with dread locates and arrested a person fearless you can take this officers lives this is in the institution constitution that's how serious it is to arrest fearless a person officers use fear as a reason to pull their guns out on our youth what does fear mean if you're that scared why are you an officer (clapping.) thank you, ma'am ma'am, ma'am, we have a senior
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investigator that reports to the police commission can you raise your hand can you follow-up with her, please yes, thank you thank you, ma'am. >> next speaker. >> hello, welcome. >> i'm sergeant the president of the police officers association i stand before you to tell you that we had a meeting today with one of our commissioners who is committed to the fact that recruitment of people who look like us to police the areas that we or so concerned about i'm here to tell you the officers suggested is totally committed and we've stampede stated to the command staff and the city and county of san francisco we did it back in the 70s and we had 3 hundred
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police officers working in the san francisco and today only 1 and 93 from this day forgot officers that are patrolling twenty-four hours a day you have my phone calls 4152549845 will 6 we're committed to change i know imthey've i grew up in the bayview hunters point noticing nobody knows how to speak to our people like we can how to speak to our people (clapping.) also i want to say i've visited the invitation to the city at large with the officers history event we raised money to put our children from our community through college we give them sclimz we're going to have one